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  1. SICON wants YOU! To be recognized for your actions. Have YOU witnessed something so heroic or dedicated to the cause so extraordinary that they need to be rewarded for it? Fill out the attached form and hesitate not to let us know! Your name and rank: Date of the event: Recipient: Detailed account of the act: Witnesses: Filling out the form takes only a minute but means a great deal to your peers. This form can be used by anyone, including enlisted. There is no submission limit. Think someone only committed a minor act that is not worth receiving a proper medal? Submit it anyway! Any commendation might just end up as a Combat Action Medal. Your local SICON handlers will investigate every submission and make sure you're set on your road to glory! During investigation, SICON will approve Combat Awards at their discretion and forward them to your Platoon Commander. Specifying an actual award is not necessary. This form is for SICON Combat Awards only.
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    SICON Award request form

    SICON wants YOU! To be recognized for your actions. Have you gone beyond the call of duty and are an example within your unit? Sadly, not everyone is caught in the net of SICON - but you've found this form to correct that! Your rank and name: Service number: Awards requested: Why do you deserve this award: Reference(s): This form is for meritorious awards only. Meritorious awards are the Mobile Infantry Silver Star, Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon, Outstanding Services to Combat Medicine Ribbon, Outstanding Services to Combat Engineering Ribbon, General Specialization Ribbon, Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon, Prisoner of War Ribbon and Purple Heart. If you were looking for Combat Awards, see this form.
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    SICON Combat Award nomination form

    // As an explanation: We felt that the "old" system of recommending your subordinates for a specific award was lacking. NCOs would not only have to write down cool actions their Privates do (if they even recognize them), but then have to scroll through an oddly long list of combat awards and choose a specific one for the witnessed actions. Of course, this caused quite a little stress and created an immense gap inbetween NCOs. Nobody wanted to be the guy who hands out awards like candy, everyone wanted awards to feel rewarding. Additionally, how do you grade awards? Literally, what action warrants which medal? Nobody wanted to be the Sergeant who recommended a Private for a Hero of the Federation Award for taking a big poopoo and actually using the toilet brush afterwards (you're the real MVPs though) We figured these two discrepancies resulted in very few, currently zero, award recommendations. As a result, Privates couldn't be awarded medals for cool stuff they actually did. As a result, Captain Bently could not do award ceremonies. As a result, Captain Bently sad. To work this problem, we thought centralizing it with SICON would be a good idea. As canon curator 2016-2018 AD (ie. the person who ported these awards to SST), the one person with an intel character used outside of mission briefings and as generally awesome person, I've taken this up to Optic and he agreed it would be probably a better approach than have the MI somehow regulate it. The process is quite simple: Anyone in the MI can suggest someone to be awarded for their actions. I heavily emphasize anyone at this point because I thought - why would Sergeants not be re-/awarded? Further down the road of equality: Why make awards dependant on that one drop leader who doesn't like you anyway? As a collective, we can reward eachother. Once submitted, you and/or the witnesses will be called up for an investigation; this will be a little AAR to further promote passive rp on the ship. You'll get to talk about the drop and the heroics someone committed (but probably miss out on sprinkly ERP in return). This AAR is essential so that a) the right award can be issued, b) there was no foul-play involved (ie. you and 3 of your friends make up a story) and c) promote passive RP. So, the process will now be: 1. Do something cool on a mission 2. Have it written down and posted here by someone 3. AAR 4. -If approved- the nomination gets forwarded to Captain Bently 5. Bently does an award ceremony
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    don't forget that everyone puts their stats at 19/20 anyway because we're all special
  5. Character Creation Guides Matching personality with a place of birth Part 3: Colonial traits Part three. You've all heard about the tons of colonies, you've all been to a drop on some planet which happens to be a colony of the Federation. You know there's many places "to be from"- yet many just choose to have a character from Terra. So let's find out what's behind all those fancy names of our colonies! Arne People from Arne are often characterized as rustic and uncomplaining. However, they are often considered guileless, vague and therefore often mistaken. The majority of colonists are from former french-speaking countries. Arcadia The people of Arcadia are hardy and pessimistic. Hunting is their favorite pastime due to the dangerous wildlife on the planet. The above average consumption of fresh wildlife meat, paired with the strong gravity (1.18G) have brought up many strong, but a little shorter people. Castillo People from Castillo are often considered high-minded and methodical, but are also very companionly. Due to the nature of their planet they're often ascetic and are rather submissive people. Colonists were primarily North-african, with the majority from Egypt. Cassandra The people of Cassandra know of their little value to the Federation and as such have grown meek and subdued, without any spark of assurance and confidence. They are nervous and jumpy about proving their loyalty to the Federation which makes SICON suspicious of them in a vicious cycle. Enlistment rates are rather low because of this. Cordelia The freak weathers on Cordelia left the people to be nothing but caring. They're usually an exciting folk with lots of stories to tell and they always strive to be self-sufficient. They're very modern people, not to say avantgardistic. However, they are often also described as graceless. The initial wave of colonists were, infact, slovenian. Elixaeberna Home to scandinavian-descendant people, Elixaeberna has many clashing cultures depending on which continent you look at. Epsilon Prime Business world with strong emphasis on profit and productivity with almost a mercenary-esque mentality. Very high gravity (1.7x Earth) means that people from Epsilon Prime are shorter but usually stronger. Faraway A colony that through isolation has become hostile and xenophobic. Low gravity (0.56x Earth) causes Farawayans to be huge. Original colonists were african and as such, Faraway is more of a melting pot of african cultures. Faxx The people of Faxx are many-sided. While often said they are well-read and gentle, others describe them as authoritarian, prejudiced and miserly. The initial wave of colonists stems from central asia, specifically Mongolia. Hathor Colonists are primarily of western european descent, but Hathor attracts many people. Recently, Hathor has experienced a lot of migration from chinese people. Rural life on Hathor is more austere and slow-paced, but also defined by poverty. Life in the urban regions is fast paced. Fishing is key on this colony. The people of Hathor are known to be friendly and enthusiastic. Hesperus Extremely work-oriented people who work longer and harder than the rest of the Federation. Original colonists come from southern Europe. Religion is somewhat important. Hesperans take great pride in their work - rightly so, because their shipyards produce the best ships. This planet is constantly exposed to ships due to its shipyards and therefore a lot of civilians rather join the Fleet. Hod Not very much different from Hesperus as that's the neighbouring planet. The colony of Hod was founded to feed Hesperus, so there's a rivalry due to standing in their shadows. Iskander Very relaxed and comfortable population living a rural life. Soft-spoken but stubborn demeanor. They are a tremendously patient people who rarely show any strong emotion. However, once they are roused, they can be an implacable and surprisingly dangerous enemy due to their strength (a result of living on a planet with a gravitational field approximately 20% stronger than Earth’s). This quality makes Iskanders valuable recruits for Federal Service, particularly the Mobile Infantry.  