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  1. It's the 1st of August. Hurry the fuck up and sweep this cancer away Xal. I refuse to let Koala be the last shitpost.
  2. If I remember correctly. As you're still set to Appeal - Banned, you're unable to do a fair few things on the forums. An Executive Admin should be able to reset you.
  3. SATURDAY APRIL 20 2299 TANGO URILLA FOLLOW UP - HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS DEAD. Tango Urilla's Death toll has initial estimates, placing it at above half a million people. Destruction of major cities across the planet made getting an initial scope of the casualties. Current estimates put the death toll at around 680,000 people. The rest, little more than 400,000 have rallied to the capital of Altair city, of which 150,000 are in transit to the last lines of defence. Harried by Arachnid forces, ranging from Tankers to Warriors and even reports of Royal Caste Arachnids. It is only now reported that the 7th Fleet has convened in the neighbouring system. The 10 ship fleet however has not intervened, likely due to the expected heavy resistance from the unknown bug aligned ships still located on the planet. The Fleet also holds insufficient land forces to be of major help by itself, with further reinforcements coming from across the Federation. The entire front of the Quarantine Zone is on high alert, with signatures matching the biological ships reported to be on a direct course to the Mu Arae system, and reports from the Brio system report a significant surge in Arachnid activity. For whatever reason, the fragile peace between Humanity and Bug is shattered. The Iskander Herald is a registered third party news vendor, authorized under docket number 161, and protected under section (6)(2) of the Iskander Accords, which permits a limited number of approved third party organisations the right to publish news independent of the Federal state. Any complaints should be directed to the Regulation of Press Committee, Federal Council, ISK SW1A 1AA
  4. SATURDAY APRIL 20 2299 TANGO URILLA UNDER SIEGE Tango Urilla is under siege. Arachnid forces have arrived en masse in a surprise assault with a fleet of biological space ships deploying hundreds of thousands of Arachnids to the surface. The Governor, Ellen Roark, has announced a state of emergency and has recalled all forces on the million-large colony to Altair City whilst also calling on the populace to do the same. The initial casualties are unknown though are expected to count in the thousands. With the annihilation of the remaining Arachnids some months prior, the infantry complements on the planet were reallocated to different battle zones. It is also unknown as to why the Arachnid forces suddenly descended on the planet. Local forces in the neighbouring systems are assembling to provide reinforcements to the system, however sources believe that it could take upwards of a week to mobilize a proportionate response, which may take too long given the frightening speed and ferocity that the Arachnid army is cutting through the planet. The Iskander Herald is a registered third party news vendor, authorized under docket number 161, and protected under section (6)(2) of the Iskander Accords, which permits a limited number of approved third party organisations the right to publish news independent of the Federal state. Any complaints should be directed to the Regulation of Press Committee, Federal Council, ISK SW1A 1AA
  5. FRIDAY APRIL 17 2299 Famous Military Unit Sets Capital Planet Ablaze Firefighters on the planet of Iskander struggle to put out a vast forest fire almost twenty four hours after members of the Military Unit: The 112th went to a small village for a respite from their deployments. The 112th are under the command of General Larsen, who is currently on Iskander to face a court martial on charges of murder. Analysts believe this forest fire, with the estimated timing to be mere hours after the announcement of this fact, to have been an attempt to interfere with the Court Martial. While there have been no official calls for the 112th to return and face an inquest, local officials have officially announced the start of the forest fire "suspicious" and are demanding action to be taken. This action is just one of many which have caused stirs in the Federation for one of the most decorated units in the Federation, which had been on many of the hardest fronts over the past three years, ranging from the fall of Earth, the Civil War & the Progenitors genocidal campaign, to the recent recapture of Scarvis. Update 1: A statement has been made to the Iskander Herald from Lieutenant Colonel Sebastian Bently, Hero of the Federation and the head of the 112th Battalion's Alpha Company. It reads as such "In regards to the recent fires on Iskander, I can say that, unfortunately, a member of our Company had a minor involvement. A single tree was set on fire, as confirmed by eye witnesses and a Psychic evaluation of the events. However, the single tree was put out and the forest was left in a safe state upon our departure. I'd like to wish the brave Firefighters good luck and extend our own gratitude for their work keeping the beautiful planet of Iskander safe. I would also like to clarify that these incidents had no correlation to the trial of General Larsen. We can say, with certainty, that he does not need our help in proving himself innocent of a crime he has not commit, and we hope to see him back on our ship soon." The Iskander Herald is a registered third party news vendor, authorized under docket number 161, and protected under section (6)(2) of the Iskander Accords, which permits a limited number of approved third party organisations the right to publish news independent of the Federal state. Any complaints should be directed to the Regulation of Press Committee, Federal Council, ISK SW1A 1AA
