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    Biography Of Shang Guan

    The backstory of Shang is highly unknown, he has only revealed that he has lived in odd locations and has always loved the federation. At a young age, Shang lived in a mine ( whereabouts is unknown) It is said he beat his brothers as a way to train in fighting. Apparently his family live in a better location now but Shang never mentions them. He is very patriotic about the federation and is willing to do ANYTHING for the federation. (And his citizenship) He got his scar and astigmatism from training, where a trooper named Donny Wart knifed Shang after he made comments about how ridiculous and un-patriotic the name "Wart" Name was. Shang compliments everyone, all the time, as long as they are trained members of the federation he will look up to them. It is said that the "Wart" Incident was the main cause of this as Donny Wart is the only soldier Shang has been hostile too. There not much info on Shang but he proves to be a great soldier, it only took him 4 drops to get to the rank of Pfc. and he certainly has a bright future (If he stops being plagued with injuries).