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  1. El Excellente

    Tumas de Tankijin

  2. El Excellente

    (Suggestion) Consistent Deaths / Injury Rolls

    you guys should be happy we let you roll for a chance at all as opposed to pre-2016 times where you were just at the full mercy of the event runner (and most of the times there was no mercy, keyword limb-quota)
  3. El Excellente

    Niko the Maori guy.

  4. El Excellente

    Starship Troopers original bug test.

    lmao the blood is so 1980's
  5. El Excellente

    Third Platoon Poster Girl

  6. El Excellente

    PAC - Blender to Gmod. How?

    1024x1024 is more than enough for torsos and clothes. if you use 1024 on hairs i kill you
  7. El Excellente

    So... zombies?

    i had 25 fps throughout idk what ur talking about
  8. El Excellente

    Make Provost Great Again

    "vessel security" as in, stand guard infront of the cic? good luck recruiting people for that
  9. El Excellente

    Eric Shepard - Randy - 0

    nothing hf
  10. El Excellente

    Organization of the 112th

    Courtesy of @Pilotfish Would you like to know more?
  11. El Excellente

    Eric Shepard - Randy - 0

    this should be more like +5 by now because you haven't done anything for over a month
  12. El Excellente

    Operation Ocuilan: 19 April - 22 April 2019

    my trainings will have more action than this
  13. El Excellente

    Uniform PAC links

    These are pastebin links which you can directly import into PAC to have the results shown below. Training Uniforms Blu Bumbum-makers https://pastebin.com/ZNnJ56bD Red ERP firefighters https://pastebin.com/PgtLEMkM
  14. El Excellente

    MILACTS/Wargames survey

    there have been like, 7 or so
  15. El Excellente

    Maxwell DeVries

    ... for a second i thought and had hopes someone would write something on the lore turns out its just a character called "university", wtf