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  1. dad :C

    yeah maybe it's because of those videos you showed me yesterday
  2. Name this Bunny!

    danny martin
  3. The cute goes in here.

    don't need your gay nazi porn here
  4. shes a marine cant blow out what isnt there
  5. The cute goes in here.

    lotta donkeys follow you around some of them are even cough cough british shall i say
  6. SST Screenshots

    professional staff team at work east and west collaborating 2018 colorized
  7. @Durango they take 6 hours because i let the drop lead decide what to do at least i try to stay faithful to the canon and atmosphere of sst rather than doing shit like 'oi cunt lookit a company of ragtag insurgents is successfully fighting off a planetary bug invasion but is also fighting the MI and losing because plot armor' @Fitz most of my PKs have been admin or player throwaways i can PK people for all i fucking care every event but y'all will cry and understandably leave because (nonexistant) character development will be clapped every day people like pk's and all but when it's their ass on the line, they won't like it that much then again, we can't do without pks at all
  8. Archer

    отвечаю братан они совсем уже охуели
  9. gess i shud say he wants to grab the cameraman by the pussy @HazyDay @Xalphox
  10. Rhodesian Red Flags

  11. look @Xalphox you're alright dont come to moscow anyime soon
  12. is that joke a reference to the nerveg as
  13. I'm risking it all

    0138 the pink kid on the horse is xalphox right?
  14. PAC Sharing Thread

    no shit you know what you dont have? my trust off the bat
  15. C menu + player model issues

    camera tool - place a tracking camera easy bodygroup tool - r - turn the camera on and change the sliders in the context menu, /offduty to toggle combat gear because the bodygroups are separate models are in SST MI models or something like that