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  1. In the far edges of Outer Colony News, a small side article on FEDNET is visible. A Recruitment drive has started for the Outer Colonies of Ulm & Novoid. Sitting at a collective population of under 100,000. The two planets have announced that they're expanding the incentives given to new colonists. The offer seems to be part of a new drive by the system to populate the outer colony planets which has a population combined smaller than most colonies, leaving most of the population in the two main Cities. Haithabu of Novoid, and Nye Drammen of Ulm. Immigration to the two systems has been increased since the results of the first Season of the Jump Ball League, where the Trappist Titans shocked many by beating significantly larger and more established colonies such as Wiaria, Pallas, Faxx & Cassandra and reaching the Playoffs in their first season. Whether this leads to another increase is to be seen, however with the destruction that occurred with the assault of the Progenitors, the offer of a new start is a tempting offer.
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    Char loss.

    Something to add - You'll have to include your Rank in the name of the Character when you make it. E.g: Pvt. John 'NicknameHere' Doe It's not a separate script any more, so make sure to include that
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    Medical Rolls

    When you ignore that 1/4 of the server are Engineers yeah 😂
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    Medical Rolls

    This is probably touching on it. Speaking as an Admin. I can say that it's very rare for Admin to know the Fact sheets of every faction, as well as the training for each faction. This is of course compounded if the Admin is also doing things such as College, University or Work. While this can be ignored to a Degree with factions such as Marauders "Oh. The Marauder suddenly has more Y-Racks because [Insert Plot reason here]" or Engineers "The Bottomless pack of Engineering M55 Warheads continues to produce a 50th Explosion. Even though there's 1 Engineer and the Combined weight of those Warheads would've crushed his spine." - With what was suggested, of keeping an Active check to ensure Medical have done the right training, it would be near impossible without a dedicated admin who knows Medical RP to a T. And yes, as Centrix noted there is a thread, many people will deviate from that to add their own flare of writing, so a direct copy and paste wouldn't be the same. If you know your Medical knowledge, are being treated and see that it is being done wrong. Feel free to look at the thread - http://sstrp.net/index.php?/topic/2565-permakills-pks-temporary-kills-tks-injuries/&tab=comments#comment-25840 - On Kills. It would then be on the onus of evidence that it be truly considered a Mistreatment, and would have a subsequent Court Martial over those Findings even if they're clearly shown as innocent. Sorry if it's long-windy or tangenty, stealthy posting from Work PC xD
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    Aoife York née Hviteulven

