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    State Of Medical

    Emily West
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    [OPEN] Marauder Applications

    MARAUDER DESIGNATION APPLICATION IC: Name: Léonie Reid Age: 24 Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Brown Height: 5'11 Weight: 143 Employment & Background Current Rank: Pfc Educational History: (Don't feel obligated to include a large background of knowledge, as a trooper in the MI you likely wouldn't have much experience.) They went to a public school in Calgary Canada, didn't go to a university. Criminal Record: None Employment History: They worked in Atlantic Supermarket from 18 to 19, then enlisted at 20 Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, specilisations or commendations or other notable marks.) Previous ranks; Recruit, Private, Private First Class, Lance Corporal, Private First Class OOC: Steam name: S a s s y Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:56948385 Length of time on Server: Over a year (Joined January 2017) Time zone: GMT+0 Roleplay History: (Brief) I've played many Serious RP servers since 2013, varying from HL2RP to Horror rp to Fallout RP. I mainly play SSTRP Roleplay example: (Something your Marauder character would do. Can be off duty or on duty, please note, this will be the level of RP you are expected to provide if chosen for a Marauder.) - Please make sure you hide this behind a spoiler. Thanks!
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    Miranda Walters

    Noah Gargano
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    ur guy Franco Sorrentino

    Jackie Knoxx and maybe Noah Gargano
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    Noah Gargano

    Updated some people
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    Jackie Knoxx

    added people and updated finch
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    Kristina "Odin" Sigrun - Viking Marauder

    Update knoxx a bit
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    Jackie Knoxx

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    Jackie Knoxx

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    Jackie Knoxx

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    John Cone

    Noah Gargano and Carl Tucker
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    Weapon Specialization Roster

    Carwyn Evans RTO branch, GMT 0
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    Lawrence Chandler

    Noah Gargano
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    Noah Gargano

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    Alysia Harper

    Jackie Knoxx