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  1. LoFiSuicide

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    okay, but what about nerve damage? you know, a common thing on the field mister mcgee gets nerve damage, he suddenly can't use a BT like some yunngin' can tl;dr ban BT's PK all characters who have them
  2. LoFiSuicide

    Medical Ranks Rework.

    fucking what? that's like saying a door wouldn't cause a delay in the same year, but it still takes time to open
  3. LoFiSuicide

    Dun Diddly Dahlstrom

    absolute clit commander
  4. LoFiSuicide

    Arryn Falco

    @Archer devilish
  5. LoFiSuicide

    Arryn Falco

    @Archer :')
  6. LoFiSuicide

    Medical Activity check

    aaron falcon - bianca
  7. LoFiSuicide

    What do you want to see happen in medical?

    medical needs to either go full on realism, or just enough to pass as "acceptable" dex & i pushed for full realism; the faction died, but we were reliant enough to keep it running - saying this externally, a lot of the more promising candidates left because of how SSTRP was as a whole, instead of medical i dont see a way for medical to fix that. it's just not possible. the RP as a whole cant be changed for one group's ideas, so leave realism behind dumb everything down a ton. rev did well enough to supply the most basic forms of treatment known to mankind - that could still be viewed as 'realistic' treatments. make the idea of being a medic more approachable. easy treatments, void surgeries as a whole unless the person REALLY wants to do them, and make some events for medical to spice it up. make it fun. the current problem is, you're working off an old system - more specifically, one Dex and I put into place. it requires someone who is fluent in those ideas to teach the same ideas; i did my best to dumb everything down, but Dex has a hard-on for realism. the system people turn to currently is outdated. that same system is working the ground out from underneath you, as it did the previous medleads. take what you, as the lead, can understand from dex's outline; and rework it to something you're passionate about. this'll push some players away, but the passion you bring will draw in more. you'll find it easier to pull players. find it easier to teach certain things - to answer advanced questions on it. tl;dr dex and i created a system that is ruining your foundation, take what you can from it and recreate it to better suit you. don't sweat the house until it's got something stable to build on top of
  8. LoFiSuicide

    shitpost ban appeal

    hello @F r a n c o you banned me from shitposting so im making this appeal xalphox approved my shitpost license but i wont post logs in public eye, because that's how i get a full ban please give it back, okay? i'll slice your neck if u need proof msg me
  9. LoFiSuicide

    Arryn Falco

    @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz finally done lmao
  10. LoFiSuicide

    Haleem bint al-Attar

    holy fuck is haleem tall or what
  11. LoFiSuicide

    the ballad of franco

    01/04/2018 dear franco, sir i write to explain, i'm your biggest fan i just wanted to ask, could i eat your ass? write back as soon as you can you've had a lot of dick, i've had a lot of time, you've had a lot of dick franco, but you ain't had mine 05/04/2018 dear franco, sir i write to complain, you never wrote me back how can i ever eat your ass when you treat your biggest fan like that? you've had a lot of dick, i've had a lot of time, you've had a lot of dick franco, but you ain't had mine 14/04/2018 dear franco, sir i write to constrain, this letter is my last as your biggest fan, i must demand, you let me eat your ass you've had a lot of dick, i've had a lot of time, you've had a lot of dick franco, but you ain't had mine WOULD YOU FUCK ME FOR BLOW?
  12. LoFiSuicide

    attention; we need your help

    fuck, archer i dont think there are any cuties on sstrp i'll find them on other rp's
  13. for as long as fun > realism then things will continue this way no point fighting it - people who are here just to relax and bumblefuck around with a few friends will find this fun people who are here for that SERIOUS MILSIM ROLEPLAY will not find it fun as franco said, if they're having fun being softies, then we're outweighed off the get-go. props to them for trying to salvage a thin middle-ground between the two, but they're between a rock and a hard place finding what the majority likes. so far, this seems like the best thing for the majority.
  14. LoFiSuicide

    attention; we need your help

    >not goth >too liberal >no titty >speaks french all of those make for a fucking pussy, as archer's pussy screener, i have to decline