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  1. Taking an LOA.

    Good luck with the LOA, enjoy yourself.
  2. bruh what

  3. Brits can't post today.

    fuck off
  4. Rugby sucks

    Watford FC, fuck Liverpool Bindippers (and Luton) Elton John is best gay to live.
  5. Mobile Infantry Roster

    LOA until the 25th.
  6. Applications

    Federal Forward Research Laboratories scientist (Lieutenant) Character name: 2Lt. Raymond Bonavich Wiki account name: Zynapse Are you aware you will have your own category on the wiki to maintain; which includes logging the missions you run? Yes. Desired field of study ('major'): Astrophysics, Quantum Theory, Technology. Field of specialization: Most physics-related topics, Xeno and Human Technology. How would your work affect the server and/or the canon we currently have? I will write more about technology and physics, as the wiki is seemingly lacking from those materials at this moment. I will also add a greater theoretical aspect to the FFRL as I explore different physics--related topics, where my character would be constantly drafting to overcome his issues. Describe a day in your lab! Drafting again! The results for the efficiency of the Chernekov Drive have come in, they are seemingly low on-average. I'll have to check the drive itself while also taking samples from the fuel to determine what is the main factor for this is. Meanwhile, I'll be finding the escape velocity for a nearby black hole, as Fleet have proposed using it for an orbital slingshot. It wouldn't hurt to take some data from the black hole while I'm at it too.
  7. Hugo only has a -10 debuff instead of the usual -50 given his former experience as a marine - but noting the fact that he no longer does MI work day to day. Reason: Former Marine prior to his transfer to Military Intelligence.
  8. base rank + 15, diminishing by -5 each week unless you make a concerted effort to retain training Reason: Former Marine, also works out on a daily basis.
  9. Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Andrew Warren Reason: Former Marine, also works out on a daily basis. Name: Hugo F. Schulz Reason: Former Marine prior to his transfer to Military Intelligence.
  10. Military Intelligence Prosecutorial Branch Interested in the ins and outs of Military Law? Aspire to be seated on a General Court-Martial? See yourself as a competent Legal Officer? Openings are available for the Prosecutorial Branch, see the SOP for more details. See you on the panel! 2Lt. Hugo F. Sculz (OC)
  11. Josephine Drehd

  12. Mobile Infantry Roster

    Cpl. Andrew Warren | GMT+0
  13. Sorry, eh

    ;-; best of luck dude, ur gonna be missed
  14. Zealious Edwards

    Warren the Marine. Update Monty too, mans dipped
  15. IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Samsung quality op. Reppin the scot's guards all the way