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    Mina Ren - PK

    Edit. Nevermind. I have decided to step away, having been recommended to do so and I agree. Fair winds and all that.
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    Intercepted Signal

    Childs play. Good luck. Mina Ren
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    Sila Ren PK

    Let me get that part straight. You are saying that NCO's/NCO-Players at any given time have a carte blanche to kill another character, even if it is straight up murder. And thus trades their own life for the kill in an 1-1 ratio?
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    Sila Ren PK

    As for the orders themselves? It was constant screams of "FOLLOW ALONG" , "COME ON" etc. Both Sila and Bain having a hard time keeping up. Be it both IC or OOC. But hard typing, scoping and pretending to find high grounds to be able to scouts ahead. Biggest annoyance about the orders is that probably two drops earlier or so, orders were also given and muuuch yelling at the Marksmen. But this time the orders were opposite and flack was still given. STAY BACK! YOU'RE A MARKSMAN vs. GET UP FRONT! YOU'RE A MARKSMAN. Don't know if it is lack of agreement between the NCO's but I have experienced paradoxical statements like that with the only consensus being that you yell at marksmen and that you run so fast through maps that people die and generally get confused about what is going on.
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    Sila Ren PK

    This was definitely compelled by OOC. If this is Nik seeing how far he can take his abuse of admin rank or IC rank? I don't know. But I am positive that the lines between IC and OOC are being crossed here. As for the incident itself from the aftermath it was being called straight up murder. Any person who commits an offence punishable by death whilst in the field may be summarily executed by or on the order of the operation commander. "In the field" should be construed to mean any active combat operation the commission of a court martial would be impractical and would significantly jeopardize the viability of the mission objectives. No offence was caused that would be punishable by death during that drop. Orders were followed throughout, albeit with sassy remarks over the radio. Sila putting voice to how the Marksmen were feeling about the odd set of orders thrown their way, but they were followed regardless.
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    Sila Ren PK

    So Hartwick decided to shoot Sila over radio banter. Bain and Sila were on DMR's being told to move and move, while they had been told in another mission to stay back and keep overwatch, due to being Marksmen. Regardless, Sila questioned this albeit rudely. We were then in a brief respite from the bug attacks. Sila was told to present herself in the middle of the base and then promptly shot in the head without speaking a word. This is the log of the mission or at least what I had in my console. https://pastebin.com/LdteSthw
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    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Sila Ren Physical Age: 28 Race: Caucasian, that's racist Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Raven Height: 158cm Weight: 58kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Criminal Record: Convicted traitor of the Federation Employment History: None of note, other than the military Service Record: Sila has been in the military for near ten years, maximum attained rank being Lance Corporal OOC: Character's College Explanation: (N/A if not applicable, if you don't understand, read the OOC section below the original post.) Server Time: No clue but made Sila's bio on August 12, 2017 Roleplay History: I have about 15 years of roleplaying experience.
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    Elaine Asper

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    [IC] Cert Training Requests

    Name: Private First Class Amber Nelson Requested specialisation: Marksman. DMR. Long Rifle. Or any recon specific training with assorted weaponry. Existing (relevant) weapon training: Previous MK1 DMR. Marksman and recon training.
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    Fleet Roster

