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    Name: wauri matene How they died: crashed dropship in some shitty campaign Why you think the PK should be reversed: he was fucking funny
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    Your ideas

    I want psychics strong enough to be able to guess what taste the federal MREs are meant to be
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    Forum Debut

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    Not Only the Name of .net Needs Changing

    I wouldn't want to join National Socialist Starship Troopers.
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    Wiki issue kinda?

    @Xalphox @Tonic fix this already
  6. Federal Science Officer The Overview Research new technologies The Job Introduce new Technologies to SSTRP Explain current technologies or phenomena The in-depth guide Clearly FFRL is primarily geared towards passive RP. Introducing new technologies to the lore of SSTRP will require some prior roleplay to be somewhat acknowledged. However, not everything needs to be textbased. We understand it's a stale division and on the other hand, we're always looking to improve the server in all other aspects. If you want to provide cool special effects to the admin team or simply sophisticated dupes, you can also do that. Whatever is being done by you doesn't have to be very scientific. It's absolutely okay if it is on the brink of plausibility. Application format Character name: List your (former) characters: Name your favorite subject(s) of research! Give us an example technology you'd introduce to the server: And how you would go on researching this technology:
  7. Federal Forward Liasion Officer The Overview Advise Mobile Infantry on briefings Act as a walking encyclopedia for all Mobile Infantry personnel Have an open door for MI suggestions The Job Be FFRL's face towards the MI Receive suggestions from the Mobile Infantry for field technologies Provide the Mobile Infantry with additional information they require The in-depth guide FFRL is currently lacking someone the enlisted MI, people who do the actual work, can talk to. You'll be there and listen to their ideas to further our fighting efficiency. You'll pass complaints about equipment, weaponry or weapon suggestions up. MI are often a little clueless and frankly don't have much insight into canon or the briefings aren't very in-depth. Working closely with the wiki, you will be there to remind them that Faraway is a volcanic low-gravity shithole, or that there's a deadly virus currently raging on Salk. Application format Character name: (MI transfers allowed) Character rank: (If applicable) List your (former) characters: Name all branches of SICON! We're headed for Iskander - what do we know about this place? NOTE: Infantry transfers will likely be made WO first. New characters will receive commission
  8. OFFICE OF FLEET INTELLIGENCE The Overview Navigate & advise Fleet through known space Act as a walking encyclopedia for all Fleet personnel Be a host to Fleet events The Job Keep track of Fleet canon With the help of other Fleet officers, expand existing Fleet lore Write short reports on Fleet activities Write your own canon in terms of ship classes, types, weaponry Coordinate Fleet through the known galaxy Maintain (& edit) the star chart Gamemaster Fleet when they are doing passive The in-depth guide Fleet canon is currently extremely lacking and near to non-existant on the wiki. Coordinate with all the Fleet Officers and aspirants to gather what we have and bring it to paper. You need not write up canon for the entirety of space. Fleet has many encounters in space. It will be part of your job to log the interesting incidents and provide analysis. That means that major Fleet combat will be timestamped by you and you will collect interviews of acting Fleet personnel as to why system XY was malfunctioning or warfare completely failed to do their jobs. Fleet has many encounters in space, and it will be yours to provide insight into them. While all the UCF vessels are known to man, there are slight variations - and alien vessels - which you are expected to know. While it doesn't have to be technical (they are alien vessels, after all), you are expected to know of the Ark's shielding or that we should really really flee from a Skinnie Behemoth. Fleet will travel to and go through lots of places in space. You're expected to know the in's and outs of the galaxy and, should Fleet decide to travel to the Altair System, you're to teach them about the non-visual ionic nebula surrounding the system which causes occasional magnetic problems to starships. EXPANSION: In a later phase, we may entrust you with more gamemastering for Fleet. The above was one of the few examples provided by official canon and you'll be free to impose the vastness of space upon them. You can plot the course of minor pirate brigades, huge asteroid field crossings and the likes - should Fleet happen to pass through that, they'll have to live with the consequences. Ideas can be taken from anywhere such as Stellaris but should definitely be considered with Rook or myself. Application format Character name: (Fleet transfers allowed) Character rank: (If applicable) List your (former) characters: Describe your experience(s) with(in) Fleet: Describe the relation between the UCF-BC 291 Ulysses S. Grant and the UCF-BC 117 Audie Murphy: Fleet have plotted course to a system called Wolf 294 - what could they expect?
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    Haleem bint al-Attar

