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    toe bee's crawdaddies

    Spread legs open vagene for the Tonebone. Swag on the hundred Brad Murphy kill them all I'll post again next month.
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    Why can't our CM be so?

    "Did she have a penis, Sergeant?" "Sir, I fail to see why that's rel-" "But did she have a penis, Sergeant?"
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    Alysia Harper

    T-Bone pls
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    August 25th, 2298 Union Station, D.C Cityskape, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 10 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant "I've always felt alone. My whole life, for as long as I can remember. I don't know if I... like it, or If I'm just used to it. But I do know this: Being lonely does things to you - and feeling shit and bitter and angry all the time? It eats away at you. Do me one thing, boss. Never pass up a good thing." - S. DeVantos What remained of Grizzly team stepped out onto the roof of the building. Launcher in hand, Pomeroy took a knee and fired. His missile connected with the gunship that was floating above, causing it to spiral. A few fragments burst from the chassis before the entire vehicle blew through the roof, separating Slade and Ensign Jennings from Yael and Garry. The building was surrounded, Yael peered briefly over the side in order to view what looked like a platoon's worth of thralls entering through the front doors of the complex. Pomeroy and Slade fired through the hole in the roof, cutting a few down; It wasn't enough, and in the crossfire, the FNG took a round to the side which caused him to recoil and crumple to the ground. Slade hissed beneath his breath as he instinctively covered the wound with his hand. Moments later, a progenitor plasma lance was shoved into the access hatch, beginning to cut it open. A sudden voice appeared over the team's radio; "A little bird came n' telled me that you all could use an airlift!" called the familiar voice of the Cowboy as a Valkyrie came into sight, circling the roof as it began to lower itself. The ship lowered itself down on Yael and Garry's side of the roof. The hatch lowered, revealing DeVantos who immediately began firing down through the hole in the roof. "Come on!" he screamed, "We've gotta' go -right now-!" The gap in the roof was large enough for Jennings to jump, but it was unlikely that Slade would make it in his current state, he couldn't even stand. He was helped to cover by the pilot. "-- You've got to go," he called to him as he struggled to reload his rifle, hands shaking as he took several deep raspy breaths. The Ensign reached down and pulled the empty magazine free from Slade's carbine, reached into his vest and withdrew a fresh magazine. He slapped it in and primed a round before handing it back. "I'm not leavin' you here, pal," he called down to him. "Listen to me," Slade wheezed out as he reached up to grab the collar of the man's flight suit. "You get me up, and I'll hold them off. Go!" he cried. To that, Jennings complied. He helped the dying operator up to one knee, though he could raise no higher. He rested himself against a piece of rubble, propping up his rifle. "You get the fuck out of here, sir!" he demanded. The most amount of words Yael had ever heard the man say came right before he died. They had the opportunity to cheat death, but Avraham figured that She would get Her due eventually. To that the man turned and sprinted, hopping the gap and rushing towards the safety of the Valkyrie. By then, Avraham and Pomeroy were already inside. The door burst open just as they took off. The team watched helplessly as Slade fired off roughly half of his magazine before being cut down. The hatch closed, concealing them inside of the container. He was gone.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    I've posted 2 updates in 1 go to make up for my tardiness. August 25th, 2298 Union Station, D.C Cityskape, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 10 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant "Three.." Yael began to count back. They'd tracked their downed pilot to an old train station. He was holed up in the maintenance wing and there was roughly a company-sized progenitor force sweeping the building. "Two.." They made an effort to hail him over comms, but it was no good. "One.." They could hear shooting coming from inside. Stacked up outside of the auxiliary entrance, Pomeroy had just finished setting up the door-kicker. He stood waiting while Slade kept the shotgun raised. Then came the blast from the charge. The door was blown off its hinges. Slade took point and put down the first progenitor to cross his path. Yael swept in second, followed thirdly