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    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    Aoife better be the rare Engineer-Marauder thot card
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    Still Can't Upload Images

    At some point in the near future we'll be able to tell who joined when by if they have a profile picture or not.
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    Concerns About Marauders

    But speaking as a person who left marauders under Niki. You stay on ship and you retain your training, and your suit is put in storage You don't get to use it mind unless you rejoin or you're given explicit approval per occasion from the lead, but that would be so unique it'd basically never happen Or at least that's what I got under the prior leadership. I want to paraphrase much like Pundii. I can only speak as a former Marauder/ Current Outsider who has seen both eras, and I do not mean offense to anyone, except maybe myself if I am self deprecatory. The main issue I see to the changes, has been that rather than a slow change back to how it was, it was done overnight. I personally don't see that as a bad thing, with systemic changes being needed. Quoting the Fact Sheet, of which all Marauders are "required" to read (Hah as if I know how to read) And From reading this, it is quite clear that Marauders categorically should never have been ran as tanks, and so Pundii you're actually pretty amazing in that respect if you got more than 1 person to listen to you. From what I gathered at the Admin meeting where most of this was established, the changing of HP/AP and readdition of Y-racks, which were only removed because the former leader decided that when Marauders had 2000hp, that the Mini M55 was the issue, are to explicitly make it obvious to everyone that they shouldn't be tanks. Engineers have tanks (when they're not breaking the server.) Despite this, I would strongly oppose the view that if a Marauder dies and rolls a 4, that they should auto die. 1 maybe, but they're still inside metal armour, a limb removal would prospectively make more sense. A lot of the main issues I see which come with Miscommunication, is because a Hands off approach is to be done with Divisions, in that the lead is basically allowed free reign as long as it doesn't conflict with the MI. I do believe that in hindsight, as with most changes, some forms of communication should've been made accessible in advance, so it wasn't a cliffs edge approach, though I also feel that doing so would've resulted in the many issues people seem to have with the changes irregardless, and people would be upset/ disappointed for a longer period of time. I personally have the wait and see approach. If the benefits of the changes back to a time before Power creep in the marauders meant that there was no longer any danger in missions beyond spawning 300 bugs at a time and crashing the server occur as they were stated, I will be content and happy to rejoin Marauders. If they don't arrive or there's significant negatives which are ignored, then I'm sure it would just be demanded by upon high that it is reverted or they're disbanded. One of my favorite things about Progenitors back when I was a Marauder is that initially they actually were a danger to Marauders in their TPAC Suit of 10k hp and one shot capabilities. Now, somehow it's gotten to a point even a Progenitor hitting you as a Marauder is a "Ooh that tickles." which lacks fun. It turns Marauders into a L Click Mousefest, which again, is why I believe if you're getting extra roleplay out of that in the present circumstances, good on you for somehow managing that. I know I covered a lot in what I posted above, but just to put an actual response to you Jun The main chestplate of the armour, which is by far the most armoured, would likely not be penetrated by 7.62 rounds. However, due to momentum, it would pack a massive punch. Example being that the Flail and Warhammer was invented to deal with Plate armour, and instead of trying to stab into it, they just smash enough force to dent it in or cause blunt force trauma. However, the Joints have always been weak, or else they wouldn't be able to move. This can be shown on the F04 Concept Art. If you were to sustain fire at those limbs, you would certainly dent it enough to stop working as effectively, if at all. And as mentioned (and joked about) prior. The reason Marauders have been appearing as these nigh unkillable beasts, is because a prior faction leader would steadily power creep them, then claim it was in the Fact Sheet so correct, without updating the Fact Sheet. The Fact sheet has always reflected that a Marauder should never be close enough to a bug that it can swipe at it, and that the Standard rifle will, if you and your mates decide they dislike the Iron Man wannabe (Fair enough response tbf), be enough to give the Marauder at the very least internal issues from being spiked in the chest a few times by the dented-in armour. If my roundabout of a post didn't make sense. Feel free to laugh at me and respond querying anything.
  4. From the sounds and looks of it you do not apply. You're judged from a distance and informed "Hey you're allowed to make a G&T" or not told anything at all
  5. Following the alleged reports of the Barachian-Nine this dossier is being handed to help fledgling colonies to deal with the dangers of the Space. In this guide we’ll start with what is now dominating the news: Asteroids, Meteors & Meteoroids or Near Planetary Objects (NPOs). Asteroids, Comets & Meteors are a common occurrence. Using Earth standards, a 4m large NPO will hit the Earth on average once a year with an entry of 3kt of TNT. NPOs with a power of 16kt, the same as the bomb Little Boy, will hit the Earth every 5 years. The reason these are of no consequence is because of Air Burst causing them to explode at a much lower energy level than they entered. Asteroids higher than a 4 on the Torino scale are likely to be intercepted and destroyed by a Federal vessel. Of course, not every asteroid will be caught by the highly advanced equipment, these are likely to be those minor asteroids and comets. An impacting NPO of approximately 11 kilometres or higher would be a colonial equivalent of an extinction event. The Chicxulub asteroid was between 10 & 15 and wiped out the dinosaurs, causing a planetary winter from all the projecta sent into the atmosphere. To put into Numbers. If an 11km asteroid made out of Sandstone - A porous rock similar to some kinds of bug materia - hit the city of London at 17km/s and with an impact angle of 45 degrees, after 16.7 minutes an Earthquake would hit Nigeria with a 9.7 rating on the Richter scale. An accurate image of the common idea of a NPO. Asteroid 2015 TB145 in the Sol System. If a 32km diameter meteor hit a planet with a similar composition to London in the impact zone, it is likely the planet would cease to be a colony. At 6378km, or the radius of the Earth bar slight differences, it would cause a 10.6 Earthquake 21.3 minutes after the impact, just over 5 hours, the blastwave would hit with 81.8mph winds striking the area. Its impact energy would be 8.88 x10^8 MT of TNT, have a 236km large crater and vaporize and melt the area around it for 5610 miles cubed. A shortened version for that would be that the colony, if on an Earth sized or smaller planet, would be wiped out. Any survivors would have to contend with significant global cooling, most likely being cut off initially from the debris bloating the atmosphere with dust, and have planetary fires from the fireball and thermal radiation. The good news? The chances of one striking the planet are one in every 850,000,000 years for the average planet. And with picket ships and orbital defences, the chances of these beasts hitting you are exceptionally small. A handy image to learn the main differences for budding astronomers looking up at their skies. That is all for Near Planetary Objects and the misconceived threat to a colony. Next in this list will be the threat that the Atmosphere may cause to your fledgling colony. Enabling you to determine if you should take the gas mask off or not.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.    -MSpc. Aoife Hviteulven
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    Show and Tell Thread

