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  1. Craig R. Smith

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

  2. Craig R. Smith

    Hobby Thread

    Milsim. Big on Milsim. I am re-enlisting in an old group I used to roll with. I was their 1st Platoon CO. Life's Good in the Marines.
  3. Craig R. Smith

    Nier trying to explain anime to Bohannon

    Shouldn't you be gone or something by now CF?
  4. Craig R. Smith

    Bohannon's Goodbye Letter

    See you on the other side CF.
  5. Craig R. Smith


    Its broken in half, screws themselves broke That is precariously balanced right there. Even then I am in the market for a new one.
  6. Craig R. Smith


    God rest your weary soul, old friend. The chair I got when I got my first ever computer just broke. May he forever rest in peace
  7. Craig R. Smith

    Victor Von Klauster

    Cleared out the graveyard. Not dead yet people.
  8. Craig R. Smith

    SST Quotes Thread

    Just in a class reading old quotes during midterms. I'm the first one done, Everyone is still taking their test, I'm trying not to laugh my ass off in the back. Teacher noticed.
  9. Craig R. Smith

    Regarding bringing back old characters

    I've lost the thread but I'm just confused about the re-enlistment thing (No clue where else to put this. Honestly got stuck for an hour.) Can someone please just explain that whole thing in simpler terms and what I need to send to whom....... If anything...
  10. Craig R. Smith

    SST Quotes Thread

    FO3. Jon Paul J. 'Blue Angel 1-1' Bohannon [OOC]: bitch nigga Councillor Julia Krux [OOC]: Tuuli Councillor Julia Krux [OOC]: Can you KIA this one Gotta Love Bohannon With No Context
  11. Craig R. Smith

    Troy Hughes

    About god damn time you make a page And you dont even add Klaus I am hurt DEEPLY.
  12. Craig R. Smith

    Round two gents

    Another Minor Update: A few more trips to the place of pain known as the local clinic to round out the year but I should be out of the woods per say by tonight AND JESUS FUCKING CHRIST WHAT THE HELL DID I MISS ABOUT EARTH
  13. Craig R. Smith

    Round two gents

    Blood and urine came back negative I'm "Healthy" What the fuck is all my problems mean then.
  14. Craig R. Smith

    Round two gents

    Update; Urine and blood tests have been sent Urine is A-OK Awaiting blood. Nearly punched another doctor I hate needles.
  15. Craig R. Smith

    PAC3 - Custom Content

    The kinda thing we need for people like me who barely know how to make their char taller.