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    Junia Layland

    im gonna make one of these family members a6 the other by the end of the month
  2. Cpt. Otto Dresdner also known as wotto wagner, wotto wesdner, and huge faggot. he was for pangea with ur boi De Serta. adrestria was the name i think, my memory book dont work so good
  3. it's worth noting that's just from a tiny charge using 21st century tech. engineering charges are probably much higher yield (not to mention bigger) with higher quality space liners and shit. in other words if you put this on the mid section of a marauder, the marauder will probably now become 2-marauder
  4. IC: Combat Engineer Detachment Application of Interest Name: William Hedgeworth Physical Age: 26 Race: Caucasian Gender: Male Eye Color: Brown Hair Color: Brown Height: 6'0" Weight: 200 lbs. Employment & Background Current Rank: Cpl. Educational History: Primary School, Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: Shop-Welder prior to Enlistment. Service Record: Normal promotional record of Pvt -- Pfc -- LCpl -- Cpl OOC: Character's College Explanation: N/A Server Time: Too long. Roleplay History: Way too fuckin' long.
  5. Tony

    Rare image of Tony when he's in pain.

    this isnt rare
  6. Tony

    Craigjulio Barbersdale

    add ur boi
  7. Tony


    see you space cowboy, i'll make sure to n-bomb your twitch streams when u get back to that
  8. Tony

    The new sounds you be bumpin'

  9. Tony

    Grimm's Grimoire of Food

    where's my freedom units conversion
  10. Tony

    Where Xal got the idea for the Progenitors

    UAR-01 is that you?????
  11. Tony


    i dont condone this
  12. Tony

    Aaron Holtz: Veteran Of the MI

    update the relationship on the 8 gauge slug that took his jaw
  13. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    Another idea I just brainstormed with @Hicks a few minutes ago was the idea of uhhhhhhhhhh, modular Marauder suits. An example would be the following. A lightly armored suit without many features, it only has power lifting and the likes. Whenever they deploy, they can choose different modules to deploy with (Heavy armor, sensor suites, howitzer pieces, mortar pieces, or other gear.) This provides a skill ceiling and incentive to coordinate with the droplead. If a Marauder were to drop with minimal gear, they could simply be a mobile exosuit to assist the MI and -then- request gear be dropped in for them to mount onto their suit /w the assistance of an engineer (or on their own with extended time.) A good example of this would be a Marauder dropping with a regular Morita, covering the MI, carrying casualties, and helping engineering lift metal walls into place to establish a janky FOB. Then the Marauder would request some heavier gear be dropped in so they could defend the FOB.
  14. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    that could totally be done.
  15. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    it's implied that their induction into the marauders is such a rigorous process it takes months. think of a mech pilot from battletech.
  16. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    imo it'd be more of a kit selection. adopt heavy armor but only bring minigun, or ditch armor and bring arty.
  17. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    yeah im not denying that roach, im just saying detracting from that hurts them. on the note of the siege tank thing. they could have two modes, direct fire (shoot what they see) or a marker fire. eg marauders set up behind a hilltop, the MI 40mm some beacons into the enemy, the marauders lock on, bam. teamwork, enemy dies, APC destroyed, fun times.
  18. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    the inherent challenge with adding stuff to the marauders is that they have this status of being tanky death machines. it doesn't matter how you spin it, it's how the NCO's see them, it's how most enlisted see them, it's how the movie depicts them. that leads to issues in the server because they overshadow the MI. their primary goal is to kill things (which is the MI's job.) adding stuff to the marauders means either finding ways they can support the MI in killing things (which still leads to overshadowing) or a support role (which doesn't fit the shtick of marauders being tanky death machines.) if you don't believe me, just refer to the countless times the NCO's used to shit on marauders for getting injured or taken out of commission easily. afterall, if it's a 1000KG robot that costs billions of pounds and a single separatist can shit on it, it's very laughable. so in the long run fire support type stuff (short range missiles, autocannons, the likes), and other equipment can be a great use. like a seismic kit (though this overshadows psi ops), improved comms maybe? there has to be other options outside of giving them new guns.
  19. Tony

    A suggestions to replace Chickenhawk?

    It could easily be added to the PFO server and tested. Problem is I dono how the upper management goys feel about it. Afterall what's the point of mounting and testing something if it's not something the Marauders want to use in the first place?
  20. Tony

    A suggestions to replace Chickenhawk?

    The problem with testing it in singleplayer is not only do you not have the same bugs the server has. (Different NPC base.) You don't have the added strain of 19+ other people, prop lag, PAC lag, and the likes. Not to mention the potential lag the mech might cause when the Arachnids sprint into it. If you didn't know, they like to clip through props / the world sometimes, and I can't imagine a bug-i-pede running through a mech would fair well.
  21. Tony

    Ideas for Marauders

    the inherent problem with marauders has always been they just do what the MI do but better. (shoot shit.) so support roles would be gladly welcomed. be it by having better sensor equipment, heavy weaponry (autocannons or even maybe rocket arrays for long-range support) or something along that lines. they need to enhance the roleplay around them instead of overshadowing it. easy ways to do that would be a different, support styled suit (but that unfortunately doesn't fit the image of the marauders.) or new toys like the above.
  22. Tony

    Current timeline

    sure they will. why are a bunch of farmers in the outer colonies going to give a shit about the fed. separatism doesn't always exist in the form of 'fuck the fed, we kill all federal dogs'
  23. Tony

    Current timeline

    if it wasnt clear, nothing big has happened in this iteration regarding skinnies, unless i seriously missed something. separatists will always have a reason to exist. and i never said bugs WERENT smart. i implied they can still get better. there's plenty of unexplored castes and shit.
  24. Tony

    Current timeline

    you can do loads of shit. the bugs get smarter. there's a new separatist faction on the rise. the skinnies have finally emerged. (nobody to my knowledge has done anything big with skinnies, let alone done them properly.)
  25. Tony

    Current timeline

    yeah but imagine doing that. 'okay kids we finished the big bad campaign and saved earth, now we're gonna WIPE the server.' a timeskip would be better.