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  1. when they all finally die @Arrow
  2. Because we only give you the best arrow
  3. Scar

    Joshua 'Koros' Edwards

    cleaned up my bio, removed ALLLLLLLLLLOT of inactive relationships - also cleaned up the ones I've left. If you want to be added or I missed you out - plz comment
  4. Scar

    Marauders and HP

    ALL MARAUDERS IN EVENTS - due to the removal of tpass - marauders should have their hp set to 1000 HP 500 AP at the beginning of the event and after deaths THE ONLY TIME IN WHICH THIS SHOULD CHANGE - is if the marauder's armour has been damaged icly, therefore, you can set the ap level lower or do not set it up in the first place. HP always stays the same.
  5. Scar

    Is water wet?

  6. Scar

    [IC] Lasertag Tournament

    Team name: Meme team six Team leader: TSgt.Joshua Edwards Team member #2: Sgt.Zealious Edwards Team member #3: SSgt.Sebastian Bently Team member #4: TSgt.John York Team member #5: MSpc.Valerie Faust
  7. Scar

    John Cone

  8. Scar

    Sabine Bilodeau

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddy ❤️
  9. Scar

    Goodbye (again)

  10. Scar

    Are traps gay?

    I feel like I need a shower in bleach just from reading this
  11. Still how I see you, BUT, gonna be missed and I wish ya the best boio. See ya around. you get a sad stitch gif <3
  12. Scar

    context? na

    no context argons life.
  13. Scar

    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Cpl - Dominic Cage - Scar (GMT+0)