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  1. Travis Young

    O'Neill you tosser.
  2. Robert Taylor

    do i have to ask
  3. ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    3/24/2298. *Link to provided ambient music.* Dear, Second Lieutenant Kowalski. Ryan and I are immensely disappointed to hear the news of our Father's death, My father was a man who took the Federation and it's ideals to his core. It was his strong tradition that encouraged us, when we were going through school. We only knew him for two years of our life, when he took a break from Fleet to help us decide what career we would like to go for. His ex-wife... Our mother, loved him very much and even though they were divorced, we both knew they loved each other still. I, and my brother are exceptionally proud however to hear that he upheld a strong reputation, and was a role model for your troops Ma'am. We've heard a lot of things about the 112th, and we saw from the reports that you've taken the first step to beating the Progenitor menace. We wish you luck, and we'll be doing our part and also trying to make our late father proud, wherever he may be. PS. As the sole heirs to his property and fortune. We wish to donate the immense amounts of wealth he has earned over the years to the War Effort, by supporting the citizens who have earned their retirement from the Mobile Infantry, Fleet, and otherwise. His personal possessions may be handled by a Sgt. Sebastian Bently and Lance Corporal Jennifer Hughes as well as Specialist Short. We would only want his dog tags, and his funeral to be recorded so that we may see it. With kind regards. Jack O'Neill Jr. Fleet Platoon Sergeant, Alpha Company, First Platoon. 96th Morita Battalion.
  4. Until I see you all again.

    Hey kids. (Which is ironic because 75% of you are older than me.) I've hit writers block with designing a new character, and I've made the decision that instead of rushing a character that I wouldn't be happy with, and taking a Sergeant position that could be filled by someone who actually deserves a turn, that it's my time to take another break. I was only here a month, but this was my favorite part of SSTRP since Calling of Heroes. I got to develop my character that I hadn't played for a year, and felt right back at home. You are all hard working people, and your community is one that I always have a pleasure being apart of, even if it's only for one month at a time. I'll be back, and when I am. I'll have a new character, and I hope he'll rock your socks off. Here's some special mentions for those who made my SSTRP experience really special. @F r a n c o @Orwell @Rook @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz @Xalphox @Grizzly Hughes @Troy Hughes @Harvey @Scar Until I see you again over that green mile. <3
  5. Donald Handly

  6. Elrad Davidson

  7. McRanns faction is Solomons harem.

    Kill the males so that only female psychics are left.
  8. The cute goes in here.

    When you see the pizza.
  9. ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

  10. Emily Ziola.

    Sergeant O'Neill, the one she shot in the face.
  11. Mobile Infantry Roster

    O'Neill is dead, and is replaced by Sergeant Jole Roland.
  12. ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    That's all folks, as of today O'Neill is gone. I had a blast playing him, and I'm going to miss him a shit ton.
  13. SST Screenshots

    O'Neill's kids and Hux's fleet kid.
  14. Chuck Malone

    O'Neill, the Psychic that saved his groin from being cut into like a fucking cake.
  15. Mikayla Kowalski