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    GMOD 2

    I heard as million addons cried out in pain, and then were suddenly silenced.
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    Antz the new SST?

    The SST where spear fighting MI are a reality.
  3. Hello. As a preface, I wish to say that I understand the nature of war and the SST universe, and find certain reason within the PK - people get shot and die ingloriously, quickly and quietly. This is reasonable and brings a level of immersion and fun, and, perhaps, if that was the message, and the PK appeal is found unreasonable, it will be the idea that I will hold on to. However, I do also find the PK itself not reasonable to an enough degree to enforce that idea. I will start with the main body of evidence - time. Ex. 1 - Redtext, registering the beginning if an injury that could lead to a PK. Please take a note of the logged time. Ex. 2 - Redtext, registering the PK coming into power. With your astute observation, you would find that the time between the start and the end of the PK would be 3 minutes and 12 seconds. And I would explain, what these 192 seconds entailed. First of all, they started with waiting on the spawn, after /reporting that my character has been killed - following a reasonable announcement in the OOC chat that we should do exactly that. Finding understanding, about 30 seconds later, that the administrative team would be busy, as it was, after all, an event, and that bothering them to bring my character to about 300 feet from the spawn would be a waste of taxpayers money. I then spent around a minute to deliver my character to the place of injury. As the event included a forward assault, that place now had nobody to hear the cries or emotes of the character. Which, around a minute and a half later, resulted in me moving my character to the rest of the group, starting to deliver emotes to describe the situation, and subsequently getting PK'd. Certainly, such a short time is enough to die from the wounds described, would this be real life or a military simulation. However a character can react instantly in that kind of situation. I, as the player, however, had to find the audience, declaring the emote, and type that out loud, for every single word and letter. I also had to ensure that I was not disrupting the flow of the event or interactions of others, as, and it has been described to me firmly in the first day, connecting to this wonderful server, that roleplaying injuries during an event should be as laconic as possible, due to the hectic, and often unpredictable nature of combat. I believe I was not given enough chance to react to the circumstances and let my character display them accordingly. Further down, I will adress questions that would justify such a turn of events. Was my character doing something stupid heroic? No I was positioning my character behind the rest of the group, trying to rubberband a natural following pattern. Has my character positioned or moved in a way that would justify them dying mechanically? No, as I moved the character behind the line of fire, and behind the rest of the group. Have I expressed gross misconduct through the actions of me or my character? This is for you to answer, while I believe I expressed the characters reactions in a reasonable manner. To sum the case up : I was not given enough time to react in-character, the circumstances weren't permitting of that, but it wasn't because I did something stupid. I do not know who has delivered the PK, as it does not show in the console log, and, seeing the circumstances of the event, and my assumption that organisation and running of events is a complex task has lead me to post an appeal directly here where it can be adressed in due time, instead of perstering the team with /reports. Thank you kindly for you attention and I hope we together find a reasonable resolution of this case.
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    New pupper

    Did you call him Audie in a foretelling of his future where he will be brutally invaded and then dropped from orbit? Because that would suck, he looks like a good boy.
