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    Miranda Walters

    Travis Young is ex OSW is an Engineer now.
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    Travis Young
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    Lyndsey Carter

    update lorenzo? again now that hes back or whatever : P
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    Lawrence Chandler

    Sebastian Bently?
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    Lawrence Chandler

    Done Done
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    Miranda Walters

  9. F r a n c o

    Form 2-R "Relations & Liability"

    Bump: added a note to the bottom, everyone should read it - clearing up a misconception.
  10. F r a n c o

    Equipment Info Megathread

    OPENING NOTE: THIS IS A REFERENCE SHEET, BUT READ/SKIM IT ANYWAYS CREDIT TO YANKEESAMURAI (and Dex) Note from Franco: This is going to be reviewed for revision. For the time being, it's still a very good source of information on any and all medical equipment expected to be used. I've also simply dragged this from the club, onto the much more visible forum for all to see. HEMORRHAGE Hide contents Extremity tourniquet Hide contents - Wide, sturdy nylon band with windlass rod. Slip it over a bleeding limb to a few inches below the shoulder or groin, then tighten the attached rod until bleeding stops. The tourniquet can be applied with one hand. Note that a properly applied tourniquet is very painful. Ischemic (lack of circulation) damage will occur after two to three hours, so make sure you write the time of application on the tourniquet label and/or on the patient's forehead. Tourniquet removal should only be attempted by a senior combat medic (or preferably a physician), and then only if definitive care is ready to be provided. When the tourniquet is ready to be removed, loosen it gradually to prevent sudden massive release of accumulated toxins in the limb. Abdominal aortic and junctional tourniquet (AAJT) Hide contents - Thick, sturdy belt-like device with attached inflatable pads to control extremity hemorrhage where normal tourniquets lack room for use - namely the armpits/shoulders (axilla hemorrhage) and groin (inguinal hemorrhage). The AAJT can also be placed around the abdomen in order to safely occlude circulation to the pelvis and lower extremities in the event of pelvic internal bleeding or external hemorrhage from the pelvis or lower extremities. When applied circumferentially around the hips, the AAJT functions as an effective pelvic splint. The AAJT is very expensive. Simple gauze dressing Hide contents - Plain white gauze in sterile packaging. Apply with pressure directly to wounds to control bleeding and protect from contamination. Hybrid combat bandage Hide contents - Thick, absorbent gauze dressing attached to an elastic bandage roll. The bandage is designed to stay rolled even when dropped; it will not unravel on its own. A plastic clip attached to the bandage is designed to secure slack and prevent inadvertent loosening or unraveling. The clip can also be used as an easy twist point during application of a pressure dressing. The clip itself will further intensify and focus the pressure when positioned over a wound. Hemostatic dressing Hide contents - Sterile and rather stiff gauze impregnated with kaolin, an inert mineral that causes rapid coagulation to stop bleeds. Treat massive hemorrhage by packing the wound cavity with the dressing and applying the remainder on top with direct pressure. Very expensive. Note- hemostatic [ipowder[/i has fallen out of favor due to its reliance on gravity for application, its potential to accidentally enter the eyes and mouth, and the potential for clumps to enter circulation and damage the heart. Occlusive dressing Hide contents - Airtight and watertight sterile gauze impregnated in a waxy substance or petroleum jelly. Apply to open neck wounds and minor abdominal eviscerations. In the absence of a valved chest seal, occlusive dressings can also be used to treat open chest wounds (pneumothorax) by covering the wound and taping down three edges, leaving one edge open to serve as a flutter valve to prevent the development of a tension pneumothorax. Polytrauma/abdominal dressing Hide contents - Large, thick, absorbent sterile gauze dressing for use with abdominal evisceration or massive complex trauma. In the event of major evisceration, the packaging should be placed sterile-side-down over the dressing and secured with tape, to serve as a large occlusive covering. Biofoam canister / DARPA-foam Hide contents - Mild sealing and hemostatic agent. Delivered as a liquid into open abdominal wounds, sets as a soft but firm foam in seconds. For use in open abdominal wounds only. X-STAT Hide contents - The X-STAT sponges are composed of standard medical sponge that is coated with a hemostatic agent and compressed. It works by applying a group of small, rapidly-expanding sponges into a wound cavity using a lightweight applicator.
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    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    ya boi clifford
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    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +5

