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  2. It seems y’all need me if we’re reverting to the Audie way of engineering. Ymot congrats on the promotion too, Phan never deserved Tech
  3. So guess what reared it’s ugly head during the last leg of basic. My self hatred. Yeet
  4. It's the 1st of August. Hurry the fuck up and sweep this cancer away Xal. I refuse to let Koala be the last shitpost.
  5. If you want you're character to be added to the character list, I'll see what I can do.
  6. Name: Bon Sleptz Place of Birth: Leipzig, Earth Date of Birth: 2268 Age: 32 Gender: Male Height: 5'5 Weight:135 pounds Hair color: Brown Eye color: Dull Green Rank: Private first class Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 2297(?) Years of Service: 2-3 Service Record: Rct, Pvt, Pfc, Lcpl, Pfc, Pvt, Pfc, Lcpl, Pfc, Lcpl, Janitor, Pfc, Janitor, Pfc. Family: Mother-Alive Father-Deceased Brother-Deceased Beloved | Friendly | Respected | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated *Dead* *Chiyuki Asahi* My best friend. He was a lazy fuck but my favorite lazy fuck. We messed with him a lot, even a mock execution, but always in good spirit. He was a fine marksmen. I don't know how he died, and I'm afraid to ask, if he ain't here to hide from PT then there aren't many other places he could be... I'll miss you old friend. *Lachlan Dunn* Marauder and friend. Really got to know him by manning the bar, he was a good drinker from what I'd seen. He didn't get along the best with Asahi but I did what I could from them getting at each other's throats. I haven't seen him for awhile, and doubt I ever will again, again afraid to ask what truly happened. Sebastion Bently He's been who I looked up to ever since I was a recruit, I could never find someone who cared so much about their soldiers as much Bently did in his own ways. He's been a mentor to me, and I'd risk my life to see that he can be a mentor to another new face just from boot camp. Elaine Asper I've known her since I first got to the 112th, she's helped me through a lot, but we've had complications between each other. I just hope she's forgiven me for what I did... William Saint-Claire I've been messing with Claire since I first got here, I kid around with them, I fight with them. We're not friends, but I enjoy the time we spend, even with his 'unique' character. Alice Vickers I heard she moved on... she was a good leader from what I saw. I liked her, she brought spirit to our fights as the Vicker's Villanous, I still wear the patch just to keep that spirit. Hwang Bae-Cho He's a newer face, at least to me. Seems like a good kid, marksmen just like Asahi was. I can see potential in them, and I've already told them some of my history, don't know what he believes, don't know what I believe of what I told him... I can only hope that he'll grow strong to out live me, maybe that'll finally happen... to be outlived. Backstory: Born on earth to a relatively spoiled childhood, he had almost all he could ever want. However as nearing the age that everyone had to at some point he, and many others chose to leave their mark in the MI, sent to the 112th for service. On his first mission he shot a chariot and damn near got himself killed, on that same mission he saw the horror of the infiltrator bug as his first contact. He'd harden and take to explosives over the months, learning demolitions. After multiple failed attempts as a Lance corporal he decided he wasn't fit for the officer life, and focused on the grunt work. Now he lives on to be one of the few survivors of his batch of recruits from basic training, he's gone through quite a bit, and made it through only to be alone, all his closest friends dead when he wasn't at their side, a fact that haunts him into never wanting to know their true fates. He watches as those who he lived with now slowly die off one by one, and as new faces take their place. Strengths: Apparently has high survivability in general. Explosives. Weaknesses: Apparently their limbs have low survivability. The Dark. The loss of those he knows. Psychics. Other Information: Lost left arm to a Progneitor sniper who melted it off. Lost left leg to a Progneitor walker's explosive cannon.
  7. fuck i need to get to 400 posts before it dies
  8. My last words on these forums are as follows; niggers
  9. Goodnight, my sweet prince goodnight, my former lover goodnight, tonic goodnight, xardocks goodnight, toenail goodnight, sterp ore pee goodnight, my one and only yeehaw, and nevermore.
  10. "Wrong forums xd"
  11. A toast to the old days
  12. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1800899085
  13. Or you can be a alpha and write it all down by hand
  14. You can always Ctrl + P to bring up the print window on Windows 10, and select Microsoft Print to PDF to turn it into a PDF file. That’s what I did.
  15. Ctrl + S Save it as a HTML file
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