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    Jodie Cutter

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    Still Can't Upload Images

    What do u mean
  4. Lalatina

    Still Can't Upload Images

    HA, site managers. -- Not but really, please fix this. As the only REAL way to fix it is by Clt-C Ctl-V from a Google Document, or embedding a link. Sure, there's a way. But fixing it is the better option.
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    What I've been doing

    Ur going to LA bucko.
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    Märeta Håkansson

    You accidently added some 2's, but dont worry, I fixed it. Just gotta copy and paste it
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    Märeta Håkansson

    becareful Tony, this man has a charisma of 15/20.
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    [IC] Tactical Challenge

    *Another note is pinned to the board* "TAC Strike it, nothing can survive it then."
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    Pumper Niggels.
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    Cosplay ideas?

    U can actually get a really nice Chest Rig for them from Evike actually, for like 70$. That is if it's still on sale, however.
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    Leena Stokes, the Insomniac

    math is for loseras
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    Leena Stokes, the Insomniac

  13. “Lenna pictured during boot camp.” "WOW! We have radios!? Never knew that.." -Pvt. Leena Stokes Basic Information Name: Stokes, Leena Place of Birth: New York, US. Date of Birth: 17-09-2276 Age: 23 Gender: Female Physical Description: Hair color: Brown Eye color: Brown Height: 5’11” Weight: 150 Military Information Rank: Pfc. Branch: Mobile Infantry Date of Enlistment: February 21, 2298 Years of Service: 0 Years 1 Month(s) Service Record: -- Promoted to Pvt. -- Promoted to Pfc. Personal Information Family: - Mother: Hollie Stokes [Alive] -- House Wife - Father: Adam Stokes [Alive] -- Politician - Brother: David Stokes [Alive] -- Mobile Infantry, 82nd Morita Rifles. Address: [REDACTED] Social Security #: [REDACTED] Bank Account: [REDACTED..] A Medical Information: Allergies: Penicillin, Cats. Known Ailments: Altitude-Sickness Known Issues: Tiredness, Weakness, shortness of breath. Personal Relationships Friendly | Liked | Neutral | Disliked | Hated
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    Cosplay ideas?

    Just be a Mobile Infantryman