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    John York

    Update Aoife maybe if needed, just because of times.
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    Federal Council Club details.

    This thread is just an explanation on what the Federal Council Club is, and, if you're on the discord, the "Terran Federation Government" section which was put in Announcements. In a short tl;dr of it. It is you getting to act as a System Governor and control a colony (Or colonies if there are more in the planetary system.) Which can directly lead to events occuring on the server. Long version is that me and @Argon are currently working on a system of colony control where a player or admin will take control of a planetary system, and help that colony grow, and expand. For said player/admin to create laws for the World, ranging from introducing population laws to relatively benign laws like restricting dogs from the world. At present, you can create laws, trade between colonies and have events occur ranging from finding new minerals to permanently increase the resource production of that colony to be the number one producer in the Federation, to the possibility of suffering a bug invasion while you have a VEI 8 Eruption. We hope to eventually get enough people involved to recreate the Council of the Federation, with each individual at the meetings getting their own vote to decide Federal policy. We hope this will increase interest in the Colonies and promote players who had an interest in what occured at the beginning of the Civil war with the rts elements. How does it look currently? With the colonies currently, we will produce an image like this one (Which will need changing as Hod isn't under their control any more.) where you are given a brief overview of what is going right and what is going wrong with the colony as well as linking the wiki page of their system in a spoiler so they can be read if you don't know it off by heart. After that, when it is your colony's turn you'll be asked to roll for your event. We have ensured that rolling a 1 is not always horrific, and rolling a 100 is not always the best option. More information will come in the future. However, we will be looking for more testers (We hope to stress test it in the next month or so after this first month is over.) so if you're interested feel free to hit a post on this thread or message us in private.
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    Federal Council Club details.

    For a seamless transfer. If you wish to join, please contact me before Thursday this week so that you can be fully set up and on the rota to get going from Next week. We have something planned which will require hitting the ground running, though a hint towards what that shall be will be arriving in the Fednet area beforehand.
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    Old players vs new players. (Opinion)

    Can confirm, never played on the Yukon. Just to cover My opinion on this. I agree that there are plenty of people who view going on the server as a job where everything must be perfect. While it is okay to do that (And will likely lead to you becoming an Admin as the mindset is beneficial in the upper echelons if you have no serious negatives) There are still plenty of people who will come on the server for fun, which is encouraged. If you see everything as a job, it will burn you out and wipe you out of the server. Like for myself, I feel I wouldn't have been an admin for almost 3 years straight now (Now I feel old ;-; ) if I viewed everything in a perfectionist mindset as I would've burnt out and fallen off the server, if I felt constantly judged to the point it was affecting how I played? Then again, I heavily sympathize with you in that I probably would've left. However, while do agree with what you have put, I also feel that what Jordan & Optic put is probably the case in regards to leadership. At present, the leadership doesn't want to chance something when they have tried and tested at least with what they already have. That said, there are plenty of "New"er players in my eyes managing to get in, so there are some chances going on. A chief example of this would be Optic himself, as well as Argon. Both of them joined the community just under a year ago during Operation Omega, and now both are Admins, one leads Mobile Infantry and the other Engineering. If it was a targeted PK, then even if it was not policy, they should be removed.
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    Maple syrup

    Depends if there is some still in it
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    Federal Council Club details.

    Initially it is just colonies that low,yeah. This is a balancing reason with it (As of present, the rule is that they can have a max population of 10 Million under rule.) because a Colony with 1 Billion population in the current status would either be incredibly unstable or be able to solve every problem with every other planet in the Federation. And yeah. While you can't control it until the 20th(As with a set rota it would completely throw it up in the air and put stuff off balance.) that does not mean you cannot plan in advance, about what you feel your colony would need, what laws to enact, etc. At present, issues with systems such as being partially controlled by Arachnids haven't been implemented beyond flavour text. However, we hope that by Month 3 or 4, to introduce these mechanics so that colonies with Arachnid presences may suffer raids on top of their standard events, or Radiation leaks / decreased population growth on planets such as Ulm which are irradiated. As of present. The only reserved colonies are Castus, Faxx & Elixaeberna. "Federally Important" colonies such as Iskander, Sanctuary & eventually Sol are restricted due to letting Xal do his Xal things and not getting in the way, but there's still an array of planets available, such as Faraway, Cassandra & Roku San.
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    Federal Council Club details.

