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  1. Archer

    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    "dad" hop on my dick, i'm your daddy
  2. Archer

    Our plans for 2019

    does it fix the problem of loading into the server for 30 minutes only to time out the last scheme introduced
  3. Archer

    Merry Christmas!

    merry christmas to salad dressings if you catch my drift
  4. Archer

    Prepare yourselves.

    who are you two idiots
  5. Archer

    Vote to Revoke Remnar's N-Word pass

    did someone say niggers? hes from alabama, hes a real nigga
  6. Archer

    Robert Shaw

    open relationship xd
  7. Archer

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    did someone say gamer girl???
  8. Archer

    EFT Pics

    shut the fuck up
  9. Archer


    another one bites the dust
  10. Archer

    Lyndsey Carter, PK Appeal.

    the thread went completely unnoticed by me, and even though the decision is made (which i agree with), i hope i can clarify something since i ran this event and i authorised the PK. first off, i never targeted you - this is the first time i hear of it, rest assured and don't worry about it. i spawned a few chariots with the intent to scout out the MI defences, and had illustrated this over the course of a few attacks. i had one chariot sneak in, being the sole survivor, and put it on the airfield infront of White, then left it there and forgot about it until later. White's decision to keep it as a pet was (in-character) fatally wrong, because she essentially let a bug spy into the triage and behind your own lines. medic flanked them during the night-time, and went completely unnoticed until he found the triage. if it makes you feel better, you can pretend the chariot led the tiger here, playing its role as a scout for the arachnids, which is the reasoning i'd go with. i told medic to go wild if he manages to sneak up on the triage, and he did. everyone inside were clueless and unarmed, and i gave the go ahead to attack. the rest is history. @Durango before you delete this, i'm simply posting this to hopefully clear up some details that the player might've been worried about. nothing else.
  11. is it the time to reclaim the +40 m/sgt bonus or whatever it was back in the day
  12. Archer

    Hello, ERP? I require an admin.

    every day the western civilization strays further from the light of god @Orwell
  13. Archer

    in remembrance...

    gess i shud say i'm now with the highest post count that didnt come through shitposting
  14. Archer

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    the local suicide watch line is the number
  15. Archer

    SST Quotes Thread

    a better idea is to start a fist fight with bugs oh wait, even better is to adopt them and make them pets or make swords out of their talons and carcasses