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    Rhett Stark

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    James T. Victory - Brooklyn sniper.

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    Elliot Hayden, Engineer Man.

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    Alvaro Lupinacci

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    Engineering Activity Check

    Character Name: Joe Kalas Character Rank: SSpc Character Patches: SAP, MUN, SYS Are you currently on LOA: yeah Date of last Login: 18th May 
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    Rhett Stark

    For the relationships, I will place people in both a personal and professional section, some people will only be in one or the other (most of the time if it's just one, it will most likely be professional) Ask to be added if you want to be 🙂
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    Jack n' a MilkBoxx

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    Rhett Stark

    Personal Information Full Name: Rhett Eliott Stark Nickname: (none) Date of Birth: 01/01/2279 Place of Birth: Philadelphia, Terra With scruffy hair and a constant smirk on his face, Rhett can seem laid back to most, which goes along with his confident and charismatic nature to make him all around easy to talk to. Though, despite being seemingly relaxed on first impression, he does show signs of having a short temper but it's rare in most cases, usually resorting to making a joke out of anyone who does try to push him over the edge. Although Rhett possess a cocky attitude, around superiors he doesn't like to mess around as he believes they are his superior and it would be stupid to look past their orders to avoid the risk of getting in trouble, choosing to use his smug characteristics against someone within' his rank range (which in this case is anyone Pfc and below). Rhett comes off rather straight forward when speaking to others, being more direct in his answer as to not show any sign of breaking character, but this is something he struggles with when talking to someone that intimidates him and in those cases he will try to avoid even talking to that person as to not humiliate himself. Military Information Rank: Pvt (Private) Rank History: Rct (16th - 18th May, 2299) - Pvt (18th - ) Branch: Infantry Years of Service: (none) Service Record (Bandits): Relationships Personal: Professional:
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    Chloe Harris

    Rct. Rhett Stark