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    Black Armour is Fer Baddies

    My radio pac lives on...
  2. Welp. I am back guys, Recently for the past month my internet provider cut my contract, So Had to switch it and here I am, Its good to be back... A small part of me missed you all.
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    Its version 25.... OH FUCK!
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    Travis Young

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    favorite story-based game?

    Nier Automata
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    Good ol british stuff.

    Provost Sergeant Weston, RIP 2014 Also, HAVE been beasted by Provost they are not fun.
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    OOC SECTION STEAM NAME / ALIASES: STEAM ID: STEAM_1:0:68501404 SERVER TIME: Too Long. (ESTIMATE) ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I have great experiences with Dayz RP, Arma 3 life, Text based Pen and Paper' D'N'D's as well as a year on SST at this point. MEDICAL ROLEPLAY EXPERIENCE: I always enjoyed patching up friends on my D'n'D's so I always the more detail the better. AVAILABILITY: Most days a week (ESTIMATE) CHARACTER COUNT: 2 (MAX 3) IC SECTION NAME: Arthur Harrison (LAST, FIRST MIDDLE INITIAL) AGE: 24 RACE: White SEX: Male HEIGHT: 6 Foot WEIGHT: 9 Stones BLOOD TYPE: O + LEVEL OF EDUCATION: College CRIMINAL RECORD: Clean MEDICAL RECORD: Clean DATE OF ENLISTMENT: 03/03/2298
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    Attar PK Appeal

    So, Since this has been posted I shall bring forward my reasoning and case, I would also like @Scar and @Grizzly Hughes to call me out on any points that I may get wrong, But as they were event helping they can attest to the truthful nature of my claim here. [AdminLog] 21:07:30 - Haleem bint al-Attar used /it. Arguments were 'He would notice a few NPA kits and a couple occlusive bangages if he knew what to look for.' This is mainly the problem I had with the Med RP at the time that I believed was not valid as Hughes had been talked through EXACTLY what to do, I believe this to be grounds for Metagame, Even after I spoke to Troy Hughes via PM and explain not Even CLS would teach you how to use a NPA kit, [AdminLog] 21:09:47 - Haleem bint al-Attar used /it. Arguments were 'The "N" in NPA kit might come to mind.' These sorta hints came to mind, So I saw this as not valid medical RP and resulted in not proper treatment coming onto the casualty. [AdminLog] 21:10:04 - Troy 'Turtle' Hughes used /me. Arguments were 'took the hose and stuffed it down Attar's nose.' This is the prime example of him not knowing what to do, putting a breathing tube down someone's nose while their throat is hit with a GSW??? Yeah, No proper treatment in my opinion. After I was challenge by Hughes on the validity of my reports, [AdminLog] 21:10:47 - Troy 'Turtle' Hughes used /pm on Kyril Layland. Arguments were Dude shut up and let the other admin deal with it. This shows that their is a possible problem with my style of injury by Troy, Or he might not like me, Either way, I see this as an OOC grudge brought into an IC circumstance. But another problem for another day, So moving forward to try and tell them people treating her to hurry up and seal it, Rather than placing their hands, Because not at any time did someone think that the amount of blood shooting out her artery's in her neck, [AdminLog] 21:06:15 - Troy 'Turtle' Hughes used /me. Arguments were 'rushed over to Attar, placing his hands over her throat, trying to stop the bleeding and not kill her at the same time.' This was what I saw and I believed the blood loss and shock would of killed them, as scar had wanted the injury to time based and I believed the time frame given was enough.
  9. A microphone stands as journalists prepare themselves, The room is lit quite hollowly as they prepare, An FFRL Researcher stands before the podium to address the journalists, The podium reads "Lieutenant Justin Trench, FFRL" FFRL Researcher: Ladies and Gentlemen, At this time, Zero-Six-Hundred hours Terran Standard time, The Factory of Wyman Arms was attacked by a Sanctuary Task Force, intent on sabotaging the program, At this time they have stalled much of progress and have seized control of both the facility and the prototype weapons. FFRL Researcher: We are currently unsure going forward on the situation at this time, However we will ensure the new adaptations of the project and its assets relating to Wyman Arms will be brought back into the coalitions use, And production and research of the prototypes will continue on schedule. FFRL Researcher: I will answer a few questions from the floor, If any? Mostly all of the journalists spring onto their feet, raising their hands onto the podium, Attempting their best to get the weary lieutenant's attention. Reporter #1: What would have prompted Sanctuary to storm the facility and in the process, the project? FFRL Researcher: At this time we are unsure of Sanctuary's motives, Weather or not they understand the importance of such a facility is currently up for debate at this time; next question please? Reporter #2: How did this occur, was there a data leak, or possibly a spy that has leaked this information onto the enemy? FFRL Researcher: At this time the details are being reviewed and nothing is concrete, next question? Reporter #3: There are rumours that Brunham leaked this information in favour of their new Mark three project being superior to the Wyman Arms rifle, can you confirm that? FFRL Researcher: At this time nothing is known and we cannot go chasing rumours of whether they are false or true, that is the final answer from me tonight, Thank you. The podium's light would dimmer as the Lieutenant began to walk away, The journalists from FEDNET begin shouting out and chaos erupts as Marines try to hold them back for his departure.
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    Lyndsey 'Lynn' Carter

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    SST Quotes Thread

    [AdminLog] 04:27:16 - xXx_OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz_xXx used /me. Arguments were 'dropped his arm, sending a solid kick to the man's chest, attempting to send him crashing into the stairs behind him.' 04:27:23 - Cipher making Cancerbury great used /whisper. Arguments were 'HE insulted Bently.' 04:27:28 - Cipher making Cancerbury great used /whisper. Arguments were 'When he gave him some advice.' 04:27:53 - Pvt. Simon Deblowski[LOOC]: why is Bently so aboosive? is he this rough with White? XD 04:28:00 - SSgt. Sebastian Bently[LOOC]: yes
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    Alicia White