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    staff sergeant fraco sorrentomato backstory

    age 69: resurrection by progenitor technology but he goes rogue after their experiments remind him of his previous assaults
  2. Tony

    Yumi Nakamura PK Appeal

    I'm not an XA, but I'm going to say this for the sake of clearing up the purpose of PK appeals. Unless you were involved with the PK or can offer clarification on the events that led to the PK, you shouldn't post. Your opinion on the matter doesn't matter; Simply the facts of what happened.
  3. Tony

    Torfinn Helle - Your Mothers SAW Gunner

  4. if they're facing awkward directions or spazzing out, open console and type "record fix" then type "stop", it should fix it
  5. i did some finagly bangly with these SNPC's and they're pretty good. can be a bit laggy at higher numbers, but it might be a good alternative to the "our separatists are spawned as often as arachnids are" method. unfortunately i managed to crash my game while having them shoot at some Episode 2 NPC's. -- could be my toaster giving up the ghost, though.
  6. it's worth noting there's a time and place for roleplay, eg that one time vond tried to do paragraph medical RP as a tunnel was collapsing. in other words, if an admin wants to interrupt RP with buggo or some such, it needs to be /evented
  7. Tony

    [ARP] Calhoundavid1 Ban Appeal

    @Xalphox@Mr Marijuana Cronk posted what I was going to post; If an XA wants to step in and let you back in, then that's their decision.
  8. Tony

    Meme inbound

  9. Tony

    Liliana Verbeck

  10. Tony

    Johnson Dough - KIA

    this man lived for a whole record of 15 minutes before getting asploded
  11. Tony

    Aphelion Dominica

    putting ribbons that haven't been given out, smh grim
  12. Tony

    Suggestion: New Rank Structure

    the benefit of having additional ranks in a smaller playerbase is that it adds a buffer to promotions. in other words, that guy you want to promote bc he did real good but isnt quite NCO or leadership material, etc. at least, that's my take on this.
  13. Tony

    Issues with the Server

    if we want to be real technical, the book has CAREER SHIP SERGEANTS. that's what zim was but his BILLET during Rico's 3lt trial was platoon sergeant.
  14. Tony

    Daniel J. Gonzalez

    when u put ribbons on that nobody was awarded
  15. find your female engineer faceclaim today with one simple click! http://bfy.tw/FAcR
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    hey guys

    hey guy
  17. Tony

    Sarah Redbrick

    Koewallskee u misspelled soy sauce
  18. Tony

    Mikayla Kowalski

    when your sgt looks like a thot but isnt a thot, am confused
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    i dont know how to feel about this
  21. Tony

    Knock Knock

    something something putting different languages together something something
  22. Tony

    Teething issues with the script

    can we fix the fact the morita barrels are off center
  23. Tony

    ✝ Johnathon Price

    too bad price isnt one of the few who actually climbed the ice cliff