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  1. Admyral Joe

    War Movies!

    12 Strong was alright. Recently out and has Thor Chris Hemsworth. About the First parts of the War in Afghanistan so maybe a bit further along than the rest of the movies.
  2. Was less of a Character thing and more of my own Answers. Not sure what that says.
  3. TRAPPIST-1 Iskander Scarvis Unrest in the Colonies Federal Council Cassandra This information has been covered elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here.
  4. Admyral Joe

    Marauder News

    I want to suggest that what she meant was /report. Unless they're announcing it to the rest of the MI, which I can state the Admin may not fully be paying attention to if alone.
  5. Admyral Joe

    Aoife York née Hviteulven

    Updated a fair bit since a certain event of importance occured, Switched up the Relationship section so that those who no longer play are with the Dead people, as I mean ssh. Also updated 1-2 of them, nothing entirely major
  6. Admyral Joe

    Federal Council Club details.

    Bumping a Dead Thread as there's new news coming directly from Work Place. Due to the two main people who run this having gone over to Engineering Lead & Engineer Anomaly, The Federal Council stuff was put into the background. However, It's always been the intent to bring it back to the front, and that'll be picking back up starting January. As starting a month with like 2 weeks left is pretty silly, even on my standards. More will come when I return home at 5pm-ish BST, but for now will add a few things. Or rather. Pre-Patch notes for Politics/Council 1.1, which are subject to expansion & change. 1) I hope to revamp the Market system, so that the more people put into it or take from it, prices adjust. 2) A group chat will be set up for those participating. Gathering the rolls every month was what caused 99% of the issues in the Politics. Some had horrific timezones to try and contact in, and so they could lose their chance. With this, it'll make it easy to just leave a message in the group for help, posting rolls, etc. 3) For New individuals, making your own colony will give you perks. To boost the Wiki and further from the Worldbuilding thread, boost the ability of Admins to implement elements, those that create their own Colony for the Federal Council elements will receive one-time boosts, such as extra Support from the Federation. 4) Lastly. There will likely be a purge of inactive colonies, so those already taking part please respond to an Activity check I will post once this is posted. Stay tuned for more information, such as the changes and additions such as the Creation and upkeep of your very own Planetary Defense Force / Planetary Defense ships, more details on building structures, and of course, a thing I shall refer to as Mega-Projects, because I played a bit too many hours of Space games.
  7. Admyral Joe

    The Return of an Oldperson

    Welcome back Witty. Saw you briefly on Server, glad to have you back. And Oldfag still works, we normally refer to Snow Wolf as one.
  8. Admyral Joe

    Worldbuilding thread

    So having asked a few guys in the Teamspeak about if this should be made. Was decided "Fuck it why not?" So I'm just posting some of the things I use when making Fednet Posts, Colonies & on the Wiki & Forums. Why make any of these? Because with Colonies, there's a good chance if it's well known or memorable, it'll be used for Missions and you'll get to see them on Server, like Scarvis. Which has become a Go-To for Bug missions. Best way to aid in this is to give a "kick" to the Colony. Examples being Scarvis has a near constant amount of Arachnids on it, making it easier to do bug drops to just clear bug holes on it, and Arcadia has its very hostile wildlife, which I heard Snow Wolf used to great effect. For elements which could help with creating planets, I've been using https://www.storyplanner.com/story/category/the-setting has one of the better templates I've seen for making your own planet, though is aimed more towards D&D so ignore the sections on magic. For imagery from planets to animals http://artstation.com/ & http://deviantart.com/ are my go to's, though I do use some video game art at times. If you have issues with the Wiki itself, do feel free to badger me or ask Snow Wolf for help as we'll hopefully be able to help.Or at least I think I can. Watch me prove myself wrong. For news articles I tend to try and focus on news articles, specifically the BBC and its template. Of course, this is meant as a post for any one to offer help & suggestions in, so feel free to post below if you need any help with making your own colonies, or suggestions of your own resources used to help more people contribute to the server as a whole.
  9. Admyral Joe

    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    Aoife better be the rare Engineer-Marauder thot card
  10. Admyral Joe

