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  1. Until I see you all again.

    Understandable, I was kinda bored of SSTRP when I PK'd Matene
  2. i thought my mission on dddustbowl was okay
  3. (IC) - A Photo sent to the majority of PDAs

    // i was kinda expecting a dickpic with that threadtitle
  4. C menu + player model issues

    That wouldn't work anyway because that playermodel you set there gets overridden by the gamemode in 90% of the cases
  5. ITT

    said the guy who doesn't even have a COMPUTER
  6. New Account

    @Durango @Tonic reset this guys password if he cant do it on his own
  7. Complaint against outdated rules and enforcement of such.

    Hi, I don't see any reason to have bottles of wine stored in the kitchen onboard a military vessel. They are either in the bar for direct use or somewhere in the Grant's cargohold, locked away for resupply. In both conditions, they alcohol is locked away or supervised. If there was any alcohol in the kitchen, the kitchen itself would be heavily restricted and supervised. Again, the only use of wine in the kitchen is to either put it in your food or serve with your food; both of that I consider more a perk for Officers to have wine on a daily basis. The military wouldn't care about you having a date and trying to impress a girl. There would be no special-occasion-allowance just because. The drinking limit still applies. I don't know what you are referring to, but since you refrained from including links to this, I'll include my own. It says right here that: "Possession of alcohol outside of the bar area is a criminal offence and will be taken as such." The kitchen is far away from the bar area. It is therefore a criminal offence according to this ammendment of September 25th. Not knowing about a law is at best a mitigation of punishment, not a reason to go unpunished. See above; even if it was watered down, any alcohol percentage is still alcohol. Lastly, this is the wrong path to take this. This is an entirely-IC problem you're trying to solve via the administrative complaints forum. You have been NJP'd and it is within your right to contest this via a summary court martial. The rules are as they stand; Cronk is still your Second Lieutenant and wrote that article, ergo it is de facto a standing order. It will remain in effect unless specifically stated otherwise.
  8. Communism

    stupid bolshevist millenials
  9. Communism

    @Archer now there's two you bolshevik scum
  10. Communism

    what is this bolshevist pig thread
  11. New Account

    You can log in via steam
  12. What kind of content do you want to see on the wiki?

    If any of you want to contribute go ahead http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Special:WantedPages http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Category:Unfinished
  13. Fordo Kroojugg, Resident Loudmouth (still a wip)

    Is the T-800 making fun of other people again
  14. THE BEST character

    how did you find this page
  15. THE BEST character

    you found matene's successor