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    Players with psychics

    LCpl. Saige Shields (MSpc) I was one of the first
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    Not Only the Name of .net Needs Changing

    The right choice is obviously to find out which server has more anime snack pacs you can bone and then join that one.
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    Noah 'Deadgano' Gargano- KIA 14/07/2298

    I'm upset. I liked this character. Hilmarsdottir? Even if their interactions were brief.
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    Whose Mans Is This??

    Doing God's work.
  5. Added some updates. If I missed you, you know what to do.
  6. Character Summary Chaotic Good Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon Morale Awful<███████|██████|██████>Not Awful Name: Ylva Myrna Hilmarsdottir Age: 32 Birthday: March 04 Ethnicity: Caucasian Birth Planet: Earth Heritage Icelandic Hometown: Hafnarfjörður Gender: Female Height: 5.9 Forearms Weight: 9.43 Stone (132 Lbs) Build: Ectomorph Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Skin Tone: Pale "Oh, yeah? Are you sure anybody gives a shit?" Psychology * Moto * Introverted * Level-Headed * Facetious * Light-Hearted * Aloof Marital Status: Unmarried Habits: Eye-Rubbing Pacing Rolling Shoulders Over-Explaining Vying Towards Pessimism Hobbies: Cleaning Equipment Cooking Playing Guitar Working Out Fears: Ophidiophobia - Fear of snakes. Likes: Things Going According To Plan The Moble Infantry Fleet Personnel Smart-Asses Respecting Subordinates Shit That Shouldn't Fly, But Does Warm Climates Degenerates Dislikes: Appeal To Authority 'Mickey Mouse Bullshit' Rainy Climates Pogues Mouth Breathers People Who Want To Be 'The Guy' History & Misc General Skills: Cardiovascular Conditioning Small Arms Training Surgical Certification CLS Certification Basic Trauma Care Certification Advanced Trauma Care Certification Air-To-Land Insertion Sea-To-Land Insertion Ambidexterity Criminal Record: N/A Anything Else: Ylva has several Nordic tattoo markings on her arms. Ylva is a single child. Ylva has been serving for seven years. Ylva is undersocialized, resulting in an aloof disposition. Ylva has an ear for alternative music. Ylva is the medical equivocate to a disgruntled mom. Relationships Key: Trusted/Amiable / Respected / Friendly / Neutral/Known / Mixed / Particular/Exceptional Dislike / † = Deceased ♫ = Oldfag To be done. ♫ A. Falco: A trusted co-worker and an excellent friend. I've known Falco for about as long as I've been serving on this ship, and she's come to be a favorite of mine. I've noticed that she hasn't been the since since we lost Dahl. Most of my antics are to try and coax a reaction out of her - there's just something about seeing one of your best friend's rare smiles that makes it worth the shit it gets me into. I hope she comes to terms with herself before it's all over. Please don't go somewhere I can't follow you. My name is Arryn Falco, and I mean something to somebody. † ♫ O. Dahlstrom: If Falco was my best friend, Dahl would have been something special. I loved that kid as much as someone possibly could without breaking the confines of platonic. He was closer to Falco than to me, but I still think about him a lot. D. Dumont: The man the myth. Rekindled my faith in grunts. I have plenty of fond memories with this one. ♫ O. Dresdner: We've never had anything but a working relationship. He's what I wish all of our leaders could be. ♫ F. Sorrentino: Frankie and me go back a little ways to his days as a Sergeant. I don't think any other officer would let me squeeze their biceps in public without breaking my arm. He cares a lot more than he lets on. There's something cutting him up - you can see it in the way he is now as opposed to how he was before, if you talk to him long enough. J. Skye: I stole his vest n' beret and now he wants to fuck me. C. Scott: Scottie's a friendly Specialist serving in medical. He's a little old for his rank, but he's good people nevertheless. I'm glad to have met him. It's funny how a single, seemingly meaningless conversation can really change your view on a person. You're worth more than you know, Charlie Scott. H. Al-Attar: I get the sneaking suspicion that Atari isn't terribly fond of Falco and I's bullshit. She'll come around. I'd help you if you'd let me. † D. Foster: I've got to stop making a habit of burying my friends. I only knew Foster briefly, but I'd like to think I've got a pretty alright judge of character. The kind of guy who'd have your back on a patrol or in the deepest of shit all the way up until the end. Rest easy, Davie. † N. Gargano: He was really young for his age, and that only serves to make me feel older now that he's gone. You should've gone the whole mile, but they pulled you out of the race in the first quarter. I liked him, for what brief interaction we had. Would've gotten to know him by now if he were still with us. Rest easy, buddy. Archer:
  7. cat danny 25