    That's fair. At present we're only having people who actually already control a colony in the group, just so that it is easier to keep track. Admins are able to add themselves to any club so there has been one or two discrepancies, but regardless. Gives anyone who has interest a good fortnight to get at least a WIP of their colony ready. We're only using colonies which are in the low millions or less in terms of population. As one would think that after losing around 6 billion on Earth, the Federation would want to directly control colonies with like six trillion colonists.
  8. Only one on YouTube. I prefer Sub for the movie as it has best character from ajin
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    Federal Council Club details.

    At present you claim it when you join up. There are some systems which are restricted (Such as Iskander & Earth/Mars when it is retaken) from being played. However, one can in effect reserve one if they intend to join but haven't got in just yet, so that they don't get dicked out of a colony. On the 20th we intend to bring in 4 new people to our current collection of six including the two of us running it. However, if interest is high enough, me and Argon can of course discuss the possibility of upping the number we take in to basically stress test earlier. (Please note that I say possibility as nothing is set in stone and I don't want to get people's hopes up only to dash them.) If you have any queries of what systems you can use as you don't wish to build your own, feel free to PM and I can give you a list.
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    Aoife Hviteulven

    Theme Voice Claim Basic Information:Name: Aoife Hviteulven D.O.B: 27/08/2269 Age: 27 Gender: Female Hair colour: Natural ginger Eye colour: Grey (Though varies depending on the light) Height: 5'10" Weight: 170Ib out of their suit, otherwise >1 Metric Tonne. Kin: [Mother] Dáire Nic Céile (Alive) [Father] Harald Hviteulven (Alive) Homeworld: Ulm, a colony in the TRAPPIST-1 System. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Backstory prior to arriving at the Grant: Born on Ulm to a pair of private-sector workers, she'd have a pretty uneventful life until she joined the Infantry, being rather pale from the nature of the colony. At the age of 16, she'd start working towards going into federal service, though she was never the strongest or fastest of her group. Barely getting through the Infantry boot camp two years later, she was then posted to the patrol boat 'Jäger' which was located in the nearby sector. Eventually deciding to go career, at the age of 25 she was recruited onto the cruiser "Endeavour" which was subsequently destroyed during Operation Omega. After surviving that event, she was reposted to the Grant as part of the Marauder detachment to replenish their forces. Other Information:Personal Items: Aoife keeps a necklace underneath her uniform (unless on R&R in which case it is shown publicly) and a small collection of books in her locker. She also has a personal bodysuit from her old unit, being colored red instead of the 112th's Blue, though this is worn near exclusively on R&R. Biotech: Aoife has a Biotech arm from a close encounter of the HEAT kind. It has small modifications to it, having adaptions to enable it to function similar to a PDA. Combat Record: Years of Service: 9 Years Highest Rank Obtained: Senior Specialist Current Rank: Senior Specialist Medals and awards: Omega Campaign Ribbon, Colony Protectorate Ribbon, General Specialization Ribbon, Marauder Specialization Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, Citizenship Ribbon, Mobile Infantry Veterancy Medal, Federal Defense Medal & Legion of Merit medal. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Close friends|Friends|Acquaintance|Mixed or barely known|Dislikes|Literally die. --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Sebastian Bently: "The boss man and who I mainly work with on the ground if given a chance. Pretty close after talking through York. Calls me Achilles, which I am perfectly fine with. Saved his life with my spear more than once after all. We're pretty good friends, even told me about him and White before it was official. Plus he gave me my highest medal so I mean the greatest bar John." Sean Richardson: "Seems like an annoyance. Heard he was picking on people because of where they're from. Pretty cuntish." Joey Bryant: "I know this person from somewhere, but I can't place it." Valerie