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  1. Tony

    How to Join to Join the Staff Team

    Admins have no bearing over any faction. Our area is simply the ongoings of the server, eg, regular administrator duties, event running, so on. Factions are purely taken care of by faction leads. In fact, you do NOT have to be an admin to be a faction lead, but you'll often see them go hand in hand because it's practical.
  2. Tony

    Setting a rumour straight

    Except they're not. The majority of this community is full of adults, 18+. The fact Pilotfish went out of his way to make this post is unnerving enough.
  3. Tony

    Ashley Weiss

    Not to further extend the length of the thread, but by RPG standards, the Federation does not have a means to bypass the travel time for messages. Eg, most space comms are delayed, broadcasts, tv shows, etc, all have to be exported. Anything of major importance was delivered via ships with super beefy Cherenkov drive. That said, in our rendition we've always had instant comms and made it out to be some sort of Quantum Entanglement finangly-science. (Think Mass Effect.)
  4. Tony

    This is Synthwave

    literally false
  5. Tony

    Black Ops Detachment.

    What you're aiming for is already accomplished by the Pathfinders. SST already has a rampant problem of balancing Marauders, PsiOps, Engineers, Medics and Infantry. Another faction isn't needed, nor do we have the means to support one.
  6. Tony

    Black Ops Detachment.

  7. Tony

    SST Quotes Thread

  8. Tony

    XCOM SST Edition!

    i hope wells gets infected by a chryssalid
  9. Tony

    SST Quotes Thread

    **The lobster shot out some urine, indicating to nearby Lobsters its wish for death as Dumont's cum-shot flew over it's shell, glazing the snack with its new yellow tinge. "Fuck, I love me some lobster," he barked, taking the one that had snapped onto his ass off before throwing it onto the woman. He urined its saddness everywhere. **The lobsters shame was enjoyed by Dumont, and made worse by the power-range that watched in the distance. [22:56] antisocial genocide: **Arvi lifts his skinny white fist into the air - spreading his fingers out and forming a claw. His lightly packed ham-sandwhich of a cunt on show for Dumont, "I packed lunch for you today." He says, drifting off in his eyes. "I want you to touch my iguana bites."
  10. Tony

    My vasectomy

  11. Tony

    an idiot testing idiot things

    fuk all u!!!!!!!i dont have source editor!!!!
  12. Tony

    an idiot testing idiot things

  13. IC: Name: Emilia Silva Physical Age: 26 Gender: F Eye Color: GR Hair Color: BL Height: 6'0" Weight: 170 lbs. Employment & Background Current Rank: Specialist. Educational History: Primary school certifications, Virgil High, Iskander. Criminal Record: N/A Employment History: None, immediate enlistment. Service Record: 6 years of service. Went from a rifleman to a combat engineering division, full certification from then on. OOC: Steam name: roswell reject #1 (this changes so often, gimme a steam alias) Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:33640225 Length of time on Server: a long time. Time zone: Mountain Time (GMT +6) Current characters on server: Pfc. Siobhan Fairbairn Roleplay History: mainly SST, some hl2, halo mixed in like bad fentanyl in a coke supply. Roleplay example:
  14. Tony

    Height Measurements For PAC

    do you have a cupsize variant