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  1. H esperus erald Planetary Defense Force to be expanded to defend Alpha Centauri space "There simply is too much shit going on" The governor announced plans to further expand the Planetary Defense Force of Hesperus and Hod into space. "We're not contesting SICON authority over the Fleet or the galaxy", the governor argued, "We simply think that protection of our planets should start at the outer perimeter. This is a simple military concept, deep or elastic defence. They can't beat us in space, they won't ever reach the ground I vowed to govern and protect." Every day, highly valuable goods are being delivered from and to Hesperus and pirate crews in the surrounding systems are on the rise. With Voight & Gromman, renowned pyrotechnics producer, the trade flow is set to increase even further. With highly dangerous materials circulating around the V&G production site, Hesperus paints a huge target on the Alpha Centauri system. It is only logical for the population to increase security detail. As it stands, there shall be a contingent of 675 Mobile Infantry Troopers, handpicked by the governor's staff, to be trained specifically for space combat. These Troopers who opted to go career will be trained to work and fight in zero gravity and close quarters environments. The Troopers will be specifically trained for an elastic defence on a starship. What this means is that they will learn about the starship's strong- and chokepoints and fall back to the next checkpoint should the enemy make a concentrated push. This tactic is not employed to repel the invaders but to actively seek to kill them. Insider sources tell that the Governor has utilized his connections as a former Military Intelligence Colonel and OSW Captain so that these Mobile Infantry soldiers will host joint trainings with the 33rd Pathfinder platoon. Additionally, these new units will receive a contingent of 10 reserve Fleet Officers to control a repurposed trade vessel. This vessel will act as a bait vessel and will be retrofitted at the Hesperus Shipyard to specifically counter the threat of a boarding enemy. The ship will receive additional bulkheads with multiple, failsafe locking mechanisms, which can also be used to trap people. Each section is set to have a seperate circuitry so that the Mobile Infantry can employ scorched earth tactics when falling back to the next checkpoint. Other mechanical defence mechanisms were not mentioned, but officials could not confirm or deny that there are more. Electronically, the vessel will be linked to a control station on Hesperus. While being pilotted by members of the Fleet reserve, it was decided it was best to have a backup mechanism in case of human error. Lastly, the vessel is confirmed to have an automated manifest and IFF system. The vessel receives its data from the Hesperus Control Station, which in return writes data to the Alpha Centauri ship register. That means that this vessel may fly around with, amongst others, an Voight & Gromman IFF tag and have its manifest auto-generated with appealing products. The Governor is not concerned about revealing such information, as the fact that a ship may or may not be housed by vicious and stout defendes should be deterring enough to keep the system pirate-free. Voight & Gromman have endorsed these endeavours and actively supported them. Along with supporting the project financially, they supplied the force with their latest weapon and defence system, aswell as environmental suits made specifically for space combat. When asked for a statement, CEO Hardmann only said "You don't save money on security - that's why we moved away from Cassandra." The new, yet to be named, defence force exercizing on the rocky surface of Hesperus in their V&G suits. Voight & Gromman surveying Hesperus atmosphere The news-stream around V&G just won't break up! Following their move to Hesperus City, Voight & Gromman Research & Development speakers have confirmed they are running tests on Hesperus' atmosphere. Early probes suggest that the corrosive gases in the atmosphere can be extracted and converted into chemicals that boost the overall output of V&G's pyrotechnical arsenal. If this is the case, V&G would not need to synthetically produce these flamer liquids and save money. Currently, models of this new fuel suggest that the flamer capacities will be increased by 16% while keeping the product essentially the same. However, it would require a new refinery to be build on Hesperus - though creating even more jobs than initially planned. The Governor fully supports this act as harvesting the corrosive atmosphere of Hesperus might open a path to terraforming the planet and abandoning the domed city eventually.
  2. H esperus erald Everything Alpha-Centauri-related for your screens!
  3. H esperus erald Business Voight & Gromann proclaim headquarters in Hesperus City Following negotiations after the first-of-september-decree, Alpha Centauri officials have successfully convinced the V&G CEOs to relocate their headquarters to Hesperus. Initially situated on Earth, Voight & Gromann were without a corporate headquarter when Earth fell to the Progenitor forces, having resided in a major productions plant on Cassandra in the interim. With the stiff political situation on Cassandra, being so far away from the human centerpoint of the galaxy and the Federation having continuous suspicions about seditious behaviour, V&G have decided to move away from Cassandra. Hesperus City will house Voight & Gromann's official corporate headquarters. With the preparations ongoing since, V&G have just opened their headquarters on Hesperus today [21st of September]. Local entrepreneurs already call Hesperus the 'new Rhohan'. The people of Hesperus are eager to support V&G in their endeavours and work to overtake Rhohan and the Morita Arms Corporation. Voight & Gromann are a renowned manufacturer of advanced pyrotechnic weapons systems. Their most known products are the iconic TW-226-f ‘Hel’ and TW-221-f ‘Tinderbox’ flamer, aswell as the SW-219-f ‘Inferno’ Support Flamer or the SW-226-f ‘Fireball’.
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    Wiki Central

