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    Activity check and Roster cleaning

    It's English/correct dating format. DD/MM/YYYY
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    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    Scar was made lead of Marauders with the departure of Hazy by Xal
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    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    Ryu's got it. There's no real application process. New Admins are acquired by Xal on the basis of need and shown capabilities of Admin qualities. This is why you'll see that a lot of the NCO's / Division leadership are Admins as it's one of the number 1 ways of showing you've got what it takes to be an Admin. Of course, there are always exceptions (I was made Admin with another person as I was on, there was a need for EU Admins and Xal was drunk.) but most of the time, the end result of who becomes an Admin, or who stays admin, is up to Xalphox.
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    [Fixing what we already have] Part 1 of 6

    The issue with marauders currently is that there was an element of power creep on them for the past year or so turning them from 1 marauder has the strength of 2 MI on a drop in terms of balance, to now 1 marauder can probably wipe out the Grant in a pvp scenario Childish bandwagoning that is a hate for them because of muh pfc is far from helpful. Regarding the above post I would strongly disagree with the idea that reaching a certain rank means you've been around a certain amount of time. A clearcut example of this would be where an individual has gone from Private to corporal in 24 ooc hours. This would mean overnight that character has aged weeks if not months. The SST universe is drastically different from the principles aimed at reaching a certain rank after a certain time. Rico in the film goes from fresh Recruit to Lieutenant in a year at a most. In my eyes The thing that will promote marauder-infantry interaction is an active set of marauders interacting with Infantry and the Infantry not sitting there like "Look at those veterans and people who can snap my spine with a flick of their wrist while they're in their suits. What a bunch of faggots" Also posting off phone is horrific. Xal please make this easier
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    Why I'm Transferring out of Marauders.

    Following from Colesion As for fun in the division, I haven’t been in the division for about a month and a half now, but had been in it for over a year (Since Omega) and the first Marauder to get NCO (self-jerking emoji)I can say there has been a significant lack of Interdepartmental work with Marauders beyond the Implants which the marauders want. There’s been little to no enforcement of Marauders going to the bay after drops to get their suits repaired as an example I can outright state, as well as the belief that Marauders are NCO second, as opposed to every other division where they’re NCO first. A lot of the extent I have seen on drops between Marauders and Engineers are when the Engineers come up to the marauders asking if they want field patchups for the equiv of a Medic doing patch ups and gaining extra hp. As for how communication is done. I tend to agree with you in regards to that communication is not done on a equal standpoint. There’s little to no trust in those not CO, as various other members who have left marauders can likely attest to. I also agree that it is infeasible to censor who can and who cannot talk about marauders. People talk, and to punish that is, in a blunt statement, retarded. For what Optic put: I can confirm seeing Colesion do quite a bit of activity, but again because most of it it covers the same elements of my own becoming of XO for Engineers. And it can be best not to throw stones in a glass house. For the Hazy Post. The breaching element was stated at this last admin meeting that it was not from upon high from Xal. I have audio logs if required due to playing Crusader Kings 2. As for creating passive. Is it now a thing to punish people for trying to create passive? A lot of what occurs doesn’t make sense, but we still allow it. I’ll agree on this part. While I believe Lynch has been outside the circle to know up to date knowledge on Marauders, however it is contradictory to state that someone who is no longer in the division immediately loses all information on the division whatsoever. If it’s a simple question, anyone can answer it. Last part of the first post. I feel it rather contradictory to state that you want them to grow in power, and then stating that an individual who has repeatedly caused marauders to become overpowered and collapse, is to help balance them. For the second Post: I can state emphatically that that is a falsehood. Colesion wasn’t in the running for XO in the beginning. If this would like to be disputed by yourself Hazy, I can provide logs, but I felt that it would be unprofessional to produce private messages without an entirely valid reason. I’m not going to address that posted by Boland or the response, as this post is long enough.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Unfortunately due to a OOC reputation, at present your application has been declined. This decision can change if OOC reputations are changed and a reapplication may be accepted.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.    -TSgt. Aoife Hviteulven
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    XCOM SST Edition!

