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  1. @LoadedGun yap @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz yapyap
  2. @NorseTheNomad ye my bad, was testing something - forgot i left it
  3. like i said to you; i can't agree with this idea in the slightest. perhaps if the injured rolled a 5 or below, the medic could roll (with bonuses based on their rank) about saving the person, admins running missions could choose to 'run a clock' against them, etcetera etcetera but - what you used as an example to me in looc; someone having bloodied gloves rolls for inserting an I.V; it's stupid. i mean that in the nicest way possible: it's stupid. nobody plays a roleplay about fighting massive bugs and glowing aliens in space so that they can stress about every tiny detail in their roleplay -- and when i said nobody, i mean nobody. no admin is going to sit and drag their event out for 10 extra minutes so 3Spc. Dick Van Dyke can structure his roleplay out so that he's not missing any tiny detail. if i wanted that realism, i'd go join a PJ brigade or something. i'm here to shoot space aliens, patch up space wounds, and fuck space bitches it's redundant to put that much realism into medrpers, when our realism is already the highest point the server has. because of this, we have the lowest active player count - to enforce this rule, would just push more people out. we'd cut off our only remaining limb by doing this. it'd be, quite genuinely, unfair to play a medic: we'd be cycling through people like no other, because people would play - kill four injured on accident - or make their wounds worse - and then proceed to hate the job more. alternatively, the rest of the server would have to do the same! you don't see engineers rolling to see if they put their nuke in the m55 properly; fuck that. tl;dr roll 5 or under, medic rolls with rank boost, see if it works out. otherwise this is a terrible idea for the longevity of medical
  4. the madlad steals the layout give me falco or ddos
  5. i am a tool, to be used for the destruction of bird killers if u kill a bird, expect me to be there. waiting. watching.
  6. hello i come to tell you all the crimes of holloway against the federation and her people shoots oocly kills birds i literally know nothing else but I HATE THEM please admins DO SOMETHING i canT STAND THIS PERSON
  7. @Ymot Tommy Wort caught me before sleep, done
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