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    that's what i'm saying though why not just revise the template to provide more information that the writer deems relevant as opposed to dumping arbitrary numbers into stats that don't even exist? a curiosity more aimed at the people who use it, really.
  2. MasterMedicMan


    maybe it means they exhibit antisocial tendencies (probably as a result of backstory/serverside events). not that that's ever done very well, but it was just an example.
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    why do you put stats like "charisma: 10/20" if we don't use a rolling system that adheres to those stats or anything else that would ever possibly relate to those stats why not instead write a brief sentence or a paragraph about what those stats mean, to turn it into something more applicable, like-- "charisma: 5/20" translates to something on why that character's charisma is so bad. what prior events (or lack thereof) resulted in a rating this low? it'd make for a much more interesting character sheet than to see numbers on a page that are otherwise meaningless
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  5. MasterMedicMan

    Mannulus's Possibly Indef LOA

    see ya in a week bröther
  6. MasterMedicMan

    Weekly lore discussion: 'Service means Citizenship'

    "sonny, i've been shit slickin since before you was even an idear"
  7. MasterMedicMan

    Federal PX

    Name: DABY, SCOTT M. Rank: LCPL. Item(s) requested: RPD ROLL PAPER 24CT (x5); RPD FLTR 10CT (x12); RPD SNAP LIGHTER (x1); RIP-IT ORG 6PK (x2).
  8. MasterMedicMan

    who wore it better

    this is the one true champion
  9. MasterMedicMan

    EFT Pics

    can i get uhhhh horrendous recoil control pls
  10. MasterMedicMan


    Welcome Aboard. Bark at a medic to get you inducted. -hwgb ps. also add me on steam. not dex the real me. @MasterMedicMan im u but stronger kidding @hewhogrillsbears
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    Time for me to go.

    ..a week and a half, then? : )
  12. MasterMedicMan

    SST Screenshots

    they should make cockthrottling each other's assholes illegal between the ranks oh wait edit: inb4 "welL ACkShuALLY THE cAPTAIN SaiD IT WAS OkAY"
  13. MasterMedicMan

    Time for me to go.

    seeya in a week
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    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    "it was voided" commit, pussy
  15. MasterMedicMan

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    and we have to share the rock