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  1. Profile picture users, we've hit a new Dilemma! These sub-humans, most notably called "No PfP users.", are trying to have opinions in matters. It is our duty, people who are normal and have Pfp's, to get rid of this scum that stains our once-once great RP server. Rise up, and Don't harras fight back against the menace/disease!
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    Profile Pictures Vs. No Profile Pictures.

    Look at this man here, infighting already. This shows how inferior Germans are to Brits and Americans. Always startin' shit.
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    Farewell Lads,

    my bad
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    server is over

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    Sub Detachments of MI

    The MI is going to be a little stagnant with non-proactive Rpr's, and I'm not saying I contribute to being proactive, because I don't. Anyways, the MI is Mobile Infantry, Infantry. Their main job is to shoot stuff, move stuff, and so on. They get weapons like Snipers, Shotguns, LMG's etc, to do these tasks. We had Specialist systems but people hate them (For some reason) so you just get trained in a weapon, LMG, Sniper, whatever. The server suffers from more so of "TOO MANY FACTIONS TO PLAY." There are a lot of factions, and adding Sub-factions to one main faction just makes thing even more clunky, when people already don't have the basics of normal Infantry down. But my main point is, people, make the infantry boring. I've seen people on events with NPC interaction and Event char interaction just... Stand around and do nothing, only to complain that "The event was boring.", when you did 1 - 2 /me's of */me sniffles*/. Just be more proactive on events, passive, etc. Create RP for yourselves, that's the main thing about being Infantry. You're an overdramatized version of Infantry today, so do what they do in the movie. Don't just go to the bar, drink, flirt, afk, etc. Create friend groups, parties, illegal activities, etc, etc. Just make the Infantry interesting, and the same thing goes for NCO's. They need to work with it as well and make the enlisted/players have RP, since that's their foremost job (In my opinion). Create RP, RP leading second.
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    Black Ops Detachment.

    A little bit of a serious tone. But the reason Pathfinders are /inactive/ is due to them not being, you know, a very prominent faction. They're mostly a special event faction used for PFO's (Pathfinder Operations.) and they stay that way, since their /spec-ops/, meaning you won't even really interact with the faction as some MI grunt as they're busy doing secret intel stuff. And what you have here is basically a group of friends in sense, all /normal/ infantrymen going to become a /black ops/ unit, which already exists in our lore on here. And as Tony said: It ain't gonna' help the server at all, and frankly, it's a little.. Ridiculous to think about having some special people running around on drops doing nothing at all. The only difference you say you have is "Population.", which isn't much of a difference since the Unit, if even allowed, wouldn't deploy with the Infantry, and at that point, it's just USELESS. I heavily doubt Xalphox will add another event server for the Black Ops unit some Infantryman made-up. And speaking of that, it would make NO SENSE lore wise for the Federation to bring in this BLACK OPS UNIT when they already have the PATHFINDERS, which are identical to each other.
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    Black Ops Detachment.

    Add uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh............... GI Joe.
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    SST Screenshots

    Throwback to Ackua's thread.
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    Debates done quick: Traps

    Nobody knows anymore in today's world.
  10. https://store.steampowered.com/app/863570/Super_Seducer_2__Advanced_Seduction_Tactics/
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    My vasectomy

    now this is epic
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    Greg Simms

    I think this kinda guy sucks more dick than the females on ship, which isn't that hard to do since they're all lesbians.
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    Jee-un Choi

    add Poppy seeds.
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    Deckers Semi-LOA/Light XA Duty


    whts skul? I only anime all day bruther yeuye gud luk
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    [FEDNET] Perxies Under Quarantine!

