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  2. Arrow

    Mobile Infantry Theme

  3. nikb

    Patrick Stevenson

    hartwick reeee
  4. Silent

    Veronika Harth

  5. nikb

    Avon rep.

    ISIS_Toddler.MP4: "Out of all your admins, who do you think is the Avon rep?" Xal: "Optic or Scar." Xal: "Definitely Scar."
  6. Medic

    Medics DNA

    Get out your pillow cases boys it’s time for a lynching!
  7. nikb

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Corporal Lowell Hartwick Second in Command: Lance Corporal Angela Clark Squad Leaders: N/A KIA/WIA: None. Summary: Head down to Fort Maximus and find a wooden box stamped with black writing for the spooks, box was broken so MOBCOMM wanted us refortify the base to allow for re-garrison.
  8. Silent

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Spc. William Saint-Claire Reason: Formerly a Mobile Infantry Sergeant ; He's got five years of weight training experience and I role-play his workouts when I have the time ; He's currently a brown stripe in the M.I.M.A.P. organization, awaiting a test for first degree black stripe which will be done in about a week or two ; Five year Mobile Infantry veteran | Character has been created since October of 2017.
  9. Yesterday
  10. Troy Hughes

    New Engineering Tank Protection NETP

    I see nothing wrong with this.
  11. saiphun987

    Medics DNA

    That's surprising.
  12. NorseTheNomad

    Medics DNA

  13. nikb

    Medics DNA

    He's actually black
  14. OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz

    MI Lead Update

  15. Rook

    Attention Starship Trooper Gamers

    Don't worry you snowfag buddy, we're coming for you!
  16. Rook

    MI Lead Update

    If someone pays for Tier 6, do you just give them the password to your account so they can play as you?
  17. NorseTheNomad

    Tzipora Bronson

    Added video log
  18. Traitorverpackung

    Mobile Infantry Theme

    Thunder is nice
  19. Traitorverpackung

    [IC] Cert Training Requests

    Name: Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch Requested specialisation: Marksman. Existing (relevant) weapon training: Former DMR.
  20. nikb

    New Engineering Tank Protection NETP

  21. Baltazar

    Cornelius Zeem

    Guess I'm back, what a surprise
  22. Baltazar

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Lance Corporal Cornelius Zeem - Baltazar- GMT +3
  23. Hearth

    Valerie Faust

    LCpl. Veronika Harth
  24. Silent

    MI Lead Update

    Where do I pay?
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