    Is Haleem even helal
  10. Hello. I've been on a steady LOA since June 2nd due to work and personal commitments. Since I was the only admin managing and maintaining roll bonuses, nothing much has changed in this forums - aside from people dying and making some of these threads obsolete. However, I would consider it unfair for me to keep my roll bonuses because I was on LOA and degrade all the others because they didn't post in the meantime (even though they wouldn't have improved anyway). So I consider all roll bonuses frozen up until July 15th. On July 16th, a new week will begin and we will have to start working on our roll bonuses again (if you want to maintain it, that is). The updates you have to post (your roleplay logs) are due on July 22nd. I will evaluate them on July 23rd, which is a monday. On the other hand, for being frozen so long, I'm going to double this week's output. If you had a roll bonus before I went on LOA and update it now, I'm willing to give you a +10 instead of a +5. However, I'll also decrease it by -10 instead of -5. Thank you.
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    Daisy 'Hel' Bailey - KIA 14/07/2298

    amukama if bailey remembers encounters with them
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    MI Epaulettes Guide

    no its not because the same thing is on the wiki, the specialist ones excluded. which i will have to port soon
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    Grasping the reins once more!

    First of April came early this year ??????
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    The Mobile Infantry

    Welcome to the Mobile Infantry portal. 1. Ranks of the Mobile Infantry 2. Weapons of the Mobile Infantry 3. Equipment of the Mobile Infantry 4. Mobile Infantry Bootcamp 5. Renowned Mobile Infantry Battalions http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/112th_Battalion http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/77th_Battalion
  15. Having collected experience from the first round of leading FFRL, here's some changes I'd like to implement for the aftermath of the Civil War. General Structure of FFRL While cool and somewhat scientific, having each Officer restricted to a specific branch/department was restrictive. Instead of committing themselves to a rather useless scientific department, FFRL Lieutenants will just be a pool of researchers. While they still be somewhat dedicated to a subject of their choosing, they are 'just' scientists. Projects will be assigned/picked from the research tree (see below); They can be completed (ie. a written article) by a single subject or in cooperation with others. In their freetime they are to research whatever they please with high chances of this being added to the techtree. This allows for more cross cooperation so that either all of the researchers focus on new weapons which are on the tree or just one of them focuses on transgender-transdressing mutant apes. Mobile Infantry Intelligence (FFRL) What I always thought was lacking was the FFRL input on missions and a face for the faction for people to talk to. On one hand, the Mobile Infantry are the people on the field and they should come up with ideas to effectively combat our enemies. This person will be the man to talk to and will always have open doors. Secondly, this man curates the bits of canon that affect the Mobile Infantry. I always thought some missions could need some more in-depth information. They would not replace the regular Games & Theory Lieutenants, but rather be a supplement, a close person for the Mobile Infantry to talk to. Let's say you're deploying to a planet called Salk. This guy would explain to you while the planet having a breathable atmosphere, you should be wary of Hart's Fever. There could also be really scary fauna or even flora, who knows. There's lots of places with lots of dangers. Mobile Infantry Attachés Having talked to @Orwell this morning, I decided to include Mobile Infantry Troopers who work for Intelligence and act as goons for the Lieutenant. Because, why send a valuable scientist to take probes when you can have an Infantryman do it? They will act as primary tool of gathering intelligence for FFRL. From time to time, they may be assigned side objectives such as taking probes or samples. They are a lot more likely to toy with prototype weaponry and are the go-to people for field research. In return, they may have to write a field review every once in a while. For the MI themselves, it will make missions a little easier. They don't have to fiddle around with "intelligence" - they just hand it to the Specialists working for FFRL, who then again hands it in to the Lieutenant. They will be valuable to the MI in the way that they boost the intel points output of a mission by 1.5x Fleet Intelligence (FFRL) One thing that upset me was the lack of initiative Fleet brought up in their own RP. Then again, who would truly ever roleplay they plotted a course right through a black hole and risk getting demoted over that? Primary tasks for Fleet Intelligence Officers will be to