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  1. Archer

    the best feeling u can have on this hellsite

    its not worth reading anyway
  2. Archer

    About flamers.

    jesus fuck people still pull the 'waaa my geneva convention' card wake the fuck up, this is a setting in the future, not us army sim, dont bring real life into a made up thing
  3. Archer

    SST Quotes Thread

    just saw ur pic ur a beautiful womyn im not flirting just hehh...................sniff
  4. Archer

    SST Screenshots

    good times
  5. Archer

    The spiderman we all want.

    ofc it will, its gonna be milked
  6. Archer

    The spiderman we all want.

    its because he was the only one to be serious and not joke like hes in a marvel movie for kids and if he joked, it was fitting should've gone for the head
  7. Archer

    The spiderman we all want.

    i gave more fucks about nick fury than about this not so amazing cuckerman then again i only cared about thanos anyway because i havent seen anything marvel related in almost 10 years, and he was the best character in the entire film
  8. Archer

    Haleem bint al-Attar

    gess i shud say u r no match for the othas
  9. Archer


    attention chad
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  11. Archer


    he was right
  12. Archer

    attention; we need your help

    well fuck okay ill have to use @F r a n c o as an erzatz gf substitute then
  13. Archer

    FPS drops and console errors.

    what a joke