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    It's That TIme Again

    I do this every year. You know what time it is. Ceremony's today at 5 EST pls don't plan an event.
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    What I've been doing

    I'm getting some mad pink guy vibes from this.
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    Sperrgebiet National Park Sometime, 2298 The Edge of the World It went like this; Matilda says it was a forest. A national park. All I see is dust and sand. It's been three weeks. Remy won't speak anymore. Matilda told me she loved me. I've lost hope in myself. Yet don't want to give up. Clawing at a future I'm not so sure is even out there. I woke up this morning. Put on my shoes. Asked myself; "Well, what happens now?" Threw up blood. Eating is difficult. One of my nails fell off. I'm getting sick. I can't tell her. It would kill her. Her heart is made of glass. A precious sculpture I dare not break. I'm sorry I made our pact. I promised her I was well. I lied. Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. Q Caffrey Second in Command: Squad leaders: LCpl. Williams. Sgt. Westervelt
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    Somewhere North of Cape Town Sometime, 2298 No Man's Land It went like this; I want to die but I'm afraid to kill myself. Promised Matilda I'd stay with her. Take her wherever she wants to go. I've never seen Casablanca. She's never seen Casablanca. We're going to walk to six thousand miles to Morocco. Mom, dad, Remy. They all lie in shallow graves from here to Pretoria. We won't make this journey. Everyone I love has turned to ash. She's a little older than Remy. I don't think I can go through it all again. There is no more I. There is only her and I. We'll both go to Casablanca, or we'll both go to Elysium. We cut our hands. Made a pact. I'll never be alone again. We found peyote out in the desert. I've never felt happier. Her smile makes the matte, bleak world alright. Remy spoke to me in my dreams. "Don't be afraid, little brother. You'll always be exactly where you need to be." She needs me, and I need her; Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Outskirts of Cape Town Sometime, 2298 'The Promised Land' It went like this; The buildings toppled in on themselves. Mothers clutching babes. Picked through the rubble and pulled out their hair. The skyline was beautiful on fire. All twisted metal stretching upwards. Everything washed in a thin orange haze . Then the ash settled. The sun went down. Wish it never came back up. Remy told us they were rebuilding. "We'll go together, things'll be brighter down there." Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness. I was worn. Tired. Told Remy I'd bury him. I buried my brother in the desert. Saw him again in my sleep. His words haunt me. I laid him down, in that grave in the sand. He grabbed my arm with his cold, deathly grip. These are truly our final days. The Earth swallowed him whole. He was never afraid. From dust, return to dust. I made the trip alone. Remy died for nothing. Their skulls were piled by the gate. Matilda was her name. Found her crying in the ruins. Hand-in-hand, once more into that heart of darkness.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    Epilogue. August 27th, 2298 Isolation Room 3, BCT-481 'Bernard Montgomery', Orbit Above Terra Operation Helios - 52 Hours After Drop Gerald Pomeroy, Warrant Officer "That's it," Gerald let out with a shaky breath after the retelling of his tale. "That was the last time I saw the two of them. Last time I probably will," he followed up with. The doctor sat there, pensive as he looked at him. "You're certain?" he asked. "Of course I'm certain!" Gerald snapped back at him. "I --" There was a moment of hesitation in the operator. He sat back and took another pull from his cigarette. "What are you playin' at, doc'? What's your angle here?" "You've got a letter, mister Pomeroy. Would you like to take a gander?" he inquired as he pulled a letter out of the portfolio. There was no envelope to accompany, just a folded piece of paper. "If you think it'll help me; You're the doc, doc." Monroe unfolded the paper and put his glasses back on. He passed the document over to him, it read; 'I've always been bad with sentimentality. What feels like a lifetime ago, a great friend once told me; 'Never pass up on a good thing'. I don't suppose goodbyes are always for the best, but I do think that closure can be a good thing under the right circumstances. I'm no good at writing letters, but I've been thinking a lot lately, and there's one thing that I want to do properly in my lifetime. There are some things I need to tell you, but I think that it's best I start simple. So, how's this for simple? Dear Gerald...'
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    August 26th, 2298 Arlington, West Virginia, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 31.5 Hours After Drop Sean Weston, Private First Class They were coming up on the remnants of a firefight. Weston checked his magazine to ensure that his Morita was properly loaded and ready for bare. It was raining out, uncomfortable. A bunch of shouting came over Davis' manpack about twenty minutes prior, something about an ambush. He hadn't really been paying attention at the time, figured it was no big deal. Wasn't his guys, right? Once they got to the scene, his opinion changed pretty quickly. On the road lay nearly a dozen dead progenitors, some smouldering and others shot so many times they were almost unrecognizable, save for the blue or red makings that crossed their dull bodies. The smell of gunpowder and metal clung to the air. The street was ripe with fresh blood, stuck primarily in the gutters of the street where the water had carried it. Some a murky, foreign color, some red; Weston's eyes caught the sight of three figures near a tipped over lorry. One of them was a pale looking woman, unmoving. The other a similar case - another power armored fellow with two holes in his chest. "We've got a live one here!" the men who had ran ahead called, prompting a medic to begin to sprint over. The Private scanned the scene, reaching up to wipe his face with his sleeve to clear it of droplets. It was hard to look at, three Pathfinders all fucked up. Lieutenant Korvus spoke up finally, once the last of the platoon had caught up. "Radio for airlift! I want this whole place cleared up. Delta and Fox companies are gone, they want to pull everybody out! Saddle up the wounded and get 'em ready for transport!" he ordered. Weston took a knee by the lorry and propped his rifle up on the bumper so that he would have a clear line down the street in the event that any more Progenitors came back looking for trouble. The fellow the medic was tending to was unconscious, propped up with his back to the vic'. He had six or seven grazes on him, and a shot through the middle of his chest. He was still smoking by the time they got there, and was only now starting to look like he just might make it. The lady treating him slowly eased him down onto his back. "Hey - I need you to help me lift him," she called out to Sean. "Y- yeah - yeah alright. Okay," he let out a little shakily as he let his rifle dangle from the sling with the safety on. The Private moved over and took the man by the legs. "On you," she called out to him. "Alright. One, two three, up -" and then they lifted. He was a heavy son of a bitch, but they got him down onto the stretcher. The two, along with the help of a third man got the stretcher into the boat once it landed. The medic made her way back to the bodies, while Weston couldn't help but just stare at the PJs as they began to strip away the melted torso of the injured fellow. "<:: Alright. We're solid for take off. Get the doors shut, we'll see you boys on the other side." "Wait!" the medic called.
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    [IC] Tactical Challenge

