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  1. El Excellente

    IRL Tattoos (Cause why the fuck not?)

    thats a nice way of paraphrasing "my tattoos are in places i'd rather not publically share on a forum with a major amount of underaged teenagers"
  2. El Excellente

    IRL Tattoos (Cause why the fuck not?)

    im not a criminal therefore i have no tattoo
  3. El Excellente

    Editing the Wiki

    that happens with every template 😁 should be fine when you insert it into the template
  4. El Excellente

    FFRL Applications - Science Officer

    forgot to mention that science officers can run missions apparently. added that to the first post
  5. El Excellente

    Mobile Infantry Roster

  6. Intelligence leak on Hesperus! On the wednessday night this week, government officials have proclaimed that crucial information on the Progenitors in our very same Alpha Centauri System has been leaked. Said information is supposed to include defence strategies and invasion plans for our neighbouring planet, Hod. The leak is said to have happened in a spectacular, movie like setting, in the latin district of Hesperus City during the night of "Octavo Augusto". Government official B. Tlair has claimed to have been seduced by a female stranger in a bar. After allegedly taking this femme fatale home, government official Bony T. has noticed that the suitcase on his desk with the vital information has disappeared. It is unknown that the woman plans on doing with this information, but it is estimated to be worth a lot on the blackmarket. The eight of august marks the launch date of the first battlecruiser built on Hesperus and has since then been celebrated as the day of the hard workers. It appears that not everyone should take a day off on this day to keep productivity on Hesperus up. The Governor of Alpha Centauri has suspended the responsible government official until further notice. DEPICTION MAY VARY FROM REALITY
  7. El Excellente

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Rollbonus for our Progenitor gas, posting this here because you're silly and keep forgetting @Xalphox i'd say +30 atleast ye?
  8. El Excellente

    Lawrence Chandler - Zeppy - BASE +5

    changing this to +5 every week of working out
  9. El Excellente

    Reuben Amukama - SW - Base + 5

    changed to +5 due to 11th of august posting
  10. El Excellente

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    @Xalphox all urs
  11. El Excellente

    Reuben Amukama - SW - Base + 5

    on loa again for a while
  12. El Excellente

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Still no logs and sassing me isn't going to make the roll bonus more likely to happen
  13. El Excellente

    Reuben Amukama - SW - Base + 5

    i wAs oN lOa 21:28:51 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama walks to place two 35 lbs plates on either side of the barbell on the rack. 21:29:26 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama secured the weight plates on both sides with a clamp. 21:50:13 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama brought his hands onto the barbell on shoulder height, his forearms in a straight line under it. 21:51:43 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama lifted the barbell out of the rack and pressed it upwards above his head, straightening his arms. 21:52:31 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama lowered the barbell onto chest level and inhaled deeply. 21:53:11 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama thrusted the barbell upwards and straightened his arms above his head once again. 21:54:16 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama exhaled deeply in the last third of the shoulderpress motion but fully extended his arms with the barbell over his head. 21:57:11 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama lowered the barbell down unto his chest again and inhaled. 21:59:32 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama staggered around with the barbell above his head and eventually dipped it back into the rack. 22:02:08 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama sat down on the bench and slid himself below the barbell. 22:02:55 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama pressed his shoulders together and raised his pelvis slightly. He placed his hands on the barbell and moved it out of the holder. 22:04:34 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama lowered the rather lightly packed barbell down to his chest and pressed it up in a swift motion. 22:05:22 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama repeated the process as easily as running from the police with a stolen bike. 22:06:04 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama bench-pressed the barbell again as easy as if it were eating chicken. 22:06:31 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama racked the barbell after a ton of repetitions of bad black jokes.
  14. El Excellente

    John Freeson - LoadedGun - BASE +7

    Can you provide any proof of this strict training regime?