    Wiki can be found at http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Main_Page (Or just click "Wiki" on the top bar on this page) I can't edit or add, what gives? You need to sign in to work the wiki. Something wrong with the account creation process or simply can't be assed? Try the guest login. Username: GuestEditor01 password: guestpw What am I allowed to edit? Fleet stuff is obviously restricted to Fleet (as Fleet canon needs to be approved by xalphox), FFRL stuff is also off-limits. I don't care about the rest. If you want to make a page for your characters former unit, you want to add a planet or you want to make a wiki page about the Federal bar assortment and a softdrink, go ahead, I don't care, any page is welcome (aslong as it isnt overly stupid and breaking canon) (no, the Federation doesn't force you into enlistment and you cant be conscripted) Also, other people's character pages are a big no-no. if something's bothering you, talk to them. Are there any other rules? Yes. You create a page, you maintain it. Ideally you'd check by every now and then or so to update it. This obviously primarily goes for character pages, who either get promoted/demoted (change rank) or die/go missing (change from Active to Inactive). Events on the server could require you to update your page aswell, but that's your call. I've made good experience with chronologic writing so you don't drown in potential would-be updates. So instead of writing "The current Platoon Leader for the 112th is Captain Bently", you'd just write "In August 2298, the platoon leader was Captain Bently". That way it feels more organic to have a long list when we later have more and more MI leaders.. Where did my page go? Sadly, sometimes people write something that blatantly breaks canon or simply doesn't fit. One scenario could be where you write about your character's former unit consisting primarily of conscripts. I, as administrator at SSTRP and inofficial canon curator, reserve the right to delete such pages so that people who are new to SST(RP) do not get the wrong impression of the universe they are roleplaying in. Ideally, I would contact you and talk to you about what is wrong and urge you to change it, but if you use the guest login, this might not always be possible. No hard feelings. I appreciate every attempt to enrichen the SSTRP canon. I'm a real badboy and want to cause mischief, thanks for the guest login!!! that's okay, it takes me 30 seconds to roll back the pages you vandalized and to ban your ip from the wiki and the server. I'll likely deactivate the guest login if there's severe cases of abuse, so good job robbing people of their opportunities. I'm a really nasty badboy and want to vandalize with a vpn!!! you can hide, but you can't run Useful to know Search is case sensitive and a big bitch in general. If your page is called Dickpuncher McGee, the wiki might not return results if you search for Dickpuncher mcgee. External images do not work. You have to upload images to the wiki. Scroll to the bottom and use "Upload file". Don't worry, we have plenty of HDD space last I checked. I'm 100% positive I uploaded a picture to the wiki, why can't I add it to the galery/use it as media? See the first entry. If your file is called McGee.jpg, you need to search for exactly that, including file extension. mcgee.jpg will not work, as much as Mcgee.jpg won't work. Always include file extension if you want to include pictures somewhere. That's usually .jpg, .jpeg, .png or .gif. How can I start with useful contributions? Check the red links. Somewhere, someone made a hyperlink to a page that does not exist yet on the wiki. If it doesn't exist, it gives a red link and gets marked on this page. http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Special:WantedPages What are the currently available templates? Template:Awards Template:Bestiary Template:Branch Template:Campaign Template:Disease Template:Dissection Template:Enemy Template:FedNet Template:Infobox Template:PhysicalAttributes Template:Person Template:Planet Template:Stub Template:Unit How do I get a new template? Request one via PM. Tell me what you need it for and what needs to be in it and it shall be done I want my own account. Until @Xalphox fixes the captcha issue, shoot me a PM with the username and the password you like for the wiki.
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    Wiki Central

    http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php?title=Special:UnusedFiles&limit=500&offset=0 Unused files (pictures) will land here. They're free for grabs. I've also uploaded a ton of 'stock' images that you can use for articles. Let's hope they inspire you. First come first serve. Once a picture is used somewhere on the wiki, it disappears from the category, so no need to worry about 10 colonies having the same images.
  6. SEPTEMBER 21st, 2298 Following severe movements of tectonic plates on Hesperus, ten locals have lost their lives. Plate movements are common on Hesperus but motion this severe is unusual. Geologists suggest that movement has begun the beginning of this month, with it now reaching its climax. Three plates have seperated from eachother, causing a sudden collapse of the surface today. The motion was so sudden that ten people got sucked into the huge crater on the outskirts of Hesperus city. The habitational dome is confirmed to be undamaged. See below for a depiction of the sudden collapse of the tectonic plate and the emergence of the crater. DEPICTION MAY VARY FROM REALITY
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    Sylase "Fucker" Freeman

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    Federal Starchart [constant WIP]

    I'm probably moving this ordeal to https://sectorswithoutnumber.com/sector/TqX3ydEAwJU5luywvWuM which is far more accessible for everyone and it offers more overview (it has a hierarchy so you can click on the system and browse individual moon bases!)
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    Federal Starchart [constant WIP]

