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  1. Name: Simo Hyvöven Reason: due to the fact that Simo regularly works out +5 per week of doing it, up to a maximum of +15.
  2. Name: Miguel Lorenzo @Arrow Reason: Coming up on two years in the MI. (getting out on June first planning on making some change to keep him in the MI) Past experience as a pit fighter five years champion. (has a nose that looks broken because of it) Workout RP and if fighting a pathfinder with Tina Konig helps I did that. Several sparing fights. Currently a Specialist. Chance to increase by +5 per week of strength-based workout up to a maximum of +20.
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    LOA End

    look at me im popular
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    petition for the new gun to play kpop

    i said it would play kdrop not kpop
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    Reuben Amukama

    Background Born to a family of politicians with close ties to Governor Antony Mbeki, the Amukamas were part of the upper echelon on Faraway. Reuben Amukama was 11 years old when the first famine on Faraway broke out, but naturally was unaffected by it aside from witnessing the protests against the politicians, his family included. Seven years later, he was pushed by his parents to earn franchise rights himself to later play part in the politics of Faraway. Having ran through Bootcamp in the outskirts of Sigma City without major incidences, his connected parents later played their cards to have Reuben assigned as part of the garrison force of Faraway as to have him survive his term and become Citizen without having to risk his life on a needless assault on a bug planet. During his term as Private in the garrison force he was hazed by fellow local enlistedmen for following the ways of the United Citizen Federation. They were primarily part of the poorer populace of Faraway and not nearly as loyal to the UCF as they should be as part of SICON's primary fighting force. This even went so far that the Corporals had him selected for toilet duty on a weekly basis. Against their hopes, he won a local lasertag tournament with his squad and had to be promoted to Lance Corporal due to procedure. As such, he was later deployed to the inner districts of Sigma City when the second food shortage broke out and the civilian populace revolted against the government of Faraway. He was utterly disgusted by the starving poor people. The commanders of the garrison force who were loyal to Mbeki saw that he carried out orders well, efficiently and without hesitation. It was upon their commendation that he was promoted to Corporal. Deployed as a Corporal to the third civil unrest caused by famine, he ruled his assigned housing block with an iron fist. The commanders of the garrison force commended him for his efficient ration distribution and his efforts to restore order, as opposed to other NCOs who reported assaults near the rationing centres on a daily basis. Thefts and brawls for food rations weren't uncommon in other districts. Such dissidents were not to be found in Amukama's district. Or were ever to be found again, by that matter... Naturally, the Governor himself would be rather grateful for the rather efficient handling of these matters and designated him as a Colour Sergeant. A group of people especially loyal to the Governor and the UCF, a group of people probably every commander has (such as the order of the crustacean by Brian C. Larsen). It was at this point where the tides had turned and he would not be hazed for his loyalty to the UCF but be rewarded and recognized for it at last. Once Terra has fallen and the fourth famine broke out, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant to efficiently handle a task group to localize and neutralize leading dissidents of the unrest. As he later unveiled, the fall of Terra and the UCF government caused not only the usual usurpers but also rather opportunistic Farawayans to turn against Antony Mbeki. The assaults were spearheaded by the Civilian Militia who, thanks to the fall of Terra, have just doubled their ranks on Faraway. With supplies coming in from the Black Cross, the majority of the Mobile Infantry garrison on Faraway saw that this was an uphill struggle against an enemy that would outnumber them. In fear of fighting the savages of the Civilian Milita, they rather joined them and betrayed the UCF. Later they made up the Draconian Hegemony's fighting force. With some higher-ups in the Mobile Infantry seeing opportunity to rise even higher, they helped the Civilian Militia to have not only Antony Mbeki, but also his five consuls and the Mobile Infantry command hanged in the streets of Longago. At this point the Draconian Hegemony would be founded and declared anyone who would not fight for them a mutineer. There are no official records of what happened within the city which was still engulfed in a civil war. Locals report gruesome, day-long fighting, and lots of displayed and gutted corpses in the streets. It was in the outskirts of Faraway where he had been picked up by the 6th Fleet and then recruited back into the MI to teach the 112th Mobile Infantry the proper use of weaponry as a Master Specialist. Profile Sex: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 251lbs Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Attributes Strength: 20/20 Dexterity: 7/20 Constitution: 14/20 Intelligence: 11/20 Wisdom: 10/20 Charisma: 3/20 Opinions SSgt. Sebastian Bently - The most boring person ever. If the Infantry rulebook had a dick, he'd probably give it a long and thorough sucking. Franklyn Holland - Seems to be a proper Infantryman at last. Alysia Harper - Some hotshot who thinks she's the shit as a petty officer James Chevosky - The fleet chick's fuckboy. Noah Gargano - A fucking 14 year old teenage girl stuck in the body of a 12 year old teenage girl. How did they get into the military? Anni Järvinen - I'll shoot her straight in her bitch face should I ever see her again. Sean Richardson - Snitches get stitches Daisy Bailey - Sure has two arguments to listen to her and a good sense for entertainment. Lyndsey Carter - Complains when she has to do a job and doesn't seem to be very capable all around Alicia White - Cute but stupid
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    About flamers.