    WOTC Female Pack ( https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1471399748 ) Add Aoife, needs the most irish accent possible.
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    Debates done quick: Traps

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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.    -TSgt. Aoife Hviteulven
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    Still Can't Upload Images

    To answer the Wiki integration When putting it into a post, you have to head onto Source and put "Scrolling=yes" as it automatically defaults for No. As for Posting Pictures and Avatars. Unsure on when that will be fixed, though as Hazy pointed out, images via links seem to still work fine.
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    FSN - FedNet Survey

    Bernard's Star (Castus and the other stations @ryu ) , Pallas, Sarns III. - For 3 more.
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    FSN - FedNet Survey

    I'll get you one for Arcadia if you need another team.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.   -TSgt. Aoife Hviteulven
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    Engineering In a nutshell

    Stolen from Wewai
  16. Erving System Artists representation of Erving & Erving-1, not to scale. The Erving system was named after the astronomer Aleck Erving who discovered its star. The star is a Class G star. The age of the star is approximately 4.1 billion years old, slightly younger than Sol. It’s major planetary bodies are Scarvis and its two moons; Trisk & Langt. Other Objects in the system are Erving-1, Erving-3 & Erving-4, as well as a dozen celestial objects in the forms of moons of various sizes around Erving-3 & 4. Scarvis A map of Scarvis, showing the multiple impacts in its life as a planet. The only place colonized or of any note in the Erving system. It specializes in the production of Food both Alien & Terran, with mining of Titanium for Spaceship production also another significant export. Tectonic-ally active. It is a fact which lets Volcanic materials such as basalt, Granite and such rise to the surface with relative ease. However, settlements around them is not a known thing, leaving that for the mining organizations on the colony. The planet's history has had significant meteoroid impacts which have left visible scars on the planet's surface, though a boon for getting easier access to minerals from deep in the crust. The colony has a bug presence in the large desert near the equator, centered around a significant impact site. The bugs are kept under check through are not fully wiped out, being used as a sort of training course for the Mobile Infantry and planetary defense forces to prepare for any real invasion force. History of Scarvis A ‘Gård’ on the planet's general appearance, built into the mountains to the North. Colonized around 2258 as a small scale mining outpost under Stål Heavy Industries to mine the titanium reserves in the planet. Other than the two major cities, the colony lives in small self-sufficient homesteads, called ‘Gårds’ of a few families clumped together. The colony is just over 53,000 people large as of the 23/09/2298 and is going through an economic surge with the aftermath of Operation Breadbasket. Supporter of Sky Marshall Cortez & the 6th Fleet during the Civil War, though the average Colonist from Scarvis is disconnected from the happenings of the Federation. This is a Dossier on Scarvis. A small and unimportant colony that most Infantry members will be accustomed to when it comes to Arachnid deployments. Signed; FFRL, Susanne ó Conchobhair.
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    [Colonial News] Monthly Updates of all things Colonial

    Castus & Ulm. Scarvis Tango Urilla Cassandra Karrus Operation Salvation This information has been covered Elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here. Hesperus This information has been covered Elsewhere in a full length story. You can find that Here.
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    Recent Absence