    CLICK TO ZOOM https://i.imgur.com/V2lMQZH.jpg
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    [FEDNET] OP Salvation - Caer Malley retaken

    Twatter (@govtalphac) Progenitors in our system? total losers! 9000 Marauders? totally unfair. Have to put some good old boot on the ground. Mobile Infantry all the way. Will take care of Progenitors without mechanized for sure.
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    Training Log: August 2298

    Name and Rank: Corporal Amukama Time and Date of Training: 14/09 Goal of the Training: Arachnid Football for squad positioning
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    Federal Starchart [constant WIP]

    is there any interest in my updating this at all
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    Adding your Character to the Wiki

    Follow this simple screen capture to add your character to the wiki in the currently working format. Result http://wiki.sstrp.net/index.php/Johnny_Trooper As you can see, it aligns perfectly on the right while still giving you enough space for your service, medical and judicial record on the left. It also auto-categorizes you into the People category aswell as into the Enlisted, NCO or CO category respectively.
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    Adding your Character to the Wiki

    When in doubt, resort to the info text. it states things like "external links do not work"
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    The Awards Given Out.

    did you mean service medal
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    Adding your Character to the Wiki

    Known problem.
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    {IC} Communal Notification Board

    Undisciplined Enlisted??? Crematorium Amukama I kill it & I grill it Amukama 4 Sergeant Major 2298
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    Tiago Sousa

    *enlistment centre
  19. Live fast die young bad character templates do it well " " - Pvt. John Doe's motto Basic Information Name: Place of Birth: Date of Birth: Age: Gender: Height: Physical Description: Weight: Hair colour: Eye colour: Military Information Rank: Branch: Date of Enlistment: Years of Service: Service Record: Personal Information Family: Backstory: Characteristics: Strengths & Weaknesses: Other Information: Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
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    Character Biography Template 2k18

    lies and slander
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    List of Colonies & Cultures

    Would you like to know more? These are official stellar colonies of the Federation as found on the wiki. They are official because they have been found this way in the canon that we use. They are very good because they each describe the culture of the people on the planets. Population scores are a bit outdated (the canon source is earlier than our canon). These colonies are canon. There are more planets which have evolved into canon at some point in SSTRP, ie. they have been written up by admins in their events. You are also free to use them. You can find these colonies here. Some of them have an interesting history, but you should be careful when picking them, like Brisch. The second category/list also includes planets from the first colony list. They are seperated because the 'Stellar colonies' follow a template (History, Culture, Economy, Law and Government, etc) which admin-written planets do not. Picking your colony from this list is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you want to make your own up, you can do that. If you want to create a new character from one of the colonies above, you're absolutely free to do that. However, be sensible. While being a colonist from an unofficial colony might be super cool, there has to be a reason for such a colony to exist. The Federation wouldn't just throw their money around and found colonies for no reason - and neither would private contractors! Check the wiki pages for more info about your colony.
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    List of Colonies & Cultures

    refer to
  23. H esperus erald Business Hesperus City Stock Exchange opening Today, representatives of the Stratton Investment Group have opened the Hesperus City Stock Exchange (HCSE) to the civilians and citizens of Hesperus. Mainly featured are local companies of Hesperus such as The Hesperus Mining Association or the Hesperan Starship Manufactury. Also listed are the stocks of major companies such as The Morita Arms Corporation, FedCom, ECCO or the Castian Corporation. The price of orders depends on the bid or the amount of stocks purchased so that purchasing major amounts of shares of a company is more expensive than purchasing small amounts of smaller corporations. Orders are taxed and will go directly to the Government of Hesperus. Good gambling!
  24. Hesperus Tribune Water-Filtration-and-Conservation-Act of 2298 First of September, 2298. The Government of Alpha-Centauri around Governor Ramsey have passed a bill to preserve and conserve water on Hesperus. The people of Hesperus shall be encouraged to decrease their water consumption by raising the average price per liter (taxes). Surplus money will be used to finance the new water filtration plant which makes use of the rocky properties of Hesperus. Used water will run through pipelines into a rocky deep basin filled with super-algae already employed on Starships to filtrate water. The water will be monitored for a while and is declared not drinkable, but it is definitely cleared for basic needs such as cooking, cleaning or personal hygiene. It is expected that these measures will significantly cut down required water imports. Should the experiment be deemed a success and the facilities be expanded, Hesperus might become independant from the galactic water exchange. Business Incentives Act of 2298 First of September, 2298. Government speaker A. Lloyd has announced the Business Incentives Act. In order to incentivize major companies to settle on Hesperus, franchises that have openings for 300 or more people (regardless of those people being natives of Hesperus or not) will have a major tax return by the end of the year. It is expected that a headquarter of a major company could net a -50% tax decrease. Brunham, Voight & Gromann and Wyman Arms have been inofficially invited. Insider sources claim that officials with Voight & Gromann are investigating the conditions.
  25. +5 per week of doing it, up to a maximum of +15. Reason: Frequent weightlifting