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    IRL Faces (Cause why the fuck not?)

    Me and @Traitorverpackung hitting it up 😉
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    Valerie Faust

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    Alessandro Noviello's biography

    Valerie Faust
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    Tatsuo "Ling Wong" Okazaki

    Valerie Faust
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    RoboBitch; Eccentric Headcase.

    Eric Shepard
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    Consider the following

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    Eric Shepard - Randy - 0

    Thats a good boy, ❤️
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    Eric Shepard - Randy - 0

    Whats stopping you, big boy?
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    Eric Shepard - Randy - 0

    So be it. ** Pvt. Eric Shepard hops from side to side, practicing his footwork before stepping up and throwing a mere punch at the bag ** Pvt. Eric Shepard follows up with another punch, his left hand to be precise. ** Pvt. Eric Shepard sends afterwards an explosive stomp with the end of his Boot to wind the bag before making his other leg to use. ** Pvt. Eric Shepard came to the conclusion to send a mid section to the Bag, in a snapping and quick motion his leg, the bag caves slightly in from the kick before gaining posture once more right after the kick has occured ** Pvt. Eric Shepard chuckles softly before stepping forward to perform another combo, conisting of a left right hook ** Pvt. Eric Shepard attacks afterwards with a knee raised, his Cap hits right in the Mid section of the Bag. ** Pvt. Eric Shepard felt brutish today, so he grabbed a hold of the bag and headbutted the Leather.... a few times ** Pvt. Eric Shepard uses his Hands to send kidney punch after kidney punch onto the each side of the bag. Starting with left then swapping hands ** Pvt. Eric Shepard steps back, yelling loudly as he sent his Foot in a harsh football kick towards the region where a mans crotch would be. ** Pvt. Eric Shepard growls like a wolf closing in on its prey. He clenches his fists tightly before swinging his hooks wildly and brutish at the bag. Each hit is accompanied with a loud smack, skin and leather making contact with one another ** Pvt. Eric Shepard does not relent with his attack,despite breaking a sweat and panting heavily, no! He changes his approach stomping the Bag , taking a few steps back before running up and attempting to tackle the Bag to the floor. ** Pvt. Eric Shepard managed to send the Equitment to stubble to the side, he'd mount the Bag in a swift motion before sending punch after punch onto the Doomed piece of leather
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    Valerie Faust

    Bio Overhaul
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    WANTED - Maxine A. Valentine

    Eric Shepard
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    Amanda Winters - Butcher of Pallas

    Eric Shepard
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    Eric Shepard - The Grunt

    General Update