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  1. Hi, I saw your Milacts post, and you seem to be doing an excellent job with that. I'm glad you've given the newer players who stick around a chance at leadership. Very cool to see. :)

  2. /me would step down after a moment of thought before saying to the man with a raised eyebrow "ur mom'stve gaystve."
  3. I used it because once you posted the /me it would be in past tense, but apparently common sense doesn't make no sense to some people, I don't care if I see it, I let people just do what they wish as long as it makes sense.
  4. Holy fucking shit, okay then. I guess I'll take my beta male inventory elsewhere bruv. Fuck me
  5. Inventory organization sucks a shit ton, but I killed this poor bastard after he was slow walking away after a battle with my newfound RSASS.
  6. Aye, but that confuses me then on how a person could die 4 times and then on their fifth death be asked to roll.
  7. We could just get Gr4ss to code a plugin that lets an admin know in console with a small notification that a player has died and they automatically /roll upon being respawned? Sure it could be annoying at start of missions with respawning people, but at least you wouldn't have that "Missing people dying." thing happen. Idk, I'm just a ***** with a rocket launcher
  8. [MOBCOMM]: MOBCOMM to *sigh* Camp Smegma, We read and command has said that name is not going to stick. @Argon
  9. Sorry, are you offending my right to use kids as weapons? You fucking cis male scum are what is ruining this country, gosh.
  10. Update to O'Neill as he was "unlawfully killed" rather than having it be done proper?
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