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  1. How it looks When an NCO pulls out their Baton

    Marines watching NCO beat down on people with ‘batons’
  2. Marine Training


  3. Joshua Edwards

    @Detective British done
  4. Communism

    But then you'd have generation after generation of people who have nothing to do but - breeding - eating and cause more problems because they have nothing to do. Basically leading to walle
  5. Communism

  6. Communism

  7. Communism

  8. Joshua Edwards

    changed some shit with people, mainly relationship colours. And cut some stuff if I haven't seen the character etc. Still not finished though, got more to change
  9. Good'day yall. As yes I was the admin in question here and what is mentioned in this mans post. I'd just like to clear a few things up in what he said, however. I didn't block him on steam I merely did not accept his friend request due to my first encounter with him being that he acts like a child and well the evidence I showed @Ackua in a meeting about some of the things he said made me very sure that I didn't wish to speak to him. So the situation in which this happened and what I showed the other admins was that. I saw many players on the server messing around be that rdming, posting random bullshit in OOC and multiply other things WHILST people were actually in IC and RP situations around the ship. So I said in OOC after turning it off due to the amount of stuff being posted into it, 'Get IC' from which I then got harassing pm's from luck saying things such as 'faggot'. I will admit I replied "I could just kick you for rdm" which actually for rdming would be a light punishment for the case, as some admins would go straight to warns or a ban. But then he further message me with harassment and instead of just leaving it at that, he decided that acting like a 12-year-old instead would be the best course of action in his message before eventually going afk. This situation gave me the image that this guy is just a minge and that is why I didn't wish to speak to him in steam and therefore didn't accept his FR. I didn't actually ask for the ban that was up to @Ackua after the meeting in which I showed him evidence and ask for him to be talked to as I didn't know his history of banning etc. I would say no to the un-ban but I don't think I know the guy well enough to weigh in on the judgment.
  10. Normal Theme: Combat Theme: Face Claim: Basic Infomation:Name: Tamás Kőrössy Tarkov Age: 37 D.O.B: 01/03/2261 Gender: Male Affiliation: Federation Role(s): Marine + advisory. Kin: None Build: Mesomorphic Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Neutral Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Brown Rank: MSpc Backstory: He grew up in Hungary, he joined the Federation at the age of 18 like many. He served his time in the 88th as a mark two specialist before transferring to the 32nd marine detachment on the U.C.F Crusader where he served a further five years before retiring to Terra with his newly found wife. He lived there until the age of 37 when in 2298 the progenitors attack and destroy his home and killed his loved ones. With no other option, he has reenlisted within the ranks of Federation marines under the sixth fleet, where he is now serving on the Grant. Attributes:Strength: 18/20Dexterity: 19/20Constitution:14/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 18/20Charisma: 15/20Misc. Attributes:Combat Rating: 10/10Pain/Health: 10/10Wealth: Other Information:Character Description: A battle worn man, standing at around 6 dead. His face is sharp and covered in ragged scars. His eyes a dark brown with a narrow and sharp stare. His hands covered in hard skin and darkened bruises.Characteristics: Certifications- -Mark 3 -Combat Expertise -Provost (MP) -Protective services -Federal Pride Achievements- Citizenship, Marine, Rank.Neutral- None.Regrets- Not going back and dying his son and wife. Relationships:
  11. Dreaming about SSTRP

  12. Do you

    I didn't even read it, But I do
  13. Daisy 'Hel' Bailey

    Update Edwards?