    Mina Ren!
  11. The roll bonuses refer to the specific station. Thanks for pointing it out though. Will need to add some more info in that section.
  12. Could you perhaps find some more technical specifications of these? Just so I can fit it into the format I am making with the tabels.
  13. Fleet RP Stations Guide. Table of contents Preface General Advice Station - Weaponry Station - Warfare Station - Engineering Station - Helm Station - Command 1. Preface This guide gives a brief overview of the different station that may be occupied on the bridge. More importantly this guide also includes general "know-how" and advice on how to play a character at said station. Sci-Fi RP in general can be difficult, raising several questions in regards to what terminology to use and how to apply it. When in doubt, use this guide to get ideas and inspiration and feel free to suggest additions to what has already been written. 2. General Advice One of the biggest challenges in RP is how to express your own character. How to add flair, flavour and personality to what you emote. Not only does this add to the feel of the character itself be it by the player or the bystander, it adds to the overall atmosphere of the server. This however isn't meant to be a guide on how to generally play a character but is meant to combat the difficulties that comes with making your character appear to know what they are doing. Remember, none of us have ever been on a StarShip or been in outer space to battle bugs or the likes, but our mindset should be the same when doing so ensuring as few raised brows as possible when we see others or ourselves emote doing something, this applies to manning a console on the bridge as well. We all want that feel of competent people flinging lingo left and right as we would see when watching a movie/TV-show like Star Trek. SO! If in doubt. Ask. This will always be a learning experience for everyone involved. A lot of this is trial and error but when in doubt, ask around those currently on the bridge with you. Wing it. Naturally there are real physics and mathematics involved in space. Orbital mechanics and let us not get started on time dilation, BUT! We aren't playing for 100% realism here. We are playing for the 'feel' of it. So don't be afraid to throw out words like; Vector, degrees, angles, speed, radiation etc. Of course there are limits, the point here is to make it seem real. Nobody is going to pop out a calculator to figure out the orbital mechanics of a n-degree system of orbital bodies. So flavour it up. Sure! You may make mistakes and may get corrected now and again, but the effort is much more noteworthy than simply doing a /me pushes button. Your character is a specialist in whatever console they may have been trained in. Don't forget that. So try to familiarize yourself with that console and what opportunities it provides for your RP, via this guide for example but also by asking other people/or people you know man the same console. Brainstorm ideas etc. The better prepared you are to man your console, the more fun it will be for yourself and everyone around you. This goes back to '2' do not be afraid to make shit up. Event announcements will happen. The person in command of the bridge will give out orders. But that does not mean you can't throw curve balls back. Announcing that you can't get enough power to your thrusters, your weapons etc. Will give engineering something to do. Keep in mind that this is collaborative storytelling. Whatever station you are manning, try getting other stations involved in what you are doing if it makes sense at the time. Roll bonuses. As listed below these may look intimidating. The rolls are only to be used for a PvE environment, ie.. On the bridge. Much like the PvP rolls for the MI, the PvE rolls for Fleet are a way of simulating experience and skill in what is an otherwise completely luck driven engagement. (For example, a Lieutenant Commander would obviously be more capable in their duties than a basic Crewman.) Your roll modifier only counts if you are in the station you are trained in. ie.. a Navigations Senior Chief would not have their SCPo. roll bonus if they are manning a Weaponry station. They would instead revert back to the roll bonus of a Crewman. The only exceptions to these rules are the Master Chief Petty Officer, Commander and the Captain. You are an experienced Lieutenant but you roll so bad you might as well be a Cadet? You are a Cadet that rolls so good you might as well be the Admiral of the entire Fleet. Use these moments for flavour. Say your character is very skilled but rolls badly. What caused it? Did you spill your coffee? They you get distracted? You get the gist. A good or bad roll does not equal your characters skillset nor experience. It represents a spur of the moment thing. Good or bad, this can be used to add flavour to your emotes. Cadet | +0 Crewman | +5 Petty Officer | +10 Chief Petty Officer | +15 Senior Chief Petty Officer | +20 Master Chief Petty Officer | +25 Officer Cadet | +25 Ensign | +30 Lieutenant | +35 Lieutenant Commander | +40 