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    Internal Security Survey.

    I'm just a shitlord and memester but for what its worth, I've never really heard anything about Internal Security talked about in teamspeak. No one seems to care really, for good or for bad. So that tells me that they must not do a whole lot. In addition, every time something happens that a marine would take care of, an NCO usually does it. But what do I know, I'm a fucking faggot.
  2. MrGoodMeme

    cowboys of the grant

    name: pamper esquire 3rd experience: well, i have seen a large duck walking along the shore of my lake. i tied my shoestring into a lasso and wrangled that bastard. mexican heritage: no se
  3. I stand corrected. What an adorable little man
  4. MrGoodMeme

    Sila Ren

    in case you wanted a higher res pic of ur face claim. cute af https://pre00.deviantart.net/513c/th/pre/f/2016/215/0/4/i21a8341_2_vk_fhd_by_vadimphotography-dacjhbv.jpg
  5. Anyone could have grabbed a bird pic from google images. We need more proof before we consider supporting bestiality.
  6. Off yourself you degenerate wingophile. You think flying is natural?
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    "I have a dream that my little coins will one day be minted in a nation where they will not be judged by the diameter of their circle, but by the content of their stamp"
  8. MrGoodMeme


    Richard Nixon is a superior president. He only got in trouble because he defended the actions of his party. Jimmy Carter as a person has done more for America while not holding office than he did in the presidency. While he was relatively lack luster action wise, his diplomacy throughout history has helped us immensely. Abraham Lincoln did a shit ton of unconstitutional and generally shitty stuff. Like sending in the military BEFORE states even began succeeding because his political opponents were winning local elections. Thomas Jefferson is probably up there as well. The Louisiana Purchase propelled Manifest Destiny practically as far as it could go before dicking Mexico. He also reduced the debt by 26 million dollars in his 8 years. Martin Van Buren was the first US President who was a citizen by birth, which is significant because one could argue he is the tipping point from National American to Ethnic American, if you choose to argue in that vein. While many people scapegoat him for the nations 'first great depression', they fail to realize that he continued Andrew Jackson's bank policies, which were relatively successful. Van Buren left office before the peak affect of his actions took place, and he is overlooked. Rutherford B Hayes never got the light he deserved. If you don't agree with his policies, you can at least respect his success in carrying out what he thought was right. Not only did he end reconstruction, and bring the highly desired states rights back to the states, he did so while boosting the economy substantially in states affected by reconstruction. Under the Hayes presidency, America experienced an immigration boom, as Hayes and his party vastly reduced the paperwork required to immigrate to the U.S. Chester A Arthur established the civil service system, most mailmen, police officers, and firefighters are hired this way, as well as a variety of other government jobs. This brought America out of an employment dark age, as China established this system 2000 years ago. By having a tighter control on government employees, Arthur largely eliminated the problem of postal fraud.
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    Stanislaus Berg (WIP)

    added my sis <3
  10. MrGoodMeme

    Is this wrong?

    Well, the picture shows clear resemblance to the anal reaches of the human body, but what most people fail to realize, is that this isn't necessarily bad. There remains a clear correlation between the anus and space travel. Many young men have found their first anal experience, both pitching and catching, to be an other worldly experience.
  11. MrGoodMeme

    Stanislaus Berg (WIP)

