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  1. \ J. Morgan receiving his first assignment to the 112th Date Unknown Lawful Neutral Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon Sanity/Moral Broken Mind <███████|██████|██████> Clear Minded General Information Name: Johnny Richard Morgan Aliases: John, Dick, Khepri Faction: Marauders Age: 22 Place of Birth: Luna, Colony 13 Status: Alive Known Languages: English. Mental Illnesses: N/A Physical Disabilities: Right Arm replaced with Biotech Occupation: Soldier, Marauder Motto: "Treat others the way you wish to be treated." Weight: 220Lbs Height: 6.2'' Hair Color: Blond Eye Color: Blue COMMENDATIONS: DATA LOST Demeanor: Logical, Kind, Habits: Watching the stars, Mumbling to himself. Phobias: Trypanophobia (Fear of needles), Autophobia (Fear of being alone) Marital Status: Single Mental State: Sane WEAPON(S): OUTFIT: Worn down Ageis suit, Years of war shown on the paint SPECIALIZATIONS: Armored Warfare JOB: Marauder Division, QRF FAVORITE ITEM(S): A small knife strapped to his thigh J. Morgan at a formal ball at the 112th Unknown Date RELATIONSHIPS: Family of the MI (To be built later: Make it easier for me, Request!) Lover/Romantic feelings/ Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Acquaintance / Known / Neutral / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / † = Sanity / † = Deceased Mobile Infantry Engineering Medical Corps MI-POD Marauders Fleet †GRAVE YARD†
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: MSgt. Holtz //: Second In Command: LCpl. Mercier //: Squad Leaders: Cpl. Davenport, Cpl. Goose Blue Team: Orange Team: //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): Pfc. Bellic , Cpl, Davenport, LCpl. Mercier //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): N/A //: Notable Acts: N/A //: Mission Summary: Go to planet Find Major General Angry Grass didn't like that We FIND the Major General. Angry Grass really hates that sends zombies. We evac out and go home. Major General is upon the ship.
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: MSgt. Holtz //: Second In Command: SSgt. Evans //: Squad Leaders: Cpl. Redbrick, Cpl. Oakwood Blue Team: Orange Team: //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): N/A //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): Spc. Burke //: Notable Acts: //: Mission Summary: "Hello First Platoon, we're got a distress message from Kelpher's Set. From what was said in the message, a local group of civilians are held up in one of planets many abandon FFRL research labs. From our records before our departure from the Federation states that, this Lab contains a dormant information that can assist us on liberating the planet from the Arachnids. Arachnids are the overwhelming force on this planet, and for the few months we were rejected from the Federation this planet's insect problem only gotten worst. But this planet of Kephler's Set has proved to be resourceful for us in the past. In the grand scheme of things, we'll be working with Lieutenant Degurechaff from the FFRL detachment in capturing this planet and using it for our own. Our task today will be extracting these people from the AO; of course, information regarding who we are will kept it limited from these people. Another focus will be the AI; We'll be extracting the information, making sure it's disconnected from the Federation database and having our FFRL department, do what they do best." -Lt. Elaine Asper:
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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    Major Update: Added: K. Ito @Faded S. Claire @Silent E. Strattmann @Bailey C. Zeem @Baltazar L. White @Tridon Updated: A. Noviello @Avi H. Phan @Hecle R. Nejem @BaroqueBishop H. Barnes @Samikins Morale has been updated.
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    Roskana Nejem

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    Cipher's General Complaint Thread

    The man isnt even here. Why you doing him so dirty.
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    Katsuki Ito - Recovering, again.

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    Hecle Phan

    Don't go breaking my heart. -Add Holtz
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    James Reacher

    Feels bad No Holtz
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    Atichat Saiphan - Asian Thunder

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    Robert Shaw

    Smh. Add Holtz (again)
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    Aaron Holtz: "Dad" Of the MI

    Major Update: Added: S. VonStrattmann @Lick Me I have Leprosy R. Oakwood @Floofy A. Noviello @Avi J. Freeson @LoadedGun O. Sasstamoinen @Shaxx R. Setu J. Reacher @SpeedyGrylls G. Reece @Sting J. Nash @Jimbow R. Nejem @BaroqueBishop J. Harlesda @SgtMcMuffin A. Lupi @Solitaire Updated: J. Knoxx @alright sassy H. Barnes @Samikins
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    <//: After Action Report :\\>

    //: Drop Lead: SSgt. Holtz //: Second In Command: N/A //: Squad Leaders: Sgt. Okazaki, Cpl Redbrick Blue Team: Orange Team: //: Wounded In Action (W.I.A.): SSgt. Holtz, 2Spc. Leeds, Ens. Helstrom //: Killed In Action (K.I.A.): //: Notable Acts: Okazaki was able to bring back the downed pilot with his squad, - while they were downed. //: Mission Summary: "Hello infantry, today on Kephler's Set has been getting Arachnid activity once again. Zere is a bunker towards ze centre of the planet, fifty zousand miles away from Dawn City; ze captial of Kephler's Set. It holds some prototypes vat ze FFRL command is very protective over. You will be replacing Zird Platoon. Hold ze bunker until your relief comes in soon after. Vere has been reports of larger arachnid castes in ze area, so you'll be dropping with ze A-10 support. It will gun down anything larger than a elite tiger, hopefully. Yes, hopefully.." -Lt. Ivanovna Von Degurechaff