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  1. MasterMedicMan


    accloopted but will probably have to work way back up ladder
  2. MasterMedicMan

    (OOC) Bi-Weekly Town Hall Meetings

    iirc Tony's SSD shit the bed my internet is still absolute trash and packet loss is an issue i don't know about cronk or litcoins
  3. MasterMedicMan

    (OOC) Medical Orderlies

    Really a sidenote, to which I thought would be self-explanatory, but: Say, your character gets injured on a drop. There's no medics on, and there's no medics prior to the drop. Or, you're just missing a medic post-drop. Either or, don't wait on us to get around to your injury. Assume that once you've come back, and there's no medics on, that you've been tended to by orderlies. The only time I'd suggest you wait for a medic to get on is after something like limb amputation, or something major that'd require some sort of crazy surgery to get out of the way. -- But if your Joe Schmoe gets a gunshot wound to the calf, don't wait like a day or two waiting on a medic. e: I should note -- If you want to roleplay recovery then that's fine. Just make sure you coordinate with a medic, or at least know what you're doing, and stay consistent. Chances are, Joe Schmoe won't be eating solid food after getting shot in the stomach, or walking around a whole bunch.
  4. MasterMedicMan

    SST Screenshots

    I miss Abroadhawk and Dooby.
  5. MasterMedicMan

    What does a typical MI Trooper bring with them

    Imagine all of the shit in here, but replace armour with SST armour, rifle with SST rifle, etc.
  6. MasterMedicMan

    SST Quotes Thread

    i'll do you one better
  7. MasterMedicMan


    you're both good to go -- bug me to train if i don't immediately
  8. MasterMedicMan

    SSTRP in a nutshell

    when you had a nitty-gritty emotional pk in which all of the players were deeply seated in the roleplay, but you decide to appeal it and it goes through because you were able to narrowly dodge the 'pk rules'
  9. MasterMedicMan

    hey guys

  10. MasterMedicMan

    UFO:Aftershock - X-COM 2's Electric Boogaloo

    osk medicool
  11. MasterMedicMan


    yes yes yes
  12. MasterMedicMan


    accepted too, provided you don't disappear
  13. MasterMedicMan


    you're accepted, bug me for faction transfer @ dahlstrom
  14. MasterMedicMan


    pending review, will go through psych-screening prior to entry
  15. MasterMedicMan


    as mentioned previously to pundii under the condition that you're active you're good