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  1. Craig R. Smith

    SICON Combat Award nomination form

    Your name and rank: Corporal Victor V. Klauster Awards Requested: Distinguished Service Medal Date of the event: 11/13/2298 Recipient: Corporal Dwight Conelly Detailed account of the act: Witnesses: Sergeant Pauline Westervelt, Lance Corporal Jaz Williams, 3rd Specialist Katherine Walcott
  2. Craig R. Smith

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Cpl Klauster ending LOA tomorrow.
  3. Craig R. Smith

    Short LOA but a LOA none the less

    As of tomorrow, my LOA is over.
  4. Craig R. Smith

    Weekly character question: Reasons for enlistment

    I too shall bite with Old Man Klaus, don't expect paragraphs from me. He enlisted as, for him at least, it was an out of a shitty situation. He rarely talks about his past so for the sake of fun I'll not say too much but he enlisted because he wanted to no longer be living paycheck to paycheck, meal to meal, etcetera. He enlisted 3 OOC years ago and served ever sense, never regretting his decision (most of the time). To answer the bullet points; Yes it was better than paycheck to paycheck, No he's not a flag waving patriot, No he didn't enlist for ADVENTURE, and he did have his brother push him to enlist as he was in the same situation at the time.
  5. Craig R. Smith

    Tales from Union 2-A

    (I'm Writing a thing, I'll put it out chapter by chapter. Enjoy.)
  6. Craig R. Smith

    Victor Von Klauster

    Fixed some info and medical history
  7. Craig R. Smith

    Introduction Thread

    Fuck you, say hello.
  8. Craig R. Smith

    Short LOA but a LOA none the less

    Update: Got my schedule, a few less days than expected so I'll be around more than I thought but still a noticeable lull
  9. Craig R. Smith

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    I'm headed out next week on LOA, just confirming that here Also I've never been added to the roster; Corporal Victor von Klauster Eastern Standard Time
  10. Craig R. Smith

    Short LOA but a LOA none the less

    AIGHT YALL. Starting next Monday I'll be gone for two weeks, theres a musical at my school and I'm one of the people who works on the lights. I'll try and be on a few times if the gods of yore are in my favor, otherwise I'll see you in a while. If you desperately need me I'll still on the forums and I got steam on my phone. Gods speed, don't die now y'here? - Craig Smith
  11. Craig R. Smith

    XCOM SST Edition!

    He live on in our hearts and in our XCOM 2 SST runs
  12. Craig R. Smith

    Victor Von Klauster

  13. Craig R. Smith

    Valerie Faust

    You lack your fellow Kraut Klaus plox
  14. Craig R. Smith

    XCOM SST Edition!

    SST Helmet / Beret mod are a must Klauster plx Just german voice and leadin' boys
  15. Craig R. Smith

    Victor Von Klauster

    Format update Got injured again