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    Engineering In a nutshell

    This is more like it
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    SST Screenshots

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    Time for me to go.

    : )
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    SST Screenshots

    The captain is a Christian black man. But it depends. Is he Catholic or Methodist? As you know what the Cathys' do to small girls/boys...
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    21:40:51 - Pfc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[OOC]: im fucking off rnr is shit 21:41:00 - Pfc. Siobhán Fairbairn[OOC]: imagine going to rnr for rp u fuckin dogbrain 21:41:53 - Pfc. Annabelle 'Hard Knoxxx' Thacker[OOC]: Imagine sucking my fucking cock. It'd be fun to rp if i didn't get hit by some cunt then having to run all the way fucking back to get to the rp only for ppl to be gone and along with the car fuck out of here.
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    They would only take over the NCO's beating quota, thus making the NCO's feel useless once again. THUS COMPLAINING. And the cycle just starts anew.
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    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    by urself
  9. Lalatina

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    When ur actually hurt but can't show weakeness or else you lose.
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/863570/Super_Seducer_2__Advanced_Seduction_Tactics/
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    When you're on your way to best buy at 8 but have to fight in the Anglo-Saxon war at 9
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    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    They say hello to Alysia Harper bucko.
  13. Lalatina

    hello again

    no, leave, its for ur own good