Karrus The people of Karrus tend to be proud, optimistic and confident. Ambition is also a defining trait of the Karrus culture. The people of Karrus are extraordinarily loyal to the Federation. Leda The people of Leda are meticulous, stable and responsive. However, people from other colonies have often described them as whimsical. Pallas The people of Pallas are Appreciative but also very alert and realistic. They're said to be preoccupied often and somewhat zany. They take great pride in their shipyard. A lot of people come from the former USA. Qetesh The colony of Qetesh has had their colonization efforts abandoned and therefore there is a split of cultures there. Either you're loyal and clinging to what little is left of the Federation or you push them away in its entirety. The people of Qetesh have their lives revolve around the thick jungles and, over the years, have estabilished a religion around it. They are loyal survivalists who are open minded but also very traditional. They stick to their families and their values. Initial colonists were south-east-asian and polynesian. Rhohan The people of Rhohan are very individualistic and self-confident. They are very proud and prefer to be self-reliant and remain an individual by any means possible. If you've grown up on Rhohan, you've probably experienced the harshest weather known to man and frankly, you'll be just fine on any other planet. Scorching summers, frigid winters and terrifying storms forge one of the most hardy people in the Federation when it comes to outside effects. Weapons play a big role on Rhohan. Being the home of the Morita, Rhohan hosts many marksmen challenges and as such provides many marksmen for the Mobile Infantry. Rhohan is the only planet in the galaxy where civilians are allowed to bear arms. Essentially, this planet is like Space-Texas. Roku San A melting pot of a planet, the Federation sent everyone they could spare to Roku San in order to maximize food output of this farming world. Needless to say, tensions arised. Sanctuary If SICON had colonized a planet, it would be Sanctuary. In Sanctuary, or Spiritu Santo, everything revolves around SICON. Every Trooper is meeted with respect and politesse. Only the most loyal of UCF are considered to be living here. But rumor has it that some are even still loyal to O'Brien's cause up to this day... Samson Samsonians or Samsonites are people hardened by naval tradition. They are flexible and adaptive. It is a beautiful colony with a rich naval culture based around fishing and seafaring. Sarns III The colony is to young to have formed any kind of stereotypes for its people. Scarvis Many of the original settlers hailed from Scandinavia, particularly Norway. They are a hardy people for surviving the harsh weather conditions outside of official Federal colonies. Shoreridge III While not technophobic, the people of Shoreridge III resist change and will not embrace anything innovative or different. They live a prosaic, bucolic life which they value greatly and do not wish to see altered. There is very little strife or ambition to be found on this colony. Essentially, all they have are the Mightycocks. Shoreridge III is home to a lot of what you'd call amish people. Solovei Soloveians are dishonest and zany people. They do anything for quick profit or short-term gains. Very dark minds say Solovei is the Federation's looney-house, with the moon's instable orbit marking Solovei's certain doom. Strelitzia Strelitzia is a colony sported from Mobile Infantry encampments. When founded, it was primarily home to SICON transfers stationed there, as Strelitzia makes a great ground for wargames and drill- and bootcamps. When the servicemen brought their families over because they were to serve an extended period, Strelitzia became a melting pot of cultures and now houses minor civilian encampments. Tango Urilla A mix of Cassandra and Faraway, the isolation of Tango Urilla and the big distance between the 'core' of the UCF make people from Tango Urilla tend to seem desperate and nervous. Tango Urilla houses a huge mormon community. The Trio The Trio is an unofficial colony and consists of the planets of Venad 4, Boot Hill and Caralon. People from the Trio are highly religious and are followers of the 'New Faith', a religious institution highly complex to outsiders. The people from the Trio are generally very open and friendly to outsiders, aslong as their [religious] culture remains respected. Labour, rewards and possessions are shared among collectives. However, the New Faith prohibits any colonial (not from SICON) from venturing beyond the spaceports of their colonies. Ulm The initial colonists of Ulm were of Irish and scandinavian descent. The surface of the planet is low level irradiated, as such the vast majority of the population have to live underground. Ulm is therefore home to elements used to spending time isolated with their own Cult-like religion. Wakaliga Colony with South African colonists who are chronically underfed and have difficulty breathing due to the thick atmosphere. In other words, a shithole. Zegama Beach The people of Zegama Beach are shallow and superficial. Very connected with the water on this beautiful vacation world. If you're from Zegama Beach, you're either filthy rich or very very poor (most likely poor). Essentially, if Rhohan is Space-Texas, Zegama Beach would be the equivalent of Los Angeles in space. Effect on character creation: So, what does the colony have to do with my character? Easy. Just as on Earth, every part of the world has its own culture and traditions. Say you wanted to have a scandinavian character, you'd probably look into swedish culture and roleplay bits of that. But then you stumble across something cool about finnish culture, on the other hand... This is one of the parts where colonies could come in! Scarvis, just as Elixaeberna have many scandinavian colonists! That means they are more likely to be a cultural melting pot than any country on the Earth. Add to that the specific planetary conditions (high gravity cause shorter but stronger characters, low gravity means taller characters with more brittle bones) and the traits the colonists have developed over the years (to overcome these conditions) and you have yourself a character! Of course, there's always room to break out of the digma. There'll always be exceptions and why not break through all of this? Maybe your parents were attracted to the Elixaebernan climate, even though your familiy originates from Angola? Unlikely, but acceptable, if not weird. Remember that if you go down this path, your character would have been exposed to this weirdness all-life-long. Would you like to know more?
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    [CCG] 03: Colonies & their traits

    somewhat finished and bumped but i dont think i will ever get closer to finishing this
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    [IC] Tactical Challenge

    "put matene in that house" - a bloody note hanging by the corkboard
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    Leena Stokes, the Insomniac

    secrit private so redacted
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    Fantasy jumpball league??

    I was wondering how i'd further the passive rp on the ship. at some point, i started the jumpball stuff, but now i'm thinking it's somewhat onesided. I'm either posting stuff or making some (sometimes great, sometimes half-assed) fednet broadcasts. Now I was thinking how to get the players involved and that would be with a fantasy league. for those unaware how fantasy sports work: essentially you pick from a huge pool of players to build your team. you then take this team to face off against other humans. If those players you picked scored in the jumpball game, they get fantasy points. if you have more points than your opponent, you will win. I would essentially do this with an excel spreadsheet which everyone would have access to. roster moves would have made to be via forum PM or something, and i'll have the excel auto-calculate stuff. As i've moved to a very good simulation engine, all I'd have to do is enter the numbers after each gameday and whoop, you're done. I think this would be cool because it a) further dwelves you into the federation's most favorite sport and b) could cause some really bad blood on the ship. Imagine how satisfying it would be winning a fantasy match against that asshole Sergeant Let me know how many of you guys are interested, ideally you'd also just post some kind of fantasy team name or simply your characters name (the one that will ICly play fantasyjumpball), if we get like 6 people or so to play, i'll do work magic.
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    Fantasy jumpball league??

