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    Ching long , Okano.
  4. Name this Bunny!

    The cutest mother-loving chariot you will ever mother-loving see
  5. Name this Bunny!

    Xalphox. Tonic. Lalatina.
  6. The cute goes in here.

  7. Do you see any male psychics in MIPOD? NO! Do you see any female? YES. Case closed.
  8. Sorry

  9. The cute goes in here.

    Cute kitty.
  10. Damn, I wanted Larsen to get a promotion.
  11. Chuck Malone

    いちご おかの
  12. But the 112th is a S p e c i a l F o r c e s U n i t.
  13. Im just good at my job. P.S, I try run difficult missions. Admins usually like them and so do dropleads at times. But theres always a complaint of,"Oh, that was too hard.", and sometimes that is the truth. No mission is cut a dry, intel is wrong, and Arachnids are Arachnids. Ive also seen many players get put in bad situations while In rp, but due to the nature of almost always winning here, they get "Offended", and try to get their way out of it in someway. Its hard to balance everything. Too difficult, too easy, too boring. This is what I hear all the time in TS during drops. The only time people havent complained is when Orwell, and Cursed Jester ran events.