    **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen would lean down and add weights to each side of the bar bell adding in total to 275 pounds he then lays back under the bar bell putting his hands on it as he lifted it off the rack and began lifting **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen would bring the bar back down to his chest and up again fully extending his arms repeating the process 10 times **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen continues his reps bringing the bar down to his chest and bringing it up extending his arms he would have his diffiuculty as he did the next five reps **Cpl. Simo Hyvönen sets the bar back up on it's rest sliding out from under the bar bell as he stood up rolling his shoulders
  14. HazyDay

    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    Add Bailey.
  15. Odin

    [IC] Award Candidate Suggestions

    Your Name: Zealious Odin Your Rank: Sergeant Date Written: 26/05/2298 Their Name & Rank: Aoife Hviteulven Award Recommended: Distinguished Service Medal The act committed: Not only saved the life of myself she also disarmed/defeated a Sanctuary Lieutenant Marauder in melee combat coming out victorious with no wounds to herself thus helping in my objective to secure the Sanctuary officers located in the same room. Witnesses: Only Myself/Anybody who view's the head cam footage.
  16. Tonic

    LOA End

    As someone who has been around since 2008/2009, SST is one of those genres that you have a hard time truly giving up. It's encouraged to never create direct and purposeful threads that revolve around you departing. You'll be remembered in another SST community or you're going to drop by every once in a while, at worst. At best, your passion is renewed and come back full-swing.
  17. Argon

    LOA End

  18. Grizzly Hughes

    Valerie Faust

    Hey boo boo, Hayes and O'Casey
  19. Approved, Please speak to a Senior Specialist or above for Induction. - Lieutenant Bradley Zero
  20. Almanac

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC:Quentin McDensh Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Almanac Physical Age: 25 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Green Hair Color: Brown Height: 6'1 Weight: 189 lbs Employment & Background Current Rank: PVT Educational History: Just the plain highschool education. One year of community college. Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: A mechanic at a car repair shop he worked there for 7 years. Service Record: N/A OOC: Character's College Explanation: Quit community college after a year deciding he would rather serve than waste away in a shitty job Server Time: (Estimate) About 1 year Took a 4 month hiatus Roleplay History: I have been roleplaying for about 5 or 6 years my first serious roleplay started with this server
  21. Scar

    dad had a chicken

    Uncle had a pig
  22. Bohannon

    PAC3 - Custom Content

    eh I'll get to it
  23. radical roach

    State Of Medical

    dillon nosh plz
  24. radical roach

    LOA End

    you can never leave for good not matter how u try this place is cursed
  25. radical roach

    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    idiot, u can say that, idiot, but im at 12 votes of out 20, idiot
  26. Medic

    dad had a chicken

    What ever happened to Ole Mcdonald?
  27. Arrow

    Miguel Lorenzo - Arrow - Base +10

    5/26 10:44:36 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would grab two 30 pound weights and would begin to lift them. Doing curls five sets of 5 reps. 11:02:55 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would push the weights above his head. He would then slowly bend his arms so the weightes were at a 90 degree angle behind his head. 11:41:51 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo would sit under the bench press and he puts two 25 weights on the sides. He sits under the bar breaths for a moment and then lifts. He does the normal 5 sets of 10 reps. Resting in between each set. 11:44:51 - **Spc. Miguel Lorenzo grabs the two 30 pound weights and would put them above his shoulder. Pushing up and then down. He would do the normal 5 sets of 10 reps. Resting after each set.
  28. Denied, Not having a name is a serious thing. Also memes from movies will not be tolerated
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