    Twatter: Just evac and Q-Bomb the planet, jeez. Its just a colony. -ColonyAndArachnidhater44 posted.
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    The PAC Collective

    Optimizing pac is simple. Step 1: Don’t use a shit ton of imported models Step 2: Don’t add unneeded shit to it, rp is all about implying, so u don’t need to have every single piece of gear on ur person. Step 3: Use less groups, groups actually add to the lag via magical reasons. Step 4: STOP USING SO MUCH IMPORTED SHIT, gmod is horribly optimized, and now ur just adding high poly models into it, so ur tanking the server.
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    The PAC Collective

    Remember to fucking optimize your shitty pacs so we don't have to deal with the lag
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    an idiot testing idiot things

    what kinda dumbass nigga dosent have source editor
  19. Mobile Infantry Forces make claims in the Kagoshima Prefecture. Kagoshima City outskirts, the picture was taken by Pfc. James Allen. September 29th, 2998. Today the Mobile Infantry forces of the Second Mobile Infantry division have made it to Kagoshima City, and from the pictures taken it seems to be a rather grim site. E-Company of Second Division was the first to arrive in Kagoshima city and the pictures were taken there, both by FedNet reporters and troopers just showed the destruction of the city and its outskirts. Much of the outskirts and inner city were destroyed both in the fighting and such after the MI retreat. As for the combat, the Division is dealing it, it’s minimal. Much of the progenitor forces seem to be on a sort of Auto-Pilot mode, probably due to the Ark being destroyed by the rather heroic, yet weird, 112th platoon. Outskirts of Kagoshima City, somewhere inside the Kagoshima prefecture, LCpl. Alexia Landerson took the picture. On a lighter note, Second Divison finally shifted the lines up slightly, forming the main one in front of Kagoshima city. And going to the rumor that has bed circulated about the other Division, it’s been confirmed. The Tenth Mobile Infantry Division is coming in to start a frontline on the Northern side of Kagoshima, and this is reported to start tomorrow. Some say the 112th will come in and support their division, acting as a sort of “Shocktroop” platoon for them. But this has yet to be confirmed. DO YOUR PART, TODAY! SIGN UP NOW! LET THE SUN RISE OVER JAPAN ONCE MORE! Would you like to know more?
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    Height Measurements For PAC

    I know where u got this, and plz don't do this to us.
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    application thread

    +Support Approved
  22. Mobile Infantry Forces move into Japan’s Main island. The city of Shinjuku destroyed during the fighting on Earth. Photo Taken, July 30th, 2298. On September 26th, 2298, the Federation has finally sent units into the southern tip of Japan’s main island, the so-called “Kyusyu” region. In hopes of setting up a small foothold on the aisle in order to start reclaiming man land Japan in the Operation now known as “Operation Oni”. It is widely known that the Federation had a base on the Island of Okinawa for some time now in the hopes of taking back Japan, and the time has finally come. At 0800 hours the Second Mobile Infantry division with it’s Third Regiment, and supporting Fourth battalion moved into the “Kyusyu” region of Japan... The Division is also supported by the Fourth Artillery division, and Third Logistics Division, as well as some fleet assets. 3rd Regiments E-Company moving through the prefecture “Kagoshima”, Sep. 26th, 2298 “Mark my words, today is the day we start to take back Japan, and from there, all of Asia.” Was a quote from 2Lt. Brian M. Schaefer, an hour before the start of the Operation. There still is not much known about the Operation, since it has just started. But what we do know is that they plan to take back the “Kyusyu” region from the Progenitors, before moving onto the main island of Japan and eventually Manchuria. So far they've only entered the Kagoshima region, but in the days to come they hope to take more and even set up FOBs in each prefecture. There are rumors spreading amongst the populace that another Infantry Division will be brought in to help support the Third, but as of know, it is just speculation. But, does this mean there is hope for Japan now? Think you got what it takes in order to reclaim it? THEN join up with the Infantry now, ask your nearest recruiter for options, roles, etc to do in the Infantry or Fleet. DO YOUR PART, TODAY! SIGN UP NOW! LET THE SUN RISE OVER JAPAN ONCE MORE! Would you like to know more?
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    application thread

    +Support Approved.
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    damn, thought my Med app was accepted
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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    @RookPost yer face