    I ACTUALLY PLAN ON PLAYING THIS CHARACTER IN THE NEAR FUTURE. Theme Song Advanced Information: Name: Stanislaus C Berg Age: 42 D.O.B: July 3rd 2255 Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role(s): Radio Operator, Moral Support. Kin: Erae Bellic, Long Lost Sister. Homeworld: Phobos Alignment: Dazed and Confused (Chaotic Good) Hair color: Brown Eye color: Hazel Build: Strongman Rank: Private Backstory: "When I was a boy, I had to go to the dentist for a filling. The following night, as my mind drifted into the land of the night, I heard music. 'Oy vey', I professed. 'Papa, there has been a discovery.' But then, I remembered, that I had no papa. I was taken care of primarily by the good will of the Ladies of Phobos, and to my surprise, I was never abused. So anyway, back to the tale, I deduced quite fabulously that it was my new metal tooth that has allowed me such a gift. I waited for a few days, desperately filling my mouth with intense basic materials, alternating with acidic. By the ninth day my mouth was as rotten as a my sister's personality. By that, I mean it was not that bad, but it had its moments. So, determined to continue with my dainty desire to listen upon my neighbor's short wave radio while I nuzzled my sheets, I took to my mouth with a ball peen hammer that I liberated from the janitor at my local pet store. 'Youch', and 'Jeeze', I would growl after every wack. It was quite painful. That doesn't matter anymore. It is quite in the past. I returned to the dentist and professed, 'Well hello, I beseech thee, fix my candy-ridden mouth.'. He looked at me, a confused look upon his sub human, dentist face. Luckily, I had brought my sad face, and soon the man was taken by my starving puppy dog eyes. He fixed my teeth, and I could hear the world. I saved so much money on satellite radio. I was able to put myself through college. Able. I didn't actually go. I had a desire to leave this universe, and in an attempted suicide I feel into a coma. What I didn't foresee is the endless amounts of podcasts I would hear simultaneously. Let me tell you, a ten year coma is no joke. When I finally awoke at the age of 22, I had a new outlook on life. It is shameful to admit, and I dare say it is one of my greatest fears, I used to be a bug sympathizer. USED TO. Then, I realized that, hey, bugs are disgusting. They squirm, they spread disease, they bite, and those are just the small ones. When Bellic came to me, discovered me after my long sleep, I developed a patriotism that I didn't know was possible to feel. Sure, I've watched FedNet, I've watched my executions. But now, now I understand it. What could my part be? We all know the saying, 'I'm doing my part!', but what most people don't understand, is how hard it can be to find what part you have to do. Anyone can shoot a gun, fewer can kill. Anyone can bandage a wound, few can save a life. Anyone can pilot a vehicle, few can turn one into a machine of destruction. I asked myself the question, 'Oh, Berg, in your limited years, your skill set has remained dwindled by circumstance, what CAN you do?'. I cried, I toiled among my own fear and defeatist thoughts. The answer was there all along. Radio. It will forever be a part of me. I am not quick. I am not accurate. I can only offer the lessons I have learned in life. By now, I imagine you understand I have no problem talking. You're so observant. So yes, radio. I operate. Do you? Anyone can speak into a radio, but not everyone can CONVEY what needs to be said. I joined up." Attributes: Strength: 16/20 Dexterity: 6/20 Constitution: 11/20 Intelligence: 8/20 Wisdom: 18/20 Charisma: 16/20 Misc. Attributes: Limp in left leg, not painful, just a deformity. Permanently bald on the top of his head from a HMX accident. Appears autistic at times, is not. Combat Rating: 2/10 Pain/Health: 8/10 Wealth: Given up all belongings as part of a spiritual program for the developmentally disabled. Other Information: Diaper and piss fetish. Likes to arm wrestle. Spiritual to a fault. Character Description: Six foot tall and 239 pounds. Hairy knuckles, feet abnormally large. Teeth are metallic and stained, jaw is offset from a ball peen hammer. The gut protrudes slightly. While not attractive, being near him solicits a sense of security and friendliness. Personal Relationships - Family Erae Bellic: "My nineteen year old sister. What can I say? Mom must have been busy. I love her, I don't know her very well, so her being my superior doesn't affect me that much. She's cute, and I'm sure that helps her keep her subordinates in line... or maybe it doesn't? What do I know, I was there for her 5th birthday. 'Mr. Berg', she would say, 'A ham radio is not an acceptable gift for a young lady.' I was heartbroken, and replied, 'That is too bad.'."
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  13. Josephine stands looking over the recruit, aware of the bug screeches in the background. Josephine: Come on recruit, dropship's leaving. The recruit wiggles his lips, grasping his pencil in his gloved hand and thinking intensely. Recruit: Wait, wait, I need a five letter word for a stupid person. Josephine: Moron! Recruit: No, I don't think that'll quite fi--- The recruit looks up, as the dropship takes to the sky. Recruit: Hey! Where are you going?! HEY! The recruit throws his newspaper down and snaps the pencil. Recruit: Why the fuck would they leave me down here? INSERT CUT: The camera fades from the planet and fades in reverse to show a ghost following Josephine. The ghost tickles the back of Josephine's neck. Ghost: Literally that was unfair, so now I'll be unfair, I was trying real hard to not let come to this. The ghost places some weed under Josephine's bed, and places an anonymous tip to the marines.
  14. Marital Status: Single