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  1. Name: Eric McDowly Reason: Long lived character who goes to the gym on a daily basis, normally working on his cardio and sparring.
  2. Meanwhile in the bar.... 20:53:36 - Sgt. Michael Finch: Give me a screwdriver. Now. 20:53:46 - Spc. Eric 'McDowny' McDowly: Screwdriver? 20:53:54 - Spc. Eric 'McDowny' McDowly: Okay... 20:54:44 - **Spc. Eric 'McDowny' McDowly reaches into a drawer and grabs a screwdriver, slowly taking it to the Sarge "Here's your screwdriver sarge" 20:54:47 - **Rct. Tyler Finnely looks to his left and his right and notices the ranks on both their shoulders. 20:55:08 - LCpl. Jennifer Hayes: Jeez... 20:55:34 - LCpl. Jennifer Hayes: I will bartend if thats an issue.. 20:56:09 - **Rct. Tyler Finnely looks to the screwdriver Dowly handed FInch. "I uh... I think... The sergeant meant... The cocktail..." 20:56:11 - **Sgt. Michael Finch looks at it. "You got no idea what it means, McDowny?" 20:56:15 - **Spc. Eric 'McDowny' McDowly turns to Hayes with a chuckle "I'm bloody joking lance"
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  4. Smee

    GMod Crashes

    Okay so i'm currently kinda having some of the same problems as Deckers did, I've tried everything you've listed above including the compatibility. The game loads up like normal but every time I try and join a server with my normal high settings it normally says "failed to lock vertex buffer in CMeshDX8::LockVertexBuffer:nVertexCount=489, nFirstVertex=1995" and completely crashes the game. To actually get on the server I need to put the settings to the lowest option available, when I do eventually join the FPS is really low. I've tried changing the aspect ratio and resolution back to what I had it back to originally in the hope that the change had somehow fucked it up but for some reason the game decides to not change it back to 4:3 and doesn't even allow me to change the resolution at all. This is what it says in the console when I attempt to change it "'userconfig.cfg' not present; not executing." (EDIT: Please dont answer this, a new problem has been found)
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