    im bad at making fast threads

    that belongs on a character bio
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    What do you want to see happen in medical?

    @Grizzly Hughes I'm a bit late to post here, but I figure it might be helpful anyways. If you don't want to go for a full-on realism deal like what Falco & Dex did, your best alternative is to teach people the fundamentals and just sort of 'wing it' from there. Teach people how to dress a wound. Neither they nor your patient are going to care what kind of gauze / bandage you're using, nor the materials it's made from, nor the brand name. Nobody gives a shit about that. I guarantee the majority of people you med RP point out their injury and tab out while your medic gives their paragraph of jargon. Make a list of simple terminology, stick to it, teach it until everyone knows it inside and out. Teach them what an analgesic is. Teach them what packing a wound means. Teach them when to / not to remove shrapnel / bullets / talons. Teach them the difference between a local anesthetic and a general. You can do a lot of things with fundamental terminology. The guy you're treating isn't going to care if you describe cleaning his injury out with 'a disinfecting agent' or if you go into detail about how you hit him up with X CCs of betadine-saline solution and then fush with more saline. Again, it rounds back to the 'who cares this is a video game' factor. Surgery is a little more tricky. I never actually RPd doing it as medlead. I never RPd doing it before I was med lead. You can usually chalk that kind of thing up to IC doctors if you cba to learn how to plate ribs. Alternatively, I'm certain that if you wanted to pull some medical equipment from other lores and then tweak it in order to make sense in SST, @Xalphox wouldn't mind so long as you speak with him about it. I was encouraged to do so, and would go so far as to say I'm willing to give you the suggestions that I drew up but never quite finished. Medical hasn't actually 'gotten' anything new in roughly an OOC year, while every other faction has. I think that the notion of making medics more versatile would spark more interest in people wanting to be one, as they would at that point be doing more intricate things than just patching up bullet / talon holes and putting tourniquets on missing limbs.
  9. cat danny 25

    A hiatus

    Hi, all. Drama sucks. It's a game. Games are supposed to be fun. A few last words. Don't kill my characters. Xalphox is a cooler guy than I thought. McRann and Durango were my favorite. I wish I got to spend more time with Cronk. Cipher isn't as bad as I originally thought he was. Keep working pal. Catch you on the flipside.
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    I have no words for this...

    Someone took the time to put all of these together.
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    Sorry, eh

  12. cat danny 25

    Stoke Mandeville, Astronaut and Gentleman

    As a child, Mandeville was given private education on Castus where they scored at the top of their English classes almost continuously, otherwise gaining quite high grades. I'm walkin' on air, baby!
  13. cat danny 25

    PKs and If They are Being Done Right.

    As someone who has been in medical for the better part of this server's longevity, I can promise you that I have to, more often than not, ferverously hunt down the admin doing injuries because they either skimp on the details or don't answer any of my questions as a medic that are 100% relevant to saving this person's life. Then after about 15 minutes they go on and tell me I either took too long, or my equipment does not do its job. I've literally been fucking banned from the server before because I used my kit to circumvent injuries that the admins had inflicted on another player. Oh no, he's choking on his blood. Give him a tracheostomy. Oh no, he's bleeding from the aortal artery which you cannot throw a tourniquet on because it's in the middle of his chest. Stick an AAJT on him and huff it up with air. Pack the wound. Better ban you because you're getting on my nerves with your roleplay, kiddo. If you're going to change the PK circumstances, you need the majority of the admin team on board to participate, not just the few who already do this.
  14. cat danny 25

    PKs and If They are Being Done Right.

    None of the admins give enough of a fuck about their job to do that.