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    Operation Dust Devil

    “Attention all personnel. At 22:00 hours today, 6th fleet will be mobilizing. We are going on the offensive. Resources have been routed from Terra, and your company level officers have been given sealed orders. The preparations have been made. We will be striking back, and we will be reclaiming Dionysus. I expect the very best of you. We will show today that we have not been cowed by crisis, that instead we have been forged by it.” -Captain Hussain, of the Winfield Scott Lieutenant Raleigh flipped the switch. Ten thousand pounds of electronically guided cluster-ordnance shunted itself on two-stage rocket boosters out of the battlecruiser’s silo and streaked down towards the ground. Raleigh watched, but the impacts were never visible from orbit. “Rounds out.” Rounds, plural. An old saying - they only had the one tube at Raleigh’s station. “Copy. Standby for effect on target,” Raleigh’s petty officer sat beside him at a cloned console, watching the numbers tick up. Fighters swarmed Dionysus like so many angry wasps. From a distance, the planet looked serene. On the tac-display, it was a frenzied whirlwind of activity. Little red splotches spread out as the bombardment continued. “How many more d’ya think they’ll give it?” “One, maybe two. Can’t do too much damage.” “Good effect on target,” the petty officer clacked away at keys, “New firing solution’s in. Rounds loaded.” A hefty thunk through the chair as the autoloading mechanism finished its job. Dionysus was a reclamation world. A lost world. The bugs had taken it, and the political mandate was that it would be taken back, by ‘measured force’. Lieutenant Raleigh flipped the switch. “Rounds out.” “I wouldn’t want to be a bug today,” the petty officer muttered with disingenuous empathy. He rubbed Raleigh the wrong way. “I’m just glad I’m not landing today.” Raleigh glanced towards the stern, where the dropship hooks were extended. He could just see the tips of the vikings’ stub noses if he leaned forwards. He imagined the infantry, packed inside like sardines. “Ah, the Mobile love it. It’s what they sign up for.” Raleigh glanced across at the officer, but before he could say anything, the man hit a flashing rune and piped up again, “That’s it. No more targets. We’re done for the day.” A pause. “Coffee?” Raleigh looked again towards the waiting dropships, and the distant red strobe of emergency lighting in their cockpits. “No. Not today.” Somewhere towards the stern of the ship, an officer flipped a switch, and the viking dropships plummeted away with a clunk. --------------------------------------------------- In the late 23rd century, the Federation was choked by rubble. Earth was early into its reclamation process and many colonies were still reeling from the civil war. A victory was needed, and Dionysus was chosen as the site. It had been a thriving colony world of four billion prior to being taken by the arachnids in 2278. Twenty years later, with the military still picking up the pieces, it was chosen as the focus of the first major mobilisation. A testing ground and an anvil for the newly re-forged SICON militant arm. In many ways it was intended as a confidence inspiring move. Dionysus, at the time it was selected as a target, was seen as ripe for the picking. A relatively unimportant world to the arachnids. Exactly when that assessment changed is unclear, but the lapse in adapting to the situation is now seen as largely responsible for what followed.
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    because people here dont read anything in any number of length so cool guy numbers summarize how good they r ;^)))))
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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing First Platoon is to reconnoiter a city on the outskirts of Mesa Verde & determine the damage. Mission Log >> 11/11/2298 - 00:00 Federation Standard - Sgt. Stevenson as drop lead. Cpl. Conelly as RTO / SIC. >> 00:23 - Red Wing 1-0 touches down. Platoon deploys. Red Wing returns to orbit. >> 00:27 - Platoon encounters worker-caste Arachnids. MIPOD Operative suffers minor attack. >> 00:38 - Platoon proceeds with reconnaissance. City is dilapidated. >> 00:42 - Platoon investigates apartment bloc. Warrior-caste Arachnids tunnel to surface. >> 00:53 - Exfil is requested. Little Eagle Two-Three is tasked. 1x Casualty (Cpl. Conelly) >> 00:59 - Little Eagle Two-Three lands. Platoon evacuates. >> 01:00 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was success. Minimal casualties sustained. City's condition was established. Arachnid presence potentially higher than calculated. Hive elimination suggested. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing First Platoon is to deploy, recover lost fusion-based ordnance (TON's), then scout the area & establish FOB / Airstrip. Mission Log >> 10/11/2298 - 03:00 Federation Standard - Approx. Three hours after First Platoon's retrieval, they are redeployed to Dionysus. >> 03:15 - SSgt. Vickers as drop lead. Sgt. Westervelt & Sgt. Squires as blue and orange squad leads respectively. >> 03:25 - Redwing 1-0 touches down. Platoon proceeds to mobilize. >> 03:32 - Platoon moves to downed dropship - Red Eagle - They eliminate minor-contact Arachnids on the way. >> 03:38 - Platoon investigates & marks Red Eagle. >> 03:45 - Golden Eagle - Rescue Craft - Recovers Red Eagle. >> 03:54 - Platoon locates abandoned UCF Missile Silo & Reinforces it. >> 04:00 - Local weather event halts ground-to-Grant comms for approx. two hours. >> 06:00 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant for re-tasking elsewhere in Sol. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was overall success. Zero casualties sustained. TON's were ferried to Charlie Company. FOB was established. First Platoon, Alpha Company to be re-tasked elsewhere in Sol. Other companies remain on Dionysus.
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    Operation Dust Devil