    Still Can't Upload Images

    At some point in the near future we'll be able to tell who joined when by if they have a profile picture or not.
  11. Admyral Joe

    Concerns About Marauders

    But speaking as a person who left marauders under Niki. You stay on ship and you retain your training, and your suit is put in storage You don't get to use it mind unless you rejoin or you're given explicit approval per occasion from the lead, but that would be so unique it'd basically never happen Or at least that's what I got under the prior leadership. I want to paraphrase much like Pundii. I can only speak as a former Marauder/ Current Outsider who has seen both eras, and I do not mean offense to anyone, except maybe myself if I am self deprecatory. The main issue I see to the changes, has been that rather than a slow change back to how it was, it was done overnight. I personally don't see that as a bad thing, with systemic changes being needed. Quoting the Fact Sheet, of which all Marauders are "required" to read (Hah as if I know how to read) And From reading this, it is quite clear that Marauders categorically should never have been ran as tanks, and so Pundii you're actually pretty amazing in that respect if you got more than 1 person to listen to you. From what I gathered at the Admin meeting where most of this was established, the changing of HP/AP and readdition of Y-racks, which were only removed because the former leader decided that when Marauders had 2000hp, that the Mini M55 was the issue, are to explicitly make it obvious to everyone that they shouldn't be tanks. Engineers have tanks (when they're not breaking the server.) Despite this, I would strongly oppose the view that if a Marauder dies and rolls a 4, that they should auto die. 1 maybe, but they're still inside metal armour, a limb removal would prospectively make more sense. A lot of the main issues I see which come with Miscommunication, is because a Hands off approach is to be done with Divisions, in that the lead is basically allowed free reign as long as it doesn't conflict with the MI. I do believe that in hindsight, as with most changes, some forms of communication should've been made accessible in advance, so it wasn't a cliffs edge approach, though I also feel that doing so would've resulted in the many issues people seem to have with the changes irregardless, and people would be upset/ disappointed for a longer period of time. I personally have the wait and see approach. If the benefits of the changes back to a time before Power creep in the marauders meant that there was no longer any danger in missions beyond spawning 300 bugs at a time and crashing the server occur as they were stated, I will be content and happy to rejoin Marauders. If they don't arrive or there's significant negatives which are ignored, then I'm sure it would just be demanded by upon high that it is reverted or they're disbanded. One of my favorite things about Progenitors back when I was a Marauder is that initially they actually were a danger to Marauders in their TPAC Suit of 10k hp and one shot capabilities. Now, somehow it's gotten to a point even a Progenitor hitting you as a Marauder is a "Ooh that tickles." which lacks fun. It turns Marauders into a L Click Mousefest, which again, is why I believe if you're getting extra roleplay out of that in the present circumstances, good on you for somehow managing that. I know I covered a lot in what I posted above, but just to put an actual response to you Jun The main chestplate of the armour, which is by far the most armoured, would likely not be penetrated by 7.62 rounds. However, due to momentum, it would pack a massive punch. Example being that the Flail and Warhammer was invented to deal with Plate armour, and instead of trying to stab into it, they just smash enough force to dent it in or cause blunt force trauma. However, the Joints have always been weak, or else they wouldn't be able to move. This can be shown on the F04 Concept Art. If you were to sustain fire at those limbs, you would certainly dent it enough to stop working as effectively, if at all. And as mentioned (and joked about) prior. The reason Marauders have been appearing as these nigh unkillable beasts, is because a prior faction leader would steadily power creep them, then claim it was in the Fact Sheet so correct, without updating the Fact Sheet. The Fact sheet has always reflected that a Marauder should never be close enough to a bug that it can swipe at it, and that the Standard rifle will, if you and your mates decide they dislike the Iron Man wannabe (Fair enough response tbf), be enough to give the Marauder at the very least internal issues from being spiked in the chest a few times by the dented-in armour. If my roundabout of a post didn't make sense. Feel free to laugh at me and respond querying anything.
  12. From the sounds and looks of it you do not apply. You're judged from a distance and informed "Hey you're allowed to make a G&T" or not told anything at all