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  1. Yuu

    Starship Troopers RP Trading Card Game(tm)!

    I feel “Dumbass medics” featuring all the medics would make an excellent pack.
  2. Yuu

    Still Can't Upload Images

    I can’t change my profile picture of Yuu to another picture of Yuu. Fix it so I can show off the glorious potato known as Yuu to the world.
  3. Yuu

    Maxine A. Valentine

    Add Goodwin uwu
  4. Yuu

    Hecle Phan

    G o o d w i n
  5. Yuu

    2Spc. Wendy A. Goodwin

    Got ‘em all down. Sorry they seem rushed.
  6. Yuu

    Buddy M. Taft

  7. Yuu

    Maxwell DeVries

  8. Yuu

    Grace Corbin, Big Brain Medic

    Goodwin. Best medic. Add them.
  9. Yuu

    Sebastian Bently - Alcoholic Anonymous

    Update best medic
  10. Yuu

    Shane Emmett

  11. Yuu

    Buddy M. Taft

    <:: Login attempt no. 1 ::> Username: ****** Password: ******* <://: Login successful :\\:> <:: Accessing personal file ::> //: Attempting secure connection ::\\ <:// Success \\:> <::// Loading subject BUDDY TAFT \\::> <:: [PROCEED] ::> [ B U D D Y M A R T I N T A F T ] [ Buddy, and his son, Charlie on a camping trip. October, 2293 ] [ Photo of Buddy in his younger years, used as a TBT profile picture for Fedbook ] [Character theme] General Information: Full name - First: Buddy Middle: Martin Last: Taft Aliases: Age: 33 DOB: May 3rd, 2265 Sex: Male Nationality: American Ethnicity: Caucasian Place Of Birth: Seattle, Washington, North America, Earth. Lived: Spokane, Washington, North America, Earth. (Other places lived, if applicable) Status: Strive for alive Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Relationship status: Divorced, and single 😎 Political Affiliation: Conservative (If applicable) Religious Affiliation: Protestant Biography: [Prefers not to show biography] D e p a r t m e n t O f T h e M o b i l e I n f a n t r y Physical Information: Height: 5'11.5" Weight: 193lbs Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Dark-brown Skin Tone: White Ethnicity: Caucasian Build Type: Average Medical History: [Undisclosed] Mental Information: Preferred Learning Method: Kinesthetic Academic Interests: History and political discussions Artistic Interests: None Athletic Interests: American baseball Musical Interests: Anything and everything. NOTES: N/A Pre-Enlistment Background: Highschool Attended: Cascade Senior Highschool Highschool Graduated From: Cascade Senior Highschool Highschool GPA: 2.8 College Education: (If applicable) College Majors/Minors: (If applicable) College Attended: N/A (If applicable) Criminal Record: N/A (If yes, what?) Relatives: Father: Russell Taft Mother: Lisette Taft Sibling(s): N/A Spouse/Significant Other(s): Jessica Rawlins (Divorced) Children(s): Charlie Taft-Rawlins Other Relatives: N/A Armed Forces Career: Current Branch: Mobile Infantry Former Branches: N/A (If applicable) Previous Unit(s): N/A (If applicable) Current Unit: 112th Promotions: Rct. > Pvt. Demotions: N/A Armed Forces Criminal Record: N/A (If applicable) Age Of Enlistment: 32 Combat Patrols: 0 Combat Deployments: 0 Total Deployments: 0 Wounds Received In Action: N/A (If applicable) Awards/Ribbons: Relationships: Pink: Loved Purple: Attracted to Cyan: Family-like friend Light-blue: Close friend Blue: Friend Light-green: Acquaintance Green: Neutral Orange: Dislike Red: Hated Erhart Strattman: A nice guy. He looks a bit girly, but, I can't really judge, man. When I gashed my hand open, he helped me with a happy heart. He's a good guy for that, in my book. Please, request to be added!!
  12. Yuu

    Pfc Grzegorz Brzęczyszczykiewicz

    Medical Medic Goodwin?
  13. Yuu

    2Spc. Wendy A. Goodwin

    Done, added, finished.
  14. Yuu

    Garry's Mod artwork (anything goes)

    my inspiration was drawn from the 2005 King Kong’s V-Rexes, and the army scenes in New York at the end of the film.
  15. Yuu

    Sarah Redbrick

    Medical medic Goodwin?