    probably because @Jun Nagase or @Randynand misunderstood that the ban is just IC against sanctuary troops during the civil war
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    Alysia Harper

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    Miranda Walters

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    Reuben Amukama

    both added
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    About flamers.

    liberal scum
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    SST Quotes Thread

    then the PTSD kicks in and you hit Carter in the eye
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    I'm giving you +10 with the chance of +5 per week of working out (strenght based) to a maximum of +20 Reapply for a further finesse-based hand to hand/sparring bonus. Approved
  13. Name: Stan Henderson @XxFatalitiesxX1 Reason: working out at the gym. **Pfc. Stan Henderson grabs a set of 25lb dumbbells and moves them over to the bench. He would then begin pumping iron, lifting it and releasing it, over and over again to build muscle in his right bicep. **Pfc. Stan Henderson switches the dumbbell to his left hand, lifting it repeatedly. He begins to build up a sweat, a few beads can be seen on his forehead. **Pfc. Stan Henderson continues to lift the dumbbell in his left hand. Soon after he completes another 15 reps his switches hands. +5 per week of doing it, up to a maximum of +15.
  14. Reason: Winning 6 fights in a row during Colonel Davidson's iron-man sparring night. Condition: Maintain bonus by winning 1 fight per week.
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    Reuben Amukama - SW - Base + 15

    22:52:23 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama stood upright, only bending his knees a little and extended his left arm to lead punches. 22:54:08 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama would taunt Henderson by waving him over with one hand. 22:54:22 - **Pfc. Stan Henderson advances a few steps towards Amukama. He attempts to kick his left leg in order to put him off balance. 22:55:45 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama would step away from the kick. He would attempt to anticipate Henderson's movement and land a jab on him with his leading hand. 23:01:01 - **Pfc. Stan Henderson is quite apparently struck in the head by Black Hercules' full force. He falls backward on his ass, tapping out shortly afterwards. 23:02:12 - **Pfc. Stan Henderson gets up, rubbing his head. He looks to Amukama, saying "Don't get too cocky, this ain't gonna be our last fight." 23:02:18 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama extended the very same hand again and offered it to him. 23:04:30 - **Pfc. Stan Henderson shakes Amukama's hand quite aggressively. 23:05:12 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama shook it back, "Maybe you can take a second hit the next time!" 23:10:46 - **Spc. Alicia White stretched her neck a little as she swayed her arms. "Soo..." 23:11:04 - Spc. Alicia White: Don't knock my teeth out and I'll be happy. 23:11:15 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama bent his knees ever so slightly and extended his left arm as a leading hand. 23:11:24 - LCpl. Reuben Amukama: Sure, sweetie. 23:12:03 - **Spc. Alicia White raised her hands a as she hunched down ever so sligtly. "Ready when you are." 23:13:45 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama walked towards her. He would keep his left arm extended to lead the punch and thrusts his right hand forward in order to hit her solar plexus. 23:14:09 - **Spc. Alicia White tried dodging his right hand. 23:14:59 - **Spc. Alicia White takes a direct hit stumbling slightly as she was hit her footing seeming a little lose from the hit. 23:15:45 - **Spc. Alicia White tried with what ever force she had to hit his right cheek with her right hand as she stumbled around on her feet. 23:16:48 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama gets slapped by the woman! 23:17:12 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama expressed surprised, "What the fuck? You slappin' in a spar?!" 23:17:49 - **Spc. Alicia White was very clearly a bit light headed from the first hit, her arms swaying around a little as she struggled to keep on her feet. 23:18:14 - Spc. Alicia White: I'm f-fine! Just a bit slippery. 23:18:44 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama would thrust his palm against White's collarbone in an attempt to push her over. 23:20:06 - **Spc. Alicia White falls over against the cage like a sack of potatoes, her back hitting it with a slight rassle as she looked up at Amukama clearly very disoriented.
  16. +5 per week of doing it, up to a maximum of +15. Reason: Frequent weightlifting
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    Reuben Amukama - SW - Base + 15