Faust: "Close friend. Would let her use my suit without being paranoid she was going to trash it. Except you know, has no training in the Aegis, as far as I am aware. We kept getting called twins until recently. It's weird, might be where I let my hair get longer. But anyway. Like Troy and John, she is part of my dream-squad. Got to love a good support. " Franco Sorrentino: "He's taken to referring to me as Cupcake. It's weird, though he lets me off for stuff, so I guess it's okay. Said about being a couple though, which is just weird. Also not my type. Has reached Lieutenant for the second time from what I've heard." Liliana Verbeck Elizabeth Graham: "We've spoken a few times. She seems okay, though not exactly had a sit down chat. .. Could try fixing that I suppose." Jackie Knoxx: I see where everyone gets it from. Legitimate dislike for this person, I don't know how Faust deals with having this person in their specialization. --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- 💖John York💖: Troy Hughes --[[Federation Marauders]]-- Josh Caine: After spending more time together on the field, he's pretty cool. Has a bit of cheek in some of his responses, though that isn't necessarily bad. Cheek hasn't hurt anyone before. Daisy Bailey: The most red-neck sounding boss for a marauder can have. She's pretty good as a boss, enjoys to have a little joke, as I found out when I got promoted. She's since approved my papers regarding John. Which I guess makes her a good person in my view." Kristina Sigrun Joshua Edwards: "Part of team Pantheon. Arguably one of the two other main marauders I go with, after Sigrun... Which makes it three main marauders.. Details. We're pretty close, doesn't seem to mind too much that I keep York round when his bunk is next to mine. Probably dead inside from all the snoring." --[[Federation Pathfinders]]-- Travis Young: "Was the former engineer lieutenant before he became a super special soldier or something. Apparently he made Sigrun's axe, so I would assume he is pretty okay to be around. Not really had much interactions outside of drops though." --[[Dead Guys]]-- Sarah Redbrick: "Apparently she was a traitor and tried to kill Larsen. Not sure how to feel about this, but learning it after it was all said and done probably eased the pain of it a little." ☠Ashley Rose: We're friends I think, on good terms. Spent a bit of time together on Iskander on the many times we've been there. Maybe that can overlook the fact she cried over Earth. - Seems to have died while I was on another deployment. I've gotten over it, but it was still not the best thing to hear about. ☠Jack O'Neill: "The fact he went and complained over a simple joke shows his age more than anything else. Apparently he was a Fleetie? I guess that explains why he can't handle a bit of a joke at their expense. - Got to know him a bit more and he seems okay. Still a bit melodramatic, but he can take a few jokes. Doesn't shout at me, unlike what I've heard what he has done towards other marauders." - Gunned down, shot by Intel. I guess this is the price you pay for being a Psychic? The risk of being immediately gimped via round to the cranium.
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    Aoife Hviteulven

    Finally got round to updating stuff. Mostly in the form of the Medal ceremony, some edits to Bently & York, and adding links to her Homeworld/system. Will do more updates when return from work, but if you want updated / added, feel free to send a message.
  12. Dunno about that @Lalatina Clearly the drop pods need to just vanish and somehow just appear back on the ship again.
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    Federal Council Club details.

    As of present the only way to help would be by being interested in joining as we run a very bare bones but functional version. The best way you could help if you want to join? Make yourself a colony. As of present, the majority of the colonies we have produce resources & wealth and need colonies which produce water & Food. So feel free to get in contact with Snow Wolf and get yourself your own little slice of space on the Star map.
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    Nah this is the average Admin while on the server.
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    Discord Updated

    https://discord.gg/jTzgJxj There's a permanent invite here if it works for me. ^.^
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    [FEDNET] Federal Council reforms.