  5. erby


    I originally wrote this for a different place, in a different time. While it doesn't sport the rigorous exerpts from the SST boardgame, PC game, or the movies, I did my best to pull the best possible explanations from the veritable depths of my rectum, and would hope that you find parts of this post salvageable for the this servers' needs. Cue inventory music. Put your best rectal sunscreen because I will point you with all the webs and scrams SSTRP has mechanically, entiriely based on the behaviour of the actual events and our "OC" in terms of cooperation between fleet and sandeaters. Here are mockups so you could see and hold your attention enough to get to the bottom of this post. Do also mind that your character may select differently, but that would need them to forget that bugs killed their parents. VANILLA TROOPERS SCOUT/PATROL TROOPER Numbered items are only introduced ONCE. Repeats are not numbered. Meet John. He has : 1 - BANDAGE POUCH. Contains bandages, gauze, 1oz bag of absorbant powder, quickclot, tourniquet, glue and duct tape. 2 - SHORT WAVE RADIO. Or something. Or a PDA with radio functionality, if Johns' parents are the cream of Federation society and eat soup out of swallow tongues, or if John won all those card games and ordered a device from FedElex™ or DamirTech™. 3 - MISCELLANEOUS POUCHES. Here, John has all of his flares, or radio beacons or smoke grenades or collection of bonbons, or other miniature devices he may want to carry on a routine patrol. Alternatively, if John is paranoid, he can put ammo pouches in there. 4 - MAGAZINES AND MAP POUCH. Since this is a patrol or a scouting run, John is not expected to shoot a lot - only enough to retaliate and execute the GTFO and "call mom" maneuvers. So he has 3 magazines, usually. Also ordinary troops would have a map of the area they're patrolling. But since 95% they end up on the butt part of nowhere, that's where they get to stick their personal effects. Or a lot of taffy. 5 - MORITA. It's a weapon. It shoots bullets. It also contains it's maintenance set in the stock. They call them "pencil cases". 6 - PATROL PACK. Contains a ration and more flares. May contain one of : more duct tape, more ammo, a cloak, a knife, firemaking tools, heavy duty beacon, another ration, a camera, binoculars, additional two liter water pack, personal items, Planck field generator, some more rations and traces of nuts. 7 - WATER CANTEEN. 1,75 liter standard soldier water canteen from food grade, biodegradable, gluten-free plastic. Comes in three colours - gun metal grey, firetruck red and vomit green. FULL GEAR TROOPER Meet Ivan. He has : 1 - UTILITY AND AMMUNITION POUCHES. Depending on what Ivan proved to do better his pouches contain basic tools like screwdrivers, pliers and more duct tape. If he is good at throwing flares, he finally found all those pockets to stick them into. If he tends to get rashes and chaffing, that's where his creams, ointments and gauze are. If Ivan is a bad shot, he just sticks more magazines in there. This Ivan, however, has donuts in them. Good for you, Ivan. 2 - AMMUNITION STRAPS OR WEBBING. Most troopers get deployed with six magazines, expecting moderate engagement. Some more inclined requisition a webbing on which they could slap twelve magazines. 3 - MORE AMMUNITION OR FREE POUCH SPOT. There is no such thing as "too much ammo". 4 - RATION PACK. Federal Scientists answer the question of how to eat while shooting or running! 5 - BACKPACK. Contains - additional underwear, two more magazines, two rations, two liter water bag, towerl, SuperThin™ sleeping mat and blanket, spare battery, personal hygiene, ten feet of rope. May contain all of patrol packs additional contents. May also contain more flares. 6 - PERSONAL EFFECTS. Playing cards, walkman, more donuts. Or flares. PROLONGED DEPLOYMENT TROOPER Meet Jamal. He has : 1 - AMMO POUCHES. This time Jamal is going on a long trip, where he probably won't even engage in combat at once. If he does, 9 magazines, hidden in these pouches will assist him. Alternatively, if it is known that nothing will happen, Jamal can stick them full of flares. 2 - ROPE. 90 feet of hemp rope. Be it climbing hills, tying up supplies, or blatantly not getting lost, rope is an integral part of prolonged travel. It can also assist in tying flares together or being used as torch fuel holding material. 3 - TRAVEL BACKPACK. Contains : additional uniform, three sets of additional underwear, 300 rounds of ammo, six rations, three two liter water bags, Compacto™ sleeping bag, basic medical supplies, spare batteries, ten feet of rope, weapon maintenance kit, water treatment supplies, hygiene supplies, flare maintenance guide, gas mask, canteen. Can additionally hold two sets of patrol pack additional contents, along with a bag of holding and/or a saddlebag. 