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  1. Archer

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    what i meant is that you don't repair a tank that has the cannon torn off with sappers and rocketmen, which is what you are same with the suits, you repair them regardless of the condition it's in because you need something to do as engineers
  2. old meme the real state of it can be seen when a mspc goes 'whats a ton and whats doton'
  3. Archer

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    technically speaking, engineers shouldn't be repairing anything outside of minor damage to the marauder suits, too it's the 'muh rp' detail to give them something to do, same is with them repairing biotechs, which is why i brought that up because it seemed like that'd be made for medics only now
  4. Archer

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    shouldnt (specialized) engineers be repairing and maintaining it
  5. Archer

    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    http://prntscr.com/k6myxk yeah you rite, it's about time
  6. i would like to see the one and only good character that has ever been produced to be added the supreme nigger, of course
  7. Archer

    Grasping the reins once more!

    should've just shut this crock of shit down @Xalphox now to babysit the teens again
  8. Archer

    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    this entire fucking community is bugs in a jar i mean spiders no, bugs
  9. Archer

    Arryn Falco

    delightfully devilish, seymour
  10. Archer

    Bugs. Define a Bug. REWARD

    i'm a representative of the higher race, don't you see
  11. Archer

    Arryn Falco

    кончайте насиловать труп, чурбаны лучше подрочите дружкам в казарме
  12. Archer

    Arryn Falco

    @Fitz хуй там плавал
  13. Archer

    Change the server name!

    insert the obligatory fanfic mass effect joke here