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  2. saiphun987

    SST Screenshots

    And thus mark the starts of their relationships.
  3. saiphun987

    [IC] Monolith of Service

    Spc. Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai - 16 / 11 / 2298
  4. saiphun987

    Izla 'Hang' Sinthachai (KIA - 16 /11 / 2298 )

    Izla's Will This is my will.. written 14/11/2298... before the lead poison destroy my cognitive functins 'n shit. Is been a pleasure to serve the federations for 3 years... sadly I didn't get picked for the PFO but the Marauders are great too. First one goes to Wendy. Fuck me you're the weird but an interesting one as well. Met you once and talked... I know you have something special and all you need is just someone to be there and help telling you what to do. You were like my younger brother to me.. and I cared for you alot. Keep my knife well and she'll keep you alive and safe. Farewell... brother. The second. Faust you're one hell of a girl. It's great to know someone from the same place... sharing experiences together and get to know eachothers more. It's been a pleasure and an great honour to serve along side you. I offered you a 72nd Gurkha Honory patch.. this is a special patch that gave out to the people that distinguished themself by a superior achievement while participating in combat. Which you deserve it. I'd say again... it's been a pleasure to get to know people here... to help them in their times of needs. Farewell.. brothers and sisters...
  5. Tony

    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Brief i. First Platoon is to make investigate the last known location of Second Platoon (Bravo Company.) ii. First Platoon is to reinforce A.O. with Second Platoon & wait for retrieval. If Second Platoon is KIA, wait for retrieval. Mission Log >> 15/11/2298 - 22:00 Federation Standard - Sgt. Westervelt as drop lead. [UPDATE REQUIRED] & [UPDATED REQUIRED] as squad leads. >> 22:15 - Red Wing 1-0 touches down. First Platoon deploys. R-W returns to Grant due to hazardous weather. >> 22:?? - First Platoon proceeds with objective. Second Platoon APC convoy is discovered. >> 22:32 - Second Platoon is MIA. Signs of struggle. Supplies intact. >> 22:34 - First Platoon searches A.O. Nothing is found. >> 22:39 - First Platoon returns to Second Platoon convoy. MIPOD Operatives make telepathic contact with Arachnid network. >> 22:40 - First Platoon faces extreme Arachnid assault. Radio contact with Grant is lost. 1x Casualty (LCpl. Bellic) >> 22:?? - Weather conditions worsen. First Platoon establishes perimeter with >> 22:52 - TAC Wing - Nightstalker - Reconnoiters A.O. & commences bombing run. Red Wing 1-0 is deployed. >> 22:58 - First Platoon maintains steady perimeter despite unprecedented Arachnid presence. >> 22:59 - Red Wing 1-0 enters the A.O. First Platoon boards. Red Wing 1-0 dusts. >> 23:04 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was success. Minimal casualties sustained. Second Platoon's whereabouts are still unknown. Likelihood of survival is unknown. Arachnid network requires investigation. Brain-Caste capture suggested. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  6. saiphun987

    Wendell Cheslock ~ Ka-Boom

    wunna update yo boi Izla? ; ;
  7. Maple Leaf Moosefucker

    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Master Sergeant Kid McCarthy Second in Command: Staff Sergeant Vickers (Later replaced by Sergeant Caffrey following injury) Squad leaders: Sergeant Squires, Corporal Westervelt (Corporal Conelly)
  8. redneckrOadkill

    Franco Sorrentino is in trouble!

    Will you accept paypal?
  9. Ethan Smith (Acctually Me)

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Hello I just got WIFI but Im LCPL. Ethan Smith Also My wifi password keeps getting changed by my Guardian so I have no idea how long it will be between times
  10. Yesterday
  11. Craig R. Smith

    Victor Von Klauster

    Updated medical history for the week. Spent a lot of time in the medbay
  12. Appetite Ruining Kebab

    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. Pauline Westervelt Second in Command: N/A Squad leaders: Cpl. Jaz Williams, LCpl. Erae Bellic
  13. cat danny 25

    SST Screenshots

  14. Jun Nagase

    Valerie Faust

    Update Graham, one last time?
  15. Jun Nagase

    Elizabeth Graham

    Ready to be moved to Hall of Remembrance.
  16. (Put up in the Armoury and on notice boards) Today, the 15th of November 2298, is the day I take my leave from the Mobile Infantry. It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve with the 112th, and especially First Platoon of Alpha Company, and it has been a privilege to serve as a Gunnery Sergeant, as head of the now-gone Weapons Division and as a company Sniper. But most of all, as a Trooper. When I first arrived in the Mobile Infantry, the Progenitors had just shown their faces and the Civil War had just broken out. I, like the world, was broken and had come hoping for an honorable death, as I had nothing to live for. Instead of that, the Mobile Infantry showed me a reason to live. I found friends, some I regard as closely as any family, and even found the one I hope to spend the rest of my life with. And as I, the world has now improved itself. The Progenitors are all but gone, and we as a species are finally under a single banner again. But alas, with a newfound will and reason to live, I fear I'm no longer as brave as the rest of you. I no longer wish to die, but seeing as I came to the Mobile Infantry to die, me staying feels like me accepting my eventual death. That is why I have decided to take my leave from you, and hope you don't think too poorly of me for deciding to leave my comrades behind. I hope my teachings have prevented many deaths, and that what I have taught will be passed on and improved on so that less will have to die. Sincerest farewells, Elizabeth Graham Gunnery Sergeant, 1st Platoon, Alpha Company 112th Mobile Infantry
  17. Maple Leaf Moosefucker

    Training Log: November 2298

    (Late entry) Name and Rank: Master Sergeant Kid McCarthy, the first Time and Date: Nov., 2298 Goal of Training: Improve fight-IQ through drills around having Troops recognize favourable-positions, key terrain and how to work as a team while under fire.
  18. Pilotfish

    SICON Combat Award nomination form

    Your name and rank: SSgt. Vickers Date of the event: 15.11.98 Recipient: Pfc. Connor Koehler Detailed account of the act: During a withdrawal, stayed behind to bombard the enemy with a grenade launcher, holding in the open rather than seeking shelter and dueling with spitters which were on high ground and had previously attacking the rest of the platoon. Only withdrew when physically dragged. Witnesses: MSgt. McCarthy, Sgt. Westervelt
  19. radical socialist ryan

    Jodie Cutter

    Add Jaz NOW
  20. cat danny 25

    Jaz Williams ~ Homegrown Punk

  21. Litcoins

    F.F.R.L Roster.

    2Lt. Ivanovna Degurechaff Field of Study: Weapons and Defense.
  22. StevieJr

    F.F.R.L Roster.

    2Lt. Ben Paulus Field of Study: Xeno Studies
  23. Gazza

    Jaz Williams ~ Homegrown Punk

    Add cuttereeeeee?
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