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  1. To all members of the 13th Marauder detachment, the following things are to be done over the coming weeks while myself, Tech Sergeant Edwards and Captain Bailey are busy working with Coalition command in programs that are looking for updates to our Marauders suits. The following orders are to be completed by all of you and enfore by those senior specialists and up. Orders are as followed; 1) Fitness orders are to continue, myself and Captain Bailey expect you to do at least one gym session a day. Working on different types of fitness, be it weights or cardio. Do this together or by yourselves. The choice is yours. 2) The bay is to stay the clean standard it is currently kept in, no one is to enter that does not have permission currently from Captain Bailey. If we get reports you take people in there while we are away you'll be dropping a rank. 3) Those Specialist and up, are to run a training for our newer members. It can be a simple trick that can be used on the field to a full-on training in the simulation room. Once the training is done I would like you to post the time and what it was in this post, reply section. 4) Marauder - everyone else relations are still to be work on, we want you all to be out and around the ship talking to your fellow comrades. Get good relations with them and don't cause ANY trouble. Personally, I believe the detachment being going well from my view, so keep the work up guys and don't start shit while we are away. Your Tech Sergeant, Joshua Edwards signing off. _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________OOC section: I @Scar (aka Tech Sergeant Edwards) am going to Florida on holiday from the 20/06/2018 till 07/07/2018. I'll be avaliable on the forums and perhaps steam if I can get Wifi best try is forums if you need me. and @HazyDay is going to be very busy with IRL stuff for the next few weeks so won't be on the server as much as normal. She will be available via Steam, Facebook, Snapchat or even text message. She prefers you do not use Snap for server business though.
  2. Sgt. Marcus Stone
  3. This PFO will be running. Next weekend - exact dates are 08/06 till 10/06. If you wish to take part player side / as a pathfinder please forward yourself to @Hicks If you are GMT time zone or close to that. These events will be taking place later at night around more around American times so only sign up if you are willing to stay up late and into the morning in extreme cases.
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    Elrad Davidson

    Tech- Edwards
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    steering wheel
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    SST Quotes Thread

    Only the best for you
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    Fuck you all, I got a t-shirt

    Cipher - just take a moment to realise you just wasted real life money on that I'm slightly proud
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    dad had a chicken

    Uncle had a pig
  9. when they all finally die @Arrow
  10. Because we only give you the best arrow
  11. Theme: Combat Theme: Facial Recognition: Basic Information:Forename: Joshua Surname: Edwards Other: David Callsign: Koros Age: 21 D.O.B: 24/04/2277 Gender: Male Affiliation: UCF Role(s): Marauder Kin: None Homeworld: Terra Alignment: Good Hair colour: Brown Eye colour: Blue Build: Stocky Rank: Tech Sergeant. Prior MI ranking: Pvt - Pfc - LCpl - CPLBackstory: Edwards was born in the south-eastern part of England - known as the county of Kent, where he grew up in a working-class family of labourers. After his two of his brother's signed up for federal service he knew he wanted to follow in their footsteps as he aspired to become a citizen and get a sense of duty and honour. He was engaged to a girl for a few months after before she was unfortunately killed in a car accident in London, during a night out with her friends. Apon enlisting, after graduating and passing basic training he spent his first two years in the 76th Morita Battalion reaching the rank of Corporal, he lost most of his friends in his time there so decided to go the Marauder program instead of Sargeant. He was chosen for Marauder training in his third year after signing up for the selection program. Where he has now been assigned, after successfully going through the training, to the 112th or 13th Marauder detachment. Attributes:Strength: 18/20Dexterity: 17/20Constitution: 18/20Intelligence: 15/20Wisdom: 12/20Charisma: 20/20Misc. Attributes:Combat Rating: 9/10Pain/Health: 10/10Wealth: Working Class - Citizen Family: Elaina Edwards - Mother - 54 - Citizen - Living on Castus Walter Edwards - Father - 57 - Citizen - Executed on act's of Treason after receiving CM on the sanctuary. Mathew Edwards - Brother - 32 - Re-Enlisted with the Sixth fleet Thomas Edwards - Brother - 29 - In Federal Service - Re-Enlisted with Sixth Fleet Jamie Edwards - Brother - 27 - In Federal Service - Re-Enlisted with Sixth Fleet Zealious Edwards - Step Brother - 20 - Serving with 112th in Sixth Fleet Features/Visible things: Tattoos: Back- Depiction of angels vs demons., left Arm- Mexican skull female.. -Right Hand- Skull face fit tattoo. - Left Hand-Rose - right thigh - ripped flesh mech Jewellery: Holy cross necklance - Iron cross necklace with engravements 'V-2298' BTs: Left leg from upper thigh down is bionic Marauder Suit Decoration/Paint Job(WIP): Habits/Personality/Characteristics: Photo's overtime: Achievements- Marauder: Rank SPC + Cert Y-Rack, CitizenNeutral- none Regrets- sanctuary station incident Personal Relationships Relations: Loved Ones|Admired/Respects|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|Fears/has a fear of loss John York Valerie Faust ❀️ Zealious Odin Daisy 'Hel' Bailey Aoife Hviteulven Sebastian Bently --[[The Fallen, Forgotten, Transferred]]-- Home 🌍 Felix Kraustag Ashley Rose
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    Joshua 'Koros' Edwards

    cleaned up my bio, removed ALLLLLLLLLLOT of inactive relationships - also cleaned up the ones I've left. If you want to be added or I missed you out - plz comment
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    Marauders and HP

    ALL MARAUDERS IN EVENTS - due to the removal of tpass - marauders should have their hp set to 1000 HP 500 AP at the beginning of the event and after deaths THE ONLY TIME IN WHICH THIS SHOULD CHANGE - is if the marauder's armour has been damaged icly, therefore, you can set the ap level lower or do not set it up in the first place. HP always stays the same.
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    Is water wet?

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    [IC] Lasertag Tournament

    Team name: Meme team six Team leader: TSgt.Joshua Edwards Team member #2: Sgt.Zealious Edwards Team member #3: SSgt.Sebastian Bently Team member #4: TSgt.John York Team member #5: MSpc.Valerie Faust
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    John Cone

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    Sabine Bilodeau

    eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeddddddddddddddddy ❀️
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    Goodbye (again)

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    Are traps gay?

    I feel like I need a shower in bleach just from reading this
  20. Still how I see you, BUT, gonna be missed and I wish ya the best boio. See ya around. you get a sad stitch gif <3
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    context? na

    no context argons life.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    Cpl - Dominic Cage - Scar (GMT+0)
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