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  1. https://puu.sh/CgqFV/a025c0e3df.webm
  2. Tony

    Concerns About Marauders

    Also. If we're really in the business of getting rid of the word tank - A word so cursed that it makes even the most veteran marauder shudder - Then stop comparing it to Fallout's power armor. Here's why.
  3. Tony

    Concerns About Marauders

    On another note; I would like to turn everyone's attention to Pundii's post. He deliberately went out of his way to address real concerns about the faction, yet here we are, debating the armor and health. Something we've been debating for the better part of two years. Do some thinking, please.
  4. Tony

    Elisabeth Winters

  5. Tony

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: Maddddox Madoc? Madick SiC: what's a second? Squad Leaders: Cpl. Eley as blue lead, Cpl. Daby as orange lead. Dex had to go so Asahi subbed mission; go find tank platoon on dionyssususususuysys. we found 1 guy, evac'd him, got retasked to kill bugs. many bugs died. grant mac'd the planet so hard the universe broke (crashed).
  6. Tony


    how can u be on LOA if u never played in the first place
  7. Tony

    Leading Logs.

    Drop Lead: sgt lelwlewlelwelwel second: u shud know by now i dont use those squad leads: cpl daby as orange lead cpl bellic as blue lead summary of autism: we went down to a fucky weather planet to find some shit in an FFRL base. holodiscs or some star wars holocron cube ass shit. what really happened is we found the holocube shit and fought spooky space ghosts, nuked the base and went home, the end!
  8. Tony

    Bently's Bandicoots

    u forgot the part where we use necromorph NPCs
  9. Tony

    Bently's Bandicoots

    sst characters within an XCOM environment using a halo soundtrack big bamboozle
  10. Tony

    petition to ban Lit Coins

    i have unlocked the thread bc the poll was proven to be subject to voter fraud. pls post ur opinions below
  11. Tony

    petition to ban Lit Coins

    im locking this thread due 2 degeneracy complaints
  12. Tony

    petition to ban Lit Coins

    poll is closed. the council has concluded that litcoins should be banned.