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  1. zyn

    Taking an LOA.

    Good luck with the LOA, enjoy yourself.
  2. zyn

    bruh what

  3. zyn

    Brits can't post today.

    fuck off
  4. zyn

    Rugby sucks

    Watford FC, fuck Liverpool Bindippers (and Luton) Elton John is best gay to live.
  5. zyn

    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Andrew Warren Reason: Former Marine, also works out on a daily basis. Name: Hugo F. Schulz Reason: Former Marine prior to his transfer to Military Intelligence.
  6. zyn

    Josephine Drehd

  7. zyn

    Sorry, eh

    ;-; best of luck dude, ur gonna be missed
  8. zyn

    Zealious Edwards

    Warren the Marine. Update Monty too, mans dipped
  9. zyn

    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Samsung quality op. Reppin the scot's guards all the way
  10. zyn

    Marine Training

    A mandatory training session, covering essential topics. It is a necessity for progression through the Marine curriculum and promotions through the Specialist ranks. RSVP if you're available to partake in this training.
  11. zyn

    Marine Deployment

    A deployment, exclusive to Marines and held on the second server. RSVP if you're available.
  12. zyn

    Le Montgomery

    biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig updoot
  13. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: Isobella Eriksen Physical Age: 20 Race: Caucasian Gender: Female Eye Color: Blue Hair Color: Blonde Height: 170cm Weight: 60kg Employment & Background Current Rank: Private First Class Educational History: High-School Education with above-average grades. Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: N/A Service Record: (Previous ranks, positions, or commendations or other notable marks.) January 2297- Enlisted in Mobile Infantry Febuary 2297- Completed Basic Training, transferred to 112th A. Company. Febuary 2297- Promoted to Private March 2297- Promoted to Private First Class OOC: Character's College Explanation: (N/A if not applicable, if you don't understand, read the OOC section below the original post.) Server Time: (Estimate) 6 months Roleplay History: (Brief) 2 years Semi-Serious Star Wars RP, 1 month CW HL2RP, 6 months+ on SSTRP.
  14. zyn

    ✝ Sgt. Jack O'Neill.

    Tech Monty.
  15. zyn

    Dag Raske!

    The uhhhh Technical Sergeant