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    PAC - "How do I make my shit efficient?"

    https://cl.ly/84beee90216e you don't need to load up every single texture in paint.net there is also no difference between importing an jpg or a png; it has no effect on the vtf size
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    PAC - "How do I make my shit efficient?"

    1.3mb is still a lot just for hair, bump it to 512x512, it's hairdly big enough to really notice
  3. Get your gear N O W Assemble your album. Wait for Special Editions. Buy a booster pack every week. Collect them all! You can PM me once every week to purchase trading cards! The random generator will generate cards and you will fill your SSTRP TCG album! (or not because you will have doubles). No more will you receive corporal punishment when you say "Damn, I got another Bently"! Collect them all! Stay tuned for special editions and booster packs as a) holidays progress and b) I see more people with stupid PACs Base Edition Base Edition Drop probability Amukama card - 1.84% Bellic - 2.45% Bently - 3.67% Donovan - 2.45% Larsen - 1.83% Layland - 3.05% Stevenson - 4.29% Ziola - 1.83% Asahi - 4.29% Alfred Smith - 0.631% Bohannon - 0.631% Brooker - 1.83% Dubois - 4.9% Edwards - 1.22% Eley - 4.9% Engine - 0.631% Esposito - 1.83% Sorrentino - 7.96% Gargano - 2.45% O. Graham - 2.45% L.Graham - 3% Krautstag - 3% Lorenzo - 2.45% Maclagan - 6.13% Maxwell - 6.13% Pacheco - 1.22% Palmer - 1.22% Redbrick - 5.5% Vond - 0.631% Westervelt - 11.6% York - 3.0% Retard Edition RE Drop chances: Cutter - 9% Faust - 19% Hudson - 3% Klauster - 15% Larsen - 14% Rose - 8% Sherman - 8% Secret card - 7% Sorrentino - 17% Deadcunt Edition
  4. Today, 16th of March, the Federation and their tools have come to Pangaea. While we Pangaeans of course were hospitable, it became very clear what they were after. In an attempt to cripple our economy, in order to make us dependant on the Federation again, they destroyed the only oil refinery in the Outskirts in a vicious attack. Hundreds of workers are now unemployed, if not killed by the explosion. The Mobile Infantry did this to us. They want to integrate Pangaea in their regime once agian and subjugate our people. Stop this injustice. Join the Order and fight for freedom. For The Order.
  5. With the ever lasting threats of war and the moving frontlines, the FJL has to remain flexible. Some places are simply not safe enough anymore for civilians and citizens to enjoy a jumpball match at. Even though arenas are heavily guarded by Mobile Infantry elements, revenue from certain planets has dropped. Additionally, Earth simply is humanity's home and deserves a Jumpball team, which is why league officials have decided to relocate a jumpball team to Earth. As a thank you for your service, all Federal Service Members originating from Earth are allowed to cast their vote on what the new franchise should be called!
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    Federal Jumpball League franchise poll

