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    server is over

    Now we can get the fallout rp server rolling
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    https://imgur.com/gallery/VFLKKi7 heres me
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    A General OOC Message to NCOs.

    I’ve brought this up before in TeamSpeak but when an admin needs to event something and the players are moving to fast, just set the timescale thing or whatever to make them move slower like the day @Xalphox made everyone run in slow motion to the briefing room while Chariot of Fire played (that was fucking beautiful btw)
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    Travis Young

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    Working out? Do you or do you not

    I’m actually Terry Crews IRL
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    Valerie Faust

    Add Freeman
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    God and Federation, Scope and Rifle: Ashton O'Shea

    Ashton voice claim
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Lance corporal James Rogers
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    SST Screenshots

    In loving memory of Dumont
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    My vasectomy

    Vasectomies are for pussies PUMP HER FULL OF YOUR SEED
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    SST Screenshots

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    SST Meme thread

    Finally a meme thread
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    Time for me to go.

    Welcome back
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    A rare footage of 112th during the Cannon Fodders concert.

    I thought that @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz wa singing in this video.
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    [IC] Note Taped To Medbay Reception Desk

    *A crudely drawn dick is scrawled on Dumont’s note*
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    The PAC Collective

    @redneckrOadkill all right joe suggested it be a medical thing. If you require a biotech pac please approach someone in medical and they can link it to you
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    The PAC Collective

    Lemme pm him and make sure it’s ok
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    The PAC Collective

    Joe posted some biotech pacs in the medic club I’ll send you one tomorrow
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    Sylase "Fucker" Freeman

    Voice claim: Basic Information Name: Sylase Kenneth Freeman Place of Birth: New Austin, Rhohan Date of Birth: August 14th, 2256 Age: 21 Gender: Male Height: 6'0 Physical Description: Weight: 198 LBs Hair colour: Brownish - Orange Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank:Speciliast Branch: Mobile Infantry Medical Division Date of Enlistment: July 11, 2296 Years of Service: 2 Service Record: 2 years of federal service Personal Information Family: Father: Joseph Freeman, Retired 2nd Lieutenant, 29th Morita Detachment. [ALIVE] Mother: Thresa Freeman, Retired Medical Specialist aboard the SS. John Basilone [ALIVE] Brother: Josh Freeman: 112th "Bandicoots", Second Platoon. [Deseased] Backstory: Born in NEw Austin on the planet Rhohan, Freeman has always held the Ideals of the Federation close to his heart. Even as a child he dreamed of Federal Service. His Father was a lieutenant in the Mobile Infantry, his mother a shipside medic. As a Rhohan Native, Freeman also grew up around guns, he shot his first gun when he was 12. During his youth he took piano lessons, during high school he played the trumpet . He also had a decent singing voice, just don’t expect him to sing for you with getting him drunk first. Upon turning 18 he immediatly enlisted in the Mobile Infantry, excited for to persue a career. Upon completion of his training he was transferred to the 112th. A few months after being transferred he enlisted into the Audie Murphy's Marine detachment, he was in for about two months before deciding it was boring, so he dropped out. He attempted to try to go for NCO, but failed and decided to join the Engineering detachment. He was in for about 2 months, then got transferred to the 308th Morita Batallion. While enlisted in the 308th, he began suffering from severe PTSD and depression, he saw a therapist for it for several months. It was after this that he began being more sarcastic and immature, in order to mask the fact that inside, he was a broken man. Afterwards, he transferred back to the 112th. And here he stays. Characteristics: Sarcastic Speaks his mind Brave Strong-Willed Laid Back Strengths & Weaknesses: He's always quick with a joke, though he masks his saddness behind them, he's very smart, though not alot of people know this due to his sarcastic nature. He's subject to PTSD episodes, causing him to momentarily zone out or run away from people and hide in seclusion. Tends to mask his emotions through sarcasm and immaturity. Other Information: Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated FUCK ALL THAT Just ask to be added. I'm really bad about relationships. Iris Blanka Well, what to say about Iris. She's a Psycic, so that's pretty cool. She's fun to talk to and can be really fuckin' scary. Like the time she killed a fucking monster snake on RnR. She's isn't too bad on the eyes either, I've found myself getting nervous around her lately. Could be a crush. I heard she's taken though, so no sense in trying to persue it. She doesn't seem too interested in me anyway. Maxine Valentine Definately a dike. She's the hardass gunnery sergeant. She's strict but I figure that's what makes her a good Gunny. I think it's fun to mess with her sometimes, just not anywhere close, feels like she'd rip my balls off if I got too close. Samantha Ruse One of the new engineers, I've talk to her abit on mission and off mission. She's very playful and abit fucked up, but I think it's kinda cute. She teases me about me having Volker cut my foot off after getting bit by a necro. Not my fault no one told me only the hosts infect people... Vito Dominiko One of the few people on board the ship I would consider a friend. We were introduced to each other through a cowboy finger gun duel in the elevator shaft after a mission. I was going through a tough time after the loss of my brother, and that helped snap me out of it. I don't talk to him nearly as much as I'd like to. Overall he's a good friend. Sebastian Bently The platoon Captain, started calling me “Fucker” my first day returning to the 112th. He’s a funny dude when he isn’t sulking in the bar. I don’t talk to him nearly as much as I’d like to. Leana Wells I’ve had very few interactions with Wells, though from what I’ve gathered she gets a lady boner outta beating the shit outta people with a baton. Kinky. Patrick Stevenson Not the biggest fan of this guy, he enjoys swinging his dick around. He’s a good leader, but at the same time he’s also abit if a dick. I’ll admit though I do enjoy talkin shit with him on occasion Aaron Holtz One of my first friends when I joined the 112th, he’s a good man. We’ve been through a lot together, there’s no one else I’d rather have watching my back on the field. I don’t see him nearly as much as I’d like to. I miss his piano. Ondřej David One of the engineers, I don’t really know him very well, I think I’ve spoken with him twice. I’ve patched him up in the field a few times if I recall correctly. Not a bad guy from what I’ve gathered from our few interactions. Alysia Harper One of the Fleeties, I haven’t really talked to her too much, but I heard about what she did to herself and it breaks my heart. Whoever caused her to do that is the absolute worst kind of person. I feel bad for her. Otherwise she’s ADORABLE, like a little porcelain doll. Travis Young I first met him back when I joined the Engineers. He’s a lieutenant now so he must be doing something right. He’s a really cool dude, we could most definitely be friends if we talked abit more. From what I’ve seen he’s an excellent leader. Amanda Whitefield I... dunno what to say, she’s one of the new fleeties. We’ve been spending time together and I think I like her... like really like her. Artyom Kholovok A brick shithouse of a Marauder. Of the Terran Russian stereotypes I know this guy fits it perfectly. He’s nice enough, though I feel like he’s trying to get between myself and Amanda. Alicia White A Master Specialist in medical, she’s very talented and did my CLS course when I joined medical. Easy on the eyes and kind, but can be very strict when she needs to be.
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    Sylase "Fucker" Freeman

    Added @Zebastion sorry I just saw your post
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    Sylase "Fucker" Freeman

    Added, may update later
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Oh my Fucking god I’m cracking up in the break room at work and I’m getting a bunch of looks
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    Marco Dominiko

    Marco “Polo” Dominiko
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    Amanda Whitfield

    Add Freeman