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    Kyril Layland

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    Sebastian Bently

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    Training Log: August 2298

    Name and Rank: Corporal Layland Time and Date of Training: 1.00 am BST Goal of the Training: Show the purpose of propper communication and development of people's ability to communicate with someone.
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    Kyril Layland

    @Coleision @Tridon ADded!
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    Kyril Layland

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    Injury appeal

    Exactly, Thats how situation had got you that injury, Due to the fact your droplead and squadlead stationed you at a position without any cover, Resulting your injury.
  7. Cipher

    Injury appeal

    Alright, To add my side, which @Scar can attest to at this time, 1. I simply sprayed randomly not aimming to kill anyone, At the time it came down, You were out of cover when a firefly had been event'd being buzzed in, Fair warning was given with the /event which I believed to be enough warning. 2. The roll system for injury was changed after I announced at the begining of the drop where I stated, Do not roll until I ask you too, As I had decided to do injury's based upon situation. 3. It comes down to the fact as you stated, The situation "There was really no cover what so ever, completely out in the open." And when a firefly comes over, Thats VERY bad for your average Mobile Infantier.
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    Why? Why put me...
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    Kyril Layland

    Relationships Loved // Liked // Respected // Friend // Neutral // Disliked // Hated Comment to added! (KIA) Lyndsey "Lyn" Carter: Best Friend. Junia Layland: Daughter. Sam Carter: Boy. John York: Airlock. Travis Young: Distorted. William Saint Claire: Fool. Dylan Nosh: 'TON'ner. William Jorn: Companion. Seabastion Bently: Pink Tie. Troy Hughes: Broken (KIA) William Hedgeworth: Crazy Valeries Faust: German Devin Saiphan: Gunnar Andre Henderk: Silly Pauline Westervelt: Bitch Mattew Squires: Competent Mikikail Kutznestov: Russian Cait Donnovan: Irish Danial Dumont: Retard Dorian Elswood: Doctor
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    Kyril Layland

    Theme Face claim Photo Gallery Basic Information:Name: Kyril Alexandros Layand Age: 34 D.O.B: 15/12/2970 Gender: Male Role(s): Combat Engineer Kin: Father: Leiandros Layland (Alive) Mother: Arete Layland (Alive) Brother: Klemenis Layland (Alive) Wife: Victoria Galloway (KIA) Son: Alexandros Berman Layland (Alive) Daughter: Junia Layland (Alive) Homeworld: Earth Alignment: Lawful Good Hair color: Brown Eye color: Hazel Build: Muscular Rank: Master Specialist Attributes:Strength: 19/20Dexterity: 15/20Constitution: 12/20Intelligence: 14/20Wisdom: 11/20Charisma: 14/20Characteristics: Quirky, Sometimes arrogant, Loving of his friends, Terrible Alcholic... "The greater the difficulty, the more glory in surmounting it" - Victoria Galloway. A saying said by his wife.
  11. Name: Ashley Rose How they died: How they died - ie. execution, killed by X in the field, etc. At the time of the drop, Rolled a 3 when I was shot by a guy who dismounted, Died, shot by Davidson. Why you think the PK should be reversed: Welp, I believe the character was just killed off, And after being shot by Davidson didn't have a chance to actually Role play there death, IDM where we go with this, But if it works, IT works.
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    Forum Debut

    Blessed are those that walk in the light of the throne brother.