by Garry. The three of them cleared the first room in but a few moments. That's when the shooting down the hall stopped. "Hey, boss!?" Garry called. There was something satisfying about her superior saying that. Before he could follow up, an edifice broke through the wall and crashed into Pomeroy, pinning him to the wall as it tried to spear him. He pushed against it while he was leveraged between the monster and the brick. Yael opened fire on the opening it had created in order to prevent the thralls pushing out of it from taking cover. Cutting them down early was always easier than flushing them out. Slade pressed the shotgun to the side of the edifice and pulled the trigger. His large, metallic slug blew through the beast and out the other side. A slosh of blue came out the other end, a few chunks with it. It was as if he'd just popped the lid and dumped a bucket of paint on the wall. Pomeroy and the edifice fell to the floor. "Gerald, are you good?" she shouted over the rifle fire. With Yael's suppressing fire, Garry affirmed that he was alright by moving up and stacking against the left side of the breach, Slade on the right. Once she paused to reload, they both pushed inside. There was a single door at the end of the hall with a red progenitor bearing a sword. He made his way towards the group. Garry took a knee whilst Yael fired a few rounds, point-shooting for centre mass. A slug, two, three - it went down. The Staff Sergeant took a deep breath, before the door at the end of the hall opened. Out of ammunition, she brought up her sidearm to train on the door. Out stepped the pilot, covered in blue. The claymores they'd left at their breach point went off, which caused Yael to lower her weapon. The pilot called out to her; They were both human, which meant no introductions were necessary. No thank you, no time for sentimentals. All he said was, "We've got hostiles." Yael liked him already.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    August 25th, 2298 National Mall, D.C Cityskape, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 9 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant "What do you mean we're going back out there?" Van protested as Yael made her way down the stairs out front of the building they'd come out of. Inside was the generator. They alongside the remains of Chalk-One were tasked with blowing it up. They did, but it wouldn't have happened without their air support. Yael was determined to find that pilot that'd saved all their asses. Two went down, one chute popped. One was enough. "I mean to say that -I- am going back out there," she replied, not stopping to talk to him. "Chalk-One's mission is over. Go back with the infantry," she told him as she smacked the receiver on her rifle into place once it was reloaded. Garry was the team leader, but he followed Yael out without a protest; Slade didn't say a whole lot in general and would likely go wherever the team went. Van was a wildcard, though. He didn't care much for people he didn't know, and for good reason. It's what got the Lieutenant killed back on Barachian-Nine. The operation shaped and molded the kind of operator that Van would go on to be, Yael reckoned. She often mused with the thought of whether or not he might be different if Bronson were still with them. He stopped in his tracks and looked at them go down the stairs. Yael glanced over her shoulder. She saw DeVantos stop, but didn't call out to him. She took the other two and continued down the street. Once they were on the pavement, the Staff Sergeant shouldered her rifle and began to head Northward with the other two. Yael did not regret her decision to leave him behind; He was a coward, she thumbed him as. He owed the mission to that pilot, they all did. She likely wouldn't be alive with out him, which meant that she now owed him her life. The rest of her team wasn't obligated to go, she was neither in command nor did she have orders to bring him back. Mobcomm would get a hell of a surprise when they found out Van was the only operator on the boat. It wasn't long into their track back into the unknown cityscape that they made contact. "Down!" she hissed over their internal helmet comms. Yael hit the deck while the other two took a knee behind an old jersey barrier. Several edifices and roughly a dozen progenitor infantrymen made their way through the alleyway and crossed the street into the next one. They were patrolling, looking for something. Yael figured they saw the pilot go down, too, and were on the move for him. Suddenly, they took off into a sprint. There were no gunshots - at least, none that were close to them at the moment. Something else was going on. "What's going on?" Slade asked. "That pilot's just popped his beacon," Yael explained as she looked at her tac-pad on her forearm. "The whole city's going to be coming down on that asshole," Garry chimed in. "So are we," Yael concluded as she got up and began to haul-ass after the glow-men.