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    I'm Back

    piano was an inside job
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    why am i still banned from tnb

    You've banned me plenty of times
  5. Here's a helpful link for creating a realistic appearance and backstory for your character if you're lacking imagination. It's important to remember that the cornerstone of a compelling character is not just their strengths, but also their flaws. I use these generators to springboard character concepts with a balance between the two. http://klh.karinoyo.com/generate/index.html
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    SSTRP relationships in one picture.

    excuse me
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    Do you

    Try taking it up the ass sometime, then come talk to me.
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    server rating

    I don't know how or why you were able to connect in the first place (still permabanned), but in the brief time you were back it reconfirmed the fact that you're a troll and a minge and shouldn't be here.
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    why not two tone malone?
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    yay perfect posts
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    SW's roadmap

    roadmap but sw can't drive
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    Banned for RDM when I was RDMed

    Should be unbanned now. If not, PM me your STEAM ID.
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    New pupper

    His name is Audie
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    who did this

    I need answers
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    Character Generators

    I think everyone has this disability at SSTRP
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    SST Screenshots

    I have so many questions what happened to my sstrp