    Voice Claim Basic Information:Name: Aoife York D.O.B: 27/08/2269 Age: 28 Gender: Female Hair colour: Natural ginger Eye colour: Grey (Though varies depending on the light) Height: 5'10" Weight: 170Ib Kin: [Mother] Dáire Nic Céile (Alive) [Father] Harald Hviteulven (Alive) Homeworld: Ulm, a colony in the TRAPPIST-1 System. From Level C9 Section 218 of Nye Drammen. Alignment: Chaotic Neutral Other Information:Personal Items: Aoife keeps a necklace underneath her uniform (unless on R&R in which case it is shown publicly) and a small collection of books in her locker. She also has a personal bodysuit from her old unit, being colored red instead of the 112th's Blue, though this is worn near exclusively on R&R. On the field, she has a personalized mask from Engineering, with a painted Decal of her call-sign & of herself and York. Biotech: Aoife has a Biotech arm from a close encounter of the HEAT kind. It has small modifications to it, having adaptions to enable it to function similar to a PDA. Combat Record: Years of Service: 10 Years Highest Rank Obtained: Corporal / Tech Sergeant Current Rank: 3rd Specialist Medals : Legion of Merit Medal / Veteran Combat Medal / Combat Action Medal / Purple Heart Awards: Omega Campaign Ribbon, Purple Heart Ribbon, Mobile Infantry, Veterancy Ribbon, General Specialization Ribbon Colony Protectorate Ribbon, Marauder Specialization Ribbon, Good Conduct Ribbon, Citizenship Ribbon, Federal Defense Medal. Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Close friends|Friends/Liked|Acquaintance|Mixed or barely known|Dislikes|Literally die. --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- Sebastian Bently: "The boss man and who I mainly work with on the ground if given a chance. Pretty close after talking through York. Calls me Achilles, which I am perfectly fine with. Saved his life with my spear more than once after all. We're pretty good friends, even told me about him and White before it was official. Plus he gave me my highest medal so I mean the greatest bar John. - He Made me Corporal after choosing me over a Lance. I feel kind of bad, but hey. I guess he trusts me not to be shit." Valerie Faust: "Close friend. Would let her use my suit without being paranoid she was going to trash it. Except you know, has no training in the Aegis, as far as I am aware. We kept getting called twins until recently. It's weird, might be where I let my hair get longer. But anyway. Like Troy and John, she is part of my dream-squad. Got to love a good support. " Franco Sorrentino: "He's taken to referring to me as Cupcake. It's weird, though he lets me off for stuff, so I guess it's okay. Said about being a couple though, which is just weird. Also not my type. Has reached Lieutenant for the second time from what I've heard." Liliana Verbeck Jackie Knoxx: I see where everyone gets it from. Legitimate dislike for this person, I don't know how Faust deals with having this person in their specialization. --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- ?John York?: Troy Hughes Sarah Redbrick: "Seems okay to me, we don't really interact too much outside of engineering work but she lets me be and isn't snarky." --[[Federation Marauders]]-- Kristina Sigrun Joshua Edwards: "Part of team Pantheon. Arguably one of the two other main marauders I go with, after Sigrun... Which makes it three main marauders.. Details. We're pretty close, doesn't seem to mind too much that I keep York round when his bunk is next to mine. Probably dead inside from all the snoring. - We've gotten on quite well since then, had essentially a double date the other night with making Young's new office and we both manage to blue ball each other. Though he should at least take it to the bedroom first, or somewhere with a door. Nah, he's pretty chill and also a member of Meme-Team 6." --[[Federation Pathfinders]]-- Travis Young: "Was the former engineer lieutenant before he became a super special soldier or something. Apparently he made Sigrun's axe, so I would assume he is pretty okay to be around. Not really had much interactions outside of drops though." --[[Dead/Retired Guys]]-- A sketch of Aoife drawn by York.
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    [IC] The Hunt for Choi - Report Log to Gen. Larsen

    LEVEL ONE CLEARANCE MESSAGE RECEIVED; DECRYPTION COMPLETE; DISPLAYING MESSAGE; FROM: 2Lt. Susanne ó Conchobhair TO: General Larsen; Major Young; Office of Special Warfare  SUBJECT: [CONFIDENTIAL] Report on the capture of Jee-Un Choi. This is to be an update on the results of the Operation, and the Subsequent actions. Following the Pathfinder deployment, we captured a member of the Black Cross as you are aware, Major Young. With this, after interrogation he disclosed Logistics and communications with the chief among these being the following: PRIORITY MESSAGE. DATE: 2229-02-02. FROM: <STATION 14> TO: <ALL STATIONS>. CAPTAIN JEE-UN CHOI, COMMANDER OF FEDERATION WARSHIP ULYSSES S. GRANT, SURRENDER ED SELF TO TBX OPERATIVES ON 02 FEB 2299. CHOI FACING CHARGES OF "CONDUCT UNBECO MING", LIKELY TO FACE CAPITAL PUNISHMENT. INFORMATION OFFERED IN RETURN FOR SAFE PASSAGE. PLS ADVISE ON HOW TO PROCEED. 14. After this, we performed a trace on the communication to determine that it was sent to Bouy.2922 but never received. After ensuring it was fully operational, the Grant was tasked to head to the Relay Prior: Relay.224. For the other information discovered, I have requested this be passed over to other members of Intelligence such as Colonel Ziola, so that my focus can be purely on the hunt for the Traitor, and other members of Intelligence can more wholeheartedly focus on the threat that is the Black Cross. The subsequent boarding and deployment in the 112th undertaken with Sergeant Holtz was botched when Black Cross were discovered to have taken over the facility. While a Doctor, an Otis Wade, who was in charge of the Communications for the entire Relay, was recovered. The Computers were wiped of any possible data we could recover, who received the message, or any responses. This botch has admittedly put us back an additional 12 hours, leaving us around 36 hours behind Choi. Additionally, radios were recovered from the Black Cross, which held active frequencies they use in their assaults and could have led to a secondary lead, however an Engineer after the death of the Tech Sergeant, Promptly used the radio to insult the Black Cross, and they have likely changed the frequencies to adjust for the fact they are aware they have been infiltrated. I have at present appropriated the Doctor to assist with the investigation, and he has said that we may be able to recover the data if we can get access to the Computers, how specifically I do not know. I intend to pass on a request that is this done, and myself and the Doctor will be looking towards a second lead. This may revolve around the identity of this Station 14, and the locations it has been to, and subsequent deployments for the Office of Special Warfare. Please contact me if you wish for further information, or would like to recommend further directions.  LtCol. Susanne ó Conchobhair END MESSAGE; ENCRYPTING FILE; MESSAGE - ARCHIVED;
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    Is this Alice?