    Miss me with that Wanna-be Saber.
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    PlayX Fix

    With regards to the Chromium branch; It apparently breaks a fair bit more than PAC, however as it is usually the most noticeable thing on the server, that was what most people picked up on. @Argon has more knowledge on this though.
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    Sebastian Bently

    Update to Aoife? Apparently she's a Marauder
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    F.F.R.L Roster.

    Rank : 2nd Lt Name : Susanne ó Conchobhair Fields of study : Astronomy
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    LOA from Server

    Burn out from Server mixed with significant spikes in stress from Work. Likely still be around, especially on Steam, but less activity on the Server should be expected.
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    Aoife Hviteulven

    Theme Voice Claim Basic Information:Name: Aoife Hviteulven D.O.B: 27/08/2269 Age: 28 Gender: Female Hair colour: Natural ginger Eye colour: Grey (Though varies depending on the light) Height: 5'10" Weight: 170Ib Kin: [Mother] Dáire Nic Céile (Alive) [Father] Harald Hviteulven (Alive) Homeworld: Ulm, a colony in the TRAPPIST-1 System. From Level C9 Section 218 of Nye Drammen. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Backstory prior to arriving at the Grant: Born on Ulm to a pair of private-sector workers, she'd have a pretty uneventful life until she joined the Infantry, being rather pale from the nature of the colony. At the age of 16, she'd start working towards going into federal service, though she was never the strongest or fastest of her group. Barely getting through the Infantry boot camp two years later, she was then posted to the patrol boat 'Jäger' which was located in the nearby sector. Eventually deciding to go career, at the age of 25 she was recruited onto the cruiser "Endeavour" which was subsequently destroyed during Operation Omega. After surviving that event, she was reposted to the Grant as part of the Marauder detachment to replenish their forces. Other Information:Personal Items: Aoife keeps a necklace underneath her uniform (unless on R&R in which case it is shown publicly) and a small collection of books in her locker. She also has a personal bodysuit from her old unit, being colored red instead of the 112th's Blue, though this is worn near exclusively on R&R. On the field, she has a personalized mask from Engineering, with a painted Decal of her callsign & of herself and York. Biotech: Aoife has a Biotech arm from a close encounter of the HEAT kind. It has small modifications to it, having adaptions to enable it to function similar to a PDA. Combat Record: Years of Service: 10 Years Highest Rank Obtained: Corporal / Tech Sergeant Current Rank: Tech Sergeant Medals : Legion of Merit Medal / Veteran Combat Medal / Combat Action Medal / Purple Heart Awards: Omega Campaign Ribbon, Purple Heart Ribbon, Mobile Infantry, Veterancy Ribbon, General Specialization Ribbon Colony Protectorate Ribbon, , Marauder Specialization Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, Citizenship Ribbon, Federal Defense Medal. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Close friends|Friends/Liked|Acquaintance|Mixed or barely known|Dislikes|Literally die. --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Sebastian Bently: "The boss man and who I mainly work with on the ground if given a chance. Pretty close after talking through York. Calls me Achilles, which I am perfectly fine with. Saved his life with my spear more than once after all. We're pretty good friends, even told me about him and White before it was official. Plus he gave me my highest medal so I mean the greatest bar John. - He Made me Corporal after choosing me over a Lance. I feel kind of bad, but hey. I guess he trusts me not to be shit." Sean Richardson: "Seems like an annoyance. Heard he was picking on people because of where they're from. Pretty cuntish." Joey Bryant: "I know this person from somewhere, but I can't place it." Valerie Faust: "Close friend. Would let her use my suit without being paranoid she was going to trash it. Except you know, has no training in the Aegis, as