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    August 25th, 2298 Washington Monument, D.C Cityskape, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 6 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant Looking out over the ruins of the city was something else, way up there from that tower. The trenches below were filled with the men Chalk-One had rode in with initially. A firefight ensued, keeping that long stretch of land secured. What was left of Grizzly was stationed uptop with the laser des' and the LRR. Over the battlefield soared a flight of two Valkyries, moving down for a gun run on the edifices coming out of the ruins towards them. They were like angels, Yael figured. If Angels carried chalks of infantrymen and had big fuck-off rotary cannons. These weren't CAS, they were ferry boats. That could only mean one thing. Down by the old dome-shaped building on the far end of the square were multiple tripods accompanying a platoon-sized horde of edifices alongside who-knew-how-many infantrymen. Several were cut down, the ships themselves circling back around in order to drop their chalks off - reinforcements, for once they had good news. It wasn't until then that Yael's manpack crackled to life. "<:: Mobcomm, this is Stingray-Two-One, checking in with you. Flight of two F-76s, holding area X-Ray, at Angels twelve. Two Mark-Six Rotary Cannons, thousand rounds a piece for this sector. Over." "Mobcomm copies, Two-One. Standby. I have Grizzly-One on the ground requesting immediate CAS for map grid Papa-November-Six-Seven-Niner-Three-One-Seven. Break. Push for I-P Jameson How copy? Over." "<:: Solid copy. Map grid Papa-November-Six-Seven-Niner-Three-One-Seven; Pushing to IP Jameson. Over." "Grizzly-One, this is Mobcomm. You have Stingray-Two-One, flight of two F-76s at Angels twelve pushing to IP Jameson. Over." Yael unhooked the receiver and spoke into it, "Grizzly-One copies all, M-C. Out. Stingray-Two-One, this is Grizzly. Standby for information, over." "<:: Stingray, standing by. Over." "T-O-T Two-Zero. Close-in fire support, non standard, minus-one to minus-ten and plus-six to plus-eight. Gun target line zero-nine-zero. We'll talk you in, how copy, over?" she replied. "<::Solid copy on all, go ahead, over." August 25th, 2298 F-76 Thunderbolt 'Stingray-Two-One', Airspace Above D.C, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 6 Hours After Drop Mitchell Jennings, Ensign Jennings glanced out the window of his bird, peering off in the distance while he held a straight-away. He was assigned to Stingray-Two-One as a wingman for Lieutenant Raymond Bolivar. They had just refueled and were being sent to assist a Pathfinder group which would be lazing targets in order to secure the MSR Guerilla on the East side of the city. Off in the distance he was able to spy a large structure in the sky. Thinking of naught other than in the moment, Mitch raised a finger towards it. "I'm comin' f'you next, you big som'bitch," the southerner let out. It was a large mobile platform, which was the entire purpose of the D.C invasion. Air Cav' and the Pathfinders were to gang up for a joint offensive in order to disable the shield arrays on the ground so that Fleet could take it out in order to allot for air superiority in the region. It was out of range of the city itself, but slowly growing near, which meant that the ground teams only had one shot at those generators. Jennings and Bolivar had one run, and they had to make it count. There were whispers of a force being organized to take on the Ark itself. What a delight that would be. Jennings clipped his respirator on which was also linked to his comms. "<:: Mobcomm, this is Stingray-Two-One, checkin' in with you. Flight o' two F-76s, holding area X-Ray, at Angels twelve. Two Mark-Six Rotary Cannons, thousan' rounds a piece for this section. Over." "Mobcomm copies, Two-One. Standby. I have Grizzly-One on the ground requesting immediate CAS for map grid Papa-November-Six-Seven-Niner-Three-One-Seven. Break. Push for I-P Jameson. How copy? Over." IP Jameson was West of the monument, which meant that they would likely be somewhere between seventy-five and one-fifteen bearing East for a gun-run. He shifted North-Easterly so that he and Bolivar could come in even with the strip itself. "<:: Solid copy. Map grid Papa-November-Six-Seven-Niner-Three-One-Seven; Pushing to IP Jameson. Over." "Grizzly-One, this is Mobcomm. You have Stingray-Two-One, flight of two F-76s at Angels twelve pushing to IP Jameson. Over." A woman's voice appeared over the radio. She sounded apprehensive to him, though also relieved. A funny sensation washed