    Terran Thunderbolts logo & stadium reveal http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Terran_Thunder
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    Hello, as some of you may or may not know and remember, I used to do a little side-thing on the server for jumpball. Purpose of it was to let you guys have something to talk about during passive as you sit in the bar. It started as semi-daily broadcasts via ingame fednet tv screens and, as the timeslots for me doing it have gotten smaller, evolved primarily into a forum thing. Then I lacked even more time and it eventually died off or turned into me only updating the results whenever I felt like it. I once ran a mission revolving around rescuing a team from captivity and it was atleast canonically well received I believe as it was something exciting and different from an IC point of view. Which made me think there's atleast some kind of "market" for this but it's severely lacking player interaction. Barring ingame-broadcasts (which take an extra amount of time for preparation and execution), what kind of stuff would you like to see or see more of? For one, there's the quick info threads which I kinda update together with the results, there's the podcasts which I once did, there's the possibility of other stuff like analysis of a team, more statistics or even stories. What kind of content would you like to see, would you like to talk about in the bar with your MI mates? I'm also eager to pass this on, it's free to all. If you want to write about something jumpball related, by all means, go ahead. if you need numbers or statistics hit me up i'll gladly provide them. There's a niche for everybody and hell, i would even laugh at a compilation of jumpball player's beards which become the new facial trend on the Grant in 2299. Looking for all kinds of help if you're interested in enhancing everybody's passive rp.
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    this has migrated to the wiki, it's a lot easier to maintain with the better HTML/table support. http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Category:Jumpball
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    Welcome to MILACTS Mobile Infantry Leadership and Combat Training School MILACTS is an initiative brought alive by Lieutenant Vickers and Major Bently with the goal of offering a training environment for Mobile Infantry personnel to increase their combat competence and educate new leadership personnel. Veterans of the Infantry will have the chance to hone their skills while being subject to command of junior leadership or enlisted personnel. Major courses will, come next week, be held every Thursday, with minor courses being held sporadically and spontaneously during your offtime on the Grant. Courses are therefore ‘split’ into two categories: Leadership Schools Leadership Schools are grand wargames held every Friday on places throughout the Federal galaxy. They will be long maneuvers or multiple, short firefights (~2 hours), all offering a unique scope tailored to the location. Typically, two junior Troopers will be given command of a squad of their choosing and then they will take the field and battle it out, followed by a short (~15 minutes) tactical analysis of the games. The latter iis the only part you would necessarily link to the word ‘school’. Combat Training School CTS is little different from the leadership schools, but the goal makes it distinct enough to ‘seperate’ these. CTS-courses are held throughout the week whenever available. Again, junior personnel are given command of Troops, but this time it is only to give them a ‘minor’ leadering experience. These courses are destined to purely increase combat skills, communications and efficiency, increase morale and to give the Mobile Infantry a ‘time off’ without needlessly hammering themselves in the bar. CTS-courses are therefore shorter, mostly revolve around ‘Team-Deathmatches’ or lasertags and are lacking indepth leadership analysis.
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    (but will be halted in favour of missions if @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz says theres currently a surplus of NCO [candidates])
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    Something about wargames & promotions...
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    For those who haven't noticed: This has mostly happened the last thursdays, so I'm formally moving it to the thursday slot (mainly because of complaints about the friday primetime event being a training?)
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    New Possible Squad System

    more like overpaid polish maintenance workers
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    New Possible Squad System

    Aslong as it is loose, it could work out, but it promotes elitism. If it's just a band of PFCs who call themselves the cobras, sure, why not, that's cute But in the history of SSTRP we had so many squad systems (sergeants forming their own squads which players have to join) that it's getting a little silly. The logistics are the main issue here, what do you do when only one person of your squad is online in a mission. I'm sort of against letting Corporals and above join or be part of a squad due to obvious favoritism and elitism issues; but it could be fancy for privates and co
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    [CCG] 04: Character front-end

    Character Creation Guides Connecting the dots Part 3: Your character Now that you know who you're playing as, let's puzzle the pieces together. With a certain colony in mind, you'll probably have ideas of who your character could be. Lacking a good name, though? 1. Naming the character. This is really simple. Go to this page, utilize the top bar "Real Names" and pick a namelist that appeals to you. If you're from Elixaeberna, you might want to look into Danish or Norwegian names, if you're from Scarvis, perhaps Swedish is more your thing? For Shoreridge III, I've used Amish and Colonial American names. It's all about mix and matching with the colony you're from. Hesperus is primarily Southern European, so you might want to look into Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese or Greek names (and not mexican). If you're looking for more generic names, try just the English ones. If you want it to be a little more conservative, use Edwardian, Victorian or Elizabethan namelists. 2. The character biography, of course. Now we have a pretty name for our pretty character. Before you go use the next-best supermodel instagram-actress-chick which as your so-called "faceclaim", why not try something generic? It's always super cringy when Private Hooladoola runs around as Trump's wife because her "face fits my character so well" and "I couldn't find anything better". Frankly, that's either a lack of effort put into your character or it's a really bad excuse for having a character solely created to cyber with other people. And again, it's really cringy watching a movie and seeing an actress while having to think of some really dumb SSTRP character. Now, what do we do? Check out this link. Click the link and refresh the page until you have a fitting picture for your character. Note: These people do not exist. While many pictures seem scarily (very) realistic, they are not. They are AI-generated portraits. They are not real people. It becomes apparent the more you use the generator, but this generator will totally suffice for your next character. Unless of course, you want to run around as a supermodel in the infantry. I think this is very appealing because you're simply not stealing the face from somebody. Isn't it super awkward when you take a picture from somebody's homepage and put your characters name on it? Imagine someone took a picture from here and called them Xortax the Destroyer on some Star Trek RP. Lastly, of course, sharing is caring. I don't know how unique these pictures are, but I've yet to see duplicates, meaning they are possibly somewhat real-time generated. So if you have a good-looking picture which does not fit your character, feel free to upload it here anyway. It might fit somebody else's character and is just what they had in mind! Would you like to know more?
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    [CCG] 04: Character front-end

