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  1. Cipher

    Time for me to go.

  2. Cipher

    Kyril Layland

    Updated! 21/09
  3. Cipher

    Kyril Layland

  4. Cipher

    [OOC] Activity Check

    Senior Spec: Kyril Layland ACTIVE DUTY!
  5. Cipher

    Award Ceremony.

    Terrible Kisser!
  6. Cipher

    Kyril Layland

    @Traitorverpackung Added
  7. /me clicks on would like to more button.
  8. Cipher

    .net char descriptions in a nutshell

    Hey! Im 5'9!
  9. Cipher

    Kyril Layland

    @Argon @Tridon @Coleision Updated!
  10. Cipher

    Kyril Layland

  11. Cipher

    Kyril Layland

    Huge Update!
  12. Cipher

    Prefiring In Events

    This goes back to the whole M9k during weapons debate, BUUUT Firing a weapon esspecially when some are known to crash people upon contact directly at a group of Infantry is asking for a disaster.
  13. Cipher

    day in life of sst admin

    /me throws feet up, I do love it when a plan comes together... XD