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  1. Everyone likes seeing old pictures of sleek uniforms and even sleeker soldiers so uhhhhhhhhhh
  2. I just wanted an excuse to show off my dead relatives
  3. look at my sleek chads of relatives from 1940
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    more Civil War shit bc I gotta flex
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    Why am I like this. Please end my suffering.
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    He always aims to kill
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    Leave her alone. She’s precious.
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    I plan to
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    SST Meme thread

    You should honestly post your shitty SST memes here so that I’m not the only one to do it
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    fast thread

  12. I just wanna die because I wanna be edgy. Nothing more, nothing less.
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    The cute goes in here.

    Wish I owned a baby boar
  14. Uh, I made this so people could share some cool Garry's Mod artwork or whatever since I don't think that it would fall under the category of "screenshots" for the server. So, post your cool artwork here. I guess?
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    Wiki issue kinda?

    Hi, yeah, so I hit a bump. I'm not sure if it's been elaborated on in the past or not, but I could use some help... Maybe I'm just dumb.. But I went to go create one of the wiki pages for my character because WOWEE why not do that now, and, as all good creation begins, I must create an account first for the wiki. This is where the issue comes in. I put in my username, do my password, put in my email, name, etc, and the this arisies; the captcha. I need to do the captcha to finish completin my account, but it's not really there.. I'm not sure if I'm just stupid, or if this issue was elaborated on before, or what have you, but help would be nice. Please and thanks!
  16. <:: Login attempt no. 1 ::> Username: ********* Password: ********** <://: Login successful :\\:> <:: Accessing personal file ::> //: Attempting secure connection ::\\ <:// Success \\:> <::// Loading subject WENDY GOODWIN \\::> <:: [PROCEED] ::> [ W e n d y A . G o o d w i n ] [ Character Theme ] [Goodwin posing beside material-to-be-shipped for a new FedBook profile picture] General Information: Full name - First: Wendy Middle: Alyss Last: Goodwin Aliases: Goodie, Mom, Mum Age: 27 DOB: April 24th Sex: Female Nationality: British Ethnicity: Caucasian Place Of Birth: London, England Lived: Worcester, England (Other places lived, if applicable) Status: Alive Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual Relationship status: Not interested Political Affiliation: Conservative (If applicable) Religious Affiliation: Protestant Biography: [Prefers not to show biography] D e p a r t m e n t O f T h e M o b i l e I n f a n t r y Physical Information: Height: 5'7" Weight: 152lbs Eye Color: Greyish-blue Hair Color: Black Skin Tone: White Ethnicity: Caucasian Build Type: Average Medical History: [Undisclosed] Mental Information: Preferred Learning Method: Visual Academic Interests: Politics, history, mathematics Artistic Interests: Painting, music Athletic Interests: Cricket Musical Interests: Classical, symphony, opera, 21st century pop NOTES: N/A Pre-Enlistment Background: Highschool Attended: Kingsbury Highschool Highschool Graduated From: Doherty Memorial Highschool Highschool GPA: 3.6 College Education: Yes (If applicable) College Majors/Minors: [Undisclosed] (If applicable) College Attended: Imperial College London (If applicable) Criminal Record: N/A (If yes, what?) Relatives: Father: Nigel Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra) Mother: Elizabeth Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra) Brother(s): None Sister(s): Victoria Wright (unknown status following the fall of Terra) Grandmother(s): Theresa Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra) Grandfather(s): Harold Goodwin (unknown status following the fall of Terra) Spouse/Significant Other(s): N/A Children(s): N/A Other Relatives: N/A Armed Forces Career: Current Branch: Mobile Infantry (Medical Corps) Former Branches: N/A (If applicable) Previous Unit(s): N/A (If applicable) Current Unit: 112th Promotions: 3Spc. > Demotions: N/A Armed Forces Criminal Record: N/A (If applicable) Age Of Enlistment: 26 Combat Patrols: 1 Combat Deployments: 3 Total Deployments: 4 Wounds Received In Action: N/A (If applicable) Awards/Ribbons: N/A Relationships: Pink: Loved Purple: Attracted to Cyan: Family-like friend Light-blue: Close friend Blue: Friend Light-green: Acquaintance Green: Neutral Orange: Dislike Red: Hated Dutch Bower: One of the first people I met when I came aboard. Quite a funny man. Really knows how to lighten a mood. I was told he died onboard the Audie. I’m so very glad to see that he’s alive. He’s been through a lot here, but, it’s nice to have someone who’s like a sibling to you. He’s here for me no matter what, and I know we can always count on eachother. My very best friend! Erae Bellic: The VERY first person I met here. I think they’re gone now? Sad business. Arryn Falco: I used to be friends with this one, but they grew crabby and distant. I don’t think they’re serving anymore. I hope they’re alright. Dag Raske: I think I met them once? During a deployment. They seem kind enough. Though they said something about me over-analyzing, or something.. I can't quite remember. Jack O'Neill: A nice fellow! He seems kind hearted for the most part, but is also able to do a job effectively and well. He just turned fifty-four recently, if I recall. I try to talk to them when I see them, but I think I can consider them a friend at this point? Well, I hope. -UPDATE- I'm sorry to hear you're gone. I wish I had gotten to know you better. Sebastian Bently: I've been speaking to them more! I've had a decent amount of one-on-one time, with them, and they're certainly fun for conversation. Very polite, too. And kind enough to put up with my quips and listen to me blabber. I'm glad I have a friend like Sergeant Bently. Though, I feel I should do something kind for them. Let them know I appreciate their kindness, you know? Who knows. Maybe I might bake him some cookies. Dear me, I hope they don't find my babbling annoying, though.. James Chevosky: Sergeant Chevosky is someone I can certainly call a friend! I've maybe not known them the longest time, but he's very polite, and fun to talk to. We also hold a few of the same interests, which is very good for conversations! It just kind of seems like a click. But regardless, I'm thankful that I can call them a friend.. Hmm, I wonder if they call me a friend, too? Who knows. All I know for sure is that video he was in with the beaver keeps making me laugh.. Oh dear... Daniel Dumont: I'm not so much mad at you personally. I'm just upset over what you did. After all we've been through, done, and what not, you left me. "You deserve better" you said. Certainly a noble gesture, but I didn't want anyone better. I hope you're happy with your decision. Troy Hughes: One of my first friends I made when I reenlisted. Such a kind and genuine soul, but he needs to learn to control his language more. I'm not a very big fan of the swears. But I'm glad he's my friend. He feels somewhat like a brother to me. Not in a sibling sense, but in a confide sense. I feel I can talk to them about most anything. Genevieve Vermillion: Our technical sergeant. Kind when she wants to be, but also very serious, and a little humorous. She doesn't mean to be humorous, I'm sure. She's a good person for the medical team, and I'm thankful for the lessons she gives us after drops, because I always get to learn something new. Corporal Handly: I forget his first name, but he seems kind enough! I haven't really had any one on one interaction with them during down time. But one drop in a city, I kept pointing out every little detail I thought was important. I didn't mean to pester him. I was just trying to be a good soldier by pointing out things I thought were important to the mission. I hope they don't think I'm annoying. Please, request to be added!!
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    3Spc. Wendy A. Goodwin

    Done! Sorry for taking so long..!