4 - TENT. Either a one person tent or half of a four person tent. 5 - PLATOON SUPPORT. Additionally, a soldier may need to carry supplies to support the rest of the platoon. These supplies can be (one): 300(500) rounds of ammo, fuel, 10 liters of water, 10 person tent parts, long range radio, battery, artillery ammunition, medical kit (if dedicated medic bitch), baking supplies. In this case, Jamal carries a fuel can filled with water. Though it still had half a tank of gas in it, he accidentally poured water in it. Now it's firewater. Don't tell Command. MEDICKS PATROL MEDIC Meet Jane. Jane is a little bit special in the terms that I accidentally numbered both her front and her back from the beginning. Thanks Obama. She has : FRONT 1 - MEDICAL UTILITY POUCHES. These may contain : a total of two hundred feet of bandages, ointments, gel and paste tubes, enough diclofenac to turn six livers blue, instant application gauze patches, medical tape, wound sealants or a balanced mix of them all. 2 - INJECTOR VIALS. Up to eight approved kinds of 25ml sterile content vials to be used with either the FedMed™ or OmarPharm™ brand injectors. Also contains replacement needle caps. 3 - QUICK APPLICATION INJECTOR. In this case simple and easy to use FedMed™ NMasso™. Works super simple - stick a vial of your desired, Federation approved content (colour coded for your convenience), lock it, and inject on open skin. Location dependent on vial content. This model has a switching handle and requires to reacquire pressure by manually pumping the trigger. Needles are replaced with a simple turn and twist, remove the cap and it's ready to use! (This advertisement was sponsored by FedMed™ - Healthy Service For Hearty Citizen.) BACK. 1 - BACKPACK. It's actually the same patrol backpack, but because it's a medic carrying it, assume it serves some sinister, medical purpose. It's also made from eco friendly materials and has a little red cross sewn into every pocket of it. 2 - MEDICAL KIT. Not "medkit" like the nanite brand. It contains a triple dose of what you would usually find in a bandage pack, plus a disinfectant spray, base powder, burn dressing, sunscreen, shock cover, trauma shears, medical gel, bandage scissors, eyelash scissors, pliers, splinting kit, pressure meter, mascara, breathing mask, Calcium Zeolite, hydrogen peroxide, iodine and other archaic substances that for some reason still inhabit medical kits. 3 - ADVANCED WATER CONTAINER. Far Customs™ H2Explore™. A 1,5 liter container that serves as a thermos, water purification filter that can clear it from debris, 89% of known organic contaminants, and even to have the ability to refine blood into drinkable form (albeit you would require to replace the filter after about a hundred ounces). It can also be sealed, voiding the filter, to store liquid samples, and cooled, using the air pump, to transport small chunks of flesh or lost limbs, given it is filled with a special medical gel and physiofluid solution, ready to be reattached to their owner. 4 - EDIBLE BANDAGE KIT. How to show your true dedication to the job, while actually having a tasty snack? Taffy-Medaffy™ - a healthy and inconspicious treat for the whole family! It can even serve as an actual bandage! *results may vary. FULL GEAR/DEPLOYMENT MEDIC Meet Jill. She has : 1 - FIELD MEDICAL TOOLKIT. Contains a toned down middle ground between a trauma and a medical kit, in an easily accesible package along with place for OmarPharm™ needle replacements, solution vials and pressurised air containers. 2 - QUICK APPLICATOR. Renamed on copyright grounds. OmarPharm™ SteelSaviour™ v2 - a step up from it's simpler counterpart, it boasts sturdy, stainless steel parts and internal loading mechanism, 8 needle "magazines", allowing to quickly change needles with a click of a trigger, and uses reloadable pressurised air canisters to reduce the menial labour and keep the tool always ready. As a security measure, the second release sports a bright orange tint to prevent the tool to be mistaken for an unregulated weapon. 3 - STRETCHER. SteriMat™ - a non-slide, hydrophobic, dirt-resistant, bactericide mat, to be used as a safe and considerably more clean work enviroment. Has sleeves on it's sides to prevent the patient from rolling out, as well as comes complimented with two heavy duty, hardened aluminium telescopic pipes, that can be pulled through the sleeves to make a stretcher. 4 - TRAUMA KIT. A beefed up medical kit. In addition to having 1.5x the supplies of the standart variation, also contains supplies enough to perform level 3 medical operations in the field, certain medical compounds that can prevent expiry of even severely wounded personnel, as well as a great section of the pharmacology and surgery chapter of the Big Book of Everything Federation you would be too bored to be read in (unless you're a medic). MULEDIC AKA PORTABLE MEDBAY Meet Anna. She has : 1 - DEATHSTARE. Muledics are mostly not used to be traveling - they are meant to deliver the supplies to up to ten miles and set up a field medical bay, able to support basic level 4 medical operations. If you make them haul it for too long, you may expect to "accidentally" be injected with a horse dose of viagra instead of your TEC-4 painkillers. 