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    PAC - "How do I make my shit efficient?"

    https://cl.ly/84beee90216e you don't need to load up every single texture in paint.net there is also no difference between importing an jpg or a png; it has no effect on the vtf size
  2. El Excellente

    PAC - "How do I make my shit efficient?"

    1.3mb is still a lot just for hair, bump it to 512x512, it's hairdly big enough to really notice
  3. Hi, I saw your Milacts post, and you seem to be doing an excellent job with that. I'm glad you've given the newer players who stick around a chance at leadership. Very cool to see. :)

  4. Today, 16th of March, the Federation and their tools have come to Pangaea. While we Pangaeans of course were hospitable, it became very clear what they were after. In an attempt to cripple our economy, in order to make us dependant on the Federation again, they destroyed the only oil refinery in the Outskirts in a vicious attack. Hundreds of workers are now unemployed, if not killed by the explosion. The Mobile Infantry did this to us. They want to integrate Pangaea in their regime once agian and subjugate our people. Stop this injustice. Join the Order and fight for freedom. For The Order.
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    Federal Jumpball League franchise poll

    Terran Thunderbolts logo & stadium reveal http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Terran_Thunder
  6. El Excellente


    this has migrated to the wiki, it's a lot easier to maintain with the better HTML/table support. http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Category:Jumpball
  7. El Excellente


    (but will be halted in favour of missions if @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz says theres currently a surplus of NCO [candidates])
  8. El Excellente


    For those who haven't noticed: This has mostly happened the last thursdays, so I'm formally moving it to the thursday slot (mainly because of complaints about the friday primetime event being a training?)
  9. El Excellente

    New Possible Squad System

    more like overpaid polish maintenance workers
  10. El Excellente

    New Possible Squad System

    Aslong as it is loose, it could work out, but it promotes elitism. If it's just a band of PFCs who call themselves the cobras, sure, why not, that's cute But in the history of SSTRP we had so many squad systems (sergeants forming their own squads which players have to join) that it's getting a little silly. The logistics are the main issue here, what do you do when only one person of your squad is online in a mission. I'm sort of against letting Corporals and above join or be part of a squad due to obvious favoritism and elitism issues; but it could be fancy for privates and co
  11. El Excellente

    [CCG] 04: Character front-end

    now conveniently placed on the wiki http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Category:Character_Media some of the faceclaims were left over by previous users or what the hell ever. most are AI generated by now
  12. El Excellente

    Still Can't Upload Images

    the time is now
  13. El Excellente

    Carlos Martinez - Bandito El Explosivo

    this aged well
  14. El Excellente

    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    this chick only has [REDACTED] views because i keep making [REDACTED] jokes about her [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. People don't care about your character, they just think i'm [REDACTED]!