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  1. well now we certainly know what mommy and daddy's hobby was
  2. i think these are the spiritual successors to my trading cards
  3. i will be taking the liberty to do a debrief on the questline i initiated in january or so just to give it a nice wrap-up. it doesn't make sense to continue with the current state of the 112th anyway i'll also dump one or two things ive written a while back or so to further expand my legacy
  4. Hello SSTRP, I’ve probably waited a lot longer than I should as I assume most of you don’t even know who I am anymore (yay to cycling playerbases every few months). And, in a way, this is part of the reason why I’m leaving SST for good. At some point you’ve seen it all, done it all and did it again for the fourth time. Eventually, you get tired of running through metros during campaigns, go to gm_megadesert to hunt bugholes and traverse weird city maps while acting like you’ve never been here before. (The funny part is that if you do not know the map while leading the mission, you’re considered just as bad a leader somehow). even funnier, I have dupes for just about any map now - with the current flux of players, I could probably run the exact same mission every few months without anyone noticing. I have actually done so multiple times on gm_lunarbase cuz that was a cute mission and I spent quite some time on the dupe. However, it’s come to the moment where I cannot any longer live through that. While I’ve taken my joy from experimenting during a lot missions (some with fabulous results, some not so much), I simply lack the time to run these missions any longer. Unlike some other admins, I take pride in the preparation I do for missions (bar spontaneous drops to appease the playercount), and I just straight out lack the time to do that. There’s cooler things than coming home and preparing dupes for 2 hours straight. But if I don’t run good missions, what else do I do and who else would run them? Do I run drops with holographic cannons instead?? What's worse than the fact that I have probably every single possible mission atleast twice already is that I've additionally grown incredibly bored of the ship-life/"passive rp". People spend hours upon hours in PAC editors and Blender just to have a weird waxface they can jerk off to twice a day just to have said character killed in the next gm_fork mission. I've learned to cope with that eventually, but what is much more disturbing is that SSTRP has been continuously straying away from the Military RP into some kind of freaky-weebo comfort zone. People create 4'8 characters, they have orgies on shoreleave, they wear buttplugs with a furrytail on duty and abuse the /roll command so many times till they can claim they rolled a natural 99 for their breastsize. -- but don't you fucking dare shout and yell at people! What kind of place would this be if people in a fictional space military would actually be disciplined! Instead, the server has sadly developed far into the opposite direction: NCOs are even punished for... punishing. I don't exactly care about the whacky-ass explanation for that just as much as none have cared about the other side of the story ("omg you tried to drown someone in the jacuzzi wtfff" - yeah, next time someone plays a fucking 51 year old recruit who has a heart attack while being waterboarded for a bit I'll just outright ban them instead of opting to have some neat character development for a lance corporal) However, people seem to like it, playercount is way high, which has lead me to the question - is this really a sstrp-issue I'm seeing, or is it a me-issue? I've come to the realization that it's a me-issue. You guys carry on with whatever the hell you're planning on doing. have it your way, SSTRP. Of course, not everything on SSTRP has been bad. I’ve had a few characters throughout my career (none of them have a BT/lost a limb you weird cyber losers). My very first SSTRP character has made it to Sergeant twice before becoming a Pathfinder Captain, Major, Colonel and eventually hot-shot governor of Hesperus, the greatest fucking colony in human space. Alongside that, a Fleet Commander which I’ve used throughout the years -- sinking too much time into Fleet stuff, I opted to never have a Fleetie again. After those, I had a few more characters, but of course none could reach the entertainment I had with my first one. When SSTRP rebooted (2016) and I had to pass away Pathfinders because of work once again. I lost a TSgt character who was actually pretty fun to play and has gotten almost close to the enjoyment. What followed after were days of “man I need a new MI” and “what do I play now??” -- Orwell was online that day and then Matene happened I’d have to lie that was the funniest shit ever on SSTRP and it was one hell of a ride, concluded during Operation Omega when I decided to kill him off during the neon-wars. What followed were admittedly a black guy and an aztec guy who were marginally related to him somehow?? Having cool characters is hard. It’s not getting easier over the years with a stale environment like this and therefore, I’ve ran all outta characters- or rather, purposes to give to my characters. Because of lack of events Lack of events which ultimately boil down to certain lack of contribution(s). As an administrator, the only obligation you have is to spend 0.44% of your time of a 14 day span on SSTRP - that means you have to dedicate an entire 1h30m on running missions on SSTRP in order to remain an administrator. I'm not going to be overly unprofessional here - I'll just let that stand and say that for some, investing those 90 minutes of lifetime is probably the most you'd see from them. In hand with this laziness goes the overall attitude, not just on the team but on the whole server it appears, which has grown to be “let’s be a huge major dick for no apparent reason because they are better than me”. I’ve spent a lot of free time on SSTRP projects, some of them you know about, most of them you probably don't know I was involved in (such as updating and adapting the Arachnid models to be compatible with Nextbot - a feat that pretty much made SSTRP’s mission remotely fun as they suddenly charged you from all across the map, instead of staring at you from five meters distance). Then, on the other hand, you'd have specific individuals who have been twiddling their thumbs this entire time who then have the audacity to tell me that after spending 2 hours porting their shitty waxxy-fuckfaces in blender that their infantry models would have turned out better. ok friend, your time to shine now But again, who am I to argue with the absurdly high playercount. SSTRP seems to be doing well, so it must be me? Alas, as a final fuck you (I already tried the creative way here), I thought it would be very nice to return the favour and stick my thumb in my ass for a month or so and post my resignation a few minutes before the admin meeting just shortly before I would have ultimately been removed (probably) (if I had been more useless in the past) (I probably wouldn't have been removed tho)
  5. you guys should be happy we let you roll for a chance at all as opposed to pre-2016 times where you were just at the full mercy of the event runner (and most of the times there was no mercy, keyword limb-quota)
  6. 1024x1024 is more than enough for torsos and clothes. if you use 1024 on hairs i kill you
  7. i had 25 fps throughout idk what ur talking about
  8. "vessel security" as in, stand guard infront of the cic? good luck recruiting people for that
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