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    System for Sparring

    I'd be up for this. 🧐
  9. LEVEL ONE CLEARANCE MESSAGE RECEIVED; DECRYPTION COMPLETE; DISPLAYING MESSAGE; FROM: 2Lt. Susanne ó Conchobhair TO: General Larsen; Major Young; Office of Special Warfare SUBJECT: [CONFIDENTIAL] Report on the capture of Jee-Un Choi. The following intelligence has been recovered. The Traitor known as Jee-Un Choi's escape vector was detected by the ship's radar and defense systems. Using the trajectory of the pod, we located it on Kredia which was confirmed by a Bank withdrawal of £20,000 within the vicinity of the expected drop site. Any further access to her assets has been frozen, and the Bounty of both £80,000 dead & £100,000 alive and a full pardon to the person who brings in the bounty has been widely posted on the colony over Televisions and other forms of media. The former rank of the traitor has been withheld to the public with reports of her being a traitorous Crewman being used to prevent information about her rank getting out. We have also brought in sanctioned Bounty Hunters to increase the manpower for minimal expenditure. For now, the wanted poster will be kept on the planet to minimize exposure of the information. We have sent detachments of Infantry to each Space ports to secure them and to ensure that she cannot leave the planet by official routes. Pathfinders are to be sent to the bank and in a thirty mile radius, so to gather any leads. After discussions with Major Bently, he revealed that Specialist Reel had been in contact with the Captain and she had arranged to meet her at Iskander. As such, I have commissioned that her communications be tapped, and have interviewed the Specialist with a Psychic whom confirmed that the information given during the interview was true, however couldn't fully remember the question due to heavy medication from Medical. Despite this, I have requested she is shadowed once the Major accepts her request to transfer to see if she attempts a meet. I have also questioned Major Bently though he denies any culpability instead stating that she said she wasn't willing to wait and be hanged, and he assumed she was going to kill themselves, though a Psychic has not been used to check this or for any other guilt. Additionally, Major Harley is to be interrogated both vocally and with a psychic to assuage guilt in culpability. Both of these Majors were the only visitors to Choi prior to her desertion and as such are prime suspects of collusion. Lastly, attempts to perform Martial law failed due to the lawless nature of the planet. Next steps after the interrogation of the suspects and known associates of the former Captain will be looking into any leads discovered. Please contact me if you wish for further information, or would like to recommend further directions. 2Lt. Susanne ó Conchobhair END MESSAGE; ENCRYPTING FILE; MESSAGE - ARCHIVED;
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    [IC] The 112th Fighting Tournament.

    Specialist Aoife York (+35) Based Tech Sergeant.
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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    Add the edgelord
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    Texture problems

    Do you have any competing Starship troopers mods, such as from EC or FaW? Sometimes these mods can cause errors, so I would recommend clearing them all out and adding those on the Content Pack.
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    War Movies!

    12 Strong was alright. Recently out and has Thor Chris Hemsworth. About the First parts of the War in Afghanistan so maybe a bit further along than the rest of the movies.
  14. Was less of a Character thing and more of my own Answers. Not sure what that says.
  15. TRAPPIST-1 Iskander Scarvis Unrest in the Colonies Federal Council Cassandra This information has been covered elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here.
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    Marauder News

    I want to suggest that what she meant was /report. Unless they're announcing it to the rest of the MI, which I can state the Admin may not fully be paying attention to if alone.
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    Aoife York née Hviteulven

    Updated a fair bit since a certain event of importance occured, Switched up the Relationship section so that those who no longer play are with the Dead people, as I mean ssh. Also updated 1-2 of them, nothing entirely major
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    Federal Council Club details.

