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  1. Marauder applications are currently OPEN!! Feel free to apply!
  2. As I was tired of there being 20 posts all saying different things, I’m confining them all to this one post. All things following are to do with the Marauders division whether it be OOC/Admin side/IC. This is still currently a WIP as I list everything to add. PAC4 Starting off is the topic of PAC, rules are as follows; -Out of your suit, aka passive around the ship. Go crazy with it. (Saying that don’t start making nude PACs) -IF in combat, your BDUs/Standard armor, a Marauder wouldn’t be carrying a huge amount. So please try not to PAC a million backpacks or things onto yourselves. Of course this would only be the case if your main Aegis suit is knocked out of the event, if you’re to drop without your suit then feel free to PAC like a normal infantry man. -Lastly PAC surrounding the suits. Now I’m all for creativity and personality being put through the suits as it’s something interesting to develop on a marauder ICly. However any PACs that are to be put onto the suits from now on are NO LONGER BANNED but MUST be cleared through myself first before taking them out. Marauder stats (HP/AP) All marauders, your normal stats should be 700 Health points and 300 armor points at the start of a mission. (To get this at the beginning of an event /report for an admin to set these stats.) This point also stretches to any admin that wish to know what to put health and armor at. NOTE: If at any point an admin injures your suit, whether it be removing plates of your armor etc. They have every right to reset your stats to a lower value or not put them up at all. (This generally being the case if you’ve died) To add onto the Stats point - if at any point you’re using the Titanfall weapons we have available. For example I know the sidewinder has this issue, if the infinite ammo command doesn’t work and you run out of ammo. Ask the next available admin for a refill as long as you ICly still have the ammunition on hand.
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    Every day we stray further from god...

    something @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz showed me
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    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    Done you bitchy fucker ❤️
  5. @Xalphox if you haven't seen it yet. Just enjoy it when you get home. We all know how hard you work. https://store.steampowered.com/app/922800/Girlfriend_Experience_VR/ If you want a little sneak peak into the action lol
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    Vickers when Mobcomm won't respond

    True true.... the screeching would fit her voice but had to get those googles in
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    Introduction Thread

    Was looking for a place to put that
  8. *vickers true form appears*
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    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    @Randynand Only something small, but you asked for a little update