    After a long hiatus, the Federal council has convened in its entirety. Lacking many of the prior elected officials and delegates with the fall of Earth and the subsequent civil war, many colonies, now in the limelight for holding significant amounts of the surviving population of the federation, have appointed their governors as members of the council to ensure that their voices are heard. A Sky Marshal is yet to be appointed, however many look towards the governor of Iskander, the de facto capital of this new federation championed by the forces of the Coalition. The first decisions at the initial meeting? To renew the war against the mysterious ‘Progenitor’ race that took Earth and the Sol system. Additionally, the prior Sky Marshal, John Hudson, and other fallen members of the council have been posthumously declared Heroes of the Federation and there are further calls from members of the council to give honors to the fallen Infantry companies which died on Earth.
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    Ideas for Marauders

    I cannot comment on the Clique-nature as I don't believe as a Marauder I am part of that and spend most of my time in the bar and far away from the Marauder barracks due to my character Icly preferring to speak to Engineering & standard MI. Being clumped up during missions is because Marauders are exclusively ordered to go to the front. Hard not to clump up when you all have to be in the same place. As I put in my survey answers (Which I didn't anonymise as I would say the same any other time) the marauders currently lack progression and from an Admin standpoint, are near unkillable without targeting or slaughtering every other MI 15 (10 now) x over. When you hit Specialist and get Y-Racks, there is nothing more to get from marauders. There's a restriction on Marauders becoming NCO's despite being some of the safest members of a drop, the Chickenhawk isn't playable as using just one will turn the server into a slideshow and it handles like a drunk OAP with a broken hip. As such, I personally feel that it loses out when compared to the other NCO restricted faction that is Weapon Specialization, where in exchange for being not being near-immortal, you get better and more choice of weaponry. As mentioned, while the health has been changed, I personally still feel it is too high. A marauder's chief difference with MI is that it has armour. It isn't that it has sixteen litres of spare blood and redundancy organs (Or if it does, I have missed out quite clearly.) The chief enemies of the MI are all individuals who would have rounds or claws which penetrate the marauder's armour quite easily if focused (Talons, Plasma, etc) so I feel if there is this requirement that it stays at 1000, it should be split either 500hp/500ap or 300/700 etc so there is more armour. Roleplay on a roleplay server is expected. Admins can recognize that a bullet which would go through an MI's breast would merely dent a marauder, without having it so absurdly high that they never have to worry without a self injury.
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    [TRASHED] The Reversal

    Stolen. I'm in agreement with this line. Using logs or observe to perform actions you wouldn't know as a player is a wanton disregard and disrespect towards both the other player, and players in general. It has been discussed repeatedly that there ARE cameras in communal areas which would include audio. Communal areas are not inside Officer's rooms, or voyeuristically looking at people in the toilets. But even then. Only Intelligence (And Marines at the time) would have access to them. Generic Officer MI Sixty-nine wouldn't have access to that. A Pathfinder, would not have access to that. The only person who springs to mind who would have access to those is Zaiger. Honestly if what was said is correct, it smells of targeting to me personally, and I wouldn't Personally keep the pk. However, as I said in the shoutbox. If you're brought back, and it will be brought up in the admin meeting all these revocations will be taking place at, you should explain how your character came back from a firing line to the face. #JusticeforRedbrick
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    favorite story-based game?

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    Change the server name!

    I personally don't see a problem with doing this. Cannot speak for any one else, but while mine comes up with a longer name it may not be the same if not using the server tool on steam. Showing off the fact we don't need to rely on donations and so we can offer elements for free incentives for those who are good with Tool trust / PAC may not be a bad thing. Plus I think the . in .net would put us higher than them in the server browser. Which is petty but I mean I am personally okay with pettiness.
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    Post your best memes

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    SST Quotes Thread

    Optic in Teamspeak "I approve of the death of Africans."
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    Is the Marauder faction a cult?

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    Aoife Hviteulven

    Update to York @Argon Added Bently @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz Added to Other Items that she in fact has a Biotech.