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  3. Katherine V. Walcott Character Summary True Neutral Renegade<████████ | ████████>Paragon Morale Awful<███████|██████|██████>Not Awful Name: Katherine Victoria Walcott Aliases: Kat, Kathy Age: 22 Birthday: August 11 Ethnicity: Caucasian Birth Planet: Norilia Heritage Desoric-English Hometown: New Windsor Gender: Female Specialization: Engineer Height: 5.6 Forearms Weight: 9.51 Stone (133 Lbs) Build: Mesomorph Eyes: Blue Hair: Dark Brown Skin Tone: Pale Tarot Card / A Quick Consensus The Hanged Man The Hanged Man shows a man suspended from a T-shaped cross made of living wood. He is hanging upside-down, viewing the world from a completely different perspective, and his facial expression is calm and serene, suggesting that he is in this hanging position by his own choice. He has a halo around his head, symbolizing new insight, awareness and enlightenment. Cold, callous, weirdo; these were but a few words to describe Katherine. The type to leer and brood rather than be confrontational, Katherine has manipulative tendencies and would sooner speak behind closed doors about someone than confront them head-on. Poised with glibness and often-superficial charm, Walcott finds herself predisposed to getting others to do things for her in her stead, whether to shift blame or simply shirk responsibility. Callous and often unsympathetic, many find her praise difficult if not borderline impossible to acquire should not providing it not benefit her. Impulsive, irresponsible and sporting poor behavior controls, Kathy has a tendency to act out of her usually calm disposition under the proper circumstances. Standing at roughly five foot six, the young lady was of average height for her gender. Her body was composed of smooth skin, unblemished apart from a singular mole on the chin as a result of her 'green' nature as a soldier. She could have been described by a physician as having a mesomorphic body type - one typically ascribed to athletes of rougher sports, boxers or firefighters. Framing a pale complexion was a tuft of dark hair that came down to roughly shoulder length. Her shoulders sat slim; also bearing spindly limbs which gave her a 'smaller' disposition than some of her broader counterparts. Her jaw was sharp, her cheekbones high that contrasted a pointed chin, and a hooked, beak-like nose. Set with light blue eyes which tend to observe her surroundings, they were left with straight and distinctive eyelashes, as well as bushy eyebrows. Incredibly hygienic, it's evident that the Desoric takes good care of herself. Preened brows, filed nails, long lashes and white teeth with naught a blemish on her skin save for during long-term deployments. Her voice carries a colonial accent with a scratchy, husky undertone which leaves her with an androgynous pitch that sounds neither too feminine nor too masculine. A pre-enlistment photo of Katherine. Psychology Callous * Well-Mannered * Glib * Droll * Abrasive * Introvert Marital Status: Unmarried Habits: Pacing Drinking Nail Picking Compulsive Lying Hobbies: Cleaning Equipment Cooking Working Out Fixing Things Tinkering Learning New Things Fears: Soteriophobia - The fear of losing one's self-reliance. Likes: Desoric People Emotional Intelligence Cognitive Intelligence Neatness Hygiene Realistic Perception Lax Individuals Damp Climate Overachievers Salty Food Alcohol Non-Invasive Tendencies Privacy Dislikes: Psychics Relentless Optimism Lack of Hygiene Non-Desoric People Loud People 'In Your Face' Individuals Overly Friendly People Excessive Femininity Domineering Attitudes Recklessness Being In The Spotlight Brash Rebukes History & Misc General Skills: Engineering Sapper Certification M55 Certification CLS Certification Cardiovascular Conditioning Small Arms Training Criminal Record: N/A Anything Else: Given Desoric heritage, Katherine's colonial accent has English roots. Katherine is a hands-on learner. Katherine is an only child. Katherine finds psychics unpleasant. Katherine has a high 'shitty food' tolerance. Awards & Commendations: Engineering Sapper Badge Relations Stole from McMann - Friend - Liked - Approval - Acquaintance - Neutral - Mixed - Disliked - Hated - █████ (#'d Left-to-Right) 1. Thoughts of you professionally 2. Thoughts of you in general 3. Relationship Status 4. Interest in you (Attraction, Amiable/Friendly, None, Curiosity, Professional, Secretive) 5. Do you have a personal use to Kathy? (Yes, No) / † = Deceased / ® = Retired/Transferred
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    You require a Charisma level of 8 or higher to fuck this character. If you're 5/20 charisma does that mean your character is about as interesting as a wet shoe?