provide a database for Fleet to use. In truth, everything in space happens very far away, leaving Fleet to only read a few values off a computer screen. To properly decipher these values will be one task for the Fleet Intel subdivision. For one, they will tell you that the ship is a Skinnie Battleship and should we not disable their thrusters within the next twelve minutes, we should really really consider retreating. Secondly, the Fleet Intel will always be aware of the galaxy, lurking dangers and where we are. While mission runners will tell you that there will be a mission in the Tinkywinky-System, it will be Fleet's IC job to get there. And it will be Fleet Intel to point out that the Tinkywinky-System has a unstable sun ready to explode in a burst of happiness. To do this, Fleet Intel will essentially be game-mastering Fleet's actions. Fleet (Petty-) Officers roleplay the ship and it will be up to the discretion of Fleet Intel what happens next. Whether we're travelling through a known pirate system, encountering solar flares, worm holes or just pass through a nebula which funks out our scanners. Should we be satisfied with how Fleet Intel performs, they may be allowed to run their own independent Fleet events, at the discretion of @Rook and I. This comes at a price, though. For one, Fleet Intel will maintain the star chart. They update it with content and/or locations the admins bring alive. They will also bring it alive in terms of enemy fleet movements, pirate actions or other space events. Fleet Intel will need to have an array of 'events' at hand. Things that can happen in space, such as solar flares, cosmic rays and the like. They may also be required to have classifications for ship types which are non-coalition or even alien. They could turn to Stellaris in all these regards, but these are things they will have to write up somehow. Because only canon that is written up carries over to generations. And who would like to teach a new Fleetie every 2 days when you could just link them to the forums and call them stupid? Star Chart Yes, the Starship Troopers.net universe will become astrographied (is that even close to a plausible word?). That means there will be a map of every (known) system/planet, their locations and their affiliation. Now that the Civil War is over, most belong to the Coalition of course. But that doesn't mean some of them are open to revolt or happen to be tragically close to the AQZ... This map will be different from Xalphox's Civil War map. This is due to the fact that the Civil War map was balanced for gameplay reasons and created for this storyarc. The new map will be more based on 'real' astronomy in the sense that Alpha Centauri will be actually close to Earth. Also, the location of all except one official colony is known and marked on a map already- something Xalphox didn't consider or simply wasn't aware of. Doesn't matter, with the Civil War over, the real enemy is right at the brink of the colonies anyway... Intel Points Intel points are collected on missions and redeemed on research projects. For further information, check out the Intel points topic in the FFRL forums, enough said. Intel Points will be curated by me, the head researcher I will appoint and the Mobile Infantry Intelligence Officer (see above) Research Tree The Research or Tech Tree is a huge flow chart marking potential fields of research to be unlocked by FFRL scientists. The tree will be presented to whom it may concern and they will then decide on how to allocate assets. I will most likely only reveal a few techs at once so that those who decide over things don't straight beeline to Laser-weaponry-wielding Federal Royal Bugs who win Starship Troopers in a week. Potentially I will only reveal the categories, leaving the sub-techs to be unlocked at random and at the discretion of the researcher. Worry not, it doesn't have stupid arachnid laser mounts. The majority of them unlock something to use for IC; which can be new surgery tools, combat drugs which increase the roll bonus of Troopers for a while or simply new computers to increase Fleet roll bonuses.
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    Changes - Round Two

    yes, maybe they will be made specialists if they're just an enlisted and/or moved to the intel faction. There wont be any pathfinderlike pretend-coolness stuff and secret "golf trip sideobjectives"
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    Changes - Round Two

    made visible
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    Change the server name!

    if we have to specify that we have PAC and free tooltrust in the server name we may aswell just change the script to dark rp. the server is properly labelled, i don't see any issues with the server or gamemode name
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    Travis Young

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    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    i FoRmAtEd iT
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    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

