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  1. SvenPek

    Don't AFK near Rook

    Well. IC is IC. So this is obviously part of our lore now.
  2. SvenPek

    UFO:Aftershock - X-COM 2's Electric Boogaloo

    Ah I thought the Electric-Boogaloo was a reference to Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I didn't realize it is used as a general sequel meme. I've only heard it from that series.
  3. SvenPek

    UFO:Aftershock - X-COM 2's Electric Boogaloo

    I am just commenting due to the hopefully! Always Sunny reference.
  4. SvenPek

    Isabel Flores PK Appeal

    What is this even
  5. SvenPek

    Fleet Canon

    This is of course disregarding relativity and time dilation and what have you. These numbers are in regards to an outside observer as time would travel much slower for people on a spaceship moving at such speeds. Thousands of years might pass on Earth while only a year passes on the Grant itself. Sooo yeah. We should probably stay out of that particular area of physics.
  6. SvenPek

    Fleet Canon

    So the Grant can travel approximately at full speed from Sol; Klendathu; 33,33 days. Edge of the Andromeda Galaxy; 846,66 days/2,32 Earth years. I would say that is fairly reasonable as well and it would also open up for cannon regarding the Andromeda Galaxy an expeditions thereof if needed. Which would give a wider ballpark to play in if ever needed. However if Andromeda is supposed to be an off-limits consideration, the numbers might need a bit more tweaking.
  7. SvenPek

    Sara Zaiger

    Sila/Mina! Go!
  8. SvenPek

    Erae Errasti Bellic

  9. SvenPek

    Sila Ren

    All right! Here is the deal! If any of you are still interested in getting your name added/updated. Throw me a PM here on the forums etc. Full name and all, perhaps recent interactions to jolt my memory!
  10. Yus! I'll get around to getting my list updated!
  11. SvenPek

    Medic's training

    We all know that Medic/Travis Young have been training us all in how to breach. As such I have found something to portray the skills we have learned! https://i.imgur.com/Vf5xyNI.mp4
  12. SvenPek

    Teething issues with the script

    The chatrange is waaaay too small. I don't mind being able to hear people talk even though my character wouldn't, seeing as this might be why it has been reduced so much. But at this point it has really damper on my own RP.
  13. SvenPek

    Sila Ren

    Stop Aph'ing! Aph'ing has already been done. *nods*
  14. SvenPek

    The THREE most IMPORTANT keys on SSTRP.

    Yeah I have a danish keyboard;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;