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  1. The military is all about routine. Or so they say. At the end of the day, use chain of command when tackling issues, here’s what is expected, make sure to not shoot civilians.
  2. Added some thoughts for the fallen, added a few song links to some people. Removed awards.
  3. Bav

    my return

    You've fooled me
  4. 3Spc. Maxwell DeVries
  5. Smh not even tidbit? Wow
  6. DeVries and Tidbit
  7. I refuse to believe this man did not have a band named Löded Diper before he joined
  8. Character Name: Maxwell DeVries Character Rank: 3Spc. Character Patches: Sapper Are you currently on LOA: No Date of last Login: 5/15/2019
  9. add Jim's wiener
  10. Updated Taggart @spart_n Updated Phan @Hecle
  11. Update! - Added Rebrick @TheLynch - Updated Greg @CaptainCrozier - Updated Harlesda @SgtMcMuffin Added a backstory.
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