far as I am aware. We kept getting called twins until recently. It's weird, might be where I let my hair get longer. But anyway. Like Troy and John, she is part of my dream-squad. Got to love a good support. " Franco Sorrentino: "He's taken to referring to me as Cupcake. It's weird, though he lets me off for stuff, so I guess it's okay. Said about being a couple though, which is just weird. Also not my type. Has reached Lieutenant for the second time from what I've heard." Liliana Verbeck Elizabeth Graham: "We've spoken a few times. She seems okay, though not exactly had a sit down chat. .. Could try fixing that I suppose." Jackie Knoxx: I see where everyone gets it from. Legitimate dislike for this person, I don't know how Faust deals with having this person in their specialization. --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- ?John York?: Troy Hughes Sarah Redbrick: "Seems okay to me, we don't really interact too much outside of engineering work but she lets me be and isn't snarky." Iris 'Blank' Blanka: "Another Engineer. Also a psychic, and probably the only one I don't entirely mind in my head. After that Psych stuff, even if it was her first time it was good. Though probably because it wasn't some kind of PTSD veteran grade shit to me and was of my engagement. We'll see the next time it occurs if I still like her." --[[Federation Marauders]]-- Lux Archer: "We've spoken a little since she took over from Bailey. She has a biotech as well, and hasn't tried to bring an end to me and York though the rank gap has clearly adjusted. Would need to speak to her more outside the field to get more of a feel for her." Josh Caine: After spending more time together on the field, he's pretty cool. Has a bit of cheek in some of his responses, though that isn't necessarily bad. Cheek hasn't hurt anyone before. Kristina Sigrun Joshua Edwards: "Part of team Pantheon. Arguably one of the two other main marauders I go with, after Sigrun... Which makes it three main marauders.. Details. We're pretty close, doesn't seem to mind too much that I keep York round when his bunk is next to mine. Probably dead inside from all the snoring. - We've gotten on quite well since then, had essentially a double date the other night with making Young's new office and we both manage to blue ball each other. Though he should at least take it to the bedroom first, or somewhere with a door. Nah, he's pretty chill and also a member of Meme-Team 6." --[[Federation Pathfinders]]-- Travis Young: "Was the former engineer lieutenant before he became a super special soldier or something. Apparently he made Sigrun's axe, so I would assume he is pretty okay to be around. Not really had much interactions outside of drops though." --[[Dead Guys]]-- ☠Ashley Rose: We're friends I think, on good terms. Spent a bit of time together on Iskander on the many times we've been there. Maybe that can overlook the fact she cried over Earth. - Seems to have died while I was on another deployment. I've gotten over it, but it was still not the best thing to hear about. Daisy Bailey: The most red-neck sounding boss for a marauder can have. She's pretty good as a boss, enjoys to have a little joke, as I found out when I got promoted. She's since approved my papers regarding John. Which I guess makes her a good person in my view." ☠Jack O'Neill: "The fact he went and complained over a simple joke shows his age more than anything else. Apparently he was a Fleetie? I guess that explains why he can't handle a bit of a joke at their expense. - Got to know him a bit more and he seems okay. Still a bit melodramatic, but he can take a few jokes. Doesn't shout at me, unlike what I've heard what he has done towards other marauders." - Gunned down, shot by Intel. I guess this is the price you pay for being a Psychic? The risk of being immediately gimped via round to the cranium. Aiden O'Farrell: "We fell out of contact after a bit and didn't really reconnect before his death. While I wasn't there for it, even if we were almost friends, I have to question why he decided to lead from the front with no armour. Not the smartest of moves to say the least." A sketch of Aoife drawn by York.
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    Aoife Hviteulven