Commander | +45 Captain | +50 3. Station - Weaponry What you control The weapons station is in charge of the vessels offensive capabilities. With the ability to target enemies, manage power between the various weapons available, loading missiles etc. The main exception to targeting management comes with the use of the MAC which will be explained further below. For ideas to flavour up this kind of RP I recommend looking at the EVE Online wikipedia; https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Turret_mechanics https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Missile_mechanics https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Targeting Articles such at these give a very good layout and sense to what it means to be having a battle in space. Technical Information HELICAL RAIL CANNON TURRET, SWIVEL MOUNTED Helical x4 1-2 Port side. 3-4 Starboard side. Ammunition 3-meter-tungsten rounds Round Weight 175 ton Velocity 10.000 m/s Range 4000-6000 km RP-Notes: Remember these weapons cover a half sphere on each side of the ship, this means it is important to note where the enemy is located in reference to the ship. ACHILLES MISSILE SYSTEM Helical x4 Tubes 1-4 Port bow. 5-8 Starboard bow. Ammunition LONGBOW - Antiship Guided Missile. Yield 11 tons TNT. MARDUK - Nuclear Guided Missile. Yield 75 kilotons TNT. (Large radiation signature, easily detectable by PDS) RP-Notes: As these are guided missiles, it is reasonable to assume that they can be fired and track regardless of the enemies relative position to the ship. MAGNETIC ACCELERATOR CANNON, SPINE MOUNTED MAC Spinal Mounted. Forward facing. Ammunition 9,1-meter-tungsten rounds Round Weight 600 ton Velocity 30.000 m/s Range 10.000 km RP-Notes: Though the MAC's power and loading is controlled by the weapons station, it is up to the person in command of the bridge to fire the weapon. Rolling falls onto the Helm as the MAC is spine mounted, like the GAU on an A-10. RAVAGER MINES THERMONUCLEAR MINE Sponson launched. Rear mounted. Ammunition 9,1-meter-long-tungsten rounds Yield 60 kiloton RP-Notes: More often used as a defense tactic rather than an offensive weapon. 4. Station - Warfare What you control The warfare station is in charge of the defense systems of the ship. Which includes detecting enemies, controlling the Point Defense Systems as well as applying electronic attack and counterattack measures. As before I have provided some links for further reading and terminology in regards to Warfare operations. https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Targeting https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Close-in_weapon_system https://wiki.eveuniversity.org/Electronic_Countermeasures https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Electronic_counter-countermeasure Technical Information/Console Controls ARES POINT DEFENSE GUNS TRI-BARREL ROTARY CANNON x8 Swivel Mounted. Provides full coverage in a sphere around the vessel. Ammunition 25-milimeter-explosive-tungsten rounds Velocity 5000 m/s Range 500 km RP-Notes: Used for defending against missiles, asteroids or enemy fighters/bombers. Electronic Systems "AEGIS" Targeting and self defence rader. Scans for incoming projectiles and vessels. Provides targeting data and control to the gunner. “METIS” Radar and long range scanner suite. Powerful radar system capable of scanning battlespace for up to 10,000 km from the ships location. Capable of detecting magnetic, gravitic and radiation signatures. Capable of scanning objects for organic life. “HECATE” Electronic warfare system. Advanced electronic countermeasure suite. Capable of targeting individual enemy subroutines for jamming or broadband protection. RP-Notes: Provides data for the rest of the crew, as well as using jamming against the enemy and countering jamming attempts against the ship. 5. Station - Engineering What you control The engineering station is the backbone of the ship and the rest of crew on the bridge. At the station you will be in control of powerflow to the different consoles and systems on the ship. The station is also responsible for monitoring hull breaches and ensuring proper damage control is being made during a conflict. This includes sounding general alerts across the ship or informing the MI of breaches/fires or other dangers. Below are included some further reading. https://sto.gamepedia.com/Starship_(Power_and_Subsystems) https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Damage_control RP-notes: It is important to remember that there is limited power available, not all systems can be operational at the same time. For klaxon effects or red blinking lights, ask the event coordinated if it is possible for such to be enabled in case of emergencies. Technical Information/Console Controls There are thousands of systems to monitor and damage can happen to every inch of the ship. Therefor it is really up to the event holder and the engineer to be in close communication and figure out what damage the ship is actually taking. There is a lot of free wiggle room to flavour RP in this manner as several