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  1. SvenPek

    Mina Ren - PK

    Edit. Nevermind. I have decided to step away, having been recommended to do so and I agree. Fair winds and all that.
  2. SvenPek

    Intercepted Signal

    Childs play. Good luck. Mina Ren
  3. SvenPek

    Sila Ren PK

    Let me get that part straight. You are saying that NCO's/NCO-Players at any given time have a carte blanche to kill another character, even if it is straight up murder. And thus trades their own life for the kill in an 1-1 ratio?
  4. SvenPek

    Sila Ren PK

    As for the orders themselves? It was constant screams of "FOLLOW ALONG" , "COME ON" etc. Both Sila and Bain having a hard time keeping up. Be it both IC or OOC. But hard typing, scoping and pretending to find high grounds to be able to scouts ahead. Biggest annoyance about the orders is that probably two drops earlier or so, orders were also given and muuuch yelling at the Marksmen. But this time the orders were opposite and flack was still given. STAY BACK! YOU'RE A MARKSMAN vs. GET UP FRONT! YOU'RE A MARKSMAN. Don't know if it is lack of agreement between the NCO's but I have experienced paradoxical statements like that with the only consensus being that you yell at marksmen and that you run so fast through maps that people die and generally get confused about what is going on.
  5. SvenPek

    Sila Ren PK

    This was definitely compelled by OOC. If this is Nik seeing how far he can take his abuse of admin rank or IC rank? I don't know. But I am positive that the lines between IC and OOC are being crossed here. As for the incident itself from the aftermath it was being called straight up murder. Any person who commits an offence punishable by death whilst in the field may be summarily executed by or on the order of the operation commander. "In the field" should be construed to mean any active combat operation the commission of a court martial would be impractical and would significantly jeopardize the viability of the mission objectives. No offence was caused that would be punishable by death during that drop. Orders were followed throughout, albeit with sassy remarks over the radio. Sila putting voice to how the Marksmen were feeling about the odd set of orders thrown their way, but they were followed regardless.
  6. SvenPek

    Sila Ren PK

    So Hartwick decided to shoot Sila over radio banter. Bain and Sila were on DMR's being told to move and move, while they had been told in another mission to stay back and keep overwatch, due to being Marksmen. Regardless, Sila questioned this albeit rudely. We were then in a brief respite from the bug attacks. Sila was told to present herself in the middle of the base and then promptly shot in the head without speaking a word. This is the log of the mission or at least what I had in my console. https://pastebin.com/LdteSthw
  7. SvenPek

    Combat Engineer Applications of Interest

    IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Sila Ren Physical Age: 28 Race: Caucasian, that's racist Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Raven Height: 158cm Weight: 58kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private Educational History: High School Criminal Record: Convicted traitor of the Federation Employment History: None of note, other than the military Service Record: Sila has been in the military for near ten years, maximum attained rank being Lance Corporal OOC: Character's College Explanation: (N/A if not applicable, if you don't understand, read the OOC section below the original post.) Server Time: No clue but made Sila's bio on August 12, 2017 Roleplay History: I have about 15 years of roleplaying experience.
  8. SvenPek

    [IC] Cert Training Requests

    Name: Private First Class Amber Nelson Requested specialisation: Marksman. DMR. Long Rifle. Or any recon specific training with assorted weaponry. Existing (relevant) weapon training: Previous MK1 DMR. Marksman and recon training.
  9. SvenPek

    Don't AFK near Rook

    Well. IC is IC. So this is obviously part of our lore now.
  10. SvenPek

    UFO:Aftershock - X-COM 2's Electric Boogaloo

    Ah I thought the Electric-Boogaloo was a reference to Always Sunny in Philadelphia. I didn't realize it is used as a general sequel meme. I've only heard it from that series.
  11. SvenPek

    UFO:Aftershock - X-COM 2's Electric Boogaloo

    I am just commenting due to the hopefully! Always Sunny reference.
  12. SvenPek

    Isabel Flores PK Appeal

    What is this even
  13. SvenPek

    Fleet Canon

    This is of course disregarding relativity and time dilation and what have you. These numbers are in regards to an outside observer as time would travel much slower for people on a spaceship moving at such speeds. Thousands of years might pass on Earth while only a year passes on the Grant itself. Sooo yeah. We should probably stay out of that particular area of physics.