    Actually updated after like 2 months. Added 1 or 2 and update @Argon, @Scar & @Kris
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    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    Scar was made lead of Marauders with the departure of Hazy by Xal
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    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    Ryu's got it. There's no real application process. New Admins are acquired by Xal on the basis of need and shown capabilities of Admin qualities. This is why you'll see that a lot of the NCO's / Division leadership are Admins as it's one of the number 1 ways of showing you've got what it takes to be an Admin. Of course, there are always exceptions (I was made Admin with another person as I was on, there was a need for EU Admins and Xal was drunk.) but most of the time, the end result of who becomes an Admin, or who stays admin, is up to Xalphox.
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    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    The issue with marauders currently is that there was an element of power creep on them for the past year or so turning them from 1 marauder has the strength of 2 MI on a drop in terms of balance, to now 1 marauder can probably wipe out the Grant in a pvp scenario Childish bandwagoning that is a hate for them because of muh pfc is far from helpful. Regarding the above post I would strongly disagree with the idea that reaching a certain rank means you've been around a certain amount of time. A clearcut example of this would be where an individual has gone from Private to corporal in 24 ooc hours. This would mean overnight that character has aged weeks if not months. The SST universe is drastically different from the principles aimed at reaching a certain rank after a certain time. Rico in the film goes from fresh Recruit to Lieutenant in a year at a most. In my eyes The thing that will promote marauder-infantry interaction is an active set of marauders interacting with Infantry and the Infantry not sitting there like "Look at those veterans and people who can snap my spine with a flick of their wrist while they're in their suits. What a bunch of faggots" Also posting off phone is horrific. Xal please make this easier
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    Why I'm Transferring out of Marauders.

    Following from Colesion As for fun in the division, I haven’t been in the division for about a month and a half now, but had been in it for over a year (Since Omega) and the first Marauder to get NCO (self-jerking emoji)I can say there has been a significant lack of Interdepartmental work with Marauders beyond the Implants which the marauders want. There’s been little to no enforcement of Marauders going to the bay after drops to get their suits repaired as an example I can outright state, as well as the belief that Marauders are NCO second, as opposed to every other division where they’re NCO first. A lot of the extent I have seen on drops between Marauders and Engineers are when the Engineers come up to the marauders asking if they want field patchups for the equiv of a Medic doing patch ups and gaining extra hp. As for how communication is done. I tend to agree with you in regards to that communication is not done on a equal standpoint. There’s little to no trust in those not CO, as various other members who have left marauders can likely attest to. I also agree that it is infeasible to censor who can and who cannot talk about marauders. People talk, and to punish that is, in a blunt statement, retarded. For what Optic put: I can confirm seeing Colesion do quite a bit of activity, but again because most of it it covers the same elements of my own becoming of XO for Engineers. And it can be best not to throw stones in a glass house. For the Hazy Post. The breaching element was stated at this last admin meeting that it was not from upon high from Xal. I have audio logs if required due to playing Crusader Kings 2. As for creating passive. Is it now a thing to punish people for trying to create passive? A lot of what occurs doesn’t make sense, but we still allow it. I’ll agree on this part. While I believe Lynch has been outside the circle to know up to date knowledge on Marauders, however it is contradictory to state that someone who is no longer in the division immediately loses all information on the division whatsoever. If it’s a simple question, anyone can answer it. Last part of the first post. I feel it rather contradictory to state that you want them to grow in power, and then stating that an individual who has repeatedly caused marauders to become overpowered and collapse, is to help balance them. For the second Post: I can state emphatically that that is a falsehood. Colesion wasn’t in the running for XO in the beginning. If this would like to be disputed by yourself Hazy, I can provide logs, but I felt that it would be unprofessional to produce private messages without an entirely valid reason. I’m not going to address that posted by Boland or the response, as this post is long enough.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Unfortunately due to a OOC reputation, at present your application has been declined. This decision can change if OOC reputations are changed and a reapplication may be accepted.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.    -TSgt. Aoife Hviteulven
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    XCOM SST Edition!

    WOTC Female Pack ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471399748 ) Add Aoife, needs the most irish accent possible.
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    Debates done quick: Traps

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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.    -TSgt. Aoife Hviteulven
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    Still Can't Upload Images

    To answer the Wiki integration When putting it into a post, you have to head onto Source and put "Scrolling=yes" as it automatically defaults for No. As for Posting Pictures and Avatars. Unsure on when that will be fixed, though as Hazy pointed out, images via links seem to still work fine.