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  1. This is truly a tragic lost. o7 If only ppl listened 2 years ago...
  2. Section B4-0A Document Information ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section B4-1A Personnel Information ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Personal Information: Ottis on a drop during Restoring Hope, circa 2297. Name: Mulcahy, Ottis Age: 23 Height: 5’11” Weight: 145 lbs D.O.B: September 16th Ethnicity: Caucasian Birth Planet: Qetesh Hometown: Hanus Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Build: Mesomorphic Athletic Skin tone: Tanned ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Family Connections: Father: John Mulcahy (Deceased) Mother: Nicole Mulcahy (Alive) Brother: Rodendale Mulcahy (Deceased, K.I.A: Dec 22nd, 2298.) Wife: Linda Mulcahy (Alive) Kid(s): Garret Mulcahy, Alexandria Mulcahy (Alive) ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Section B4-2A Records ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Medical Records: Known Injuries: 2296 - 2297: 3rd Degree burn wound on right forearm Left thigh impaled by a arachnid talon 4th Degree burn wound on left shoulder 2298 - 2299: N/A Known Ailments: Dry Eye Restless Leg Syndrome Known Allergies: Pollen Cats Lidocaine ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Psychological Records: Mental Evaluations: Entry 1: ENTRY: J-002-2299: ::>> Starting <<:: Recruit Mulcahy… WIP Morale Awful<███████|██████|██████>Not Awful ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Military Records: (Re)-Enlistment Date(s): December 22nd, 2296 August 7th, 2298. Years of Service: 2 Promotions: 2296 - 2297: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. > LCpl. 2298 - 2299: Rct. > Pvt. > Pfc. Previous Units: 2296 - 2297: 2nd Platoon Tyson’s Tigers 4th Platoon Maria’s Mud Runners 2298 - 2299: 1st Platoon Vicker’s Villains. Known Awards: Combat Action Medal Purple Heart x3 Known Operations: Breadbasket Restoring Hope Terra Neau ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Credit to this nigger for formating idea
  3. America wouldn't allow it, and neither will the britbong parliament.
  4. truly an inspiring story for everyone to follow.
  5. Yeah, it's just normal; Gmod is Gmod. I get these errors whenever I load in too.
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