  6. A snapshot into the life prior to the Siege and destruction. A haven on the same scale as Zegama Beach. The Brio System. The Site of Operation Blue Eagle, once holding the largest population outside of the Sol system, after the disastrous Siege of Brisch, the major planet, the system is barely within the top ten. The Siege of Brish of 2285 was the result of a large Skinnie armada, and resulted in the loss of the the two main colonies of the twelve planet strong system: Brisch & Eleuse. Arachnids surged out of the latter's swamps, and the overall combined ambush resulted in the loss of over 1 billion souls and the proverbial flattening of the two Colonies. The failure of the 44th Flankers would forever change their name to the 44th Fallen until their disbandment, and a stain on the 6th Fleet's otherwise exemplary record. It has now been almost 15 years since this horrific event and the recapture of the worlds. But even now, the two planets are far from hospitable, Brisch especially so. Each district of the world hosts an unknown amount of Arachnids, and even with a dedicated Infantry presence and a reconstruction effort, many analysts believe the World to be truly lost, with no chance of regaining what it once was and represented. Eleuse however has no such efforts to the same scale, with the world, while having a military and civilian presence, is all but considered an Arachnid world with the swamps making large scale assaults unmanageable with the current manpower. The planet has reclaimed many of the cities on the planet, left to do so by the Arachnids which skulk within the cities, hungering for more to slaughter. There have been promising reports coming from Brisch however. While Sol was devastated by the Progenitors and troops were withdrawn, the Arachnids assaulted in force, barely being repelled by what Infantry remained. However, as of recent while there are still the cases of Warriors and Tankers being spotted during the sweeps and expansions, they have been in lower amounts and have not directly assaulted the Infantry. This unconventional move has left officers in the charge of the recapture of the planet confused, though as of reporting, it is believed the entire planet could be recaptured by the end of the year, a success story for the Federation in the times after the Civil War. Time will tell on if analysts are wrong and the Brio system can regain its place, or if Brio is consigned to forever be a note in the history books.
  7. > Boys > Letting Cipher join Choose one. (I'm up for it if its not on a night I have to be at work)
  8. The Capital of Nakashikumo was especially designed for its role as the Political hub of the system by local Architect Rena Mao. The Capital city of Quijote has finished construction. Nakashikumo was declared completed today with an opening ceremony outside the new Colonial Assembly. The Governor of the system, Ricardo Freitas, was the one to cut the ribbon, completing the transfer of power from the old Capital of Yikburn. A select population of 5,600 members from across the two planets of Quijote and Rocinante have been allowed to move into the city, which is dedicated entirely to the running of the system's governance. Included in this group is the CEO of The GHK Company, Khai Sotharith. The corporation was also allowed to open a liaison branch, which is believed to be due to the significant traffic it controls in the system. The Speaker of Rocinante, Pok Chunyong, has also established residence in the city so as to represent the smaller moon. It is likely he will resume his calls for further assistance from Quijote, as Arachnid remnants from the Second Bug War continue to plague the smaller world which has significant refineries and factory sectors.
  9. In the far edges of Outer Colony News, a small side article on FEDNET is visible. A Recruitment drive has started for the Outer Colonies of Ulm & Novoid. Sitting at a collective population of under 100,000. The two planets have announced that they're expanding the incentives given to new colonists. The offer seems to be part of a new drive by the system to populate the outer colony planets which has a population combined smaller than most colonies, leaving most of the population in the two main Cities. Haithabu of Novoid, and Nye Drammen of Ulm. Immigration to the two systems has been increased since the results of the first Season of the Jump Ball League, where the Trappist Titans shocked many by beating significantly larger and more established colonies such as Wiaria, Pallas, Faxx & Cassandra and reaching the Playoffs in their first season. Whether this leads to another increase is to be seen, however with the destruction that occurred with the assault of the Progenitors, the offer of a new start is a tempting offer.