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    Somewhere South of the Angolan Border Sometime, 2298 Where Ash Touches the Sea It went like this; "The Earth is not a cold dead place." I promised her these words. I lied again. I wear gloves to hide my nails. I can see my ribs when I take my shirt off. My eyes are dark. I can see worry written across her face. A makeup she can't wash away. She knows I'm dying. There is blood on my hands. We made a pact. I've robbed her of the only thing that matters. Stolen something precious. So I wouldn't die alone. It's exactly how I deserve to end my days. Remy visited my dreams. Told me mum is waiting for me. A notion too far removed to mention. When the morning came. I was ashamed. Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing i. First Platoon is to investigate Camp Osprey, a supply depot endeavoring to secure MSR Sierra connecting Mesa Verde to the UCF landing zone that has lost radio communication with Mobcomm. ii. First Platoon is to link up with, and if necessary, recover Second Lieutenant Hector Mercer, Second Platoon leader of the 71st Morita Bat. B. Co. Mission Log >> 13/11/2298 - 22:40 Federation Standard - Cpl. Conelly as drop lead. Cpl. Daby as RTO / SIC. >> 22:41 - Red Wing 1-0 touches down. Platoon deploys. R-W returns to orbit. >> 22:45 - Platoon encounters worker-caste Arachnids. Engages them and prompts arachnid retaliation. >> 22:51 - Platoon proceeds with investigation, finds base dilapidated and worn, signs of conflict are reported. >> 23:31 - Platoon pursues signs of garrison remnants. Warrior-caste Arachnids tunnel to surface to intercept and ambush. >> 23:45 - Platoon finds remnants of team's APC, still active. Signs of conflict and evidence pointing towards abduction are evident. >> 23:46 - Cpl. Daby calls for evac. Red Wing 1-0 is dispatched for recovery. >> 23:50 - Red Wing 1-0 lands. Platoon evacuates. >> 00:01 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was partial success. (3x) Casualties sustained. (1x) Long Range Radio Manpack destroyed. Base & Garrison condition was established. Arachnid presence significantly higher than calculated. Hive elimination suggested. Recovery of Second Lieutenant Hector Mercer failed; Platoon failed to identify / locate. Suspected abductee. Marked MIA, presumed KIA.
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    It's That TIme Again

    I do this every year. You know what time it is. Ceremony's today at 5 EST pls don't plan an event.
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    What I've been doing

    I'm getting some mad pink guy vibes from this.
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    Sperrgebiet National Park Sometime, 2298 The Edge of the World It went like this; Matilda says it was a forest. A national park. All I see is dust and sand. It's been three weeks. Remy won't speak anymore. Matilda told me she loved me. I've lost hope in myself. Yet don't want to give up. Clawing at a future I'm not so sure is even out there. I woke up this morning. Put on my shoes. Asked myself; "Well, what happens now?" Threw up blood. Eating is difficult. One of my nails fell off. I'm getting sick. I can't tell her. It would kill her. Her heart is made of glass. A precious sculpture I dare not break. I'm sorry I made our pact. I promised her I was well. I lied. Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. Q Caffrey Second in Command: Squad leaders: LCpl. Williams. Sgt. Westervelt
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    Somewhere North of Cape Town Sometime, 2298 No Man's Land It went like this; I want to die but I'm afraid to kill myself. Promised Matilda I'd stay with her. Take her wherever she wants to go. I've never seen Casablanca. She's never seen Casablanca. We're going to walk to six thousand miles to Morocco. Mom, dad, Remy. They all lie in shallow graves from here to Pretoria. We won't make this journey. Everyone I love has turned to ash. She's a little older than Remy. I don't think I can go through it all again. There is no more I. There is only her and I. We'll both go to Casablanca, or we'll both go to Elysium. We cut our hands. Made a pact. I'll never be alone again. We found peyote out in the desert. I've never felt happier. Her smile makes the matte, bleak world alright. Remy spoke to me in my dreams. "Don't be afraid, little brother. You'll always be exactly where you need to be." She needs me, and I need her; Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Outskirts of Cape Town Sometime, 2298 'The Promised Land' It went like this; The buildings toppled in on themselves. Mothers clutching babes. Picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire. All twisted metal stretching upwards. Everything washed in a thin orange haze . Then the ash settled. The sun went down. Wish it never came back up. Remy told us they were rebuilding. "We'll go together, things'll be brighter down there." Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness. I was worn. Tired. Told Remy I'd bury him. I buried my brother in the desert. Saw him again in my sleep. His words haunt me. I laid him down, in that grave in the sand. He grabbed my arm with his cold, deathly grip. These are truly our final days. The Earth swallowed him whole. He was never afraid. From dust, return to dust. I made the trip alone. Remy died for nothing. Their skulls were piled by the gate. Matilda was her name. Found her crying in the ruins. Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    Epilogue. August 27th, 2298 Isolation Room 3, BCT-481 'Bernard Montgomery', Orbit Above Terra Operation Helios - 52 Hours After Drop Gerald Pomeroy, Warrant Officer "That's it," Gerald let out with a shaky breath after the retelling of his tale. "That was the last time I saw the two of them. Last time I probably will," he followed up with. The doctor sat there, pensive as he looked at him. "You're certain?" he asked. "Of course I'm certain!" Gerald snapped back at him. "I --" There was a moment of hesitation in the operator. He sat back and took another pull from his cigarette. "What are you playin' at, doc'? What's your angle here?" "You've got a letter, mister Pomeroy. Would you like to take a gander?" he inquired as he pulled a letter out of the portfolio. There was no envelope to accompany, just a folded piece of paper. "If you think it'll help me; You're the doc, doc." Monroe unfolded the paper and put his glasses back on. He passed the document over to him, it read; 'I've always been bad with sentimentality. What feels like a lifetime ago, a great friend once told me; 'Never pass up on a good thing'. I don't suppose goodbyes are always for the best, but I do think that closure can be a good thing under the right circumstances. I'm no good at writing letters, but I've been thinking a lot lately, and there's one thing that I want to do properly in my lifetime. There are some things I need to tell you, but I think that it's best I start simple. So, how's this for simple? Dear Gerald...'