    Barricade the stairs after going up them. Put rifles on it. One roaming the top floor. Funnels are bad. Funnels you can't get through are worse. - Q. Caffrey
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    black people
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    Training Log: November 2298

    Name and Rank: Sgt. Q. Caffrey Time and Date of Training: Last night around 1 AM Goal of the Training: Movement discipline / fire discipline pt1. Notes: We ended early because a bunch of people had to go. Would suggest re-running this with more people.
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    Weekly character question: Reasons for enlistment

    I'll bite. I went a little above-and-beyond the few simple questions in order to elaborate a little bit on the characterization that has occurred to contrast civilian Quinn and Sergeant Caffrey. Caffrey began as a trashy civilian charged with a couple of felonies coupled with some lesser degree things. Her aptitude as a psychic opened up the possibility of penal service which she opted for over going to prison. In lieu of a penal battalion, she was stationed in the 112th given that they had only one psychic at the time. Psychics are rare, and the Federation tends to make good use of them. Posting one in a penal battalion to go and die immediately seems a waste. Originally a character of crude mannerisms, 'give no shits' attitude and naught a care for a single fellow trooper save for perhaps one or two. i. Caffrey was an addict to fentanyl prior to her enlistment. She had originally regretted her decision to serve and had voiced prison as a preference to 'serving with these idiots'. About a year and a half later OOCly, I would say that she's glad she chose what she did. ii. Caffrey originally did not care much for the Federation, as they served to impede her habits and chosen lifestyle. It took her a long time to realize that the Federation was not the problem, but rather her outlook on life was the piece of the puzzle which did not fit. Quinn was allotted a pardon after the civil war, yet instead opted to re-enlist with the Coalition. iii. Caffrey at one point in her earlier years vyed strongly for something other than the life she led. In a way, serving in the Mobile Infantry turned into an 'out' that she neither regrets nor is terribly fond of. Of late, she's grown tired of adventure and looks to how she will settle in the future. With Caffrey's characterization came a lot of traits I had never anticipated I would instill within her as a character. Vickers was the first character to really 'pick up the pieces' when it came to Quinn. She had been a terminal lance for almost an OOC year before she was given the opportunity to try her hand at Corporal after having risked her life for all the wrong reasons. When asked why she did what she did, Caffrey lied to Vickers and told her that it was in order to save her men. What she was really looking for was an opportunity for attention, to be in the limelight after having spent the majority of her professional career in the background. Vickers ate the bullshit up and took to Caffrey in what felt ICly and OOCly like a genuine mentorship, something that had never happened prior with the character. I decided that this would be the turning point in this character's run on the server, and chose to instead instill her with gradual thoughts of self-doubt as a leader, the eventual pick-up of humility, and a sense of duty to those she was placed above.
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    Adversus Omnibus Tyrannis