2 - MEDICAL POUCHES2. They contain supplies that they already usually carry, but these actually contain more of them. Some assume they may be assisted by a Planck field generator. In any case, these bags contain double the fun of usual satchels. 3 - FIELD RESUSTICATOR. OmarPharm™ King Leoric™ complex field resustication unit. Due to discontinuation of the FedMed™ MediKit™ that used nanites, deemed unethical by the scientific community and banned from medical use, King Leoric™ remains the only multitool able to effectively "bring the trooper back from the dead"*, or, in the worst case, extend their expiry by up to two hours of combat ability, to which point the deadly anabolic steroid and alkaline stimulant concoction will leave the body expended, with it's organs being only two steps away from sludge. 4 - COMPLEX MEDICAL CONTAINER. Basically a small medical bay. It's also sort of heavy. 5 - BACKPACK. Contains medical resupplies, double water and spiritum vinii 98% and most of the stuff from an usual deployment backpack. Why is it different? OmarPharm™. This is a paid promotion. 6 - SURGERY KIT. Contains supplies and tools. In conjunction with the CMC allows doing basic level 4 operations in the field medbay. You can also repair androids with what's inside. Fortunately it's as complicated as the idea of an android, so you won't even need to read it. Good job, get a cookie. 7 - DOCTOR'S BAG. Despite the name, owning one does not make medic (or the raggedy kid that stole it)fuck you, Saeed, a doctor. It does, however make them able to use advanced splints, harnesses and casts contained inside to essentially unenlist troopers from Immobile Infantry back to their mobile counterpart. PART 3. DEFAULT, OMNIPRESENT DAILY EQUIPMENT. ON DUTY. Meet Huian. She wears : 1 - COMBAT ARMOUR. Federation Arms Mark III Personal Ballistic Vest. Made from highly durable and well secreted polymers, lined with kevlar weave, reinforced with DiSoc™ shaped alloy plates and tempered in bug tears, allowing for optimal soldier mobility while wearing, with a slight sacrifice in deflective capabilities. Mark III armour differs from it's predecessor by using softer metal alloys and internal interlacing to "catch" and deflect an incoming claw instead of attempting to dissipate incoming strikes (vice of Mark I Combat Vest, which utilized ceramic plates). Weighing just under six kilograms, it consists of two main sections and is provided with variable belts and straps for best possible comfort. Certain high-risk units or financially able troopers may employ additional armour expanders on the sides, shoulders and collars, capable of almost full body protection. Just don't expect to be able to scratch your butt. 2 - COMBAT HELMET. Federation Arms Mark II Combat Helmet also known as the Bucket. A thin alloy shell, underlined with a kevlar net and filled with HybriSpon™ protective hard foam make for a lightweight head defense. It boasts significantly better ventilation, can fit a radio link and microphone, and an early experimental ear protection system, still in it's basic form and unreliable due to difficult balancing between protection and awareness. 3 - SHOCK ABSORPTION VEST. Despite an armour vest being able to stop bullets and arachnid claws from entering your sweet, soft insides, it hardly stops the kinetic energy that goes along with them. OctAvio CombiVest™. An underarmour vest that reduces the shock and possible damage caused by a high velocity impact. Special series of zippers traverse it to ensure the best temperature management depending on climate. In extreme situations, it can be used as a single use flotation device, if the two tiny compressed air tanks have been attached to the designated sockets. Trivia 4 - WINTER JUMPSUIT. A whole body pajama made out of a thin water retardant treated cloth layer (up to waist height) lined with wool of Impran sheep. While it technically can be unzipped on the middle, and the jacket be separated from the pants, it is highly frowned due to how hard it is to reattach both parts together again. The outer cloth is double layered around the posterior, knees, elbows, shoulders and forearms. On the knees polymer plastic plates are sewn into the rubbered pockets, for added protection, while not being as durable and rigid as a proper pair of kneepads. 5 - COMBAT BOOTS. Montroses' Rainboots. Independent of weather, surface or time of day, these are the first and the last two best friend of every trooper. While the tradition of shining them has fallen short due to their design, certain Drill Sergeants or senior Enlisted may often send young recruits to the task of finding "shoe wax" to "shine" them. It is sold separately in the Mobile Infantry Dollar Store along with elbow grease and headlight fluid. 