    Mission Report - First Platoon Abstract Mission Briefing First Platoon is to deploy, eliminate local Plasmabugs (PB), then evacuate. Purpose is to alleviate pressure on aerospace (Fleet), thus allowing the rest of Operation Dust Devil to take place. Mission Log >> 10/11/2298 - 22:30 Federation Standard - Approx. 30 mikes after 6th Fleet's mobilization, First Platoon is deployed to Dionysus. >> 22:40 - SSgt. Alice Vickers as drop lead. Sgt. Pauline Westervelt & Cpl. Norman Cox led blue and red squads respectively. >> 22:45 - Dropship -- Redwing 1-0 -- Touches down; Platoon mobilizes. >> ??:?? - Platoon continues through the AO, eliminating minor-caste Arachnids as Eng. Amaya prepares TON's. >> ??:?? - Eng. Amaya nukes first PB; Platoon bounds hill-to-hill, maneuvering to next target. >> ??:?? - 1x Fatality (Cpl. Cox.) 1x Casualty (Sgt. Stevenson) >> ??:?? - Platoon organizes once more, proceeding with objective. Another PB is eliminated. >> ??:?? - 1x Casualty (Pvt. Ruiz) PB is eliminated - Timeline unknown. >> ??:?? - Platoon holds hill. 2x Casualties (Eng. Amaya & Cpl. Conelly) Final PB eliminated. >> 23:48 - SSgt. Vickers requests MEDEVAC. Angel 2-2 retrieves casualties. Platoon evacuates via Redwing 1-0. >> 00:01 - First Platoon officially boards the Grant, concluding their tasking. Abstract Mission Conclusion Mission was success. Minimal casualties sustained. Dust Devil may proceed. First platoon to be restasked in assistance of Second Platoon, Charlie Company.
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    PlayX Fix

    PlayX works on server, the problem is that your game needs to be set to the Chromium branch. Which is potentially buggy.
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    PlayX Fix

    I know it breaks loads of other shit just no clue what it is.
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    Mobile Infantry Roster

    madoc to cpl u know my name awptek
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    Märeta Håkansson

  10. Tony

    Leena Stokes, the Insomniac

  11. Actually, you can. You'll just gain citizenship via long hard hours of work.
  12. "Why, the purpose is," he answered, hauling off and hitting me in the knee with a hammer (I kicked him, but not hard), "to find out what duties you are physically able to perform. But if you came in here in a wheel chair and blind in both eyes and were silly enough to insist on enrolling, they would find something silly enough to match. Counting the fuzz on a caterpillar by touch, maybe. The only way you can fail is by having the psychiatrists decide that you are not able to understand the oath." As per the book, anyone can enlist for citizenship as long as they understand the oath. In effect this means you'll have people running dangerous mining jobs in asteroid belts all the way to being little experimental subjects for medical purposes. The only factor that changes is how long your term is (IIRC.) In other words, a guy who goes out fighting living knives is much more likely to get the point of citizenship, and thusly gain it than a guy who mines for twenty years.
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    Bad Trip or "Mani goes to Grant"

    we already have a specimen like this, we call it tbone
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    Kylo 'Cruz' Cruise 

    r u sure about that
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    Evolution of SSTRP

    that first photo is so fucking old it has the original shitfinders in it
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    SST Quotes Thread

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    PlayX Fix

    Not at all, it breaks custom textures, means all the baby faced troopers have black faces of the void instead.
  18. Tony

    PlayX Fix

    It seems like the Chromium branch might break some features in PAC. Or at the least, make them function differently. No clue why.
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    The Politics of Starship Troopers

    when u think about it, heinlein would probably endorse the rampant sexual deviancy in SSTRP
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    Garry's Mod errors and co. -Fixed

    If that doesn't work, try disabling PAC. Franco had a very similar bug and when he disabled PAC it would go away.
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    Profile Pictures Vs. No Profile Pictures.

    a better version of this would be the real life thread matched with character face claims
  22. Double posting aside. Typically you're meant to have NCO's get injured or knocked out on drops so that an enlistedman can take the stand and step up to the plate, or try to.