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  1. This was given to the two others marines as moments after the Col. Said he wanted to see how the fight would end up. As stated before no attempt to "subdue" or detain Ares was taken, after they got the gun the first time he got it back once then they took it once more and he was at gun point, this is when the order was given.
  2. @Tonic (1) I was never warned that I would be killed for acts of self defense. (2) I was not performing a act of heroism, or stupidity (3) I was told 3 times to take off my belt only twice the third I finally took it off and the fight committed.
  3. @Tonic (1) As far as I know of there was no OOC reasons or actions that have happened. (2) I believe it was Striclty IC how ever it does not follow the guide lines. (3) From when I was talking with Hazy she said that Ares was being stubborn with the Sergeant, and earlier that day we did a bunk inspection and Ares ROYALLY pissed off Clanton who was a Corporal at the time. The only time that Ares punched or hit a superior is when it was an act of self defense. (1) As stated multiple times already it was an act of self defense, this was NOT a Non-Judicial Punishment. (2) I do not agree with this as stated above. (3) From what I can remember there where no attempts to make him surrender at anytime before the fight involved a firearm, There where 3 Marines there and you didint ask them to cuff ares while he was knocked out or attempt to stop the fight if I remember correctly Larson said "Stand down Marines." As a member of the Federation Provost Corps, A marine is protected while in an investigation. Ares specifically was given a case involving a DWD, he was granted permission from the person who opened the case to investigate it, at the time when Ares was attacked he was going to the location of the crime to find any evidence, then he started talking to Christensen who at the time was wearing an MI rank and it appeared that he was promoted, Ares then asked the Sergeant why he was wearing the Lance patches and instead of awnser it the Sergeant decided he was going to fight Ares. Some of that also falls under the first (3)
  4. Ares died from a gunshot order given from a Col. However I think it isn't right because at the time Ares was a acting rank of Master Sergeant. The events leading up to Ares death where a Sergeant telling him to take off his belt 3 times Ares said no to the first two and finally submitted to the third one. (Note this was NOT a NJP.) the sergeant flung himself towards Ares missing two blows ares gets him to the ground then the sergeant gets away(this is when a crowd starts forming) the sergeant strikes ares and while he is down hits the panic button. The last Marine comes and Col. Tells him to stand down as he watches Ares and the Sergeant fighting. Once ares gets a good strike into the Sergeant the Col. Steps in and begains fighting with ares and a medic stepped in doing the same. They knock him down and the medic breaks his knee cap, this is when Ares reaches for his sidearm and draws it on the three men. The three men get it away and the medic points at Ares chest, they ask the Col. What to do and he gives the order to fire onto ares, the medic does so and 3 shots go Into Ares chest killing him. I think that Ares shouldn't be PKed because the Sergeant started the fight and all Ares did was in self defense. I will be more than happy to give up My TSgt up if it means I could have Ares back. Thank you for your time.
  5. General Information Name: Ares Kerr Aliases/Nicknames: None. Sex: M Age: 21 Date of Birth: 27, August 2274 Weight: 232 Height: 6'5" Hair Color: Black Eye Color: Grey Nationality: American Marital Status: Single Personality: Quiet, can be loud if you make him happy, or mad. Quirks: Family: Father: Charlie Kerr - 50 [Deceased] {Killer- Alex Kerr}, [Pathfinder Candidate-Denied by his CO, Training officer on terra before death] Mother: Ashley Kerr - [Deceased] {Killer- Plasma Bugs}, [Ship captain from enlistment till death of her ship.] Brother: Alex Kerr - 27 [Deceased] {Killer- Ares Kerr}, [Marine, CO of 169th Marine Detachment before receiving Article(s) 118, 119, 116, 120, 113, 128, 126, 112, 107, 85] Professional Information Faction: Federation Provost Corps Platoon: 112th Rank: 2nd Specialist Role: Marine Attire : Battle Dress: Standard Marine BDU's Balaclava, Service Dress: Standard shirt with medals and ribbons placed in it, Riot, Pararooper, Outstanding Marine Recruit, Outstandng Marine Badges above his ribbons. Prior Occupation: None Known Languages: English Injuries: On Duty: Shrapnel excessive bleeding on legs [ Fully Healed] On Ship: Gunshot from Peacemaker into chest [Deceased] Medals and Awards: Riot, Pararooper, Outstanding Marine Recruit, Outstandng Marine Badges, Marskman ship ribbon, Education & Training - Standard Highschool Education, Riot School completed, Paratrooper School Completed, Marine Bootcamp Completed, Advanced Marine Training Completed, Ares, Alex, and Phil Taylor (From Right to Left, Ares, Taylor, Alex): Loved/Crush/ Trusted / Respected / Amiable / Acquainted / Neutral / Unsure / Disliked / Hate Travis Young: An alright man, I see him on drops and around, we don't talk much. Kristina Sigrun: Saw her knock a kid clean out with one swift blow, need to remember no tot talk to her. Robert Shaw: See him around, don't go up to him much unless invited. Annabelle Thacker: Don't really care for her or the Thacker family, they all seem like they are stuck up. Lieutenant Vitale: Seems cool don't really talk to him much either. Sila Ren: Don't really seem why she is acting why she is, keep trying to cheer her up. Phil Taylor: One of my good friends even to now, was sad to leave but it was a must after Alex. Amber Kirchauff: One of the very few people I talk with sometimes. Erae Belic: I see her around and on drops as well, don't really care what she does. A. Fox: Liked, Seems to be a nice dude wouldn't mind talking to him more. Angela Clark: Nice, Can get lost talking to her if i'm not careful. Captian Ziola: Nice and straight to the point, reminds me of my teachers back in my old unit.
