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  1. MasterMedicMan

    new separatist faction idea

    gotta COCK em down...
  2. MasterMedicMan

    Well I am leaving for collage tomorrow...

    if you're in the US, and you're living alone / are in a low income fam, make use of a pell grant will save ur ass good luck brother
  3. MasterMedicMan

    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    @hewhogrillsbears, enough of these games, i am going into battle, and need only your strongest cards
  4. MasterMedicMan

    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    card seller, @El Excellente, i am going into battle. i require only your strongkest cards.
  5. MasterMedicMan


    i'm sorry, but i recall "queen bug" title having more than just 2 dots.
  6. MasterMedicMan


    does it really though?
  7. MasterMedicMan

    fleet be like

    but grimm, what if the fleetie's a looey commander
  8. MasterMedicMan

    Federal PX

    Name: DABY, SCOTT M. Rank: CPL. Item(s) requested: RPD SNAP LIGHTER (x15).
  9. MasterMedicMan

    petition to ban Lit Coins

    litcoins should be banned immediately
  10. MasterMedicMan


    i think the model i wanted to use is no longer on the workshop. just went through like 80 pages. fuck. nevermind, thanks tho guys. will contact some of you if i find a model in the future. if anyone finds like a middle-eastern type lookin lady, that isn't an ig model lookin type, toss it my way, yeah?
  11. MasterMedicMan


    man, i was a complete shitlord at it. i only remember extracting .gma's and divvying it up into textures and porting some models into like -- blender. but the texture divvying i can only vaguely recall. used crowbar and shit like that. porting to blender i just, for the life of me, cannot recall.
  12. MasterMedicMan

    Lachlan Dunn, One-Man Chain-gang

    aesthetic/template from previous forums where it'd normally look a lot better than this. this doesn't look bad tho. keeps stuff concise-ish. condensed, it's probably a better word. @El Excellente
  13. MasterMedicMan


    requesting someone rips/ports a model for me. thanks in advance. i only need the head. need a head model of someone that probably looks iranian/middle-eastern, woman, not a snack q-t. if i find one i'll post the steam link, i just don't remember how to rip
  14. MasterMedicMan

    A dogs best friend, Shay Callahan

    operation dogfucker is underway