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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    Minor Update: Log added
  2. Mighty Mouse

    Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep, Nep.

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    Judus Dezolnos

    Theme Photo of PFC. Judus Dezonlons calling up to higher during his time in the 134th Regiment General Information Name: Judus Steven Dezolnos Aliases: "Dez" Faction: Mobile Infantry Age: Early Twenties Place of Birth: Terra. Status: Alive Known Languages: English Mental Illnesses: N/A Physical Disabilities: N/A Occupation: Soldier, RTO Motto: "All ends well when the war is over." Weight: 185 Lbs Height: 5.8 Hair Color: Dirty Blond Eye Color: Brown COMMENDATIONS: None at this moment in time Demeanor: Laid back. Calm. Habits: Spacing out. Phobias: Chiroptophobia (Fear of Bats), Taphephobia (Fear of being in the grave while alive) Marital Status: Single Mental State: Sane WEAPON(S): MK1 OUTFIT: Basic MI Gear, Scratched up helmet and Armor, Radio Pack SPECIALIZATIONS: Radio Telephone Operator JOB: Mobile Infantry, FAVORITE ITEM(S): Radio Pack RELATIONSHIPS: Family of the MI(To be built later: Make it easier for me, Request!) Lover/Romantic feelings/ Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Acquaintance / Known / Neutral / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / † = Sanity / † = Deceased
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    Old times

    CHRIST this brings back memories.
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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    Thank you for the comments, that are Oh-so-needed on this profile.
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    A farewell.

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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    Super Minor Update: Added: A.Thacker J.Knoxx Journal Log: 8/15/2297 Changed: A bit of the wording in a few posts, due to them being confusing.
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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    I think it's more my style of writing where I add words and shit. - Where I have the Grave Yard more as a voice recording but typed down. Like the talk to text bull shit. That's just me. So it's not for everyone. I can fix it up if it truly bothers you that much. I'll be adding her soon. - In fact right now.
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    Valerie Faust

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    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    Minor Update: Added: Journal Log 8/15/2297 Swift Bryant Matene Kowalski Dominica Faust Changed: N/A
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    Sila Ren

    Aaron Holtz?
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    Sila Ren

    Aaron Holtz! And teddybear Holtz
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    Shaw's Salads

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    I need names

    Aaron Holtz
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    SSTRP Anime op (Horrible)

    "Where's my Squad?" You son of a bitch. I'm wheezing.