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  1. sgt madoc 'not lucky at all' llewlelwlellyn


    cpl west as orange and asahi as blue

    go find downed tac ship in takayamammama japan but what really happened is i was scratching my face while walking and i fell down a hole and the mi did the mission while a marauder caressed my lunchable

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  2. madc


    cpl gekopickle man and cpl zielslsnksi but zielinski had 2 go so asper took over

    secure lost outpost on scarvis, kill bog. many bog, 2 many bog, so mobcomm wanted mi to find way to stop or slow bog so mi went underground plant nuke, go surface, kill many bog. bog was slowed and mi mans wee victorious

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  3. Drop Lead: Sgt. Madoc Llewellyn

    Second-In-Command: Sgt. Henry Eley

    Squad Leads: Cpl. Pauline Westevelt as orange lead. Sgt. Henry Eley as blue lead.

    Mission Summary: Original objective was to clear and hold Imersville (town on B9). Viking was dropped by plasma. Multiple casualties were sustained in the crash; Medical Specialist Bianchi, Private Orion, Private, Czaravek. The latter two being rendered totally combat ineffective. Still, the platoon marched on towards the designated evacuation zone. Heavy resistance was encountered & according, countless, casualties were sustained. Uncoordinated orbital bombardment ended up driving the platoon underground after a tactical nuke was planted topside by Engineering Specialist Cardinal. Upon consolidation of casualties and munitions, a trap was laid. Marauder Specialist Dunn was pinned and died during this maneuver. Platoon carried on whilst another nuke was detonated underground. Arachnid resistance ceased after this. Evacuation followed suit.

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  4. 10 hours ago, El Excellente said:

    he federation is adapting to bugs, but the bugs are adapting faster.

    ya but it's wrong to say the mobile infantry is totally incompetent. if they were they would just try the same things over and over. in the 3rd film (even if it's trash), we see that the MI have learned to use rank and file tactics against waves of bugs along with cycling their shooting so they have a wave of bullets mixed with grenades.

  5. 1 hour ago, yahtz said:

    CONSIDERING THE CIRCUMSTANCES, the mi did pretty well at big K considering it was a massive fleet fuck up (in the book dunno about the movie), the main char didnt even die!

    and then AFTER that they completed ALL the objectives they had on all their other planets

    the federation actually adapted to the bug's pretty damn quick. as soon as they found out they couldn't just send MI down to fight the bugs 1 on 1, the sky marshal resigned, the new sky marshal said 'okay we glass them and the MI kill the stragglers'. hence 'fleet glasses the planet, MI mops up'. also if the MI and fed were incompetent at war why would they seek to interrogate a potential source of intel on how 2 fight bog better??? 

  6. me


    west as orange, asper van dien as blue

    move south along msr, establish fob, kill many boog. we killed many boog. recruit mark leone got sizzlied by a bug's acid but he's gonna live cus he's not a pussy. we nuked a plasma bug without viscon and went home cus were that cool