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  1. AFAIK, it's just a gore prop pack, so it doesn't actually do anything on death. It's just stuff admins / players can spawn. I could see good use for it, actually. It's hard to portray how bloody a scene is when all you have is crispy-corpses and face melted corpses and goofy skeletons. Sure you have the power of /event at hand, but if it's something hidden, you can't necessarily dip away from watching 19 people to go diddle 1 player.

  2. 16 minutes ago, saiphun987 said:

    Might want to encourage both players and Admins  to do something like "S2M" or Shoot to Miss. That would help and increase more time and fun. 

    Typically, admins and players trade shots and whoever gets hit with the most fire (or powerful fire) ducks or skitters off. This tends to go out the window when someone S2K's, be it on the player's side or admins. Eg, you think you're S2M, so everyone misses, but some person S2K's. So that escalates it and sets the standard for all future engagements.

  3. I didn't play the first day of the event, but I did play the last Pluto mission. (Progenitors.) The whole shtick with admins prefiring could simply be a natural response to people not taking the Progenitors too seriously. We all know that they're plasma toting aliens but nobody reacts that way. We fight them the same way we fight Separatists. We run around gunning them down and slinging M55's like they're parlor tricks. Even though it's been well documented and described that a single Progi' Thrall can literally rip a guy in half and give a Marauder a run for their money. Their weapons are also extremely dangerous, think of the phased plasma rifle from Terminator. (You know, the gun that goes VWHAP and turns rebel mcman into deadmcman.) With all these things in mind, the Progenitors come off as quality > quantity types with a real knack for having crack shock-trooper drones.


    So you're probably asking at this point, if the Progenitors can do the above, why don't they? Why do we always fight them in droves? Because it simply isn't viable, at least not in the grand span of things. None of those things can be represented in the script. There isn't a /rip man in half command. The next easiest step is to just shoot the living hell out of the players. Ideally /events would be viable, but not everyone can type that quickly. Any experienced admin knows that every second you spend typing an event is a second the NCO's will spend pushing the Infantry up. Furthermore, crackshot NPC's aren't really a thing in Garry's Mod. Still, this isn't to say that the administrators haven't been at fault for doing this, but it'd be unfair to say they're doing it because they all have some raging blood lust. After all, every dead player is one that needs a teleport, a /roll, and equipment respawned.


    Potential solutions for this could revolve around a shift from constant shooting -- But this isn't that viable, especially depending on the playerbase. No slight there, but it is admittedly boring to be in an event that consists of orange text. With that in mind, personalized /it's, /ca's and /events are a very good tool to affect the MI without gunning them down. The problem, however, is still the same as before. People move in the time it takes an admin to write an event, and then by the time the event is used, it doesn't make sense. Eg, a player gets killed in a way that warrants an injury, the player stands still while the admin types up the event, the rest of the platoon moves on, then the platoon has to send people backwards to grab the casualty. Those sorts of hangups happen all the time, and they only serve as an unfortunate detriment.


    In the long run, the best thing you can do is /report when it happens, be patient, and try to let the admins know what's going on. Sometimes you'll get gunned down when peeking a corner, though your character might not necessarily full-body peek. Think of leaning in Arma / Insurgency. Some admins are keyed in on certain things and notice what the MI are doing better than others -- And vice versa. So cooperation is really your best bet for stamping these things out. ESP or not, people are going to get dunked on by the Sci-Fi weapons, so the alternative to script / gameplay related changes is to use the power of roleplay.