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    Gerald 'Gaz' Cunningham

    why do you keep doing these, you're not the best at keeping characters alive anyway
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    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

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    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    See how I [REDACTED] in my [EXPUNGED] storylines
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    Jackie Knoxx

  5. Fellow Pangeans, The city you know as St. Joseph is no more. The Federation has exploited and abandoned us, so we struck them at their very heart. Our corrupt governor, who sold us out, who is a puppet of the Federation, is no more. We, the people of Pangaea, have and always will be free people. Now, without the Federation, we are free again. We are subject to no one but God's rule, and it was his calling to free ourselves off this oppression. The Mobile Infantry quickly retaliated, they laid waste to our precious cities. Thus, Pangaea is destined to be ruled by one, the one true believer in God. It is he who shall rule not from St. Joseph, but from his celestial kingdom he shall rule over the people of Pangaea. This is the fate that we have been given; we have been given these resources for a reason, our technological superiority was not by luck or by blindly following the Federation, they were granted to us from above. We only had to accept them, embrace God's mercy, use what God has given us and free ourselves from the shackles so we can be ruled by the one Hauk. It is God's will. For The Order.
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    SST Screenshots

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    Intercepted Signal

    FWD: GAMES&THEORY/MILITARYINTELLIGENCE/SICON >>This message is auto-generated and relayed to your workstation. Do not reply to this dispatch. >>The following transmission has been picked up by listening station GUILDERWAVE052 (Pangaea). >>The following transmission has been relayed by SCARVIS FLEET BASE in system ERVING. >>Algorithms detect suspicious activity, but not confirmed >>Flagged codewords determine PRIORITY LOW >>PRIORITY LOW classifies this dispatch as ALPHA-3 ACCESS. ;(u$F<'rrr9iEc56YC@SAOfd9A6;`G8OY@1<GOHa<,5uV<A@B<<G-5C<\e?)@VJ._@7O=1<A@NM8OcHE<^oeV6Z#;8>!kVF;-%4'8OlBh>&?`M@Rs4+A4L<L8On#=@Vnt86YC@*@r6%)>'WFg@7O=1<AA#\<GPHE<%qHf<(08D;,oGcA4JUl=)19(;,q:!<)n006YC@6@P^ko@PTfW8OuT1>$+('=`$WC@<k0o@W#(_@REIV;,o>;<,6;M;H#o$@sLCU@PTfX@9?-D>$"Qo6YC@1@VJ._@7O=1@VnSV>#Rb2>%p;W@7O=1@P^Vl>$+@=
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    Felt obligated to post here because this is actually scheduled to happen again yo
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    Planet no one cares about expansion

    go crazy
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    Alice Carmine

    wait is this a character or a cat
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    Mobile Infantry picture day

    // hE DiDnT hAvE a FaCe PaC
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    SST Screenshots

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    suck it up and stay
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    Content Stealing

    one could almost call it a Fleet guide
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    Mysterious abductions 2297 - search ended unsuccesfully

    As you browse deeper into FedNet, you find reports of missing people, dated back to December 2297 - completely buried beneath the reports on Progenitor activity throughout space and the emerging Civil War.