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  1. HazyDay

    Lux 'Sól' Archer

    Done bb.
  2. HazyDay

    Daisy 'Hel' Bailey - KIA 14/07/2298

    Killed in Action - 14 July 2297 on the progenitor home world, during Operation Dawn.
  3. HazyDay

    Lux 'Sól' Archer

    General Information Name: Lux Hope Archer Callsign: Sól Sex: F Age: 28 Date of Birth: 14 July 2270 Weight: 125 Height: 5'4" Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Brown Nationality: Pallatian Marital Status: Widowed Personality: Friendly, easygoing. Quirks: Sighs a lot. Family: Father: Michael Archer - 60 [Alive] Mother: Moira Archer -58 [Deceased] Sister: Luna Archer - 28 [Deceased] Husband: Jason Archer - 32 - [Deceased] Professional Information Faction: Mobile Infantry Platoon: 112th Rank: Captain - Commanding Officer of Marauder Detachment Role: Marauder Detachment Lead Attire : Standard BDU's outside of her Aegis Mark II, her Aegis suit has three light flare stickers on the front and back left shoulder. Prior Occupation: None Known Languages: Federation Standard Medals and Awards: None to note Education & Training 2290 - Assigned to 212st Battalion 2294 - Chosen for Marauder training 2294 - Assigned to the 88th Battalion 2296 - Sent for OCS 2297 - Field Promoted to Captain during Operation Omega 2298 - Reassigned to 112th Battalion as Marauder lead Face and Voice Claims Relationships
  4. HazyDay

    What do you want to see happen in medical?

    In the two years I have been on the server, 3Spc has never been a "temporary" rank for medical. It is an actual rank. People sit at it because they don't do what is required to move up. I'm not saying let 3Spcs do surgery, but basic stitches are not surgery and having a single Spc, or SSpc telling them they can't because it is, is turning people away from the faction. Literally any medic can do stitches. In my experience, most of the time it's because they think "Oh, Medical is going to be fun." Then they end up feeling like the RP is too intense and too much is required. The only reason I ended up joining medical is because my best friend IRL was running the faction and she made it easy enough to play a medic without having to do jargon intense /me's. What you fail to realize is a lot of our playerbase is 13-17 year old kids, most of them don't have the attention span to sit through hours of training OOCly or ICly. Unfortunately, sometimes you have to sacrifice a bit of quality in order to have people play in your faction. Otherwise, it'll go the way the marines went.
  5. HazyDay

    What do you want to see happen in medical?

    Make it approachable. Guides are handy. The one Dex created, I use it quite frequently. It makes the roleplay easier for those with no medical background and it makes things fun. Medical is a hard faction because it is roleplay intensive sometimes, however you have to be present and show that it doesn't take a six paragraph /me to stitch a fleshwound. Not all that join medical will have any medical knowledge. Most still have their parents put Band-Aids on and won't be able to tell the difference between a steri strip and a bandaid. Training is good, but make sure it's not dry. If it is kinda dry, keep them short. One thing at a time. This is how we do stitches. End training. People won't want to sit for hours in an uninteresting situation. Also, another thing that is turning people off from medical is certain people within medical telling them "you can't do this, you're a 3Spc, you can't put stitches in. Uhhh... Wot? Unpon entering medical, everyone should be able to do basic medical things. The medics ICly go through a basic medical training, even if it doesn't happen on server. Who wants to be a medic if they can't do anything or are constantly being told they can't by someone that is not in charge but on a power trip?
  6. HazyDay

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Shit. You know my secret now.
  7. ------------------------BEGIN MESSAGE------------------------ Ladies and Gentlemen, As you are all aware, it is our privilege to deploy with the 112th. That being said, if any of you are found to not be following orders on deployment with any unit we happen to be assisting, your suit will be shut down via MOBCOMM, you will be removed from your suit and the drop lead has my full authority to Article 11 you. We are here to support and defend the Infantry when we go planet-side. If you cannot handle the job you have been given, you will be removed from said job. If you have any questions or concerns, see me immediately. -------------------------END MESSAGE--------------------------
  8. HazyDay

    Medical Activity check

    Dr. Starr Axby - advisory staff
  9. HazyDay

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Arrow, again, you're full of it. There are events ran when there are more than 5 people on the server and they are ran at all times of day. We admins actually have a post in the staff forums that we have to comment on when we ran something. The longest amount of time between events so far since that post has been up has been about 16 hours. (Which is a fairly good break) Some of us on the admin team do not like to disturb the current RP that is going on to run missions because the RP is constructive to people's character development. Just because you're bored doesn't mean that everyone else is bored. Also, admins do a lot behind the scenes to encourage RP. Not all RP is based off of missions and being on missions or being deployed. If you're looking for something like that, our server is not the one you want to be on. Event running literally has nothing to do with the amount of players on the server. Admins will run events when there are 20 or 5 people. While I appreciate your attempt to know what goes on on the server 24/7 when you've left and started playing the other server, you're simply wrong in your assumptions. As far as I'm concerned, you've made your mind up and no matter what any of us say, you're not going to listen.
  10. HazyDay

    James 'Chev' Chevosky

    Add March.
  11. Boys and girls, There has been a recent issue with people Meming on serious posts. Stop it. If you feel it necessary to snark at someone, do it in fast threads. Those of you who are doing this, you know who you are. Those of you that are unsure of the content you are going to post on a serious thread, ask an admin. There is a time and a place for Meming. Signed, The Fun Police
  12. HazyDay

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    This is completely inaccurate depending on what time zone you live in. Events are held during peak times, usually around 5/6 pm est. I know this because almost daily I get home from work and an event is going on.
  13. HazyDay

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Just touching on this. There are a fair number of the admin team that are on LOA currently. Some if it is for personal reasons, some have lost the spark and are taking time off. Technically, I am on an LOA until July 6th. I'm moving into a new apartment and have a TON of shit I should be doing instead of being on SST. Some admins are having personal issues, some are on vacation. We have an LOA post in the staff forums, but many of us don't want to have our personal business aired out for the entire community. If you're questioning if an Admin is on LOA, reach out to @F r a n c o or @Durango and they can confirm, however they won't tell you the reason for the LOA.
  14. HazyDay

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    So, as someone that has been on this specific server going on two years with no real breaks, I can tell you, this is the summer ebb and flow. I've also been an admin for my entire time on the server, save for the first two weeks. (Thank you, drunk Xalphox.) We get slammed with people in May, June tapers off a bit, July is the same as June, people come back in August just before school starts again, then September - November are kinda low, then December and January pick up with activity again. People live lives outside of SSTRP. They go on vacations, go to school, have other obligations. Also, We as admins are tasked with creating RP scenarios for you, so if we're on leadership characters and do so, sometimes it can feel like we're stealing your RP and forcing you into something else. Usually, I just go with the flow of it. It even happens to me. Do I want to attend grenade spacing training while I'm on server? Nah, not really. But I do it because it offers an interesting and fun RP opportunity. I'm wondering where this Admin circle jerk is and when I can get to be part of it. Haha. No, literally, there is no Admin circle jerk, if it's perceived that there is, perceptions are wrong. The admins are there for the player base. We interact with the player base a lot than our leadership characters should, to be frankly honest. How often do you really think a Captain is going to be chilling in the bar cracking jokes with a Private? It's not a typical situation for rank relations, but most of the people with leadership characters try to interact with lower ranks as much as possible.