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  1. AlphaDuck

    sharia law

    Fucking finally.
  2. AlphaDuck

    Toggle Crouching

    Can't you just type +duck in the console and then -duck when you're done?
  3. AlphaDuck

    Why I'm leaving SSTRP

  4. AlphaDuck

    Thomas Snow

    Im pretty sure you went MIA in the mission we did.
  5. AlphaDuck

    Dutch Bower

  6. AlphaDuck

    Emily West (WIP)

  7. AlphaDuck

    Valerie Faust

    Free my nigga Valerie from the streets :,(
  8. AlphaDuck

    Valerie Faust

    119 IQ but a shit GPA...
  9. AlphaDuck

    MSpc. Baader

  10. AlphaDuck

    Would the Federation really put "Relationship Status" on their dossiers?

    I mean unless you want to risk someone seeing your opinion on everybody on the ship, no.
  11. AlphaDuck

    Sila Ren

    Nathan Steele
  12. AlphaDuck

    Sila Ren

    Had an argument, talked about your teddy bear and then we all talked about dildos and ducks.
  13. AlphaDuck

    Sila Ren