    according to my great excel calculations we can support up to 12 fantasy players with 17 players on their team each
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    MeTro Guide and Introduction

    yup this was made as an excuse for medics to not have to go through extensive medical rp in the middle of a mission (when npc spawns are imminent)
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    MeTro Guide and Introduction

    tfw FFRL develop METRO so that medics can quickly seal wounds of people in the field
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    [CCG] 02: Culture & Religion

    Character Creation Guides Crafting an unique character Part 2: Culture and Religion in the Federation This is part 2 of the character creation guides. While the first part offered you a set list of options to choose from (or derivate from as you see your character fit), this is more of a lore reminder to further ensure your character fits in. So this second part of the CCG is more of an intermediate between part 1 and part 3 which will deal with colonies itself. The only reason I'm stuffing this second part in here because contrary to popular belief, the Federation is rich and diverse in its culture. The founding fathers of the Federation realized early that "nothing grows in a sterile environment". This means that culture and religion is not only tolerated but actively supported by the Federation. Where does this belief come from? Underlying to our server are the Starship Troopers movies 1-3 - an american production with a rather fascist portrayal of what we know as the United Citizen's Federation. With what I'd say a generally americanophile movie that is focused on the military entirely (we all would rather watch bugs getting slaughtered than some political process in the geneva court in the movies), a lot of things create this misconception of an US-based setting. Of course, it's always easy to assume basing things on the US government, but the Federation is not the Space-USA. Let's clear up some common misconceptions in a few bullet points: 1. The Federation is intolerant to what it sets as their standards The thought process here seems to be that an unified government of the Earth also means unified cultures and that the Federation seeks to missionize their people. This is wrong. The Federation is very tolerant towards any kind of culture or lifestyle. The general rule of thumb is: Aslong as it does not oppose the Federation, the Federal Democracy, Citizenship or any other estabilished Federal value really, it is tolerated. This goes even so far that, to the day this lore stems from (~2269), there were still indigenous tribes in Earth's South American rain forest. This is of course bullshit because when this was written, the rain forest wasn't being hacked down like crazy (it's from the 90ies I think) - but the point stands. The Federation as Earth's unified government only makes very basic requirements to people so that they "get along". Technically, every newborn has to be brought to the nearest Federal Health Centre to receive their Federal Identification Code (FIC) and be processed into the system. In practice, this doesn't happen in some cultures - but the Federation is willing to look the other way. English is the official language and it is what is being taught in schools. The official currency is the Federation Pound Sterling (F£). 2. The Federation does not care about culture This is clearly wrong. Culture is actively supported. In Japan, for example, the housing projects are built with steeply-pitched roofs, lacquered doorsand, in homes with more than one room, paper walls. In areas like Mexico and the American West, housing projects feature stucco exterior walls, bright interiors and tile floors. Obviously, there is more to a culture than just housing but, in nearly every way possible, the Federation actively encourages the continuity of old cultures throughout the world. 3. It's repressive, people expressing their free thoughts are being hung immediately This thought stems from the movies clearly. We were not able to look behind the scene, so we'll have to resort to the "Chain of Canon" (1st movie, 2nd movie, 3rd -> books). In the books it is clearly stated that the Federation "tolerates" dissatisfaction but seperates the black sheep (ie. the aggressive dissidents) from the peaceful ones. A great analogy would be: You're having a peaceful protest infront of the Federal Building and someone starts throwing rocks. The rock throwers will be sorted out and punished with lashings or by other means. (mind you this was a metaphor) 4. Cultures and languages have died out While I've always been an opponent to bullshit accents roleplayed on characters, I've been partially wrong. English is and remains the primarly language of the Federation and the only language officially taught by the Federal education system. However, what happens on colonies, stays on colonies. Lore suggests that even the language of "Tagalog" (something spoken on the philippines) has survived the advent of the Federation and it is therefore entirely possible that other languages have survived like this, too. While the Federation makes great efforts to have english as their official language (and are successful at that), what tongue civilians and citizens speak at home is entirely up to them. 5. Cultures have blended over the years This is a not so easy topic to speak about. The borders of countries, as we know them in 2018, are still somewhat existant, but they are more some kind of province or state in the unified government of the earth. While yes, uniting the European continent under the European Union has brought the people together and kind of blended and mixed their culture a little, some things never change. 6. On christianity/religion This is the fault of the third movie. The reigning sky marshal had a hard on for christianity and all that, letting people think that a) the Federation is super christian and b) there was some kind of crusade purging all the other religions? The SSTRP server has actually been through this at some point; we passed the third Starship Troopers movie in 2010 (IC year 2278) and went through that entire christianity thing. And no, if you've read the above, the Federation is very open to these kinds of things. There is a place for any kind of religion in the United Citizen's Federation. For members of SICON, however (read: you), there are severe restrictions. While any recruit to Federal Service may certainly adhere to any religion he pleases, there are significant limits placed on worship. No matter what the religion, divine services may only be held on Sundays, for a period of one hour. In those instances when a religion does come into conflict with the Federation, the government seeks to negotiate with the religious leaders to find an amenable solution to the problem. Often, this is easy enough to accomplish. For example, a religion whose custom it was to spend two hours in prayer beginning at noon could easily be accommodated, usually by having Social Services assign such worshippers a job that does not require them to be at work during that time. Should an agreement not be made between the Federation and the religion, the Federation will tell you that the state goes first though. 7. Currency of the Federation You get paid in Federation Pound Sterling (F£). The official currency is Federation Pound Sterling (F£). You pay most of the stuff in Federation Pound Sterling (F£). There are no "credits". There is no "US Dollar". However......... It's not impossible for a colony to have developed their own local currency for whatever purpose. Effect on character creation: So, what effect does this have on you? Mostly to reassure you that yes, it is okay to have a muslim recruit swearing in foreign tongues. It is okay to pray to some weird three armed god you just made up. The Federation is cool with it. It's also okay to wear weird shit because of your culture and/or religion. However, if you create a character on the server, you become part of SICON. As such, their rules apply to you. If you're not ready for duty, if you're praying while on duty, if your clothing hinders you conducting your duty, you will be asked to drop it. This means that yes, you can go crazy with cultures and religions from any place of the galaxy. But be sensible about it. Just because the Federation tolerates your culture and religion doesn't mean that SICON tolerates it. Or your Platoon/ship Captain. Would you like to know more?
