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    Change the server name!

    I personally don't see a problem with doing this. Cannot speak for any one else, but while mine comes up with a longer name it may not be the same if not using the server tool on steam. Showing off the fact we don't need to rely on donations and so we can offer elements for free incentives for those who are good with Tool trust / PAC may not be a bad thing. Plus I think the . in .net would put us higher than them in the server browser. Which is petty but I mean I am personally okay with pettiness.
  2. Admyral Joe

    Post your best memes

  3. Admyral Joe

    SST Quotes Thread

    Optic in Teamspeak "I approve of the death of Africans."
  4. Admyral Joe

    Is the Marauder faction a cult?

  5. Admyral Joe

    Aoife Hviteulven

    Update to York @Argon Added Bently @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz Added to Other Items that she in fact has a Biotech.
  6. Admyral Joe

    State Of Medical

    I'd like to keep Kastner if that's okay
  7. Admyral Joe

    SST Quotes Thread

    @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz & @Jun Nagase told me to self-post it.
  8. Admyral Joe

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Aoife Hviteulven Reason: Long lived character (OOCly since September. ICly 9 years, coming up to 10.) & Otherwise does training between drops to ensure strength and muscle density is sufficient to avoid atrophy from spending most of their time in space and that on the ground in a suit.
  9. Admyral Joe

    Use the LMG Handguard

    > Serious discussion over IC events in Fast Threads
  10. I think it was already raised a bit further above. But the main problem which comes from being a Hardass NCO is that for some people, it can be hard for them to distinguish between IC and OOC, especially if those individuals have made characters based on themselves and they get in trouble/punished. Not that many people will enjoy others hating them for how they play a character, and will soften over time so they can at the least be included into cliques and other OOC groups which form and disband all the time. That said, it can be easier to lead people initially via being loved, than it can via fear. That is a reason why Corporals will be tend to be nicer to someone than a Staff Sergeant. The Corporal is barely above the enlisted below them, and need to get up to 6 people to listen to them absolutely. If the Corporal were to insult them constantly, they're more likely to "revolt." and ignore orders - While a Staff Sergeant is above the enlisted, and doesn't need to give them orders, they only need to give orders to the Sergeants below them (Assuming Chain of Command is followed) so who cares what they think of you, as long as they are doing their job. Tl;Dr of my views: Sometimes spoiling the child is more appropriate than beating it with a rod.
  11. Admyral Joe

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

    My general non-weeb music for working on mishes. Don't question it, berserk for best for ways to treat the Mi
  12. Admyral Joe

    Hobby Thread

    Take it to PM you cretins, this is a CHRISTIAN SERVER