  10. Something to add - You'll have to include your Rank in the name of the Character when you make it. E.g: Pvt. John 'NicknameHere' Doe It's not a separate script any more, so make sure to include that
  11. When you ignore that 1/4 of the server are Engineers yeah 😂
  12. This is probably touching on it. Speaking as an Admin. I can say that it's very rare for Admin to know the Fact sheets of every faction, as well as the training for each faction. This is of course compounded if the Admin is also doing things such as College, University or Work. While this can be ignored to a Degree with factions such as Marauders "Oh. The Marauder suddenly has more Y-Racks because [Insert Plot reason here]" or Engineers "The Bottomless pack of Engineering M55 Warheads continues to produce a 50th Explosion. Even though there's 1 Engineer and the Combined weight of those Warheads would've crushed his spine." - With what was suggested, of keeping an Active check to ensure Medical have done the right training, it would be near impossible without a dedicated admin who knows Medical RP to a T. And yes, as Centrix noted there is a thread, many people will deviate from that to add their own flare of writing, so a direct copy and paste wouldn't be the same. If you know your Medical knowledge, are being treated and see that it is being done wrong. Feel free to look at the thread - http://sstrp.net/index.php?/topic/2565-permakills-pks-temporary-kills-tks-injuries/&tab=comments#comment-25840 - On Kills. It would then be on the onus of evidence that it be truly considered a Mistreatment, and would have a subsequent Court Martial over those Findings even if they're clearly shown as innocent. Sorry if it's long-windy or tangenty, stealthy posting from Work PC xD
  13. LEVEL ONE CLEARANCE MESSAGE RECEIVED; DECRYPTION COMPLETE; DISPLAYING MESSAGE; FROM: 2Lt. Susanne ó Conchobhair TO: General Larsen; Major Young; Office of Special Warfare  SUBJECT: [CONFIDENTIAL] Report on the capture of Jee-Un Choi. This is to be an update on the results of the Operation, and the Subsequent actions. Following the Pathfinder deployment, we captured a member of the Black Cross as you are aware, Major Young. With this, after interrogation he disclosed Logistics and communications with the chief among these being the following: PRIORITY MESSAGE. DATE: 2229-02-02. FROM: <STATION 14> TO: <ALL STATIONS>. CAPTAIN JEE-UN CHOI, COMMANDER OF FEDERATION WARSHIP ULYSSES S. GRANT, SURRENDER ED SELF TO TBX OPERATIVES ON 02 FEB 2299. CHOI FACING CHARGES OF "CONDUCT UNBECO MING", LIKELY TO FACE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. INFORMATION OFFERED IN RETURN FOR SAFE PASSAGE. PLS ADVISE ON HOW TO PROCEED. 14. After this, we performed a trace on the communication to determine that it was sent to Bouy.2922 but never received. After ensuring it was fully operational, the Grant was tasked to head to the Relay Prior: Relay.224. For the other information discovered, I have requested this be passed over to other members of Intelligence such as Colonel Ziola, so that my focus can be purely on the hunt for the Traitor, and other members of Intelligence can more wholeheartedly focus on the threat that is the Black Cross. The subsequent boarding and deployment in the 112th undertaken with Sergeant Holtz was botched when Black Cross were discovered to have taken over the facility. While a Doctor, an Otis Wade, who was in charge of the Communications for the entire Relay, was recovered. The Computers were wiped of any possible data we could recover, who received the message, or any responses. This botch has admittedly put us back an additional 12 hours, leaving us around 36 hours behind Choi. Additionally, radios were recovered from the Black Cross, which held active frequencies they use in their assaults and could have led to a secondary lead, however an Engineer after the death of the Tech Sergeant, Promptly used the radio to insult the Black Cross, and they have likely changed the frequencies to adjust for the fact they are aware they have been infiltrated. I have at present appropriated the Doctor to assist with the investigation, and he has said that we may be able to recover the data if we can get access to the Computers, how specifically I do not know. I intend to pass on a request that is this done, and myself and the Doctor will be looking towards a second lead. This may revolve around the identity of this Station 14, and the locations it has been to, and subsequent deployments for the Office of Special Warfare. Please contact me if you wish for further information, or would like to recommend further directions.  LtCol. Susanne ó Conchobhair END MESSAGE; ENCRYPTING FILE; MESSAGE - ARCHIVED;
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