    August 26th, 2298 Arlington, West Virginia, Western Hemisphere Operation Helios - 31 Hours After Drop Yael Avraham, Staff Sergeant The Staff Sergeant opened her eyes to the sight of Gerald looming over their injured comrade. "Don'tchu' fuckin' die on me Sebastian, you son of a bitch," he called down to him as he packed his wound, pressing the dying operator's hands over it in order to keep pressure after he pulled away. It was all that Yael could do to keep her eyes open, blinking as she looked on helplessly. She saw the fingers of her hand twitch a few times, the dull ache in her side flaring up into a fiery hot iron as she opened her mouth to speak. No scream escaped her, no noise, nothing. Breathing was difficult, moving was not something she could even fathom. Help me, say it. Help me. "We're gonna' get you out of here, buddy," Garry murmured to him before he reached up to touch at the communicator on the side of his helmet. "Korvus, goddammit! I need you down here, I told you!" The response on the other end of the radio sounded like naught but white noise to Yael as it took all of her willpower to keep her eyes from closing. "That's not good enough! I need you --" Gerald then took a graze to the shoulder, singing his suit with line of plasma. "Son of a -- Sebastian, you're okay, pal! You're alright!" His attention remained on DeVantos, despite the fact that he was pinned down. Yael could hear her own wheezing echoing through her helmet. Say something. Anything. The woman opened her mouth again; She could hear herself utter out a single husky breath, unable to draw up the voice she needed in order to address her partner. She saw Gerald resorting to chest compressions while his voice cracked; Something in him broke when his closest friend and confidant stopped breathing. "C- come on! Breathe, goddammit - breathe! Don't you fuckin' leave me -- don't you fuckin' leave her, you selfish - stupid mother.." he trailed off, choking back what Yael could have sworn was a sob. The pavement beneath Van was covered red, slowly sinking down the street as it was carried by the rain. From the corner of her eye, she caught a trail leaking out from under her arm -- she was dying, of this she was certain. There was nothing she could do to tend to herself while Pomeroy tended to Van. Whether or not she had been dressed was uncertain from the way she lay. Her eyes looked around, lids feeling as if they were weighed down by rocks. Not like this. Another wheeze echoed through her helmet, more shallow than the last. "Don't you -- don't you fuckin' - fuck, aw' fuck!" Gerald cursed aloud as he smacked his hand against his dead comrade's torso. He sat back and looked around frantically, before he actually took notice of Yael. Pomeroy hurried over on all fours and rolled her down onto her back. Her vision swam as the compression squeezing her chest was finally lifted. She gasped for breath, which only served to make her hock up a mouthful of blood. It pasted the inside of her visor, obscuring parts of her vision with the crimson mess that was plastered against it. A wheeze escaped her as she gasped greedily, sucking as much air into her burning lungs as she could. Her mouth tasted like ash, mouth dry and chalky with hints of warm metal from the blood. "Hey! Hey, lookit' me! Lookit' me, Yael," she heard him call down to her. Overcome by another bodily conniption, Avraham writhed and choked out again, causing a hoarse gushing sound to erupt from the depths of her throat. She was about to hock again. Gerald reached down to pull off her helmet; For the first time in a long time, Yael felt truly alive. The cool air nipping at her neck while the cold raindrops pattered across her face. Out came another hock of blood, shooting up and covering her cheeks in a warm, burning coat. "Gerald," she murmured out through her bloody teeth. The Warrant Officer reached down to take her by the hand, glancing at her from behind his visor. Yael couldn't see his face, and she desperately wished that she could. "I'm here, boss. I've got you," he promised her. "D-don't leave me, -- don't leave me here," she choked out. They were the last words she ever said to him.
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    Leading Logs.

    This ones a few days late bc I didn't know this thread existed. Its from Tony & Pilotfishes sub mission Drop lead: Sgt. Q Caffrey Second in Command: Squad leaders: LCpl. N Hawthorne, Cpl. Something Klauster
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    Leading Logs.

    Drop lead: Sgt. Q Caffrey (First Half) Second in Command: Westervelt Squad leaders: LCpl. Matthew Squires, Sgt. Patrick Stevenson