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    Reuben Amukama

    Background Born to a family of politicians with close ties to Governor Antony Mbeki, the Amukamas were part of the upper echelon on Faraway. Reuben Amukama was 11 years old when the first famine on Faraway broke out, but naturally was unaffected by it aside from witnessing the protests against the politicians, his family included. Seven years later, he was pushed by his parents to earn franchise rights himself to later play part in the politics of Faraway. Having ran through Bootcamp in the outskirts of Sigma City without major incidences, his connected parents later played their cards to have Reuben assigned as part of the garrison force of Faraway as to have him survive his term and become Citizen without having to risk his life on a needless assault on a bug planet. During his term as Private in the garrison force he was hazed by fellow local enlistedmen for following the ways of the United Citizen Federation. They were primarily part of the poorer populace of Faraway and not nearly as loyal to the UCF as they should be as part of SICON's primary fighting force. This even went so far that the Corporals had him selected for toilet duty on a weekly basis. Against their hopes, he won a local lasertag tournament with his squad and had to be promoted to Lance Corporal due to procedure. As such, he was later deployed to the inner districts of Sigma City when the second food shortage broke out and the civilian populace revolted against the government of Faraway. He was utterly disgusted by the starving poor people. The commanders of the garrison force who were loyal to Mbeki saw that he carried out orders well, efficiently and without hesitation. It was upon their commendation that he was promoted to Corporal. Deployed as a Corporal to the third civil unrest caused by famine, he ruled his assigned housing block with an iron fist. The commanders of the garrison force commended him for his efficient ration distribution and his efforts to restore order, as opposed to other NCOs who reported assaults near the rationing centres on a daily basis. Thefts and brawls for food rations weren't uncommon in other districts. Such dissidents were not to be found in Amukama's district. Or were ever to be found again, by that matter... Naturally, the Governor himself would be rather grateful for the rather efficient handling of these matters and designated him as a Colour Sergeant. A group of people especially loyal to the Governor and the UCF, a group of people probably every commander has (such as the order of the crustacean by Brian C. Larsen). It was at this point where the tides had turned and he would not be hazed for his loyalty to the UCF but be rewarded and recognized for it at last. Once Terra has fallen and the fourth famine broke out, he was promoted to Staff Sergeant to efficiently handle a task group to localize and neutralize leading dissidents of the unrest. As he later unveiled, the fall of Terra and the UCF government caused not only the usual usurpers but also rather opportunistic Farawayans to turn against Antony Mbeki. The assaults were spearheaded by the Civilian Militia who, thanks to the fall of Terra, have just doubled their ranks on Faraway. With supplies coming in from the Black Cross, the majority of the Mobile Infantry garrison on Faraway saw that this was an uphill struggle against an enemy that would outnumber them. In fear of fighting the savages of the Civilian Milita, they rather joined them and betrayed the UCF. Later they made up the Draconian Hegemony's fighting force. With some higher-ups in the Mobile Infantry seeing opportunity to rise even higher, they helped the Civilian Militia to have not only Antony Mbeki, but also his five consuls and the Mobile Infantry command hanged in the streets of Longago. At this point the Draconian Hegemony would be founded and declared anyone who would not fight for them a mutineer. There are no official records of what happened within the city which was still engulfed in a civil war. Locals report gruesome, day-long fighting, and lots of displayed and gutted corpses in the streets. It was in the outskirts of Faraway where he had been picked up by the 6th Fleet and then recruited back into the MI to teach the 112th Mobile Infantry the proper use of weaponry as a Master Specialist. Profile Sex: Male Height: 6'1" Weight: 251lbs Hair colour: Black Eye colour: Brown Opinions SSgt. Sebastian Bently - The most boring person ever. If the Infantry rulebook had a dick, he'd probably give it a long and thorough sucking. Franklyn Holland - Seems to be a proper Infantryman at last. Alysia Harper - Some hotshot who thinks she's the shit as a petty officer James Chevosky - The fleet chick's fuckboy. Noah Gargano - A fucking 14 year old teenage girl stuck in the body of a 12 year old teenage girl. How did they get into the military? Anni Järvinen - I'll shoot her straight in her face should I ever see her again. Sean Richardson - Snitches get stitches Daisy Bailey - Sure has two good arguments to listen to her and a good sense for entertainment. Lyndsey Carter - Complains when she has to do a job and doesn't seem to be very capable all around Alicia White - Cute but stupid Miguel Lorenzo - Was a real cockhead in the beginning. Beat some respect into him. He did a decent development after that. Heard he died. Maybe he wasn't decent afterall. Travis Young - Sometimes we'd just stand around and stare at eachother. I think it's a lot more passionate from his side, though
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    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Category:Arachnid_Castes do I win
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    Reuben Amukama

    thats one long while ago and a very short moment to base an opinion on
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    Reuben Amukama

    Done Done who?