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    War Chart

    Well, look at this way, according to the timeline, the war has been going on for 30+ years now. Just consistent conflict, Arachnids, Skinnies, etc... It reminds me of a quote. "If someone has a problem with you, it's probably them. Two people, it might be them. Three and it's probably you." lol
  2. Renegade

    War Chart

    Man, imagine a deck of cards where it was everything against the Diamonds, huh? We need more propaganda to make us at least believe we are winning.
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    Coming out

    It's the future, does it matter? lol
  4. Yes! 100-times YES! And Light Grey I think looks the best from these renders.
  5. The only reason I mentioned the snow camo is that Pvt. Flynn is still wearing it. lol I would like that to stop. I want my guy back in the grey. I'll be on this afternoon, because I'm currently at RL work, but hopefully someone will be on that can assist.
  6. I am not a fan of the camoflauge because as you said, it moves away from the Starship Troopers standard. However, we're talking about 15 years after Marauder, so it is possible the uniforms would have changed. But, personally, I dislike the camo. So much that as soon as I logged in yesterday and saw I still had the snow camo, I immediately was asking if anyone was on that could zap me back to normal greys, but got no response. So... LOL. My vote is no. I like the greys. If you're changing uniforms, what I would recommend is Fleet. Get that back to the dark blue/black coveralls or the dress uniforms we've seen in the first Starship Troopers and Marauder.
  7. I could have sworn someone said during the rp that this ship was an older model.
  8. Sept. 4, 2297 A new ship, a new and different ship. How odd is it that within two weeks of reporting to the Audie Murphy, I go through another ship being destroyed around me. Even in my MI gear, I started having flashbacks of the Columbus. I know the situations were different, but having the deck just crack and shatter beneath your feet has a lasting impression on you. After a week down on the planet that I would call "Hell" if it wasn't so cold, we were finally picked up by the Ulysses S. Grant. She's an older ship, but the ambiance is quite nice. Well compared to that planet, I would have accepted a garbage scow. But the unit was picked up and for now, the Grant is my home. As perhaps a sign, one that I'll take as a positive, the messhall was serving grilled cheese and tomato soup. Can a welcome meal be better? Growing up on New Kansas, my mother would make me grilled cheese and tomato soup. As always, more training in the morning and if the scuttlebutt is correct, my squad is going to be putting cleaning hour to the test tomorrow on this new vessel. That seems to be the only similarity between MI and my time in Fleet, both enjoy a good cleaning hour. Although I have noticed that "hour" seems to be longer than 60 minutes in MI time.
  9. until