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    Weekly lore discussion: 'Service means Citizenship'

    You're wrong! Service in the Mobile Infantry is the easiest (read: fastest) way to Citizenship, but the more dangerous!
  15. Character Creation Guides Part 1: The motives of your character to join the Military! This is a new series I planned on doing to help new players out with creating their own unique character. A lot of times, people just think we're the space-US-Army. The lore of Starship Troopers is complex though and this series will aim to guide you through the hoops to have your very own unique character! Of course, when you join and play SSTRP, you're making a character in the military. Let's have a look at why the men and women of the UCF join the military! According to some cynics, people join the military simply to wear a pretty uniform and impress the girls (or boys). But is that the real reason? Through a good sample sized, the following reasons were marked down as motives for most young adults to join the military: 1. Rebellion Many young adults discover that their parents have planned their whole lives already: where to go to college, what to study, what job to take when they graduate. The wealthier the family, the more likely this is. These youths have just graduated high school. They are sick of being told what to do. The first real choice they have once they turn 18 is whether to enlist. Their parents cannot stop them. These young adults march eagerly into the enlistment centres and demand to sign up. They get angry when told to wait, and want to rush through the process, as much out of nerves as from a fear that their fathers will catch them and drag them home again. 2. Poverty Not everyone has the opportunity to go to college. Some cannot afford higher education or do not pass the entrance exams, and without it their career options are limited. The military does not care how much money someone has. It provides food, lodging, clothing, and equipment for all its members, and trains them as well. For the poor youths, the military may be the only way they can guarantee eating every day, or having clothes that fit, or learning skills that could lead to a real job later. These young adults are often both hesitant and angry. Their poverty embarrasses them and the idea of enlisting is terrifying, yet strangely comforting. They resent anyone asking them to reconsider, or suggesting that they do not belong, and angrily agree to everything without really listening. 3. Patriotism Some enlist not because they have to but because they want to. These idealistic youths believe that the Terran Federation is the greatest government in all history and are proud to be a part of it. They want to support the system in any way possible, including dying for it. These youths enlist because they feel the government needs them and because they want to do their part. Patriots are rare and think little of themselves – everything is about the government as a whole. While enlisting these young adults are quiet and serious but filled with an obvious enthusiasm. They are respectful but eager and accept any delays but clearly chafe under them. 4. Identity Most young adults are interchangeable – the same age, roughly the same height, all in good health, all high school graduates. Each youth has lived less than two decades and so has not yet formed a distinct personality. They are still children and some of them realise this. These young adults wake up one morning understanding that they have no personality, no depth and no colour. They are blanks, faceless mannequins waiting to be moulded by their experiences. The military offers a clear path to provide an identity. During basic training, all of the baby fat is boiled away, revealing the man or woman beneath. Those who survive the training and become soldiers have undergone ordeals that shaped them, and they know who they are now. Each soldier has the same basic skills but a unique personality, forged in part during the training process. These young adults desire that more than anything else. They need to know that they are individuals, not faceless members of the crowd. 5. Fantasy The Terran Federation makes no attempt to romanticise the military or its activities. But that does not stop civilians from doing so on their own. Soldiers are considered heroes even in peacetime, because they would lay down their lives to protect others. Many youths grow up with this notion and consider soldiers to be like medieval knights, men and women of chivalry and honour who battle evil and make the world safe for lovely admirers, wise rulers and handsome children. These youths want to be part of that tradition and enlist thinking that they will undergo a cleansing and relaxing ritual. They assume that training is more spiritual than physical and it quickly rids the body of fat and sluggishness, transforming each recruit overnight into a veritable killing machine. These youths stand in the line without even noticing and sign the forms without reading them. Their eyes see other worlds, worlds where they are already soldiers and heroes. 6. Escape The military will not accept anyone who has a criminal record. But it does take people who have had minor brushes with the law and those in danger of becoming criminals. Though the military is not the ideal way to escape a life of crime, it is sometimes the only alternative. In some cities criminals are offered the chance to commute their prison sentence into military service, though only suitable candidates are given this opportunity. Youths can be reckless and headstrong, however, and some have done things they regret and cannot face. The military protects its own and when someone joins the military their slate is wiped clean. For some young adults – and some older ones – this is the only way to escape being labelled a criminal and punished for one or more crimes. 7. Citizenship Finally, many young adults join the military to gain citizenship. Most of the people who live in the Terran Federation are not technically citizens – the Federation relaxed strictures against resident aliens long ago and made true citizenship an elite privilege. People can live their entire lives as resident aliens and never experience any difficulties from their status – many of them grow wealthy and respected. Yet they can never have the full respect of true citizens. Citizenship can be gained in several ways, but the easiest and best known is through military service. Anyone who completes a full term of service in the military becomes a citizen of the Terran Federation. That status does not bring any money, but it does carry respect and can lead to far better job opportunities. For some, being made a citizen is the only way they can hope to survive or prosper. Behind the lore As you can see, that's quite a list. This list is the result of many interviews conducted by Military Intelligence on a huge sample size. That means that the motives are very generalized. It will be entirely up to you to specify your character in one or even many of the motives to make them fit on the server! Applying an example: Let us say your character is a young female originating from Zegama Beach. When you're from Zegama Beach, you're either very poor or filthy rich. Being a hotspot for Dust [a dangerous drug in the SST universe], you could have had minor/major run-ins with drug abuse. Seeing that your glorious future on Zegama Beach has failed, your motives to join the Infantry could be stemming from Poverty and Escape. Another complex example [as it requires some more deep knowledge of the lore] would be Citizenship. You don't sign up for Citizenship alone (unless you're a true patriot) - you do it for the benefits. You're a true believer of democracy? Need Citizenship to vote. You want more than 2 children? You need Citizenship for approval. You want to work in the government to make your home colony a better place? Citizenship. Want to be a cop? Citizenship.