over him, he felt good about her tone of voice. "Grizzly-One copies all, M-C. Out. Stingray-Two-One, this is Grizzly. Standby for information, over." "<:: You hear that, Ray? We're goin' in hot!" he called over his internal comms to his wingman. "<:: Yeah, I hear you. Keep your head, Mitch. The coordinates they gimme' are right outside of attack point Zulu. See that big dome-shaped building down there? It's inside. We've got to walk them to it." Bolivar replied. "<:: Stingray, standing by. Over." he returned over the long-range channel. "T-O-T Two-Zero. Close-in fire support, non standard, minus-one to minus-ten and plus-six to plus-eight. Gun target line zero-nine-zero. We'll talk you in, how copy, over?" the voice called to him. "<::Solid copy on all, go ahead, over." Jennings said back. "About five-hundred meters North of Infant Plaza, there's a long stretch of grassland. Call contact." He glanced down and eyed the trench line by the monument. "<:: Contact." "On the North end of that grassland there's a road running East to West, call contact." "<:: Contact." "We're in the large pyramid-building roughly one mile West of the target building. Call contact." He eyed the monument. It had a few holes in it, but he could spot the IR strobes poking through the holes in the side of it. Friendlies. That was his JTAC. "<::Contact." "Target is a column of tri-walkers moving East to West down that road. Be advised, a friendly trench line is mid-way between us and that column packed full of wounded casualties awaiting evac. No I-R. Over." The two TAC fighters came in from the south, banking around the far Western side of the monument in order to come in straight on the long stretch. "<:: Here we go, Mitch. Watch the tower, we hittem' fast and low," the Lieutenant called to him. "<:: Fast and low," Jennings replied as they came in on the straightaway. He lined himself up with the column of walkers. If they went down, the infantry would have a clear push for the oval building to take down the platform's shields. This was it. This was his moment. "<::Stingray has contact on all. We're passing I-P Jameson, coming into heading zero-nine-zero. Over." he called down to the woman on the ground. "Roger that, bring the rain!" she screamed back as a missile impacted the side of the monument. "<:: Stingray off safe," he called. "<::Guns-guns-guns." He pulled down on the trigger of his stick in order to open up on the walkers with the forty millimeter auto-cannons. They shredded the edifices and infantry moving in front of the walkers. The first couple went down. "<:: Dash-two off safe. Rollin' in." his wingman called as he opened up with the secondaries. "<::Guns-guns-guns." The first two walkers went down easy, the third went down with the combined fire. The fourth walker locked on to Jennings' craft, causing his systems to begin beeping. Flares didn't work against plasma missiles. Woops. It fired. "<::Apex, coming in hot! Break left, break left!" The first missile clipped his wing, the second flew past him. His craft began to spin out, headed towards the streets below. It was nauseating and in tangent with that, he couldn't hear anything coming from his wingman. "<::I'm hit! Two-One is hit, I'm ejecting, I.. - Ray!" he called as he looked over his shoulder and saw the plume of fire that erupted as his partner crashed himself into the last walker as a last-ditch effort to take it down while he was spinning out. Jennings closed his eyes and smacked the release. It came quickly. He felt his canopy bust open as he was sucked upward. He could feel the cool air kissing at him through the body glove he was embedded in. He dangled for a moment, suspended in midair as he opened his eyes to see the city looming over him - now outside of the cockpit. His chute deployed and he began to soar Northerly into the ruins, into unknown territory.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    August 27th, 2298 Isolation Room 3, BCT-481 'Bernard Montgomery', Orbit Above Terra Operation Helios - 50 Hours After Drop Gerald Pomeroy, Warrant Officer Garry passed the file back to Doctor Monroe, before leaning back in his chair and taking a huff from his cigarette. His hands were still shaking, despite the fact that he'd been back for a couple of hours. The Ark was down, that was it, right? Not quite. His men were still down there on that planet. Somewhere; That shitty, fucking mound of dirt that they called home. It wasn't home anymore, not to him. It was old news. "I told you, doctor. I saw them die. All of them. DeVantos, Royce -" a pause. He shot a second glance to Yael's file, the only one he didn't close the cover of. Her picture stared at him and it made his stomach twist in a way he didn't quite comprehend. "- Even her." "Go over it again for me, mister Pomeroy," the