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    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: Staff-Sergeant Evans, Corporal Redbrick //: Time and Date of session: 4:13 PM, 5/21/2019 //: Type of Training Session: Basic Trooper Competency : Hand-To-Hand and proper knife use in a Simulated Environment. //: Notable Acts: -Fleet participated and did well, such as a willingness to participate in the course, excelling in some areas. -All troopers/Fleet involved seemed to learn from the concepts given and showed what they knew and how they would deal with it. [OOC] : Participants in the training were given a +1 to Dex (Argon)
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    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    //: NCO in charge: Corporal Redbrick, Corporal Oakwood //: Time and Date of session: 3:20 PM, 5/17/2019 //: Type of Training Session: CQC basics, demonstration of techniques and situational awareness as well as understanding explosives, and dealing with threats effectively as a team. //: Notable Acts: Tankijin displayed a desire to lead, demonstrating decent leadership to overcome the threat. - Promoted to Lance-Corporal. All troopers involved showed improvement from experiences past and was lacking in communication, however Private Murphy understood where the squad failed and how to improve when asked.
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: Corporal Sarah Redbrick //: Second In Command: Warrant Officer Maxine Valentine //: Squad Leaders: Corporal Goose, Corporal Davenport Blue Team: N/A Orange Team: Corporal Goose, Corporal Davenport //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Corporal Goose, Warrant Officer Verbeck, Warrant Officer Valentine. //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): None //: Notable Acts: Warrant Officer Verbeck, utilised their psychic abilities coupled with their combat experience to hold the rear flank with two other squad members and warn of any approaching hostiles to allow medical to complete their work on the wounded, taking multiple injuries themself throughout. Second-Specialist Calvern, moved on their own volition successfully cleaning up various pockets of surviving opposition, along with this they assisted in building barricades for us and assisted in the safe movement of the wounded. Specialist Saiphan, jumped out of the drop-ship on his own to save Master-Specialist Gastubashi after they took a round to the back and fell out. //: Mission Summary: Head down to ArcLight and wipe out any and all hostiles encountered until recalled. -Part 1 of the cleaning out of the gangs went on without a hitch. -Part 2 Was a failure shortly after entry into the city, all 5 gangs joined together and attacked with stolen APD APC's and one Helicopter. -Engineers attacked and killed a friendly APD APC, killing all occupants on the orders of Corporal Goose. -Master-Specialist Gastubashi attacked and killed a Friendly MED-EVAC. -EVAC Called, all troopers successfully EVAC'd.
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    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    /: NCO in charge: LCpl. Redbrick, Lieutenant Sigrun (Overseeing) //: Time and Date of session: 4:32 PM, 5/11/2019 //: Type of Training Session: BTC, Hostile Suit destruction techniques and How to handle a disabled friendly Marauder out of their suit along with small form Explosives and basic M55 know how. //: Notable Acts: All troopers involved showed a willingness to understand subject. Private Victory promoted to First-Class, Private Foster promoted to First-Class.
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    <//: Training Logging :\\>

    /: NCO in charge: LCpl. Redbrick, Corporal Oakwood. //: Time and Date of session: 11:34 AM, 5/10/2019 //: Type of Training Session: BTC, landmine disarmament, Squad management. //: Notable Acts: Private Victory displayed large amounts of knowledge and stayed cool under the given situation. Recruit Foster promoted to Private.
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