  16. Regular Season, Week 1 Rhohan Commandos 6 B.Witt 19-35-201, B.Witt 5-25, L.Barretto 4-67 at Hathor Avalanche 19 D.Speed 10-19-71, T.Kirkegaard 31-135, G.Henningsen 5-56 Shoreridge III Mightycocks 23 J.Taylor 26-45-251, B.Rivers 10-26, C.Hopkins 9-104 at Tango Urilla Dusters 14 A.Wilkerson 21-42-165, T.Grieg 2-14, B.Beyer 5-64 Arcadia Bandits 16 C.Foley 10-25-126, D.Clancy 19-112, D.Greene 3-60 at Elixaeberna Bluedevils 10 D.Houston 28-37-271, F.Keith 16-46, W.Richard 8-130 Epsilon Prime Privateers 0 T.Alexander 20-36-127, M.Wegert 8-26, E.Treadway 4-36 at Cordelia Cyclones 26 M.Grimm 13-26-144, J.Heilman 25-98, G.Lyon 3-32 Pizarro Phantoms 17 M.Bush 19-26-275, M.Bush 3-18, H.Weaver 6-123 at Karrus Centaurs 34 C.Hobbs 24-37-232, C.Lovemore 19-114, S.Nixon 5-86 Pallas Purple Rage 28 I.Adams 31-40-326, A.Marshall 15-37, B.Clyfford 13-146 at Cassandra Critters 7 T.Close 10-19-117, T.Harrelson 7-58, D.Sherman 3-44 Faxx Fury 16 P.Houshmandzadeh 20-25-171, M.Washburn 21-47, F.Ortiz 5-48 at Caralon Comets 13 P.Burroughs 17-27-169, C.Allin 12-59, B.Baker 7-78 Zegama Beach Barracudas 20 S.King 25-36-309, L.Barlow 20-65, T.Malemo 12-180 at Leda Lakemonsters 17 A.Martis 22-35-287, F.Alekou 18-77, V.Leontiou 6-146 Castus Conquerers 10 R.Owens 18-41-204, C.McDean 4-10, D.Bodreau 7-100 at Faraway Falcons 33 B.Roberson 24-39-334, L.Saouda 26-96, T.Hordorwich 7-101 Scarvis Stars 14 D.Sinclair 19-40-151, W.Schott 6-56, K.Fredricks 4-50 at Percival Prowlers 34 T.Becker 20-26-228, Q.Plake 15-85, R.Martinez 2-46 Iskander Imperials 20 N.Hide 18-31-207, C.Chandler 20-78, D.Whiting 6-70 at Samson Admirals 10 D.Greene 27-41-183, M.Garner 10-22, T.Durrough 8-53 Claudius I Crusaders 7 A.Flynn 15-24-174, F.Lewis 14-59, R.Doughty 2-63 at Boot Hill Hillbillies 20 M.Chesher 11-16-121, T.Benney 21-96, R.Farley 4-54 Venad 4 Raiders 10 L.Clements 7-13-84, C.Weis 19-70, G.Turnbull 6-99 at Wiaria Argonauts 23 D.Sprostranov 21-33-227, D.Sprostranov 4-27, B.Todevski 4-90 Roku San Brigadiers 25 L.O'Neal 13-24-145, L.O'Neal 3-34, R.Lake 5-81 at Alpha Centauri Centurions 44 K.Trudeau 19-26-162, L.Rivers 28-142, M.Messier 6-70 Trappist Titans 17 J.Meadows 16-26-146, D.Lee 10-35, D.Wilcox 4-55 at Castillo Colonials 10 P.Grueneich 25-47-237, T.Warren 12-73, D.Braun 7-93 Sanctuary Sabercats 15 W.Chmura 22-36-220, D.Carr 25-148, D.Carr 8-92 at Sarns III Smashers 10 C.Plante 19-36-145, E.Lyon 1-40, A.Boswell 4-49 Regular Season, Week 2 Boot Hill Hillbillies 26 M.Chesher 26-37-198, R.Cox 7-49, C.McGregor 11-128 at Scarvis Stars 14 D.Sinclair 22-42-261, R.White 13-54, D.Washington 5-91 Faraway Falcons 14 B.Roberson 21-35-238, L.Saouda 27-36, T.Jeffries 7-104 at Arcadia Bandits 7 C.Foley 21-39-143, D.Clancy 12-34, D.Greene 7-38 Hathor Avalanche 14 D.Speed 22-41-243, T.Kirkegaard 12-83, A.Burdge 5-54 at Venad 4 Raiders 16 L.Clements 17-26-210, C.Weis 17-56, C.Burgess 4-60 Wiaria Argonauts 21 D.Sprostranov 29-40-281, N.Hide 13-90, D.Damjanovski 10-134 at Roku San Brigadiers 16 J.Walker 21-31-242, N.Wyden 7-32, A.Schultz 7-89 Percival Prowlers 10 T.Becker 18-29-133, Q.Plake 15-45, M.Hasselbach 3-66 at Shoreridge III Mightycocks 17 J.Taylor 27-40-270, C.Eaton 18-56, C.Hopkins 6-87 Pallas Purple Rage 20 I.Adams 32-42-367, L.Morehead 11-30, B.Willis 5-87 at Trappist Titans 27 J.Meadows 18-21-189, D.Lee 12-40, E.Somerfelt 2-58 Alpha Centauri Centurions 51 K.Trudeau 21-30-254, L.Rivers 24-95, P.Verreault 5-89 at Karrus Centaurs 24 C.Hobbs 26-43-281, C.Lovemore 4-35, C.Lovemore 4-76 Leda Lakemonsters 31 A.Martis 24-33-289, C.Bishop 12-51, M.Giorgiou 4-115 at Rhohan Commandos 10 B.Witt 17-41-126, B.Witt 8-52, L.Barretto 5-39 Zegama Beach Barracudas 27 S.King 32-50-325, L.Barlow 15-59, T.Malemo 12-116 at Faxx Fury 23 P.Houshmandzadeh 15-26-181, M.Washburn 14-86, H.Anderson 2-62 Castus Conquerers 10 R.Owens 16-30-147, C.McDean 9-25, C.McDean 5-41 at Sanctuary Sabercats 17 W.Chmura 29-38-171, D.Carr 26-149, A.Blackwell 6-52 Samson Admirals 26 D.Greene 16-24-172, C.Houston 14-52, L.Gaines 5-70 at Epsilon Prime Privateers 13 T.Alexander 29-44-330, E.Gardner 16-45, E.Treadway 12-152 Cassandra Critters 17 T.Close 15-24-104, J.Hutton 23-59, B.Turnbull 6-67 at Pizarro Phantoms 20 M.Bush 21-35-167, C.Link 7-42, L.Farmer 7-65 Sarns III Smashers 27 C.Plante 16-29-209, C.Battistone 18-53, J.Giles 3-80 at Elixaeberna Bluedevils 0 D.Houston 9-26-95, F.Keith 7-34, K.Enis 8-65 Cordelia Cyclones 27 M.Grimm 17-25-199, M.Haber 9-42, H.Clemons 5-76 at Claudius I Crusaders 17 A.Flynn 15-27-197, F.Lewis 11-80, A.Harper 8-80 Caralon Comets 18 P.Burroughs 17-25-138, C.Allin 22-49, J.Eyer 4-51 at Tango Urilla Dusters 9 A.Wilkerson 25-38-281, J.Quinn 9-43, P.DeGirolamo 8-65 Castillo Colonials 3 P.Grueneich 23-48-186, T.Thornton 5-20, H.Glenn 8-102 at Iskander Imperials 10 N.Hide 26-48-148, C.Chandler 11-78, D.Whiting 6-48 Regular Season, Week 3 Elixaeberna Bluedevils 0 D.Houston 14-30-162, F.Keith 12-32, W.Richard 4-86 at Sanctuary Sabercats 20 W.Chmura 22-33-210, D.Carr 21-95, K.Harris 6-93 Hathor Avalanche 26 D.Speed 19-24-145, T.Kirkegaard 24-97, A.Burdge 5-39 at Samson Admirals 6 D.Greene 11-27-61, M.Garner 12-23, T.Durrough 4-30 Wiaria Argonauts 34 D.Sprostranov 23-32-152, K.Ilieva 10-88, D.Suleski 7-57 at Caralon Comets 3 P.Burroughs 14-26-106, C.Allin 10-30, B.Baker 3-42 Karrus Centaurs 24 C.Hobbs 27-38-251, P.Dodge 6-76, A.Ridley 8-114 at Cordelia Cyclones 27 M.Grimm 16-22-206, J.Heilman 21-97, H.Clemons 3-63 Epsilon Prime Privateers 33 T.Alexander 26-40-235, E.Gardner 14-21, I.Kramer 8-95 at Percival Prowlers 30 T.Becker 20-40-344, H.Francis 8-62, C.Podbevsek 4-92 Pizarro Phantoms 3 M.Bush 14-20-68, C.Link 7-32, L.Farmer 4-36 at Pallas Purple Rage 38 I.Adams 25-35-308, A.Marshall 19-40, A.Badby 6-107 Alpha Centauri Centurions 16 K.Trudeau 24-45-238, L.Rivers 20-131, M.Farr 4-73 at Leda Lakemonsters 20 A.Martis 16-27-183, F.Alekou 10-31, A.Gianniou 2-45 Faxx Fury 24 P.Houshmandzadeh 15-31-215, B.Daniels 10-38, H.Anderson 2-74 at Castus Conquerers 10 R.Owens 30-53-253, C.McDean 15-47, P.Wardzala 5-73 Iskander Imperials 0 N.Hide 13-24-74, C.Chandler 7-22, A.Zimmerman 3-37 at Zegama Beach Barracudas 45 S.King 27-35-313, L.Barlow 9-82, R.Metellus 6-77 Sarns III Smashers 13 G.Magnotta 11-20-110, C.Battistone 10-66, E.Lyon 3-40 at Shoreridge III Mightycocks 40 J.Taylor 25-33-273, D.Franz 8-26, C.Hopkins 9-116 Claudius I Crusaders 10 A.Flynn 15-27-183, A.Flynn 5-64, K.Gillette 5-94 at Rhohan Commandos 16 B.Witt 14-20-188, D.Goeken 14-53, N.Covill 4-68 Venad 4 Raiders 24 L.Clements 21-34-225, C.Weis 16-76, C.Burgess 3-46 at Boot Hill Hillbillies 21 M.Chesher 25-37-252, T.Benney 22-42, C.McGregor 8-88 Tango Urilla Dusters 3 M.Horton 14-19-112, A.Wilkerson 5-31, J.Quinn 9-56 at Faraway Falcons 37 B.Roberson 17-21-124, L.Saouda 8-31, L.Wedge 2-45 Roku San Brigadiers 23 J.Walker 10-19-70, N.Wyden 17-51, R.Lake 4-33 at Arcadia Bandits 7 C.Foley 29-50-325, C.Foley 2-9, D.Greene 8-118 Trappist Titans 6 J.Meadows 14-23-70, S.Domingo 16-38, P.McKenzie 2-24 at Cassandra Critters 3 T.Close 22-39-167, T.Wimbley 14-49, J.Hutton 5-30 Castillo Colonials 19 P.Grueneich 33-52-390, R.Moss 1-16, A.Meyers 6-109 at Scarvis Stars 33 D.Sinclair 22-39-118, D.Sinclair 8-29, K.Fredricks 5-38 Regular Season, Week 4 Faraway Falcons 6 at Faxx Fury 30 Rhohan Commandos 21 at Castillo Colonials 24 Shoreridge III Mightycocks 27 at Elixaeberna Bluedevils 24 Percival Prowlers 7 at Samson Admirals 19 Epsilon Prime Privateers 14 at Hathor Avalanche 16 Pallas Purple Rage 20 at Claudius I Crusaders 23 Leda Lakemonsters 31 at Iskander Imperials 7 Zegama Beach Barracudas 33 at Alpha Centauri Centurions 27 Castus Conquerers 14 at Wiaria Argonauts 54 Scarvis Stars 9 at Trappist Titans 16 Cassandra Critters 10 at Venad 4 Raiders 23 Tango Urilla Dusters 6 at Sarns III Smashers 20 Roku San Brigadiers 14 at Pizarro Phantoms 10 Regular Season, Week 5 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Karrus Centaurs Faraway Falcons at Scarvis Stars Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Pizarro Phantoms Rhohan Commandos at Percival Prowlers Hathor Avalanche at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Arcadia Bandits at Zegama Beach Barracudas Alpha Centauri Centurions at Venad 4 Raiders Faxx Fury at Epsilon Prime Privateers Samson Admirals at Claudius I Crusaders Sarns III Smashers at Pallas Purple Rage Cordelia Cyclones at Trappist Titans Caralon Comets at Cassandra Critters Tango Urilla Dusters at Castus Conquerers Sanctuary Sabercats at Roku San Brigadiers Castillo Colonials at Wiaria Argonauts Regular Season, Week 6 Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Tango Urilla Dusters Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Arcadia Bandits Hathor Avalanche at Faraway Falcons Wiaria Argonauts at Cordelia Cyclones Karrus Centaurs at Samson Admirals Percival Prowlers at Faxx Fury Epsilon Prime Privateers at Leda Lakemonsters Pizarro Phantoms at Castillo Colonials Pallas Purple Rage at Roku San Brigadiers Zegama Beach Barracudas at Rhohan Commandos