Doc' requested. "For the record," he tacked on. "Alright, we'll go over it again. For the record." August 25th, 2298 National Mall, D.C Cityskape, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 5 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant The fighting had been going on for a little over an hour before Pomeroy, Avraham and a few other men from Chalk-One showed up to the rally point. They had roughly ten men, which gave them enough grain to organize into two fireteams. The men from Alabaster didn’t show, which meant that they had likely been regrouping someplace else depending on where they they'd been re-routed, or perhaps even continued on with their mission. Royce and Slade stayed behind with DeVantos and another Pathfinder by the name of Ethan Marco. Yael was put with Pomeroy, Royce, alongside two men she was less acquainted with - namely one Sergeant Neil Jackson and a Staff Sergeant Hailey Crux. Once they were organized, Royce withdrew the anti-material rifle he had maglocked to his back and slid a magazine in. Once the bolt racked, he shouldered the rifle into a point-aim once they made their way out the back and off towards a nearby pile of rubble to flank their enemy from. They didn’t make it far before a surprise attack came from a series of progenitors alongside an edifice escort. Yael caught a spike round to the shoulder and one to the receiver of her rifle, which prompted her to drop it and scurry back into cover. A progenitor baron made its way out from cover and took a swing at Royce. Narrowly surviving, the Corporal dropped his heavy rifle in the interest of speed. Several shots were fired from Pomeroy and Crux, though they were seperated - two on each side of a large stone barrier, cut off by a plasma grenade stuck to the wall. Royce fell on his back after Yael was promptly thrown against a car wreck, narrowly avoiding the grenade. However his luck did not last long. Before he could scurry to his feet, his assailant was on him and Yael was still disoriented from the blow. It was all she could do to turn around and watch as her newfound comrade was bludgeoned mercilessly to death. It wasn’t until the sound of Royce’s screams ceased that the rest of her fireteam had shown up. At least he died quick, Yael figured. He was the first from Chalk One to go. It took mere moments for the other fireteam to collapse on the baron. Under the suppressing fire of several more men, the now-angered monster was forced into a deadly blood rage after taking a hit from Pomeroy's railgun. Tossing the door it ripped off of the car near Yael - which was raised above its head, prepared to finish her, it struck Crux in the leg and caused her femur to bend ninety degrees with a teeth-clenching ‘snap!’ She fell to the ground and was unceremoniously crushed to death as the behemoth walked over her towards his next victim. Crux drew her knife in a last ditch effort and dug it into the inside of the beast’s leg. It did not pause or give way, leaving her choking in the dirt as he ran up on Van and the Warrant Officer. Pomeroy was picked up and thrown aside, rendered unconscious as his head knocked the cement wall. With enough concentrated fire, the large monster was taken down - though not without taking one final pound at Marco. His neck broke, killing him instantly. He was the third to die. Van and Slade began to drag Pomeroy with them while the last remaining man aside from Yael was peppered by fire from a passing quad-copter. A friendly techinal with several engineers inside pulled up, gun spooled and firing. The two men in the front got out while the gunner worked on the enemy. They had air superiority over the Federation, which meant that it was going to be one bloody skirmish. The fact that the Ark could be seen off in the distance didn't help, either. In another pass from the aircraft, the man on the turret was taken down and the other two engineers ran for cover, though were quickly stomped out by flanking edifices. Van and his companion hurried the unconscious squad leader into the vehicle for getaway.
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    Prefiring In Events

    All I want is the admins to stop prefiring people. This is being taken so out of context. @Durango I do not want ESP taken away from admins running events. I do not want ESP to be seen as a bad thing. I want people who track me through walls and shoot me .1 seconds after popping out to be considered a bad thing unless progenitors can ICly see through walls. I know seps sure can't but they do it anyway. Durango's example is good. More times than I can count they skip straight to Shotgunner finally nails Trooper A in the head, as any monkey with a gun would in such time . My double AK csgo skills then kick in and I kill the admin, surviving with maybe 20hp.
