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  2. StevieJr

    Patrick Stevenson

    Added u bb. Also updated Harth @Hearth and Valentine @Coleision
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  4. rarewatch

    Jochi Khasar

    Face Claim Theme Song Basic Information Name: Jochi Khasar Place of Birth: Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia Date of Birth: 2279 Age: 19 Gender: Male Height: 5'9 Physical Description: Weight: 155lbs Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: Ens Branch: Federal Fleet Date of Enlistment: 2296/1/24 Years of Service: 0 Service Record: Cdt < Ens Call Sign: Khan Personal Information Family: Cotota Khasar [Mother], Jochi Khasar [Father], Maral Khasar [Sister], Tolar Khasar [Brother] Backstory: Jochi Khasar was born on the outskirts of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. He was raised by a small family in a household of 5, being the oldest of two other siblings. He attended boarding school in Beijing, China and independently studied aeronautical engineering on his own time alongside his federal studies. His grades were far above average and his study of aviation peeked a interest in fleet early on in his life. Upon his graduation, he applied for the federal fleet academy and was accepted shortly before the prog invasion. He originally planned to specialize in the piloting of transport craft, until his interest was pulled into TAC after a lecture from a former TAC pilot. He then dedicated his training and studies to operating CAS aircraft and becoming apart of one of the most advanced fighting forces within the Federal Fleet. Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
  5. rarewatch

    Fleet Roster

    Jochi Khasar, TAC Pilot, Ensign
  6. Solitaire

    Texture problems

    I have indeed. Edit: I'm going to try a clean installation of Half Life and GarrysMod
  7. Centrix

    Texture problems

    You have them but did you mount the games?
  8. Solitaire

    Texture problems

    I checked back in the threads to see if anyone else had this issue. But since downloading the content for this server I've had these texture issues happen with...what I can only assume is the base HL2 heads. Does anyone know of a fix. Thus far I have tried, deleting all my addons in case of clashes and reinstalling everything, verifying the integrity of game cache, mat_specular command and even dismounting and remounting Half Life 2. Side Info -I have every single HL2 Title and CSS installed and mounted
  9. Solitaire

    Aidano Venturelli

    You get used to it. Pah! You don't get used to shit, the fear and the anxiety persist. It's acting in spite of those that you need to temper. " " - Petty Officer Venturelli Basic Information Name: Aidano Venturelli Place of Birth: Hasperus Date of Birth: 14th July 2270 Age: 27 Gender: Male Height: 6'2 Physical Description: Weight: Manual labourers built, broad in the chest and muscular in the legs and arms. Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Military Information Rank: Recruit Private (Mi) Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 18th October 2297 Years of Service: 1 Service Record: -Enlisted into Fleet -Promoted to Crewman Apprentice following maiden service aboard the USS Hadrian Stockton -Promoted to Petty Officer for actions in combat in the department of Engineering -Transferred to Mobile Infantry of own volition Personal Information Family: Like all families from Hasperus there was a close knit almost ritualistic bond between the Venturelli family to begin with, some might stereotype them as typical Italians. However a conflict of interest over inheritance from a family member sharply segmented them. Aidano distanced himself from his immediate family to work on his career in one of the many shipyards where he remained for several years. He met his to-be wife while working there, Maria Fiora then Lieutenant Fiora a citizen of the Federation. Married for a year before deciding they wanted children, among other motivations, Aidano enlisted in Federal service shortly thereafter. Backstory: From age 15 Aidano was embedded with a work ethic by his family, they lived comfortably due to the sheer size of that family and thusly the amount of jobs they had and the income they brought in. Aidano was always the black sheep in this regard, independent and introverted for all intents and purposes a typical teenager. But the work ethic spouted an interest in a career in the shipyards of Hasperus, studying engineering while putting in extra hours in construction it was a career he'd stick to for 9 years. Meeting his wife Maria when his conduct on the job, in saving a starship and workers from a fire, earned him a Civilian Recognition Award and from there their relationship took off. Married shortly after and about a year afterwards deciding they wanted children, Maria already a citizen made an application for a license easy, but guaranteed results needed them both to have their Citizenship authenticated. This with some leftover Venturelli patriarchal grounding in duty to one's family lead Aidano to enlist in Fleet, slated for the engineering track which he established himself in within a year gaining the rank of Petty Officer. His experience as a shipyard foreman contributing to this climb. However, a year and change into Federal Service Aidano began to resent his rank, NCO's were under a much larger microscope than E-3s and down and as time went on he saw the politics of the job too. Without resigning to ensure he could complete his term he asked for a transfer to the Mobile Infantry where he planned to keep his head down with a support role and cruise through what remained of his service so that he could go home to his wife a fully franchised citizen and start a family. Characteristics: Brawny, Confrontational, Honest, Short-Tempered, Average Intelligence, Positive Work Ethic, Fantastic Chef. Strengths & Weaknesses: Physically Strong, Mentally Fortuitous and Multi-Lingual. While being; Abrasive, Arrogant and Overtly Masculine Other Information: His tattoo on his arm reads "bella gerant alii" - let others wage war usually a peace keepers fall back, but became the motto of the Venturelli family as a synonym for implied duty of a man.
  10. Whiplash


    Fair winds and full sails, Pilot. o7
  11. Coleision

    Maxine A. Valentine

    Added: Assjorn @Silent Bronson @NorseTheNomad Updated literally everything
  12. Litcoins

    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sergeant Elaine Asper Second in Command: Squad leaders: Lance Corporal Graham / Lance Corporal Sleptz KIA/WIA: NONE! Summary of mission (brief): Wipe out a Cult, destroying their ammo supplies, communications. Killing their leader and saving some hostages. The Cult was indeed wiped, their supplies, communications and their leader were killed. Looking for the hostages, we came across a Siren; a object that could psychically distort the mind and force anything around it to go mad. The hostages fell to this and we're gunned by [CLASSIFIED].
  13. Cipher

    Engineering Training

    Engineering Mandatory training.
  14. NorseTheNomad

    Tzipora Bronson

    Did some updates with rank and some character relations
  15. NorseTheNomad

    Maxine A. Valentine

    Tzipora Bronson if enough fucks are given
  16. Ymot Tommy Wort


    I know sometimes we had our differences but you were my favorite NCO ICly and OOCly. I hope your mental health gets better, I know how it feels to fight against those kind of issues. I know you probably won't see this, but hopefully if you come back you will Thank you Pilotfish.
  17. Ymot Tommy Wort

    Cait 'Teddy' Donovan

    I have cleaned it up a bit. Updated every person in the character relations section :). Comment if you want to be added! Donovan isn't dead yet.
  18. Silent

    Maxine A. Valentine

  19. Yesterday
  20. Randynand

    Valerie Faust

    added @Cipher @saiphun987
  21. Cipher

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    REINSTATED Welcome back to the Corp. TSgt. C. Martinez.
  22. Traitorverpackung

    [IC] Cert Training Requests

    Name: Alexander "Lick" Tschenkowtisch Requested specialisation: Pointman Existing (relevant) weapon training: Former DMR.
  23. Traitorverpackung

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Ronny rANGE Physical Age: 23 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 1.91 Weight: 95 kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Criminal Record: - Employment History: MI. Service Record: Former 2nd Spec. Engi OOC: Server Time: No clue. Roleplay History: Alot. No clue but it's alot.
  24. Craig R. Smith


    Gods speed, friend. Get well soon.
  25. rarewatch

    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

    Updated, Also updated Stevenson
  26. Heresiarch Grimm

    Apukohai Tyberos

  27. StevieJr


    Goodbye Pilotfish, and good luck my man.
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