Scarvis Stars at Cassandra Critters Sarns III Smashers at Sanctuary Sabercats Claudius I Crusaders at Iskander Imperials Venad 4 Raiders at Caralon Comets Trappist Titans at Boot Hill Hillbillies Regular Season, Week 7 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Iskander Imperials Faraway Falcons at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Epsilon Prime Privateers Arcadia Bandits at Pizarro Phantoms Alpha Centauri Centurions at Claudius I Crusaders Leda Lakemonsters at Hathor Avalanche Faxx Fury at Rhohan Commandos Castus Conquerers at Percival Prowlers Scarvis Stars at Wiaria Argonauts Samson Admirals at Zegama Beach Barracudas Cordelia Cyclones at Caralon Comets Venad 4 Raiders at Karrus Centaurs Roku San Brigadiers at Trappist Titans Sanctuary Sabercats at Pallas Purple Rage Castillo Colonials at Sarns III Smashers Regular Season, Week 8 Faraway Falcons at Percival Prowlers Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Arcadia Bandits Rhohan Commandos at Samson Admirals Hathor Avalanche at Zegama Beach Barracudas Epsilon Prime Privateers at Castus Conquerers Pizarro Phantoms at Sarns III Smashers Leda Lakemonsters at Pallas Purple Rage Faxx Fury at Tango Urilla Dusters Iskander Imperials at Sanctuary Sabercats Cassandra Critters at Boot Hill Hillbillies Claudius I Crusaders at Karrus Centaurs Cordelia Cyclones at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Caralon Comets at Alpha Centauri Centurions Trappist Titans at Wiaria Argonauts Castillo Colonials at Roku San Brigadiers Regular Season, Week 9 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Wiaria Argonauts Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Sarns III Smashers Karrus Centaurs at Zegama Beach Barracudas Pizarro Phantoms at Scarvis Stars Pallas Purple Rage at Arcadia Bandits Castus Conquerers at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Samson Admirals at Alpha Centauri Centurions Iskander Imperials at Cordelia Cyclones Cassandra Critters at Castillo Colonials Claudius I Crusaders at Leda Lakemonsters Caralon Comets at Venad 4 Raiders Tango Urilla Dusters at Sanctuary Sabercats Trappist Titans at Faxx Fury Regular Season, Week 10 Faraway Falcons at Tango Urilla Dusters Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Cassandra Critters Hathor Avalanche at Epsilon Prime Privateers Wiaria Argonauts at Pallas Purple Rage Karrus Centaurs at Iskander Imperials Alpha Centauri Centurions at Rhohan Commandos Leda Lakemonsters at Percival Prowlers Scarvis Stars at Cordelia Cyclones Sarns III Smashers at Samson Admirals Venad 4 Raiders at Castus Conquerers Caralon Comets at Boot Hill Hillbillies Roku San Brigadiers at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Sanctuary Sabercats at Arcadia Bandits Regular Season, Week 11 Faraway Falcons at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Rhohan Commandos at Leda Lakemonsters Arcadia Bandits at Castus Conquerers Karrus Centaurs at Caralon Comets Percival Prowlers at Boot Hill Hillbillies Faxx Fury at Hathor Avalanche Zegama Beach Barracudas at Pizarro Phantoms Iskander Imperials at Claudius I Crusaders Cassandra Critters at Epsilon Prime Privateers Sarns III Smashers at Roku San Brigadiers Cordelia Cyclones at Alpha Centauri Centurions Venad 4 Raiders at Scarvis Stars Tango Urilla Dusters at Trappist Titans Castillo Colonials at Sanctuary Sabercats Regular Season, Week 12 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Cordelia Cyclones Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Castus Conquerers Arcadia Bandits at Castillo Colonials Wiaria Argonauts at Scarvis Stars Percival Prowlers at Zegama Beach Barracudas Epsilon Prime Privateers at Faxx Fury Pallas Purple Rage at Pizarro Phantoms Alpha Centauri Centurions at Iskander Imperials Leda Lakemonsters at Karrus Centaurs Samson Admirals at Rhohan Commandos Caralon Comets at Claudius I Crusaders Tango Urilla Dusters at Hathor Avalanche Roku San Brigadiers at Cassandra Critters Trappist Titans at Venad 4 Raiders Sanctuary Sabercats at Faraway Falcons Regular Season, Week 13 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Faraway Falcons Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Faxx Fury Hathor Avalanche at Percival Prowlers Arcadia Bandits at Tango Urilla Dusters Karrus Centaurs at Alpha Centauri Centurions Leda Lakemonsters at Samson Admirals Zegama Beach Barracudas at Epsilon Prime Privateers Castus Conquerers at Sarns III Smashers Scarvis Stars at Pallas Purple Rage Iskander Imperials at Caralon Comets Cassandra Critters at Wiaria Argonauts Claudius I Crusaders at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Cordelia Cyclones at Venad 4 Raiders Roku San Brigadiers at Castillo Colonials Trappist Titans at Pizarro Phantoms Sanctuary Sabercats at Rhohan Commandos Regular Season, Week 14 Faraway Falcons at Epsilon Prime Privateers Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Leda Lakemonsters Rhohan Commandos at Karrus Centaurs Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Castus Conquerers Wiaria Argonauts at Hathor Avalanche Pizarro Phantoms at Sanctuary Sabercats Alpha Centauri Centurions at Boot Hill Hillbillies Zegama Beach Barracudas at Claudius I Crusaders Scarvis Stars at Roku San Brigadiers Samson Admirals at Faxx Fury Sarns III Smashers at Arcadia Bandits Cordelia Cyclones at Cassandra Critters Venad 4 Raiders at Iskander Imperials Caralon Comets at Trappist Titans Tango Urilla Dusters at Percival Prowlers Castillo Colonials at Pallas Purple Rage Regular Season, Week 15 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Caralon Comets Arcadia Bandits at Sanctuary Sabercats Wiaria Argonauts at Cassandra Critters Karrus Centaurs at Claudius I Crusaders Epsilon Prime Privateers at Rhohan Commandos Pallas Purple Rage at Elixaeberna Bluedevils Leda Lakemonsters at Zegama Beach Barracudas Faxx Fury at Percival Prowlers Castus Conquerers at Hathor Avalanche Samson Admirals at Roku San Brigadiers Iskander Imperials at Alpha Centauri Centurions Sarns III Smashers at Faraway Falcons Venad 4 Raiders at Cordelia Cyclones Tango Urilla Dusters at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Trappist Titans at Scarvis Stars Castillo Colonials at Pizarro Phantoms Regular Season, Week 16 Faraway Falcons at Castus Conquerers Elixaeberna Bluedevils at Castillo Colonials Rhohan Commandos at Iskander Imperials Karrus Centaurs at Arcadia Bandits Percival Prowlers at Hathor Avalanche Epsilon Prime Privateers at Tango Urilla Dusters Pizarro Phantoms at Wiaria Argonauts Alpha Centauri Centurions at Sarns III Smashers Faxx Fury at Leda Lakemonsters Zegama Beach Barracudas at Samson Admirals Scarvis Stars at Caralon Comets Cassandra Critters at Trappist Titans Claudius I Crusaders at Venad 4 Raiders Cordelia Cyclones at Boot Hill Hillbillies Roku San Brigadiers at Pallas Purple Rage Sanctuary Sabercats at Shoreridge III Mightycocks Regular Season, Week 17 Boot Hill Hillbillies at Venad 4 Raiders Rhohan Commandos at Zegama Beach Barracudas Shoreridge III Mightycocks at Faraway Falcons Hathor Avalanche at Faxx Fury Arcadia Bandits at Sarns III Smashers Wiaria Argonauts at Trappist Titans Percival Prowlers at Epsilon Prime Privateers Pizarro Phantoms at Roku San Brigadiers Pallas Purple Rage at Castillo Colonials Castus Conquerers at Tango Urilla Dusters Samson Admirals at Leda Lakemonsters Iskander Imperials at Karrus Centaurs Cassandra Critters at Scarvis Stars Claudius I Crusaders at Alpha Centauri Centurions Caralon Comets at Cordelia Cyclones Sanctuary Sabercats at Elixaeberna Bluedevils
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    Federal Jumpball League - Schedule [Updated regularly]

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    Federal Jumpball League - Week 4 Podcast