    Day one was very interesting. Pvt. Flynn did have some trouble jumping from ice cap to ice cap, and then there was the issue with my Av being stuck in Prone. But, I thought the story was flowing well and kept me engaged. And the injuries during the crash was very useful to immerse into the story.
  10. I remember when I was in the Navy, I had a special chit for not shaving for a bit thanks to some acne issues. I was 19 and a little extra oily. BUT, cool thing about that, my ship went to Puerto Rico and I had a full beard. I definitely enjoyed not looking like I was in the Navy when not on duty.
  11. I was searching Starship Troopers Roleplay and found this forum site with Google. I originally thought this was just a Forum RP, but I'm really excited to see that a game is involved. The last ten years, I've been playing in Second Life, doing a variety of roleplays. So no stranger to simulated action and playing through games.
  12. Basic Information: Name: Brian Joseph Flynn Callsign: Renegade Age: 26 years old D.O.B: August 3, 2271 Gender: Male Affiliation: Mobile Infantry Role(s): Infantryman Kin: Homeworld: New Kansas, UCF Territory Alignment: LN Hair color: Dark Brown/Black Eye color: Brown Build: Athletic Rank: Private Backstory: Flynn grew up on New Kansas, a farming planet that tends to lean towards more independent viewpoints being away from the Terran home. Growing up, B.J. had a standard life, a mother and father than loved him, a little sister that bugged him. But, Flynn dreamt of travel and the possible adventures. For as long as he can remember, the Federation had been at odds with the Arachnids and then having some conflicts with the Skinnies. He saw the recruiters coming through town, and visiting the schools. He would dream of being a brave starship Captain, dropping troops onto a hostile planet and engaging in ship-to-ship battles.   After graduating high school in 2288, and wanting to get off New Kansas, Flynn originally had applied to Fleet, but his grades and test scores were not good enough to become an officer. Accepting that he may never Captain his own vessel, Flynn enlisted, serving as a Weapons Technician onboard Athena-Class ships. After recruit training, he was stationed aboard the Magellan (AFC-HC357) for three years. During this time, he achieved the rank of Petty Officer 2nd Class and was chosen to be part of a pre-commission crew onboard the Columbus.   During Operation Blue Eagle, during the assault on the mining colony of Humador, the Columbus (AFC-HC492) was destroyed. Only 73 crewmen, including Flynn, survived out of a total crew of 379 Fleet members. Thankfully, the deployment of Mobile Infantry was already planet side before the ship was destroyed. The official statement from command was that bug plasma from the surface. Flynn knows the truth though. The Columbus had been outfitted an experimental laser cannon that had malfunctioned when they attempted to use it to clear out a patch of bug territory. The malfunction had a cascading effect, taking out vital systems and causing multiple explosions.   After the Columbus incident in late 2296, Flynn requested a transfer into the Mobile Infantry. He knew his rank would not transfer, but after seeing how some of his best friends die in the blink of an eye, he figured he would rather face an enemy head on rather than die in an experimental accidental. Flynn was honorably discharged and accepted as a MI Recruit, assigned to Fort Cronkite under the tutelage of Drill Instructor Maxwell Barnes. Under the instruction of Sergeant Barnes, Flynn has taken the challenge and while not as young as most the recruits, his age and experience got him chosen as Squad Leader of his Recruit Division. Flynn has graduated and was promoted from Recruit to Private after his first drop assigned to 112th Battalion, 2nd Platoon. Attributes: *Wasn't sure how to do the Stats, so I went to https://www.wizards.com/dnd/dice/dice.htm to generate some rolls d20 style! Strength: 14/20 Dexterity: 12/20 Constitution: 19/20 Intelligence: 20/20 Wisdom: 20/20 Charisma: 9/20 Misc. Attributes: *Trained in the Mk 1 at Camp Cronkite *Trained Mk 2 "Saw" onboard ship 8/30 *Trained in the TW-99-S "Belcher" Shotgun onboard ship 8/30 Combat Rating: 0/10 Pain/Health: 0/10 Wealth: Other Information: Character Description: Flynn is 6-foot-tall with dark brown hair, light brown eyes, and thick eyebrows. He has an athletic build thanks to the thorough exercise regiment from Camp Cronkite. Achievements Federal Defense Medal - Enlisted in Fleet, awarded in 2288 Fleet Service Medal - Awarded in 2291 Good Conduct Ribbon - Awarded in 2290 after two years of good service in Terran Fleet Warfare Award - Awarded to Petty Officers who have joined a Division Operation Poison Arrow Ribbon - Qualified for service aboard the Currie in 2291 during Operation Poison Arrow Operation Blue Eagle Ribbon - Qualified for service aboard the Columbus in 2296 during Operation Blue Eagle Neutral Regrets Personal Relationships Relations: Loved|Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears --[[Federation Mobile Infantry]]-- - - - --[[Federation Engineering Division]]-- - - - --[[Psi-Ops]]-- - - - --[[Federation Hospital Corps]]-- - - - --[[Federation Marauders]]-- - - - --[[Federation Fleet]]-- - - - --[[Federation Provost Corps (Marines)]]-- - - - --[[Other]]-- - - - --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- - - -
  13. The correct answer is "hell yeah" we should rp in the forums too!
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