    now conveniently placed on the wiki http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Category:Character_Media some of the faceclaims were left over by previous users or what the hell ever. most are AI generated by now
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    Still Can't Upload Images

    the time is now
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    Carlos Martinez - Bandito El Explosivo

    this aged well
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    Mira V. Oberlin - Resident [REDACTED]

    this chick only has [REDACTED] views because i keep making [REDACTED] jokes about her [REDACTED] [REDACTED]. People don't care about your character, they just think i'm [REDACTED]!
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    Third Platoon Poster Girl

    Basic Information Name: Jennifer Alison Ramsey Place of Birth: Ciudad del Mar, Zegama Beach Date of Birth: 17-04-2280 Gender: Female Physical Description: Height: 5'9 Weight: 139 lb Ethnicity: Caucasian Skin Tone: Caramel Hair colour: Dark brown Eye colour: Brown (Faceclaim courtesy of https://thispersondoesnotexist.com/) Military Information Rank: Sergeant Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: 24th 10/2298 Years of Service: 1 Service Record: 2298, 24th of October - Bootcamp Simon Redridge, Zegama Beach 2299, January - Assigned to 112th 1st Platoon 2299, 21st of January - promoted to Sergeant 2299, 4th of March - transferred to 112th 3rd Platoon Personal Information Attributes: Dexterity: 15/30 Constitution: 10/30 Intelligence: i forgot the restStrength: Perception: Family: Governor Michael Ramsey, Col. (Ret.), Audrey Calthrop-Thorne, LtCdr. (Ret.) Wealth: Filthy rich.
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    Third Platoon Poster Girl

  22. El Excellente

    PSA - Character making

    PSA: Since the majority of you use a character sheet that, for some reason, had stats for constitution, strength, intelligence, dexterity (and for some reason all were atleast above 15/20) You may now enter the stats you've entered in the script also! The current max for stats is 30, meaning you can have 30/30 in intelligence and the rest zero.
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    Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

    so what does she do with her 2 children are they like, mobile kindfantrygarden??
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    Eric Shepard - Randy - +10

    Name: Eric Shepard @Randynand Reason: Keeps physically fit with weight lifting and sparring +5 for every week of doing it, up to a maximum of +15 04:03:31 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard stands a mere few feet in front of the Bag, he cracks his Knuckles before forming a sly grin and throwing one of his Fists towards the Bags, sending it flying slightly backwards 04:04:02 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard follows ups with another Hook on the opposite side this time, the bag going in a different direction. 04:05:10 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard merely performs a subtle left right jab combo onto the Bag. He follow up on the punching with a hearty Stomp from his Foot into the Bags middle region. 04:06:17 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard re assumes his stance afterwards, he proceeds to sling haymaker after haymaker at the Bag, at least 8 times before going for a short Breather. 04:07:30 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard walks over to the Benches, he adds 80Kg worth of Weights onto the Dumbbell before lying flat onto the bench. 04:07:51 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard grips onto the Bar and raises it, freeing it from the Hooks that were keeping it secure. 04:08:24 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard lowers the Weight down to his Chest and back up until his arms stretched to the maximum. 04:08:53 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard lowers the bar once more down and back up, he continues this process over 10 reps.