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  1. A toast to the old days
  2. ((XA Note: Pretty sure Cipher is drunk)) So i'll say my peace. For the duration and your summary death I was deciding and working out what I was going to do with Donovan at the time. During the time of the O-B the bugs kept coming, resulting in the trench being over-run by the arachnids. That tanker was supposed be there to push you down to the garage on the other side. Now this opened the moral dilemma: "DO we leave Donovan behind?" It seems when you all charged the Tanker head on you decided not to, in my thought process so I decided to designate that area of RP to Bishop and Litcoins due to me dealing with Donovan at the time. But a saying I run missions by is: 'Try to be the hero, expect to die if it goes wrong' Now if you had survived and not died to the tanker, fair game. No injury. But head on tackle with a tanker and you'd expect not a few people to die? That would be a failure on my part not to hold the arachnid tankers as very big Threat on the field.
  3. Military Intelligence: G-n-T Bureau of war. Report: 201853/Alpha-7 Name: Major John Doughlas Intention: Update on Bug Counter-attack Message: Bug's has amassed the strength of four hives to begin a take for Hoy, we're expecting quite a fearce battle throughout the night, the bugs are coming to smash our lines. We must dig in. Hoy Must Hold!
  4. TOPIC LOCKED AND Sealed. The aim of this has been delivered and received.
  5. Military Intelligence: G-n-T Bureau of war. Report: 201853/Alpha-6 Name: Major John Doughlas Intention: New reports on the front of Scarvis have shown promise with recent attacks. Message: This is an excellent achievment that the bug' attack on our lines in the North were cut down and plenty of plasma bugs destroyed. Excellent things to report I shall maintain watch over the situation.
  6. DENIED (OOC) You came back a few days ago, get more active and show your face more and we'll consider another run around the bush. (You used your second character.) Cipher
  7. Military Intelligence: G-n-T Bureau of war. Report: 201853/Alpha-5 Name: Major John Doughlas Intention: Recent reports on the front of Scarvis yield a possible breakthrough. Message: If we were to continue with out operations in the south-sector and move towards the city, we could see a cut off in the arachnid horde. Updates to follow, but I can assure you... Hell is coming to Scarvis.
  8. APPROVED Welcome back, reinstated with full certs. Lt. A. Winters Cipher
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