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  1. Silent

    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

  2. Silent

    Medical Activity check

    Kolur 'Smith' Larsson, 3Spc.
  3. Silent


    Vertigo - Version 25: Now with 76% more invisible barriers than originally. Play now and get a 25% addition to the random damage!
  4. Silent

    favorite story-based game?

    Mario Kart: Super Circuit
  5. Silent

    Oliver Graham

    Changelog: Reconfiguration Rank Adjustment Relationship Wipe
  6. Silent

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I spent about an hour and a half, maybe two. My statements were based off of what little I experienced, as well as what has been told to me.
  7. Silent

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    This statement is seems to be making the point that .net doesn’t come across as SST anymore? I don’t believe that terrible models, absent staff, and horribly ran events were what a server needed to give off the ‘SST’ vibe. Along with this, the “one day on FAW and I ensure you you will have so much fun” is completely bullshit. We’ve had a few players jump on over to check out the server and even participate in an event or two. Funny thing is... they always come back, and almost always talk shit about what they’d experienced. As for the ‘staleness’, it is usually depending on the players to create passive role play with each other to pass the time on ship. We cannot do events every half hour, mostly due to the fact that we need to allow players the opportunity to develop their characters, something I’m told is not happening on the new FAW server. I get that this is kind of a rant and really opinionated, but come on man. They’re doing stuff we’ve already done, worse.
  8. Silent

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    I think we should change the game mode to NS - Starship Troopers - and have the server name be StarshipTroopers.net
  9. Silent

    Concern for loss of playerbase.

    Stop lying to the playerbase Medic.
  10. Silent

    John York

    Update Claire - if viable?
  11. Silent

    Alysia Harper

    Claire - if she thinks anything of him that is.
  12. Silent

    Post your best memes

  13. Silent

    Jessica Read

    Mr. Saint-Claire
  14. Silent

    James 'Chev' Chevosky

  15. Silent

    Johnathan Skye