    Damn Russians. First the Novichok. Now they're attacking the hospitals themselves.
  19. Colonial life is not perfect. Some planets are too hot. Some are too cold. Some are just right; But with a dosage of radiation. In this dossier today, I will be addressing some of the effects of Colonies on Humans. This dossier should be used in tandem with the Incomplete Dossier on Federal Stellar Colonies. Which will have information on Colonies that you may have Colonials from. Artwork of an explorer of Zeonides, which is currently going through an Ice Age. Examples from Colonies going forwards. There are many examples of what Colonists have to go through which those from Earth do not. Examples from the following colonies come to mind. Colonists from Scarvis have adapted to deal with low oxygen levels on the planet. Akin to Sherpas from Earth, colonists from Scarvis have developed larger chests, increased haemoglobin counts, an increase in Red Blood Cell levels, a greater affinity for that Haemoglobin & a lowered oxygen affinity. This has lead to colonists from Scarvis having an improved respiratory system over their Homeworld cousins. Colonists from Ulm on the other hand, are prone to macular degeneration & vitamin D deficiencies due to their life being majority underground, with melanin counts being significantly smaller, leading to Sickly white skin & a proneness to ginger hair. Iskander with its higher than 1g gravity, has colonists who suffer with a shorter than average height but more dense bones, allowing them to perform greater feats of weightlifting when utilized properly. Conversely Karrus has a gravity lower than 1g. Their colonists are taller than average, some being around 7 feet tall. However, their bones are brittle and they suffer in 1g environments without proper training. So what causes these changes? The reasons for changes are the environmental adaptations which happen to humans, and all animals, in a new and dangerous environment. These mutations are within the norm, and are expected when SICON and the Council determine to create a new Colony. And what can change? Skin Colour. Determined by the Pigment Melanin, stronger sunlight will produce more Melanin, so colonies who are blasted with sunlight and ultraviolet constantly will produce more to help prevent damage to internal cells and to help prevent cancers. The more you have, the darker skinned you become. On those planets, the paler skinned you are, the more increased chance of cancers or tumours you have. Hair & Eye Colour. Like skin, the colour is caused by Melanin, and the darker the eyes, the more improved your vision would be in bright light. Response to cold stress. Maintaining a higher body temperature than standard via burning off off fat and proteins in up to -40 Cel was an adaption Inuits had performed but relies on fatty meaty food sources. Whereas Aborigines in Australia had adapted to have lived in Freezing conditions without shelter or protective clothing. They did this by their limbs dropping temperature significantly during the cold, conserving energy by keeping merely their vital organs warm. The Nose. The nose adapts to heat or cold. A short and wide nose is genetically designed to help discharge water vapour and to cool your body temperature down. A long narrow nose helps to conserve heat in the cold. Nature of hair. Frizzy & Curly hair developed to enable heat loss to occur by exposing the scalp. Straight hair on the other would help to keep heat trapped to keep your scalp warm. Body Stature. As discussed with Iskander & Karrus, gravity changes how you grow, but conserving heat is a reason many Ice World colonists are small and squat, and those on a desert are lean and stringy. Fat pads. Layers of fat start occuring in Ice World Colonists as a way to insulate heat,which is a common occurrence in all Animals in a cold environment. In hot environments this tends to be deposited around the bottocks, formally known as steatopygia. High Altitude adaptation. This is chiefly covered in the description of Scarvis. In high altitudes with a lower atmospheric pressure, adaptations to the respiratory and circulatory system occur to deal with the changes, with adaptations occurring for lower altitudes and higher pressures. The current misconception of mutations. So what can be done? Nothing can be done to avoid this without extensive costs which would render the cost of colonizing a planet as opposed to creating a station moot. These mutations are a cost of becoming a multi-planet species, and may in millennia result in multiple offshoots of humanity based on genetic lines. This has been a Dossier for those in Medical to know what to expect from dealing with Colonists. I hope this is of some use to the reader, especially for Colonials on how to understand their conditions. This is has been Susanne ó Conchobhair, FFRL Astronomy.
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    Approved, Please speak to a Specialist or above for Induction lessons.  -Lt. John York   (oocly posted on auths of Argon.)