    FSN Federal Sports Networks Federal Jumpball League As you browse FedNet, you stumble across the FSN video podcast service... Hello and welcome to the interactive FJL podcast service delivered to you by FSN! I'm your host, Holly Andersen and with me in this podcast is FSN-residential Jumpball expert Duncan McConnel. Before the week 4 matchups, we'll present you a short breakdown of the season so far, and what is up ahead. Duncan McConnel looks away from Holly. As you rewind the scene repeatedly, you'd catch his gaze being stuck on her huge rack for a short second. She's really showing some cleavage today. He speaks into the camera: It might be early in the season, but we're getting a clearer and clearer picture by every day passing. In order to proceed, scroll through the contents and play the recorded content you'd like! Wiaria Argonauts - chances for title? When will the bubble burst? ▶ Play: 10:32 H: Duncan, we're going to have to start off this podcast by talking about one of the fan favourites here. New to the league but successful, the emerging Argonauts. Your take on them? McC: I'm going to have some Morita Regiment come break down my door, Holly, but I'm still not sold on them. They're a small, new team and I am a believer in tradition. You'll only get so far without being a true championship-caliber team. H: So you're counting them out simply because they haven't won anything yet? McC: That sounds harsh when you say it like that, Holly, but that's the breakdown of it. If we look further down the road, you're lacking experience. Sure, their passing game is cohesive. Sprostanov and his main target Damjanovski have really built some chemistry in the locker room, but you cannot forget all the other guys on the team! Your two offensive stars are worth nothing when they're never on the field. H: You're hinting their bad defence? McC: Absolutely, Holly. If we dig numbers here, we have their tackling machine in the defensive backfield, number 35, Hunter Majka. In just three games he's amassed 16 tackles. That's not bad for a safety, someone who is usually just way back from all the big people and only trying to defend passes. H: But there certainly is more to it? McC: Absolutely, Holly. If you look at the tackle number itself, you'd think you'd be happy to have him. But I've watched countless hours of video material, I've ran through the numbers. We're not trying to shame him here, by any means, but he has allowed 12 catches already from all the balls thrown at him. Let me back that up with another number: He's only defended 67.5% of all the passes in his direction! H: You're certainly unsatisfied with that number, Duncan, I get that. Have any comparative numbers? Duncan McConnel shuffles around the paper on the desk infront of them McC: Way ahead of you, Holly. Let's look at the Faraway Fighting Falcons, or their safety to be exact. Six foot two, 232 pound safety Da'rion Joseph, number 21. He used to be mediocre, came from the Arcadia Bandits and is now evolving into an elite defender. He's been on the field for 123 passing plays - allowed six catches of our beloved eggball. In total, he's defended 83.9 percent of all the passes thrown at him - and, to top it off - one interception. Add to that the 12 tackles he's made, you have yourself a solid defender. H: I understand now, Duncan. You're not sold on the Argonauts because you think an elite offense is going to pick their defense apart? McC: I don't just think so Holly, I know it. Let's look at their schedule really quick. Who are they even playing, why are they 3-0 [[Three wins Zero losses]] H: If you'd like me to read the gameplan at this point, which subscribers of this Podcast can find below, the Argonauts have the obligatory matches against their division rivals, then they'll play the western division with the teams from the Trio, one team from the other two divisions within their conference aswell as the southern division from the rival conference.. McC: Exactly, Holly, thanks for that. Now, what I read from this, is: trash. That schedule could've only been easier if they changed Hathor to Percival. They're playing the worst division this year, they are playing in one of the baddest divisions and they are playing the easiest division in the rival conference. H: Aren't you being a bit harsh on these teams now? McC: I'm absolutely not. They're playing Castus next, who are 0-3. Castillo is 0-3. Both Pizarro and Roku San are 1-2. The Trio division, or officially the NC-West? They're choking badly. The Raiders from Venad-4, scored 50 points while conceding 58. H: On the flip side, easy schedule means the planning gods must have taken a liking in Wiaria? McC: They absolutely did. I wouldn't even be surprised to see Wiaria in the playoffs. After all, every division sends atleast one team to the playoffs - it has to be someone from that division. H: Are you absolutely sure it'll be Wiaria to win the division? McC: If I had to bet, yes, but of course you're hinting at the fact that their rival is also standing at 3-0. The Trappist Titans somehow recovered from their... stumbly? preseason. They're definitely a sleeper this year, absolutely under the radar. I don't think they pose a major threat, though. Maybe a nuisance, but the Argonauts definitely need to have them on their sheets. You get past the Titans, you should be fine. H: Anything about their personnel you'd like to add as sort of closing words? McC: Let me sift through my stat papers, Holly. Duncan McConnel shuffles around the paper on the desk infront of them H: I'm sure Sprostanov, their Quarterback, would like an honourable mention at this point? Duncan McConnel scoffed as he lightly shook his head McC: We've seen flashes of potential but he's far from his ceiling. Two times player of the game, two mentions in player of the week. Three games, 105 pass attempts, 73 of that completed. He's thrown for 660 yards, 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions. The ratio is okay, but that sums it about up. He's doing okay, definitely being held back by something. We're waiting on a breakout game of him, but if he doesn't deliver it with this schedule he has ahead of him, he'll feed the skeptics. H: How is his target faring? McC: Damjanovski? It's poor. Let me just read out the stats to you: He's been targetted 32 times, caught only 21 but dropped only one single pass. H: You're going to have to break that down to the audience. McC: Damjanovski has a name to him and everybody knows about it. You have number 83 on the field, he's gonna get the ball for sure. You cover him, you stop the Argonauts. It's simple as that. On the flipside, when he's getting ahold of the ball, he is deadly. He's caught 235 yards already and is averaging at 11.05 yards per completion. He only caught 2 touchdowns, but he's a workhorse for this team. H: You're saying Damjanovski is drawing the attention of the defenders. How are the receivers around him faring? McC: Duško Suleski is doing okay. 177 yards, 2 touchdowns. He's averaging at 9.32 per completion. H: So even when covered, Sprostanov hits his targets most of the time. How about their ground game? McC: Thanks for the question, Holly, I love this synergy we're having, I was just going to get to that, it's as if we were one person! Currently, there seems to be some kind of dispute between Koprov, the planned starter and their headcoach. We don't know whats going on, but thanks to that Zhivko Simovski has earned himself the start spot at runningback. He's getting most of the workload, but he's no real innovation. Who I do like to point out, however, is Kirili Ilieva. 29 years old, 5'11, 208 pound man. Everyone thought he was going to be a roster filler this year, signed the contract in Wiaria to mentor the young ones. This is still true, but he regardless of that finds his use on the field. I just thought I'd point out his numbers at this point because they seemed impressive. He attempted to run the ball 13 times only and scored 112 yards. That's an average of 8.62. H: Outlook for the game tomorrow? McC: Castus is coming over to play in Wiaria, home field advantage for the Argonauts. Castus is 27th only in points scored per game, Wiaria is 4th in points allowed. Castus is almost dead-last in total yards allowed per game. It'll be interesting to see Sprostanov put up the numbers here. H: Lastly, we've had incoming reports from the Wiaria coach. Todor Sinadinovski is listed as questionable for tomorrow, suffering a concussion. He'll be back in two weeks. Cornerback Andrew Raynor is also listed as questionable with a hyperextended knee, also two weeks. Castus will be without receiver Lorenzo Dymkoski who has had his vision impaired. Alpha Centauri Centurions - Under Pressure Merger for the better?? ▶ Play: 23:06 H: Let's talk about the Centurions next - if you've been sleeping under a rock for the past weeks, yes, the Centurions! The product of the merger of the Hesperus Habs and the Hod Redhawks. McC: The bastard child of this league, really. H: While the Trio Revolution have split up into three seperate teams each home to their own planetary systems, the bitter rivals from Alpha Centauri have actually merged to stay competetive - and caused a major controversy doing so. McC: Absolutely, Holly. The controversy not only stems from the rivalry between the teams, but this merger has been criticized all throughout the galaxy. Because the merger of the FJL itself was a huge deal financially. You see, the FJL didn't want to cause too big of a shake-up. Good teams were meant to stay good and the league will level over the years as a natural progress. H: There has been lots of talks about the financial changes. The FJL will be a lot more centralized now, they'll distribute the money evenly among the teams - every team will have a set amount of money they can spend on player salaries, but there will also be a cap on how much you can spend. Teams going above will be penalized. What caused these changes, Duncan? McC: It's simple, the FJL is looking to up their revenue. When you have more competetive teams, you have more exciting games. You need exciting games for ratings and ratings bring the money. H: Talk about money - why is it strictly controlled by the FJL now? McC: It's simple. Even we at the FSN pay our license to the FJL now, same as every civilian and citizen out there. They have the additional pleasure of variety actually. Not only will they have access to their team's stream but they get to enjoy the entirety of the FJL. Anyway, what previously happened and caused this upset was that the FJL was more of a hobby to a select few. H: Professional sport as a hobby? McC: Sadly so, Holly. Select colonies with huge income of course had a few pounds of taxes to spend. It's only natural their governor decides to get involved. Hey, you might be a farmer on Iskander with a boring life - but here's a crazy good jumpball team! H: Now, of course, external funding has been cut. What effect does this have on the league's structure? McC: As you already said it, teams who were good before were meant to stay good. The league ensured that. Superstars had their contracts renewed - each got a five year deal to a lump sum paid directly by the FJL. After that, they're free - unless their current team offers them another deal. H: Okay, I understand. Superstars got very cheap contracts to make them stay at their current location so that the league hasn't been entirely shaken up. Let's get to Alpha Centauri though, why this crazy headliner? McC: Hesperus has always been a wealthy colony with a golden sports programme, but they've taken it over the top now. H: You're saying they have too much talent on their roster? Is the FJL going to intervene? McC: The FJL isn't going to intervene, it will be a very natural process infact. Let me break this down, easily. The Hesperus Habs have had their solid roster - then they've brought in the best players from the Redhawks from Hod. H: We're on the same page so far. McC: Now, what's going to happen in five years? H: Their contracts run out. McC: Exactly, their contracts will expire. What's going to happen? Superstars will ask for superstar money. The Centurions will need to find a way to fit all these contracts under their salary cap, that's an impossible task ahead of them. You just don't know what players you'll be able to retain. H: You're saying the Alpha Centurions traded their long-term competetiveness for temporary success? McC: I'm saying the governor of Alpha Centauri and the head coaches pressed the huge WIN NOW button on their desks. This comes with a huge price though. You have five years of time, starting NOW, to win championships or even the grand bowl. You don't come up big and rack up titles, the people are going to be unhappy with their team. H: That's an absolutely interesting take on things, Duncan. I didn't know you were into economics. McC: I'm not, but I care about the game! H: Let's turn away from economics though and go back to the sports; the Centurions are 2-1, how come? McC: Bad slip up against the Leda Lakemonsters. I don't know what - because I didn't look at the numbers - but something happened there that caught the Centurions offguard. H: They should've won that? McC: Absolutely. The Lakemonsters pulled an upset, good job on that, secured a win against this year's top contender. H: Next up the Centurions are sticking to that division - they're facing the Barracudas. McC: This will be hella interesting. I believe we will have this matchup again. In the championship game. This matchup will happen again in the playoffs. The winner will win the bowl, I guarantee. H: Thats one exclamation coming from you, Duncan. We all know you dislike looking into the future like that. McC: Thank you. The producer told me I had to make a controverse statement. H: Not starting a controversy there, but you're putting a lot of faith into those teams. Does this weeks matchup have any significance, though? McC: Of course. H: What's gonna happen? McC: The winner will have another win on their account. H: Riiiiiight. H: Let's have a breakdown of their roster to complete the ACC podcast, shall we? McC: Absolutely. Kevin Trudeau, terrific QB. Thrown 654 yards, 5 touchdowns and one interception. Next up, Redhawk import Rivers. He's not very popular in Hesperus for obvious reasons, but cut this man some slack! He's been an incredible workhorse for the Centurions. LaDorian racked up 368 yards already in the running game in only 72 attempts. He's found the paydirt a whopping 5 times - he has as many rushing touchdowns as his quarterback has passed for them! However, they share a stat, and that's where his nickname come in. LaDorian, also known as "Big Black" - a 6'4 running back, that's an incredible threat in the passing game, too. He's racked up 79 yards over the air and caught a touchdown already. H: Sounds impressive. I'm sure the Hesperans will grow to love him soon enough. Atleast they'll give him a thumps up when he raises that bowl up in the sky. What's in it defensively? McC: Another former Redhawk, Maury Bowman, Safety. Six foot, 205 pounds, often called Longbow by his teammates. He's a superstar, but he hasn't quite arrived at the Centurion's playstyle yet. Only 9 tackles and a pass defense percentage of 78.3 - that's pretty good, but it's not Bowman-good. H: Some teams would die to have someone with that percentage. McC: They would - but Bowman would die to have a higher percentage. He makes his colleague shine, though. Another Redhawk, David Tilghman, also known as "The Eagle" - 81.8 percent, enough said. H: Now you're riding the Redhawk-train. The Habs were no good? McC: It's getting worse and worse - for their opponents. Hesperus Habs veteran Dale Coleman. Let me tell you about this man, he's a cannonball. Five foot nine only, 229 pounds, but he's quick. H: Metrics sound like some sort of linebacker? McC: He's a cornerback - 95.3 percent - Ain't nobody throwing his way by choice. H: Let's finish up with a big guy. McC: You want big? I'll give you big: Tangaroa Keretene. 5'8, 344 pounds. He's plugging holes and makes the running back regret touching the ball. Needless to say, Qeteshian-bred. Imported at a young age to Hesperus. Five tackles and one sack, that's pretty okay for three games, given that his role is to simply stay in the way and be an immovable object for the enemies offensive line. He fills that role extremely well. H: Let's finish the podcast with an outlook on the game against the 'Cudas. McC: I'm not gonna say much about this. It's my personal game of the week. It'll be on channel 3. Number one scoring offense against number two. Enough said. ' Zegama Beach Barracudas - In the spotlight Everything's fine in the sunshine Content not yet available in your Fleet!
  19. It has been silent the past few days when Troopers looked through the FedNet programme. Right in the middle of the season, the galaxy's favorite pastime seems unavailable. Reason for this has just been uncovered: recent tectonic movements on Sanctuary caused a major earthquake to strike the outskirts of Spiritu Santo, where the FSN had their broadcasting facilities. The board is currently considering scrapping the site on Sanctuary and moving closer to the core of Federal space, per insider sources. One of these targets could be newly appointed capital and multi-million colony Iskander. Reports from FSN officials indicate that the majority of the damage has been repaired to the point of functionality, FSN will be able to proceed covering week 4 of the FSJ, officials indicate. The broadcasts are expected to be picked up on Wednessday or Friday night. The Wiaria Argonauts are 3-0, by the way. But so are the Trappist Titans.
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