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    Noemi 'Tidbit' Rosangela

    Fuck no lmao
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    Noemi 'Tidbit' Rosangela

    Does she still remember William Saint-Claire?
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    Charlie Scott

  4. GENERAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Name: William Saint-Claire Alias(es): 'Claire' - 'Bunny' Rank: Lance Corporal - 103rd Morita Rifles [Former] Master Specialist - 112th Combat Engineer Detachment [CED] [Former] Sergeant - 112th Mobile Infantry Battalion - Alpha Company [Former] Second Lieutenant - Forward Federal Research Laboratory [Former] Specialist - 112th BN // 34th IR // A. CO. || 1st MED BDE // 182nd DET [Current] Sergeant - 15th Special Forces Group [Current] Age: 30 Hometown: New Vinney, Karrus Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Medical Corps - Office of Special Warfare Specialization: Special Forces - Medical Sergeant / Specialist - Medical Psychic Affinity: None Awards Granted: Distinguished Service Medal Valorous Unit Medal Meritorious Unit Medal Veteran Combat Medal Combat Action Medal Outstanding Contributions to Medical Services Ribbon Mobile Infantry Service Medal Mobile Infantry Service Ribbon Mobile Infantry Veterancy Ribbon Good Conduct Medal Engineering Ribbon Citizenship Ribbon Purple Heart [x8] Citation for Meritorious Service Operation Δawn Theater Ribbon Civil War Theater Ribbon Operation Meggido Theater Ribbon Operation λambda Theater Ribbon Operation Ωmega Theater Ribbon Federal Defense Medal Colony Protectorate Ribbon FAMILIAL CONNECTIONS _______________________________________________________________________ Father: Eric Saint-Claire Mother: Stephanie Richardson (Deceased) Siblings: None Spouse: Katelyn Mothershed (Fiancé - Deceased) PHYSICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Gender: Male Height: 6'3' Weight: ~195 lbs Build: Athletic, Extremely Well Built Hair: Brown Eyes: Sapphire Blue Cybernetics: Biotech Right Forearm Biotech Right Hand PSYCHOLOGICAL INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ Alignment: Lawful Good Personality Type: ISTP Strengths: Educated, Determined, Versatile, Adaptable, Energetic. Weaknesses: Reserved, Sarcastic, Short-sighted, Procrastinator, Stubborn. RELATIONSHIP INFORMATION _______________________________________________________________________ [You Know The Drill] @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz Sebastian Bently ██████ Sebastian and I were not very close at the start of our careers in the 103rd, but I feel like every week of killing bugs and dealing with our shit battalion allowed us to develop a decent friendship. Once aboard the Grant, there was an unspoken respect between Bents' and I, and as he began to rapidly climb the ranks, my respect for him only grew. He had all of the qualities I did not and was a better trooper than I could ever wish to be. Nowadays, I feel bad for him; he's been shot up to Major, and as such can not even drop anymore. Him and White seem to be getting further and further apart as well, and on-top of all of the pressure, it is only a matter of time before he snaps like the others. Regardless, he's one of the few friends I'd do anything for, even if there were to be legality issues. -- What a 'major' disappointment, eh? @Rhode Angela Clark ██████ Clark is an interesting one. I have no idea how she's still alive, or how she's stayed the way she is for so long, but it's pretty cool. I think we've become pretty good friends, and she's starting to actually like me, regardless of if she constantly says the opposite. I could use some more of her upbeat optimism in my life. -- I’ve begun to feel like there’s something underneath all that facade. I need to talk to her about it one of these days, preferably when she’s not trying to punch me in the dick. @NorseTheNomad Tzipora Bronson ██████ We got off on a rather weird foot, not meshing well together upon first meeting, being just another cute private in passing. That being said, I quickly began to realize she would grow to be a great friend of mine; through frozen lakes and ‘saber-tooth’, to psychological mishaps and night-terrors. She grew on me considerably, and with all the flirting, I’d say I grew on her as well. Zippo and I are similar in many respects, what I think makes us great partners and friends. This being said, the similarities are also a heavy disadvantage. I want to support her emotionally and physically, but her problems are so close to mine I don’t have answers to the questions she asks me… she deserves far better. -- Well things just got a whole lot more interesting. I miss you. @aphasic Rowan Burke ██████ Cute new medic - a little bit too self-conscious. She's fun to mess with, but for now I barely know anything about her. She's dating THE epitome of a player; I hope for his sake she doesn't get played. Stolen from @Pundii & @Litcoins
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    Carson 'Fox' Sawyer

    First impressions of Emmett?
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    William Saint-Claire

    Updated ISH
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    Rowan Burke

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    Avacyn Moon 🌘

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    Brian C. Larsen

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    Third Platoon Poster Girl

    Emmett if you’re doing relations
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    SST Quotes Thread

    **Rct. William Recker rolled 25. after being asked to roll for size
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    Liliana Verbeck

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    Shane Emmett

    WORK IN PROGRESS - STOLEN FROM MINYARI Basic Information Name: Shane Luke Emmett Place of Birth: Terra / California Date of Birth: April 19th Age: 19 Gender: Male Physical Description: Height: 5’8” Weight: 157 lbs Hair colour: Ginger Eye colour: Blue Military Information Rank: Private First Class (Pfc.) / Second Specialist (2Spc.) Branch: M.I.P.O.D. (Military Intelligence) Date of Enlistment: January 25th Years of Service: > 1 Year Service Record: Personal Information Family: Backstory: Drawings: Other Information: Morale: ████████ Personal Relationships Trusted | Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated ████████ Arryn Falco ████████ Bradley Tanner ████████ Jackie Knoxx ████████ Alice Carmine ████████ Katrina Geier ████████ Tzipora Bronson ████████ Rowan Burke ████████ Liliana Verbeck ████████ Sofia Holloway ████████ Mira V. Oberlin ████████ Naomi Hawthorne ████████ Sebastian Bently ████████ Lowell Hartwick ████████ Aaron Holtz ████████ Brian Larsen
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    An idea

    Because this never actually works. Players say that it should be timescaled for them typing, and therefore have infinite time. Plus complications and things can lead to death whether or not you do everything correctly.
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    Argon elevated to XA

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    Katherine Anderson

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    Shane Emmett