6 - COMBAT GLOVES. Three is a choice, and while the standard FedArms™ sport tight grip and excellent protection, they are sometimes found too hot and obstructing to make fine operations with. Pricy, requisitionable alternatives come in flavours of Impran leather gloves, hand crafted, breathing, stylish and completely ruined by the next shower of bug blood or Kudesi Kuresh™ tactical gloves, the thickest, baddest, most armoured pair of hybrid plated gloves that would make one believe they can fistfight anything. Disclaimer. Military Intelligence strongly discourages engaging arachnids in melee. Now, if you're still capable of reading, meet Jacques. He wears : 1 - COMBAT ARMOUR, MEDICAL VARIATION. With the copious amount of equipment a modern medic is expected to carry in the field, a logical question arouse on how to reduce the weight of certain equipment parts. The expected heightened senses of "not wanting to be dead" and "feeling of self-importance" of a Mobile Infantry Medic made it the goal of the Federate Engineers to focus their efforts in reducing the weight of the most pertinent piece of equipment. Half a year later, a solution was devised. The new armour proves to be 40% lighter than it's standard counterpart and somewhat more vulnerable to stabbing and slashing damage. However due to increased efficiency of kevlar quilting, medical armour can whistand a greater deal of crushing force applied to it before perishing with or without it's carrier. 2 - BATTLEDRESS. An Impran cotton blend shirt and jacket. Despite being called a dress it does not include dance shoes or an invitation to a ball. What it does have is simplicity, ingeniunity and two kinds of jacket - improved wind jacket for lower temperature, moderate climate areas and a light desert jacket designed with maximum ventilation and sun protection. While a new uniform is to be issued every 6-12 months, the 47th Mobile Infantry Division had the questionable luck of dodging every single supply delivery for three years. 3 - BERET. It makes a soldier feel like a dirty mixture between a hipster and elite trooper. While it is disputable whether a beret wearing soldier on the battlefield is a "douchebag" or an "inspiraton to the entire platoon", it is statistically proven that berets are the third most lost pieces of equipment, right after shoelaces and troopers' lives. 4 - GLOVES. Mobile Infantry Command approved fingerless gloves for high temperature areas with low risk of contamination. Note that these are a specifically issued or requisitioned piece of equipment. Cutting fingers off your FedArms™ gloves, bought with taxpayer money is defacing of uniform and intentional damage of Federal property, which is punishable by fines, incarceration, administrative punishments or forced excluding the Gummy Vitamins™ from the perpetrators rations for a period up to 12 months. Next up OFF DUTY/MISCELLANEOUS* Meet Saeeda. She is off duty on a hot summer day, yet despite that, she wears : 1 - COMBISHIRT. A specially thicker, meaner and cooler looking undershirt, with full sleeves (that have been desired to be rolled up), designed to help insulation of vital parts during cold weather. All for a measly 130 credits because they aren't standart issue, unless you're an NCO. Tough luck, trooper. 2 - HEAVY DUTY BELT. Keeps your pants and your spirit up. The plaque is rumoured to whistand a small caliber firearms shot. Why would someone put armor around their belt area is beyond anyone other than Federal Command, however the sturdy weight of the plaque is what keeps all those additional toolbelt items and holsters in check, if a trooper closes it properly. Being half assed about your belt is the number one reason soldiers get caught with their pants down, literally. Meet Miguel. He's a little more down to ground, wearing : 1 - SHIRT. A light cotton undershirt to soak sweat, dirt, blood, tears and comfort. It all starts with the shirt. Comes with a variety of colours - black, white, khaki, Sand Dune, Recruit Red, Bruise Blue and Piss Yellow. 2 - ADDITIONAL WEBBING. An only recently standartized accessory, it allows for all manner of minute items to be hanged on to it, from holsters to Fedoritos™ dispensers. * As the dreamy blue bloom suggests, there are no server models for such clad troopers. They are a mild reference material for those who have an imagination of a starfish. PART 4. WOAH, OTHER FACTIONS. FLEET PILOTS.* ENGINEERS/HIU On picture - Alexander Cursious, Von, the Hero of the Federation, renowned to possess the biggest, baddest non-standard issue guns on the far side of Zagema Reach.
  6. Female_04 and Female_06 are unavailable for character creation. Female_03 and Female_06 off-duty models are errors.
  7. Don't Fleet already get pimping Lt_C's Scifi Citizen models? That's more than enough. As well is more than enough the amount of camos you already have, and the fact that you have them bodygrouped is a gift that does not need the travesty of expanding. Some people disable PAC as it reduces visual clutter and probably improves framerate. The current selection of camo is the golden cut between variety and focus, you should spare your tireless effort for something far more yearning.
  8. Do lazy hack jobs count as screenshots.
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