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  1. Silent

    Engineering Activity Check

    Character Name: William Saint-Claire Character Rank: SPC Character Patches: SYST, MUNS, SAP, MEC Are you currently on LOA: NO Date of last Login:5/14/2019 (Computer Troubles)
  2. Silent

    Jennifer 'Blaze' Helström

    First impressions on Claire
  3. Silent

    Transmitted Message

    May 11th, 2299 21:40 Local Time Dear former colleagues, Though I'm sure a majority of you don't know who I am, nor will ever; I thought it were only proper to deliver updates on the stability and progress of our ship, if you could call it that. As of current, the engine, being a ‘vintage’ model as compared to the one I am used to, is on the cusp of failure. Giving us at best, mere weeks till it collapses. Our air filtration system is notably worse for wear, giving us… several days to find a replacement or risk death mid-travel. We’ve begun approaching our next stop, and have started scouring the ship for valuables to pawn off so as to increase the likelihood of our safe arrival. Whether our plan will play out as it is intended or not, is up to the gods. On a lighter note, the group has begun to bond. Over simple things, of course - but I believe we’ve come together as a group, united by the thought of death in the coming weeks. Perhaps foolishly, but nonetheless, we’re happy. We are all rooting for you guys… most of us, at least. Do your best to ensure that my girls get to grow up in a well governed world, free of the self-centered tyrant that currently possesses the rank. With best wishes, and hopefully many more updates to come,
  4. Silent

    James T. Victory - Brooklyn sniper.

    Saint-Claire. The ACTUAL sniper.
  5. Silent

    This is goodbye. - By Stevie.

    I give you three months to return. ❤️
  6. Silent

    Roskana Nejem

    where the fuck is the french and emmett
  7. Silent

    the Engineering tank's new paint job

    Engineering Tank’s NEW paint job: **LCpl. William Saint-Claire rolled 1.
  8. Silent


  9. Silent

    Cipher's General Complaint Thread

    I fully agree. I am yet another jew in the long line of those with their items of work stolen from him. Cipher has time and time again stolen my virginity my toolgun and physgun for unjust reasoning. If you want to take flags for propkilling? Take the Upham's for propkilling 100,000 people with an asteroid prop.
  10. I don't agree with Optic tossing an asteroid at a planet. I also don't agree that the main characters are allowed to live. Thank you. And I'm gay
  11. Silent

    (Suggestion) Two servers for events

    I think it’d make more sense for second server to be the event server; given that admins prebuild on there and it’s be easier for people to just switch to there instead of having both servers change maps.
  12. Silent

    <//: NCO Roster :\\>

    LCpl. William Saint-Claire
  13. Silent

    Katrina Geier - Medical Mom

  14. Silent

    Alvaro Lupinacci

    Where is the Frog?