    This thread is just an explanation on what the Federal Council Club is, and, if you're on the discord, the "Terran Federation Government" section which was put in Announcements. In a short tl;dr of it. It is you getting to act as a System Governor and control a colony (Or colonies if there are more in the planetary system.) Which can directly lead to events occuring on the server. Long version is that me and @Argon are currently working on a system of colony control where a player or admin will take control of a planetary system, and help that colony grow, and expand. For said player/admin to create laws for the World, ranging from introducing population laws to relatively benign laws like restricting dogs from the world. At present, you can create laws, trade between colonies and have events occur ranging from finding new minerals to permanently increase the resource production of that colony to be the number one producer in the Federation, to the possibility of suffering a bug invasion while you have a VEI 8 Eruption. We hope to eventually get enough people involved to recreate the Council of the Federation, with each individual at the meetings getting their own vote to decide Federal policy. We hope this will increase interest in the Colonies and promote players who had an interest in what occured at the beginning of the Civil war with the rts elements. How does it look currently? With the colonies currently, we will produce an image like this one (Which will need changing as Hod isn't under their control any more.) where you are given a brief overview of what is going right and what is going wrong with the colony as well as linking the wiki page of their system in a spoiler so they can be read if you don't know it off by heart. After that, when it is your colony's turn you'll be asked to roll for your event. We have ensured that rolling a 1 is not always horrific, and rolling a 100 is not always the best option. More information will come in the future. However, we will be looking for more testers (We hope to stress test it in the next month or so after this first month is over.) so if you're interested feel free to hit a post on this thread or message us in private.
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    Federal Council Club details.

    Bumping a Dead Thread as there's new news coming directly from Work Place. Due to the two main people who run this having gone over to Engineering Lead & Engineer Anomaly, The Federal Council stuff was put into the background. However, It's always been the intent to bring it back to the front, and that'll be picking back up starting January. As starting a month with like 2 weeks left is pretty silly, even on my standards. More will come when I return home at 5pm-ish BST, but for now will add a few things. Or rather. Pre-Patch notes for Politics/Council 1.1, which are subject to expansion & change. 1) I hope to revamp the Market system, so that the more people put into it or take from it, prices adjust. 2) A group chat will be set up for those participating. Gathering the rolls every month was what caused 99% of the issues in the Politics. Some had horrific timezones to try and contact in, and so they could lose their chance. With this, it'll make it easy to just leave a message in the group for help, posting rolls, etc. 3) For New individuals, making your own colony will give you perks. To boost the Wiki and further from the Worldbuilding thread, boost the ability of Admins to implement elements, those that create their own Colony for the Federal Council elements will receive one-time boosts, such as extra Support from the Federation. 4) Lastly. There will likely be a purge of inactive colonies, so those already taking part please respond to an Activity check I will post once this is posted. Stay tuned for more information, such as the changes and additions such as the Creation and upkeep of your very own Planetary Defense Force / Planetary Defense ships, more details on building structures, and of course, a thing I shall refer to as Mega-Projects, because I played a bit too many hours of Space games.
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    The Return of an Oldperson

    Welcome back Witty. Saw you briefly on Server, glad to have you back. And Oldfag still works, we normally refer to Snow Wolf as one.
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    Worldbuilding thread

    So having asked a few guys in the Teamspeak about if this should be made. Was decided "Fuck it why not?" So I'm just posting some of the things I use when making Fednet Posts, Colonies & on the Wiki & Forums. Why make any of these? Because with Colonies, there's a good chance if it's well known or memorable, it'll be used for Missions and you'll get to see them on Server, like Scarvis. Which has become a Go-To for Bug missions. Best way to aid in this is to give a "kick" to the Colony. Examples being Scarvis has a near constant amount of Arachnids on it, making it easier to do bug drops to just clear bug holes on it, and Arcadia has its very hostile wildlife, which I heard Snow Wolf used to great effect. For elements which could help with creating planets, I've been using https://www.storyplanner.com/story/category/the-setting has one of the better templates I've seen for making your own planet, though is aimed more towards D&D so ignore the sections on magic. For imagery from planets to animals http://artstation.com/ & http://deviantart.com/ are my go to's, though I do use some video game art at times. If you have issues with the Wiki itself, do feel free to badger me or ask Snow Wolf for help as we'll hopefully be able to help.Or at least I think I can. Watch me prove myself wrong. For news articles I tend to try and focus on news articles, specifically the BBC and its template. Of course, this is meant as a post for any one to offer help & suggestions in, so feel free to post below if you need any help with making your own colonies, or suggestions of your own resources used to help more people contribute to the server as a whole.
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    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    Aoife better be the rare Engineer-Marauder thot card
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    Still Can't Upload Images

    At some point in the near future we'll be able to tell who joined when by if they have a profile picture or not.