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    Rowan Burke

    Valerie Faust
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    Eric Shepard - Randy - +10

    09:56:57 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard runs up to the Bag, swinging his Shoulder at the Bag, connecting with the leather. 09:57:11 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard follows up with a Wild hook. 09:58:22 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard then goes for another Kick towards the the area where the Crotch of an Opponent sits. 09:59:23 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard curls another grin, swinging his Fists at the Bags torso over and over. 10:00:57 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard goes for another hook to the bag before following up with a stomp onto the Bag.
  3. Faust has been a Warrant Officer for over a Month.
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    Alice Carmine

    Ralph Range
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    Eric Shepard - Randy - +10

    12:41:20 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard cracks his Knuckles before raising his fist to engage the Bag in a small beating. The Trooper starts off by sending a mere hook at the Punching bag, which would send it flaying around quite a bit 12:44:49 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard throws another Haymaker at the Bag, following up with a cheeky kick towards what would the crotch of a human being 12:46:12 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard move a step forward, throwing multiple rabbit punches at the Bag, he connects ten hits before backing off for a subtle breather. 12:47:32 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard inhales and exhales slowly, shortly afterwards, the man waltzes forward going for a jab another Kick, this time connecting with the Mid section of the Bag. 12:48:49 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard finishes off his workout on the bag with a cocky strike consisting of balling his two fists together and swinging them at the ball like a wrecking ball. 12:50:42 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard squats behind the Dumbbell, he grips the Handle of the Weight tight, waiting a few seconds to get his balance and focus, then exlosive stands up with the dumbbell going up to his shins. 12:51:19 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard exhales after his first set, he lowers the bar and raises it up again, another exhale calls out 12:52:35 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard continues his workout in small reps of 8, each session getting him more warmed up.
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Last December
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    04:03:31 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard stands a mere few feet in front of the Bag, he cracks his Knuckles before forming a sly grin and throwing one of his Fists towards the Bags, sending it flying slightly backwards 04:04:02 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard follows ups with another Hook on the opposite side this time, the bag going in a different direction. 04:05:10 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard merely performs a subtle left right jab combo onto the Bag. He follow up on the punching with a hearty Stomp from his Foot into the Bags middle region. 04:06:17 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard re assumes his stance afterwards, he proceeds to sling haymaker after haymaker at the Bag, at least 8 times before going for a short Breather. 04:07:30 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard walks over to the Benches, he adds 80Kg worth of Weights onto the Dumbbell before lying flat onto the bench. 04:07:51 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard grips onto the Bar and raises it, freeing it from the Hooks that were keeping it secure. 04:08:24 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard lowers the Weight down to his Chest and back up until his arms stretched to the maximum. 04:08:53 - **Pfc. Eric Shepard lowers the bar once more down and back up, he continues this process over 10 reps.
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    Weapon Certification Roster

    And add Ferdinand Hartung to Flamer
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    Roll Bonus Request Thread

    Name: Eric Shepard Reason: 6 years of Service, Keeps physically fit with weight lifting and sparring
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    Valerie Faust

    @foxy Bastard
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    Ralph Range

    Name: Ralph Range Age: 23 D.O.B: 12.12.2275 Gender: Male Role(s): Engineer Hair color: Black/Brown Eye color: Brown Build: Normal for a soldier Rank: 3rd Spec. Attributes: Strength: 14/20 Dexterity: 19/20 Constitution: 10/20 Intelligence: 11/20 Wisdom: 5/20 Charisma: 9/20 Misc. Attributes: Combat Rating: 7/10 Pain/Health: 7/10 Wealth: Poor Achivements Getting into the military Joining the Engineers Neutral Regrets Calling out "I know" after somebody said Range is hot Personal Relationships Relations: |Admired|Like Family, Brethren|Good friends|Friends|Aquaintance|Neutral|Mixed|Dislikes|Hates|
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    Sofia Holloway, Moral Anomaly

    Valerie Faust
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