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  1. Title says it all friends. My time here is done. I have had an amazing time with SST and her long and deep story, everyone contributing with their own character, able to change the entire course of history with one pull of the finger. But I find her invitation to continue writing the story down to be... Nothing, Of what I felt 3-4 years ago when I first started playing. All I feel whenever I glance down at the white G on my desktop is just, "Why?" I have nothing against this server but my drive to come and play is, gone for reasons I don't know. I still hold dear the memories of old friends, now long gone, moved on in life, be it something good or bad that made them leave. I remember my times in the middle of the night on an old laptop, firing away at Bugs, music blasting in my ear, as I go deaf from 20 Moritas going on at once. But that's just it, I only "Remember" I don't remember the last time I came onto the server and had a good time. I just felt I was a fish thrown onto a mountain. No fucking clue what the hell to do. For the past 3-4 months all I did was check the forums, again and again and again. For two weeks I came on, and the one thing I had left to bother playing was taken. (That has its own post for anyone who bothers to check) I knew there wasn't a chance in hell I'd come back, but I held this server too close to just up'n'fuck off. And now that day is here. Farewell friends, and may we meet again in the field. ~ Craig
  2. Gods speed, friend. Get well soon.
  3. We just gon' skip over FMJ?
  4. Tl:Dr Klauster Died, I don't know what to do now, considering appeal but doubting it, other emotions present. For those who stayed around, Klaus died today when the platoon got surrounded by Neons and was shot dead as he threw lead into the east side. Nothing against whoever issued it, I know the guidelines and I got a fucking 5 on my roll. But for those who don't know, Klaus was my only char I played for the better part of the 4 years I've been here. After I left the server entirely over the summer a year ago he was the only reason I came back that August was that I wanted to see him through to the end, retirement or death. Then he died. Fucking yeah I feel weird saying that but when I read the event I just froze. I felt my heart pounding and just /nothing/. No thoughts, no reaction, just staring at the red overlay on the screen, and the big letters "Cpl. Victor Klauster, 11/01/2299" Even writing this like, 20 minutes after it happened I still have my heart just pounding and I have no clue what to do now. I have other characters but I don't feel that connection I got from Klaus (Again, fucking weird to be saying), I'd play them for 20 minutes, get bored, and hop on Klaus or just log off if I cant even do that. I felt Klaus as just an extension of me (He started out literally just me, German, and physically fit.), the only person I knew to play, every time I'd be Tony, he'd become more and more Klaus'y until I just got bored and went back to Klaus. Now that he's gone I'm wondering what I have left here, and what I should do. I might just put an appeal in to fucking fight for that but if I do I know I probably wont win. I know PKs are everyday and shit and this is unusual but I am just stuck here, no clue what to do. If anyone got anything fucking PM me, not turn this thread into a mess. But for now all I got is a very sudden death, and the memories of what he did years ago, and wondering what other people thought of him. Was he even known around the Murphy/Grant or just "Kraut #382" If you read this all, Thanks, have a good day, and carry the fight on Troopers, I'll take on the bastards you already got.
  5. Entered into service with the 112th
  6. 18:14:04 - **Cpl. Elaine 'Aspie' Asper walks in the showers with a steak in her hands. Punching it as she walks in, nodding to each individual here
  7. https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/645999360271097856/KevZFIjk_400x400.jpg
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