systems one might imagine is on the ship can be damaged or be in need of repairs, some damages might also be so severe that the ship needs to be docked at a station to receive full repairs. Below are listed just a few important ones as an example. Subsystems Estimated repair time from near destruction: 48 hours Terra time. (While docked at a station) Life Support (critical system) Life support as the name indicates is responsible for keeping everyone onboard the ship alive. Providing everything from air, food and water to temperature regulation as well as pressure. Estimated life support time: 4 years, Terra time. Circuits, wiring, water and gas pipes The ship is filled with smaller often overlooked parts hidden inside of the walls and bulkheads. Any of these can get damaged and can have severe consequences. Cherenkov Drive The drive allows for FTL travel through the known galaxy. Damage to the drive can leave the ship stranded and cause severe radiation leaks. Consoles The other consoles on the bridge may also receive damage during conflict, or more notably the systems they control. 6. Station - Helm What you control The helm station is in charge of navigation, FTL and combat maneuvering. Moving around in space is not as simple as it may sound, especially not when influenced by the gravitational pull of massive objects. However the level of commitment to the actual physics and mathematics involved is entirely up to the user, however it is a good way to flavour your RP with a bit of knowledge thereof. As mentioned in the beginning of this guide nobody is going to actually bring out a calculator so don't be afraid to use terms as; Vectors, angles, degrees, axis and the likes. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Orbital_mechanics https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faster-than-light https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reaction_control_system Technical Information/Console Controls Navigational systems Main Engine Ion engine that provides thrust for interplanetary travel. Patrol Speed: 0.567e+8 km/h Thrusters The ship is covered in smaller thrusters apart from the main engine, this provides movability. Be it in combat- or orbital maneuvering. Cherenkov Drive The drive allows for FTL travel through the known galaxy. FTL Speed: 45.725e+9 km/h Tactical Maneuvering Subroutines Pre-programed flight pattern algorithms. For evasive maneuvering against guided weaponry or positioning in order to optimally utilize offensive weapons. RP-Notes: Navigations are tasked with the maneuvering and placement of the ship using her primary engines, cherenkov drive and maneuvering thrusters. This division relies heavily on the use of mathematics, spatial equations and familiarity with the ship and her systems. Each and every member of the Navigations division has been trained in the Fleet Naval Training Academy, and has logged over 300 hours in a bridge simulator prior to being given NAV status. Each member of this division has scored highly in High School Mathematics, has scored highly in Reflexes, and has passed screening and basic training with exception results. Navigations is home to some of the brightest, quickest members of the Fleet; and as such, they are expected to work smoothly and without problems. Anything less, and it could prove catastrophic for everyone aboard. 7. Station - Command What you control The command station is often where the most senior crew member on the bridge will be located. This person is in charge of everything that happens on the bridge itself and must therefor know about all the others stations both ICly/OOCly. The person is in control but is more responsible for ensuring communication between the other stations. While each station have their own degree of autonomy in terms of what they do and what they chose to communicate to the other stations, the one in command must always ensure that this communication happens. Technical Information/Console Controls Command Station Overview The person in command has a live feed of everything that is going on, on the other station. Though this overview is limited and only shows the most imminent/important information. Special transfers are required for full details of data. MAC The ‘push of the red button’ to fire the MAC after it has been armed by the weapons station is controlled from here. FTL As with the MAC the final ‘push of the red button’ to activate FTL capabilities after the drive has been primed is controlled from here. Communications Control of communications on the ship and outside of it is also controlled from here. Long range communication is done via the ships relay array. RP-Notes: While the person at the Command Station is usually the most senior ranking on the bridge, this will not always be the case. However to ease communication overall the person at the Command Station holds overall say on what goes on, on the bridge. Regardless of differences in rank overall.
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    Don't AFK near Rook

    Well. IC is IC. So this is obviously part of our lore now.