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  1. MasterMedicMan


    Welcome Aboard. Bark at a medic to get you inducted. -hwgb ps. also add me on steam. not dex the real me. @MasterMedicMan im u but stronger kidding @hewhogrillsbears
  2. MasterMedicMan

    Time for me to go.

    ..a week and a half, then? : )
  3. MasterMedicMan

    SST Screenshots

    they should make cockthrottling each other's assholes illegal between the ranks oh wait edit: inb4 "welL ACkShuALLY THE cAPTAIN SaiD IT WAS OkAY"
  4. MasterMedicMan

    Time for me to go.

    seeya in a week
  5. MasterMedicMan

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    "it was voided" commit, pussy
  6. MasterMedicMan

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    and we have to share the rock
  7. MasterMedicMan

    previously on sst...

    well, you have at least nier's cheeks
  8. MasterMedicMan

    SST Quotes Thread

  9. MasterMedicMan

    Weapons of the Mobile Infantry

    as far as ooc stats go, there is no advantage to using the standard morita. i was honestly under the impression that the SAW fired much faster than the morita, but i'm wrong, so idk what the advantage is aside from mag cap.
  10. MasterMedicMan

    A question concerning Flamethrowers.

    arguably they shouldn't take /away/ from the infantry, i thought that's what we were trying to prevent. though, i won't say much in that regard. i probably forgot about it or something, but as far as i can recall i was never aware of this. is it actually exclusively marauder now, or just a misunderstanding?
  11. MasterMedicMan

    Wallpapers and the like

    it's the sst RPG rulebook
  12. MasterMedicMan

    Wallpapers and the like

    go fuck yourself faggot i don't have the original photo
  13. MasterMedicMan

    Wallpapers and the like

  14. MasterMedicMan

    pk appeal

    as a playr witnis the t in tony stands for toxic, ts is proff
  15. MasterMedicMan

    SST Quotes Thread

    the thread is fucking 2.5 days dead give it a rest unless you've got a QuOTE bUDDY