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    Fantasy jumpball league??

    @Deckers You dont count as a player, You're not a cool kid...
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    Fantasy jumpball league??

    Sounds like its gonna be fun
  3. He fought for what he believed in. Yeah.
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    Kyril Layland

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    Vito "Gay Cowboy" Dominiko

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    XCOM SST Edition!

    @redneckrOadkill SoonTM
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    Patrick Stevenson

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    F.F.R.L Roster.

    Lt. Justin Trench Weapons and Defence lead
  9. The mark five Bio-Technical Limb program, is a program that has the sole purpose of developing a new advancement in B-T Limbs, The Principle at its creation came after a the enormous out cry in the cinders of the civil war came about after Veterans on both sides had lost limbs in the conflict, the market for Civil and military Biotechs skyrocketed past its capacity resulting in some not being able to afford or even earn Bio-Techs, because of this, The idea was proposed by Lieutenant Justin Trench of weapons and defense division, FFRL Division. It was proposed that a new wave of Bio-Techs should be made at cheaper costs, Allowing the Federation to supply its troops with much needed relief onto the Veterans of the Civil war and Terran operations thus the Mark five project is requesting approval from FFRL command In the planning stages of development the team aboard the FFRL Ulysses S. Grant, (Previous) Major Collins the head of research had her doubts about the project in the beginning, after much debate within the division it eventually entered its planning and preparation stages where the mark four was disassembled and broken into parts, Working with the mark four base to improve both reaction time between the neuron response time and the weight to allow to emulate the person's bones for better movement axis. The mark five came into its early stages once the outer frame was forged and electrical components regarding motor function were programmed and with its significant material costs reduced by its lightweight frame however the individual metals of titanium and beryllium proved to field varying results. There results of the mark five came as a shock as initial testing proved promising however the reaction time due to the weight of the metals was an issue but we progressed it to onto its design and refinement phase of development, where the materials were changed, this resulting in a new compound mixture blend of titanium and Beryllium and refining the electronics to allow it to be smaller and more compact. At current pace, The mark five remains stagnant due to requirement as living volunteers at this time. End Log. Lieutenant J. Trench FFRL Weapons and Defense Division Ulysses S. Grant
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Cpl K. Layland Second in Command: Cp V. V. Klauster Squad leaders: Cpl. C. Simms, Cpl. Victor von Klauster
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    XCOM SST Edition!

    Right so here is the score. I am going to be playing XCOM-2 On moderate to high difficulty. I will be making SST characters as my play-through. If you want to be included please paste a reference picture for what you want the character to look like and a mod if you want some specific Armour. I am going ham so don't hold back. - Kind regards Cipher