    22:18:39 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama squatted down and placed his hands on either side of the box. He would then push himself upwards with the box in his hands. 22:18:48 - LCpl. Reuben Amukama: I'm getting some shit reps from this light shit. 22:19:11 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama pushes the box upwards, simulating an overhead press. 22:21:38 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama climbed the stairs, using his triceps and shoulder muscles to push the box over his head on every step. --- 22:27:35 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama looked at the 35 pounds on either side of the barbell in the power rack. 22:28:47 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama placed his hands shoulderwide apart on the barbell. He angled them so that his forearm is in a straight angle to the barbell. He lifted it out of the holder. 22:29:55 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama took a small step backwards and began pushing the barbell upwards over his body. He stretched his head through his arms and rested the barbell up there for a second. 22:31:13 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama brought his head back and lowered the barbell down to chest level, the forearms staying right below it. 22:32:50 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama exploded the barbell upwards over his body again, using his shoulder muscles and triceps to fully extend his arms. 22:33:50 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama brought his head forward through his arms again, in order to fully stretch them above his head. He'd grunt like a black motherfucker just shot by LAPD. 22:34:10 - **Spc. Miguel LorenzoFBI open up! 22:34:53 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama slowly lowered the barbell down infront of his nipples in order to have a high time under tension; as if the FBI held him at gunpoint and the barbell was a M4 assault rifle. 22:36:55 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama pushed the barbell upwards above his head again, lifting it like second nature. Talking about nature, lifting the barbell is as easy to him as picking cotton. 22:37:43 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama moved his arms back a bit and lowered the barbell to rest in his neck. 22:42:20 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama would move his hips back and go down into a squatting position. Within a few seconds, he would explode upwards twenty times with the rather light barbell, totalling just 90 pounds. 22:43:33 - **LCpl. Reuben Amukama lifted the barbell from his neck and placed it back into the holder of the power rack.
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Since when have you had the character? When did you create him?
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    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +5

    Whatever you feel is adequate, maybe two exercizes á 5 lines or something I unlocked your first +5
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    Simo Hyvönen - That one edgy dude - BASE +5

    @That one edgy dude Please provide some sort of roleplay example to unlock the first +5 boost.
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Approved. +5 per week of working out, up to a maximum of +15.
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    Tina König - Wewai - Base +10

    You're free to use +15, by the way. I was sick for a little while and messed up the rhythm for adjusting roll bonuses, so I skipped a week. The next adjustment will happen later today when I'm done with some other tasks.
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    Reuben Amukama

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    Editing the Wiki

    0.5. Finding the wiki Click on Wiki, bitch. 1. Creating a wiki page Hello. You might want to create a wiki page for your character and you're wondering about how you do right that. In order to create a page, you search for it. Let's create a page for my old character. Now that we have searched for our character's name, we found no page with that name - what a jolly surprise! Let's create the page then. 2. Inserting our character template On the following page, you would see an empty field with nothing but your characters name as a header. Of course, you could just type right away. But a) it'd look shit and b) nobody reads it anway! So let's insert our standardized template which offers all the important information at a glance. Templates are absolutely safe to use when on your character page. In order to add one, click on Insert; activate the dropdown menu. Click on Template. Search for the "Person" template. 2. Editing our template Now we have our template on the page. That's great, but you still need to enter your info! Click on "Add more information" and edit to your hearts content! Always make sure to add the fields so it leaves them blank. If you don't add them to the template, the fields will be filled with brackets and word. Fields are not added when you see the small black/white box next to it (see picture one). Click it to add it.. If you don't know some information, leave the field blank. If you want to add a picture, upload it. On pictures If you're uploading a picture, you can do that. If your picture is called something like 3141274384321732.jpg; don't worry. Before uploading, you can change the destination name to "Matene.jpg"; if you upload sfdhbsdfh21334234_cfada.png, you'll have to change it to "Matene.png" respectively. In order to add the image to your character page, enter the designated filename. Also, if I see a paris hilton picture i'll ban you hard 3. Writing text & finishing touches That's it! Now you might want to write a short (!!!) character biography or his military history, such as promotions et cetera. Use the headers and subheaders for stuff like awards et cetera. 3. Categorizing - not necessary for people pages anymore Lastly, my boy needs to be put into the "People" category. Click the three black bars, Categories. Search for "People", add it. If you're a NCO, search for Non-Commissioned Officers, too. Same for COs. At later dates, we'll have Seperatists and dead people and whatnot. Eventually, we will pull some information from the server, so that your rank updates automatically. But if you want a character page on the wiki, this is the way to go for now!
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    Editing the Wiki

    As the character template has been updated categorizing your character page is no longer necessary