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  1. Seth Wooten Enlisting into the 112th on Sunday the 7th of July 2299, this green-horn Recruit is eighteen years old and was thrown right into the deep end of things from the get go, losing his left hand on his first drop which immediately puts him on the sidelines. Despite the unlucky start though, he appears to still remain relatively confident, but time will tell. Physically, Seth is an athletic young man with relatively tanned skin, he has dark rings under his blue eyes and stands at around 5'10 to 5'11 inches tall. With freshly buzz-cut hair, anything unique about the man's appearance which he might of had before hand is taken away from him, just looking like another cog in the machine. Awards, Medals, Ribbons and the like: Purple Heart, awarded Wednesday 10th July 2299 after drop on Hoy. Medical Record:
  2. I exist but have admittedly been inactive on Jakobsson
  3. //: Drop Lead: Sgt. Jackie Knoxx //: Second In Command: Sgt. Oakwood (left) //: Squad Leaders: LCpl O'Mara, LCpl. Odin Blue Team: LCpl. Odin Orange Team: LCpl. O'Mara //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Spc. Geier //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: Drop down to supposedly abandoned fleet weapon depot to gather fleet related supplies and information from the computers we find. Main thing to get was weaponry reloads for Upham. Ended up running into seperatist contact, had to fight through them to find the supplies and so on. ROE was fired if fired upon and we were, retrieved one W.I.A which was Spc. Gierer (Sorry if this is short, 12am and wrote on phone)
  4. Welcome back from the short LOA I suppose.... Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "MAYBE YOU SHOULD ASK NEXT TIME INSTEAD OF THREATENING ME BECAUSE LIKE YOU SOUND LIKE A STUPID FUCKING DIKE WHEN YOU COME UP TO ME AND THREATEN TO TAKE AWAY MY EARTH MUSIC I WAS HAPPILY LISTENING TO ON THIS SPACE SHIP LIKE MAYBE YOU SHOULD CONSIDER GROWING A PAIR OF BIG BOY PANTS AND STOP ACTING LIKE A FUCKING GIRL." Spc. William Saint-Claire says "Oh." Pfc. Anastasia Kreslina says "Is not def-g--" Sgt. Adrien Goose says "Oh fuck." Spc. William Saint-Claire says "*Oh*." Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "MAYBE YOU SHOULD FIND SOME EM CEE RIDE, HUH." Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "COME COME FUCK APART HERE, YUH." ** Lt. Alvaro 'Lupi' Lupinacci looked at the vents as they screamed at him. Sgt. Jackie Knoxx yells "I think your screaming is making you sound like a pussy Private, are you a pussy?" Sgt. Jackie Knoxx yells "Are you offended that I yelled at you." Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "THAT WAS VERY WEAK, YOU FUCKING DIKE." Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "GO BLOW YOURSELF IN THE SHOWER." Spc. William Saint-Claire says "God *damn*." ** Pfc. Karl Corbon pulls his cock out and pisses on the floor. Pfc. Anastasia Kreslina says "I am mean - she said he should speak up, da?" ** Spc. William Saint-Claire side-stepped. Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "BLEH BLEH BLEH LOUDA!" ** Pfc. Karl Corbon tucks his cock back in after finishing his piss. Pfc. Karl Corbon yells "SEE YOU LATER, BUSH WACKER." Pfc. Karl Corbon says "Dawg, I don't give a fuck." Pfc. Karl Corbon says "She's a fucking retard." Pfc. Karl Corbon says "You hear that? You're a fucking idiot." Pfc. Karl Corbon says "Suck my dick." ** Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood places his hand on Goose's shoulder before stepping forward. ** Sgt. Jackie Knoxx checks to see if his cock is back in his pants. ** Pfc. Karl Corbon takes his cock out and pisses on her feet. ** Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood blinks. ** Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood rolled 40. Spc. William Saint-Claire says "And I'm out here getting NJP'd for sneezing." ** Pfc. Karl Corbon finishes once again and puts his cock back in his pants. ** Pfc. Karl Corbon rolled 44. ** Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood doesn't resist the urge to look. ** Sgt. Jackie Knoxx sends a boot straight to his exposed cock, unless stopped- Sgt. Adrien Goose says "Er-Right. I'm gunna grab the mop, send him up to tech once you are uh-done." [LOOC] Sgt. Jackie Knoxx: ah well, non exposed ** Pfc. Karl Corbon rips his patches off his arm and throws them into the piss puddle of her feet. ** SCPO. Rangi Setu turns about, eyebrows rising at the sound sound of liquid slapping metal. He side steps, looking down at the puddle. Pfc. Karl Corbon says "I don't give a fuck, I don't wanna serve under this dumb dike anyways." [LOOC] Sgt. Jackie Knoxx: i booted you in the dick ** Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood sniffs, looking at Goose. Pfc. Karl Corbon says "It's principle." Pfc. Karl Corbon says "Fuck her man." [LOOC] Sgt. Jackie Knoxx: hello Sgt. Rodrick Oakwood says "Corbon." [LOOC] Pfc. Karl Corbon: you didn't roll Sgt. Adrien Goose says "I-Can't even express the fuckin' shit I've seen." [LOOC] Sgt. Jackie Knoxx: i miss serious rp
  5. You were great, hope you do well in what you do Ourgon
  6. who needs char bios when u have this
  7. comic sans add Fox Jenkins
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