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    Leana Wells

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    Something to say on this. This player you mentioned was not new to the server. He has been around before. He was straight up trolling and when told to stop he didn't. Then he started insulting the admin team and the characters he was around ICly. So he was banned for 24 hours. You want a serious RP server, trolls take away from that. We all know trolling will get you temporarily banned.
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    Marauder applications are currently OPEN!! Feel free to apply!
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    Admin Meeting Minutes

    Admin Meeting - 16 September 2018 Xal - Things seem to be generally on the rise. Player count is up. Looking at Mission counts - Seem to be doing well. 67% time on the grant. Fleet - Fleet is gathering more members. Infantry - MI is going well. Have some ideas for Sergeants, need to run by Medic. Have talked to Engineers - Training needs to be done. When Argon comes back from LOA - wants to start mentoring program in Engineering. Medical - Bears to resume control and come off of LOA for one week. As far as he is aware, Medical is square. McRann is now XO of Medical. Marauders - Marauders are good. No updates. MIPOD - No updates.
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    The cute goes in here.

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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

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    -The- Medic, Daniel Dumont

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    Sunny 'Pele' Breeland

    Done bb
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    Admin Meeting Minutes

    Xal More missions need to be ran, not enough time spent off of Grant. Forums are back up, so is the wiki FACTION REPORTS - MI - MI doing fine at this moment in time. Playercount has been dipped a little. No complaints on my side. No town hall yesterday was out and unable to hold one. Medical - hewhogrillsbears is on LOA - Harmacist - Medical is for lack of a better word, struggling to get people in the field. Engineering - Not doing well at the moment. Most of them are on LOA for school. Some have been banned, I need more Engineers. There's nothing to set Engineering apart from regular infantry. Hicks is now XO, officially. Marauders - Doing well. Active, new weapons are doing well. Fleet - Slow moving. Building up a roster. Faction has reputation of being juvinile. Needs to be reformed into faction that people look up to. Goals - Continue running EmtpyEpsilon missions MIPOD - Right now bit of a slow start because of forums. Right now in our lore we have psycics that are more powerful than they've ever been. My goal - Picked up Grimm and Tony's system to balance things out.
  10. General Information Name: Sunny Jo Breeland Callsign: Pele Sex: F Age: 22 Date of Birth: 26 September 2276 Weight: 125 Height: 5'5" Hair Color: Blonde Eye Color: Brown Nationality: Iskander Marital Status: Single Personality: Friendly, easygoing. Quirks: Taps lower lip when thinking. Speaks a bit slowly. Family: Father: Lee Breeland - 55 [Alive] Mother: Maybelle Breeland -54 [Alive] Brother: Rainy Breeland - 25 [Alive] Brother: Storm Breeland - 24 [Alive] Sister: Windy Breeland - 23 [Alive] Professional Information Faction: Mobile Infantry Platoon: 112th Rank: Master Specialist Role: Marauder Attire : Standard BDU's outside of her Aegis Mark II, her Aegis suit has a decal of the sun with a cheeky smiley face on the left shoulder. Prior Occupation: None Known Languages: Federation Standard Medals and Awards: Purple Heart Education & Training 2294 - Assigned to 301st Battalion 2296 - Chosen for Marauder training 2298 - Reassigned to 112th Battalion as Marauder Face and Voice Claims Relationships
  11. Good afternoon Marauders, As attempted suicides have spiked recently among the enlisted and fleet, I would like to issue a warning. If you are found attempting suicide and your attempt fails, you will be discharged and sent home. There will be no second chances, there will be no moving from Marauders to the Infantry. If you cannot be trusted to handle your emotional status in an appropriate manner, you will be discharged. If for some reason you're feeling extra whiny and need someone to chat with about your feelings, go to Medical. Talk to them.
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    Marauder applications are currently CLOSED!!
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications