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  1. alright sassy

    New Possible Squad System

    My issue with this is it becoming more ooc then actually IC, it could cause less passive rp for someone who isn't in a group or doesn't actually know anyone to be in a group with. I don't know, I feel like this will break apart the community in to all separate groups instead of us being one platoon, though saying that, it shouldn't matter as much if it was enlisted exclusive and mainly revolved around passive.. Im just personally worried about it becoming an ooc thing, which is unfair for people who tend to stay out of touch with other players oocly.
  2. alright sassy

    An idea

    this will higher the chances of my 36 chars dying
  3. alright sassy

    Argon elevated to XA

    Welcome back and glad to have you back @Argon
  4. alright sassy

    The name's Pear!

    Good song
  5. alright sassy

    Jackie Knoxx

    added, sorry its pretty short
  6. alright sassy

    Mobile Infantry Theme

  7. alright sassy

    Jackie Knoxx

    @Silent updated
  8. alright sassy

    Charlie Timms

    Jackie Knoxx
  9. alright sassy

    Joe Kalas

    @Ymot Tommy Wort Added Cait
  10. alright sassy

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    ahh no the fuckin hand thing u got me
  11. alright sassy

    Charlie Timms

    Joe Kalas
  12. alright sassy

    Amanda Winters - Explosive Widow

    Joe Kalas
  13. alright sassy


    Glad you had fun, thankyou for playing with us
  14. alright sassy

    Bradley Tanner

    Jackie Knoxx
  15. Hello Jackie Knoxx