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    sometimes i wonder

    Is Year 3 Pass for Rainbow Six Siege worth a buy?
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    SST Screenshots

    It's not just a phase, no one understands him.
  3. Roidan2000

    New Marauder Models

    Can we have an epic fight between a Wraithknight and an Imperial Knight?
  4. Roidan2000

    A Petition

    Yeah the music is unnecessary in my opinion. I'm trying to do stuff while the game loads up and all I hear is this song that makes me wanna crash a plane into the Pentagon more than what's it supposed to be inspiring. I can't even mute Gmod cause it basically cuts off any kind of interaction whilst it's loading into a server.
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    Roy 'Beard' Bind

  7. Roidan2000

    Roy 'Beard' Bind

    Bind standing guard during an operation, behind him inside the shack stands an NCO from his previous platoon. Basic Information: Name: Roy Bind Age: 34 D.O.B: 17/02/2271 Gender: Male. Role(s): Combat Engineer. Kin: Alison Bind - Sister (Currently serving on a different vessel). Homeworld: Terra. Alignment: Hair color: Dark brown. Eye color: Hazel. Build: Slender. Rank: Second Specialist. Backstory: (Later) Attributes: Strength: 10/20 Dexterity: 18/20 Constitution: 10/20 Intelligence: 14/20 Wisdom: 15/20 Charisma: 7/20 Combat Rating: 7/10 Pain/Health: 9/10 Character Description: Tall, a pale complexion, trimmed dark brown hair, hazel eyes and short stubble. Personal Relationships: Johnathon Price - A man I've known for a short while but he's got what a leader needs, you can see he's trying to force his way up the ranks, he takes risks, he communicates with others using the "lad" term and he's very religious, others don't seem to have the attitude he has and that says something. Katie Heartfilia - She's a good trainer, a good engineer but lacks in the leadership department, her ability to lead is mediocre, reminds me of myself which isn't that good, but, practice makes perfect, maybe once she understands the flow of things I'll be able to call her a competent leader. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker - A very competent engineer, had her patch taken away from her more than any other engineer and by now she knows Munitions better than any engineer, she has the potential but it's all pushed back by the reforms and the uneasy certification system.
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    ✝ Johnathon Price

    Have you met anyone named Soap?
  9. Roidan2000

    Chase McKnight

    Tucker's face fits so well.
  10. Volunteer more, FOLLOW ORDERS, when it's clrealy you in fault of a certain incident you accept it and go on.