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  1. i think we should burn homosexual at the stake thanks for allowing this post admins
  2. yahtz

    Player Competition #2

    ok ok allow my post pls i spent like 60000 hours in paint on this and an addition 1488 hours in gmod to pose this the fucken picture doesnt wanna tucken upload u pizz ashit i can send u the file later but heres a puush screenshot GIMME MY FIDDY BUCKS
  3. yahtz

    confucious say

    i hate niggers kill all of them
  4. yahtz

    Pte. Petya Pushechnikova

    hey how about u make a character that isnt a boring generic russian character that everyone else has shit out
  5. yahtz

    well it was fun

    so was yours so was all of yours
  6. yahtz

    well it was fun

    im gunna write this b4 xal banes me fro mthe forums too it was fun guys al lthe RP and shit it's been getting bad lately, so i and others tried to offer advice and fixes and critiziciesm and shit but im remnar so i worded it like how i talk and think so im get permabanned for it most of you are alright guys see ya guys later i thought brits were good at bantz i guess not
  7. yahtz

    Yazmin Taylor

    its part of the FIERCE look mmkay
  8. yahtz

    Model bugs

    got some neck seam issues yo
  9. yahtz

    SST Screenshots

  10. yahtz

    Weston MacDonnell

    add swift, top level lesbian watcher
  11. yahtz

    SST Quotes Thread

    Pvt. Christopher Miller[CH1 - RADIO]: Make sure the bycicle doesn't have any contraband or bombs.
  12. yahtz

    Yazmin Taylor

    swift and yeah when will she confess her totally real love for swift come on yo kek
  13. yahtz

    ✝ Kaelam Sentoniel ✝

    add swift again
  14. yahtz

    ✝ Kaelam Sentoniel ✝

  15. yahtz

    Internal Security Survey.

    actual response 1: Rate the current state of "Internal Security" on a rate of 1-5. 0 2: In your own words, what's the purpose of Internal Security? It has none Everything it can do, NCO's do better Not only do they do it better, theres a much lower chance an NCO is as retardedly cruel or just socially dead as a marine They have absolutely ZERO use in missions why have a marine protect a VIP when you have metal suited marauders or any other bumblefuck recruit, the result will be the same They do investigations, but it's never of actual things happening it's always some made up shit because nothing that happens on the ship would require an investigation, especially not one that requires any heavy effort 3: What are the strengths and weaknesses of Internal Security? The green armor looks pretty good It has no leadership Its XO doesn't play. Its lead doesn't play. It's members don't know what to do, how to do it, or what they even do. And as before, it has no purpose Medics have a purpose, engineers have a purpose, marauders have a purpose, hell even fleet does marines are about as useful as pathfinders are 4: What are the major problems facing the division? All of them 5: What do you suggest that can improve the faction, make it more enjoyable? I dunno, I dunno if anything can improve it 6: Anything else you wish to add? (Put anything here): NO