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    Couldn't have put it better, thank you Jordan.
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    I heard it's like the game Bonertown. You gotta' ERP with females so your dick gets bigger. But instead of your dick irl, it's your internet twink dick that ups your chars charisma. It's weird. But, as Nazz said. You start off with the low tier erper's, like Cipher, before going onto people like Franco in the end game. IT's all needed for the ERP side of the server.
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    Useful guide for your chars.

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    Jodie Cutter

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    Still Can't Upload Images

    What do u mean
  7. Lalatina

    Still Can't Upload Images

    HA, site managers. -- Not but really, please fix this. As the only REAL way to fix it is by Clt-C Ctl-V from a Google Document, or embedding a link. Sure, there's a way. But fixing it is the better option.
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    What I've been doing

    Ur going to LA bucko.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    You accidently added some 2's, but dont worry, I fixed it. Just gotta copy and paste it
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    Märeta Håkansson

    becareful Tony, this man has a charisma of 15/20.
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    [IC] Tactical Challenge

    *Another note is pinned to the board* "TAC Strike it, nothing can survive it then."
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    Pumper Niggels.
  13. Lalatina

    Cosplay ideas?

    U can actually get a really nice Chest Rig for them from Evike actually, for like 70$. That is if it's still on sale, however.