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    Prefiring In Events

    I'm not for a second advocating that player enemies are bad. I actually encourage them, I just don't like how blatant it is that they cheat. It 'cheapens' the immersive feeling that we all roleplay to feel. If admins are going to play with ESP on, they should at the very least be more responsible with it. My main concern is them shooting BEFORE they round the corner, and those shots going straight towards a player, giving that player absolutely no opportunity for counterplay. To lay it out simply. Admin A sees player B through a wall. He hovers his crosshair over him. Admin A starts shooting the wall just before rounding it in full view of player B. Admin A rounds the corner fully, still shooting. Player B dies because before his brain can feasibly react to the information his eyes are seeing, he is dead because he was prefired. That's the problem. That's what I mean when I say admins are out to 'get' players. You don't prefire somebody with all of your shots on target (with the intention of hitting) because you're trying to make the event fun. If the admins came around the corner and actually lined up a shot and killed me - I wouldn't care, because I had time to react and I didn't, that's my fault. What gets me is when the admins lock on to you through the wall and are pre-aimed at you and then hold down left mouse before they're even out of cover. Anyone who prefires is out to kill players, plain and simple. You wouldn't deliberately go through all of those steps just to fire a few warning shots, or s2m. It sounds absurd but when it all happens in the fraction of a second 10 or 15 times in an event you can see how tiresome it can become. You have to look at it through the players eyes and ask whether of not what you're doing is fun for them. If it's making their experience on the server you curate any better.
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    Prefiring In Events

    You can kill players without prefixing them through 4 walls. If you round the corner, acquire a target and your health is set to 300 like it is for most progenitor event characters, you're going to actually have to acquire targets the same way players do. It's not taking away from the experience, it just subjects them to the same element of surprise the rest of us have. It defeats the entire purpose of being in cover, NCOs setting up elaborate cross-fires or kill-zones because you're just going to get locked on through a wall and shot before your eyes even register that guy coming around the corner, given that he's shooting before he even comes around. There is absolutely no justification for it. It doesn't make events better. Quality and effort makes events better. Spending time to create something you're actually proud of makes events better. It's why I enjoy Xal, Orwell and Deckers' events the most. Intelligent thought goes into it. The shootouts don't make them memorable. The characters, the events that transpire and the things that we do, do. Not a single event in my two years of playing in this community has been memorable because of the s2k, except for the time I nuked the entire server on T-Bone, which is still memorable for all the wrong reasons.
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    Prefiring In Events

    I don't know who ran the campaign today besides Xal and Medic, but I noticed almost every single event character do it at least once. This thread isn't meant to be taken as a joke despite the length. I don't have a whole lot of evidence apart from the testimony of the entire server. I shouldn't need more than that because the entire server knows the admins do it. The admins know the admins do it. Can we please stop using ESP as event chars with the sole purpose of screwing people? I literally seen plasma particle effects hitting the corner before you guys even came around, and then as soon as you round it heads directly for somebody. This has happened on more than one occasion. The server isn't fun if you guys literally cheat. It takes away from the experience when it's so absolutely blatant. You go from enjoying an event to pretty much saying 'oh, brother' because there's no longer just NPCs. I'm told admins can see if other admins have ESP on so it's literally not an excuse, it's just perpetuated bullshit. Your first thoughts as admins shouldn't be 'how many players can I screw?' There are people who lose their characters to this kind of thing and it's absolutely egregious to think of putting hundreds of hours into a character, only to potentially lose them to some jolly-roger with wall hacks. It doesn't make the event objectively harder, it doesn't make the atmosphere more tense in a way that's beneficial. It's annoying, and people have literally expressed desire to skip certain admins' events because of either the ESP event characters, or the kill-boners. Stop it. There are some admins on the server who run some of the best events of all time with minimal casualties because the injuries make sense, they don't do things with the intent of killing as many people as possible. Some even shoot to miss, if you'd believe that. I've personally spoken to a couple of admins who have admitted a desire to get better. I