  6. I can see the head line now "Man Gets Arrested after running around ship in his underwear!" All in all great work they look nice, badges or patches for different divisions and specializations would be good.
  7. Hush, every one knows I dont spell out ranks. and thats the reason why
  8. -August 27th, 2299 -Signed, 3Spc. Ares, Kerr. -192nd Marine Company. >Data playback starting< >Video Decrypting< >20%< >40%< >70%< >100%< Please Stand By... ... .... ...... *The video begains playing and it shows a dark corner, The camera begains shaking as a man picks it up and places the helmet onto his head.* *The Marine wearing it looks over at another marine with the words Kerr plasterd on his vest.* >Voice recongnition starting< 2Lt. Alex Kerr: "Hey little bro stay calm, Its your birthday nothings going to happen this place has been quiet for weeks, Anyways once your shift is up come find me we'll go get somthing to eat." 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "Heh, Yeah I guess your right, I have to go my shift is starting soon, Bye." *Ares turns his back towards his brother and walks out of the locker room to the gate where his post is." *A dark figure begains approaching the gate.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: *Ares begains yelling at the figure.* "Hey Stop!" *Ares raises his rifle.* "STOP OR BE FIRED APON!" *The figure stops before the gate and raises his face to the guards.* *A spotlight shines on the mans face* >Voice recongnigtion initilized.< Col. Charlie Kerr "Since when did it become a law that a Colonel will get shot at if he comes to see his son?" >Voice Recongnition Initilized.< Spc. John Filex "Shit! Sorry sir well open the gate!" *The camera turns as Ares walks down to meet his father.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "Hey Dad." Col. Charlie Kerr: "Son, Now where is your brother?" 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "In the locker room, want me to take you there?" Col. Charlie Kerr: "I dont see why not, Lets go." *The camera again turns as Ares and his dad walks down towards the locker room.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "Colonel On Deck!" Col. Charlie Kerr: "As you where men." 2Lt. Alex Kerr: "Hey its dad, Whats going on pops?" Col. Charlie Kerr: "Not much son." *Charlie then turns to Ares.* Col. Charlie Kerr: "Ares leave us please." 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "Yes Sir." *The Camera turns as Ares walks out of the room and closes the door behind him.* *Shouting is heard through the door.* >Voice Recongnition Initilized.< SSpc. Phil Taylor: "Hey Ares right? Anyways whats going on in there?" 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "My dad showed up today and him and Alex are fighting." *A loud BOOM! is heard as a weapon is fired.* *The Camera turns so fast the video goes fuzzy.* *Ares and Phil bust open the door to a horific sight.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "Alex! What did you do? Why?" 2nd Lt. Alex Kerr: "What!? So I shot him, Let it go." 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "What? Let it go? You just commited murder." SSpc. Phil Taylor: "Medics to locker room Fast. Ares is right this is murder, We have to arrest you 2nd lieutenant." *Alex runs out of the room knocking Phil over.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "All units be advised 2nd Lt. Alex Kerr is a traitor he has shot the Colonel." *Phil gets up and regains his balance.* SSpc. Phil Taylor: "You did a good thing son, rember that he brought this apon himself." *The Feed stops as Phil turns off Ares camera, during this time the funeral for Charlie was held and they tracked Alex to a new planet." *The Feed starts again and soon pans out into a open drop ship.* 1Lt. Phil Taylor: "Alright men listen up, we tracked this group of insurgents to this planet and we plan to kill them. No Prisoners, Am I understood?" *All Marines sound off with "Yes Sir", then the drop ship begains to rattle as the doors open.* *The video goes on for 15 minutes of the Marines hiking to a town until they get into combat.* 1Lt. Phil Taylor: "All men fire apon the red building, bearing 210." *The building soon falls down do to huge amounts of gun fire.* *The feed plays on as the Marines soon get bunkered down and nothing happens for hours.* SSpc. George Bernard: "SHIT! Johns down, SNIPER!" 1Lt. Phil Taylor: "Ares get Johns rifle and find that bitch." *Ares does as he is told and grabs the mans DMR and soon find the sniper.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "Lietenant I found him, I think I know who it is." 1Lt. Phil Taylor: "Who?" 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "I-I think its Alex, Sir." 1Lt. Phil Taylor: "Your call Kid, Take it or dont." *10 Secounds goes by, another shot goes off this time by the Marines.* 3Spc. Ares Kerr: "He is dead, Sir." 1Lt. Phil Taylor: "Understood, I know how hard that was for you kid. Im starting to think theres a reason that your parents named you Ares." *The video starts to get fuzzy again then fades out.* >Video Feed Over< Took inspiration to make this from Nier, this is one of Ares first assignments before he was assigned to the RP Marines. Dont worry about misspellings.
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