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  1. Scar

    The ‘I want to die’ thread

    Same #EdGyFiVeYeArOlDsTuFf
  2. Scar

    Aoife Hviteulven

    updatey maybe?
  3. Scar

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    @Jun Nagase done babes
  4. Scar

    Johnathan Skye

    where am I?
  5. Scar

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    @VulcanisTheShiba @Marcus both on there now @Tridon sorry took a while but finally done
  6. Scar

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    Done bud
  7. Scar

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    @Zeppy @Silent added both chars @Argon got a little update @HazyDay little add-on - plus song
  8. Scar

    Joshua 'Hades' Edwards

    @OpTiCFaZeSoCkzZz update fag boi
  9. Scar

    SST Screenshots

  10. Scar

    MIPOD Detachment Roster

    u's not in yet
  11. Scar

    Your ideas

    What do you want to see improve in MIPOD? What do you want to see change in MIPOD? What can I do as a lead to help improve MIPOD on the server in your eyes? and any ideas that are valid in helping improve the detachment, feel free to comment thoughts below. Any any non valid comments will be removed so please don’t reply unless forwarding ideas