know that there are people on the staff team who want to see the server succeed and provide fun, compelling content for the playerbase - but that's never going to happen if bad habits aren't broken and a standard isn't set. It's not hard to police, if you can literally see who has it on and who doesn't. If you're spawning NPCs, I one-hundred percent think that you should have your ESP on so that you can keep track of who is where and pace your event. If you're an event character who isn't spawning NPCs and just gunning infantry, respawning and gunning again -- you have no business having it on. Just TP to them in observer, fly down the hall and come out. edit; To summarize before someone denies this on account of the fact that I didn't 'follow the post rules to a T'. - Stop prefiring me and other players through walls. - Turn your ESP off if you're an event character who does more than spout dialogue. - Stop encouraging it, because other admins can see those who have it on. - Its not cool to go out of your way to dick players.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    0530 August 25th, 2298 I95, D.C Outskirts, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 3 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant “Pedal to the metal, cowboy!” Garry urged as Van swerved out of the way of a plasma mortar charge. The 11th Morita Division was pushing up and what remained of Chalk One served as an auxiliary unit alongside the 31st Air Cavalry. This included fireteams Grizzly and Alabaster, both of which were armored Pathfinder units. The best they had for the moment were VTOLs and a few Thunderbolts, but it was hopefully enough to mount a large enough assault to clear a beachhead for a second landing at the mouth of the city. It was them or the Progenitor forces. Both forces met on the highway East of the city; The winner would rout their enemy and push for the gates of D.C. The idea was for the 31st Air Cav' to cover the 11th while they pushed for the monument. From there, Fireteam Grizzly would designate targets for their fighters and cover an infantry landing within the confines of the city itself. Yael swung the turret on their technical from front to back in order to clip the engines on one of the laser quad-planes which had flown over them with the intent of lasing the convoy. The thrusters gave out as the left wing broke. The small copter began to spin out, spiraling down behind the convoy as it ate shit and fell nose first into the dirt. The Staff Sergeant swung the gun forward again before beginning to fire towards the tripod horde which marched out to meet them. Several smaller three-legged edifices strode out on the flank, coming up the ON and OFF ramps respectively in order to pincer the group from three sides. "Go--oooaah my God!" Royce cried from the passenger seat . Yael spun the gun around in order to aim for the one leading the charge, only to watch a friendly vic' take a t-bone to the side, ripping the vehicle apart as the rugged alien rampaged through the side of it like a hot knife through butter. “Yaaael!” the cowboy cried out as he struggled to keep the faster of the two from rear-ending them. In the fray, it was difficult to find support from the rest of the mechanized group-mates, given that everyone seemed to be engaging someone. “I’m working on it, I’m working on it!” she shouted back. The edifice opened fire in order to reciprocate the deal of lead that she put down range. A shell ricocheted from the turret shield, bending it mercilessly and leaving her left pectoral exposed. The lead assailant was taken down, causing a second to trip over the corpse that crumpled to the floor and practically flip over. It would have been comical, were they not fighting for their lives. Maybe it was comical, given that Yael began cackling maniacally while she fired the chain gun. "Come on, you son of a -..." She was interrupted with several bullets from the feed spewing up and in her face as an edifice round caught it, effectively jamming the weapon. "Van! The gun's dead!" she cried. Garry leaned back up against the base of the turret, given that he was seated in the back with her. “Yael, clear my backblast!” he called. The woman sat up on the crossbar of the vehicle - a dangerous but necessary maneuver. She held on for her life and nearly fell out and under the wheels as the entire car shook from the blast of the rocket. It caught the edifice chasing them and prompted it to disintegrate before their very eyes, chunks and legs spewing every which way. “Welcome to Earth, asshole!” he cried. The technical rode between the legs of a tripod, taking several rounds in the process. The engine sputtered and the group ploughed through the guardrail and off of the interstate, cut off and left to their own devices away from the walkers - and their friends. "Keep goin', we'll catch up with you!" Garry called over the battlenet as he threw his rocket pack over the side of the flatbed and into the dirt. Him and Yael disembarked, grabbing their rifles. Yael took the rocket pack in order to load bear for Garry, given that he had the M55 and the nukes. "Guess we're goin' on foot," the cowboy murmured. "No fuck, eh?" Garry asked, as if he were appalled something so stupid could come out of Van's mouth.