  21. Colonel Timothy Lancaster overlooking Caer Malley from inside his Chickenhawk Suit. Caer Malley has returned to Federal hands for the first time in over a month. Marauders from the 706th Marauder Legion, the so called Lancaster Legion, have finished the reconquest of Progenitor held land on the continent of Unuan with the aid of elements from Scarvis’ 93rd Recon elements. This culminated in the Battle for Caer Malley, which resulted in sections of one of the oldest Extra-Solar colonies’ Capital being flattened by small scale orbital bombardments. The offensive for the continent was only so successful due to the deployment en masse of the Chickenhawks, massive Marauder suits capable of bringing destruction over vast tracts of land at once, coupled with support from Scarvis’ significant engineer & tank elements. The continent of Unuan is the smallest of the nine on Hod though was considered politically the most important. With its recapture, the Operations Command has taken residence in the ruins and re-population efforts have already begun, despite there being significant hold ups on the other continents revolving around tectonic activity and significant Progenitor populations. Casualties for the recapture of Caer Malley were rather minimal due to the presence of over 9,000 Chickenhawks, taking a mere 400 casualties for the recapture of 6 million square miles of land.
  22. TRAPPIST-1 System One of the furthest laying colonies and one of the wettest, being a significant producer of water for the Federation. Its notable objects are Ulm & Novoid. Other objects within the system are TRAPPIST-1b, TRAPPIST-1c, TRAPPIST-1f, Scaich & Gráinne. The closest colonies currently recognized to the system are Fomalhaus (14.8ly away) and Cyrus Tarquin (Approx 15.2ly away). An animation of the orbit around the TRAPPIST-1 star, with colour coded orbits. Ulm An image captured of a Colonist standing next to the Federal flag during a convergence event. The only colonized planet in the system. Centre of water distillation & distribution in the system. It is 1e in terms of location. Low level irradiation on the surface, leaving the population in domed residences and underground in protected enclosures, increased vitamin D deficiencies caused by genetic defects, albinism and lower levels of melanin. The planet is bathed in a perpetual sunrise by an appearing pink sun on its bright side, it dominating a whole 3 degrees on the sky, compared to the 0.5 degrees of Sol or Luna on Earth. The planets as shown in the image captured above, would dominate the sky of the colony, appearing so large in appearance that someone standing on Ulm can see the continents of the planets clearly formed, without the need of binoculars or other enhancements in the case of its planetary neighbours. History of Ulm Colonized in 2275 by Chonchaire Water, it was chosen as the best choice for an initial settlement. Nominally part of the Federation, it has lacked much of the standard colonial incentives until post-civil war. During the Civil war, Ulm stayed neutral initially for fear of invasion from Sanctuary, however with the dawn of the Coalition and its proximity to Centauran space, it declared its allegiance to the Coalition, leading to shortages in some Sanctuary planets as water shipments did not arrive. With the dawn of 2298 it has been reinvigorated with the need for more water. The population is steadily growing and the Colony has started the process of making more permanent bases on the other planets. Its colonists are entitled to the standards of all civilians, though with the exception of not being allowed pets without a license to curb excess strain on the underground atmosphere systems. The population is 68,000 strong as of 01/09/2298, though is steadily rising. The colony is rather wealthy for its size due to the ruling government’s usage of its water production. By the end of 2298, the councillor and Governor of Ulm became Speaker of the Council, supporting Sky Marshal Cortez as the new replacement. Novoid. (Novoid as on Federal databases. ) Local Designation of 1d. No permanent population on its outposts, though there are temporary outposts. It has the most advanced xeno life in the system, though most of the wildlife is friendly towards humans, the most notorious being the Possuat, what is the number 1 pet on Ulm, surpassing Terran pets. 5% of its total mass is water, compared to 0.2% of Terra’s mass in the early 21st century. As such, to say it has water on the planet is a somewhat of an understatement. The singular continent has a plethora of animals and temporary bases for when colonials arrive to extract water, though there is no permanent population. Plans for a permanent colony are being proposed through the Federal Council, though with Operation Helios and Operation Salvation it is not a priority. This is it for the Dossier on the most important planets of TRAPPIST-1. This is a brief analysis for Intelligence and MI leadership on the system in the event of a pirate event. Kind Regards; FFRL Astronomy - Susanne ó Conchobhair.