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    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz reviving this dead shit with you first
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    Evening, morning or good afternoon. Depending on where you are in this wonderful world of ours that we call real life, away from the server. If you don’t know me. My names Scar, most of teamspeak or who’ve been in the community long enough will know me by my first name. I’ve been around in the community for a year plus and frankly mostly had a blast. -mostly- I’ve met some of my closest friends, got closer friendships with people I already knew. (*Cough* @Argon - looking at you. ) and just some of the funniest people around that have help me have a wonderful experience in and around the community. Not only that but on server also. The characters I’ve had, perhaps not the best of all time, as I’ve never claimed and I know i'm not the best weeb round when it comes to RP but making those characters enjoyable to play. Whether it be the events ran by fellow admins or passive character interactions with other people or small passive events. It’s all for the most part been a great fucking time. However, strap in kids. Get ya box of onions and at least give me a little fake cry. I’ve decided to step away. Yes, i'm leaving the server. My reasons are mostly personal - some may know what Im going through some may not but lets just say its made it hard to play on server and I feel like my run with the server has come to an point where I’m not enjoying it to the point that I feel devoted enough to play. So for my own good I’m stepping away. Although - for all you unlucky fuckers who hate me. (jokes - I would hope none of you hate me) I might still be around, be it teamspeak or discord. Maybe even SSTRP habbo hotel. Who knows. I might still be around, to fuck around on other games and talk to those who I’ve gain relationships with over the time on server or I might not but if I don't see anyone again. Wish you a wonderful time in the community. Thank you all, for a wonderful experience. Signing off, Scar.
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    Every day we stray further from god...

    something @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz showed me
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    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    Done you bitchy fucker ❤️
  6. @Xalphox if you haven't seen it yet. Just enjoy it when you get home. We all know how hard you work. https://store.steampowered.com/app/922800/Girlfriend_Experience_VR/ If you want a little sneak peak into the action lol
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    Vickers when Mobcomm won't respond

    True true.... the screeching would fit her voice but had to get those googles in
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    Introduction Thread

    Was looking for a place to put that
  9. *vickers true form appears*