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  4. Eino Hytönen

    Theme: <: General Information :> Full Name: Eino Aleksanteri Hytönen Alias: Bork Biological Gender: Male Age (yo): 28 Ethnicity: Caucasian Place of Birth: Tampere, Finland, Terra Date of Birth: February 18th, 2270 Rank: Specialist Height: 5'11" Weight: 145 Lbs Blood Type: A+ Eye Colour: Blue Hair Colour: Auburn Disposition: Pragmatic Alignment: Neutral Good Religious Views: Lutheran Mental State: Sane Known Languages: English (ILR 5), Finnish (ILR 4+) Relationship Status: Single Motto: "Ei savua ilman tulta." <: Medical History :> TBD <: Family :> Taija Hytönen - Mother - Deceased - Civilian Kaarlo Hytönen - Father - Deceased - Civilian <: Pre-Enlistment Background :> Secondary Education: High School Diploma High School GPA: 3.0 Post-Secondary Education: Associate of Science College Majors: Paramedic Studies Criminal Record: N/A <: Armed Services Career :> Federal Service Branch: Mobile Infantry; Medical Corps Current Unit: 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion, 31st Morita Regiment Previous Units: 37th Mobile Infantry Battalion, 24th Morita Regiment Age of Enlistment: 21 Date of Enlistment: January 26th, 2291 Total Deployments: TBD Awards Received: TBD Service Record: TBD Personal Relations: Loved / Trusted/Respected / Amicable / Acquainted / Neutral / Disliked / Hated † = Deceased ACTIVE DUTY TRANSFERRED/DISCHARGED/KILLED IN ACTION Request to be added.
  5. Daniel Dumont

    Add Odin my boy
  6. Name this Bunny!

    Johnny Rico
  7. Matthew Russell Squires

  8. Anni Järvinen

    @Medic Completed.
  9. Name this Bunny!

    Bently is actually a really cute name.
  10. Name this Bunny!

    I don’t know why, but the name ‘Huxley’ seems fitting for it, in my opinion.
  11. Robert Taylor

    Updated nerds
  12. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

  13. Travis Young

    Also gotta fix ya spoiler it swallowed your bio fam
  14. Travis Young

    O'Neill you tosser.
  15. Robert Taylor

    Does Finch have to ask?
  16. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

  17. Sebastian Bently

    done did
  18. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

    +1 Doomba 2, cleaning boogaloo
  19. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

  20. Hux's Vacuum Cleaner

    http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1328267607&searchtext= This is the official Petition to Xalphox. +1 in chat.
  21. Sebastian Bently

  22. Name this Bunny!

    Archer just to really confuse things
  23. dad :C

    yeah maybe it's because of those videos you showed me yesterday
  24. Name this Bunny!

    danny martin
  25. Name this Bunny!

    name it "tonics thick penis"
  26. Matthew Russell Squires

    I keep my relations constantly updated. If you have enough of an impact on me IC, then you'll be added. Due to this, I'm not going to @ people when I update it - just check in every so often.
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